Hello, Welcome to my new Tradelist/page .  Nothing is for sale,so don`t even ask. Everything here has been gotten in free trade ,support the bands we love by buying official merchandise only. Need any VHS/Mini DV transfered ? ...always willing to help transfer  shows.

In trade use good quality media only....i will do the same.Usual  rules apply..thanks for looking.

updated July 2011

 DVDS.....Priest/related then  others
 Judas Priest  Jun/7/2011   013 Tilburg Netherlands   aud/pal 8-9\10 HD digicam DL
 Judas Priest  Aug/5/09 Pacific Ampitheatre  Costa Mesa  2 dvd  sa   aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone
 Judas Priest  Aug/4/09 Open Air Theatre  San Diego CA  2dvd sa     aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone
 Judas Priest  July/31/09 Sleeptrain Pavillion Concord CA 2dvd sa   aud/ntsc  9\10 Masterclone
 Judas Priest  7\29\09 California Midstate Fair Paso Robles  2dvd     sa  aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Judas Priest July/5/09Chevrolete Theatre Wallingford CT aud/ntsc 8-9\10 NYCBC
 Judas Priest  July/22/09 Municipal Auditorium NashvilleTN   sa  aud/ntsc 9\10
 Judas Priest July/19/ 09 Chicago IL   menu     aud/ntsc 8\10 digicam ?
 Judas Priest Aug/19/09  Germain Arena Estero FL  2 dvd  menus aud/ntsc 9\10 SFCRACKPIPE
 Judas Priest Sep/7/09  Toronto Ont    Canada  pc/aud/ntsc  8\10  Metfan72  DL
 Judas Priest   July/12/09 Jones Beach  Wantagh NY   3cam menu   aud/ntsc 8\10 NYCBC  some pixelation
 Judas Priest  March/19/09  Barcelona Spain  aud/pal 9\10 some cuts
 Judas Priest 7\25\09 San Antonio TX menu aud/ntsc 9\10 DL
 Judas Priest Mar/14/09 Plaza del Toros Zaragoza Spain 2 dvd aud/pal 8-9\10 audio little blown masterclone
 Judas Priest Mar/23/09 Amsterdam Holland   sa/aud/pal 8-9\10
 Judas Priest  Mar/1/09  Scandinavium Gothenburg Sweden menu  aud/pal 8\10 Sylvo007/ADL audio upgrade
 Judas Priest March/7/09 Offenbach Germany menu 2 DVD aud/pal 9\10 HD Sourced
 Judas Priest Feb/21/ 09 Wembley London UK 2dvd aud/pal 9\10 Bulldog
 Judas Priest 9\21\08 Seoul Korea menu pro/ntsc 8\10 Silver Stallion (screen shot)
 Judas Priest Aug/12/08 Montreal QC menu aud /ntsc 9\10 Out Of The Sewer DL
 Judas Priest nov/14/08 Citibank Hall Rio de Janero Brazil 2 dvd -2 cam menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Dead montana
 Judas Priest Nov/15/08 Creditcard Hall Sau Paulo Brazil menu 2 dvd -2cam aud/ntsc 9\10 MAIDENSP
 Judas Priest 8\30\08 Glen Helen Pavilion, San Bernardino, CA 2 dvd master sa aud/ntsc 9\10...excellent
 Judas Priest 8\30\08 Glen Helen Pavilion, San Bernardino, CA 2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10...excellent ADL Authored
 Judas Priest 8-10-08 JONES BEACH, NY AUD/ntsc 9\10 NYBC
 Judas Priest 8\13\08 Molson Ampitheatre Toronto 2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Futureal Chris
 Judas Priest 8\13\08 Molson Ampitheatre Toronto digital camera shot..exellent aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Judas Priest Jun/27/08 Grasspop Fest Dessel Belgium pc/pro/pal 9\10 Sybrmacdvds
 Judas Priest 29/6/08 Gods of Metal Fest menu aud/pal 9\10 Invaders/Gab
 Judas Priest 13/6/08 Download Fest Donington UK menu aud/pal 9\10 Gig Addiction....nice
 Judas Priest 8/16/08 (screen partial set)Post Gazzette Pavillion Burgettstown 2dvd menu includes H+Hset aud/ntsc 8\10 Digitallive
 Judas Priest 3/31/06 Royal Albert Hall London (Charity Gig) scorpions+ Priest Incomplete aud/Pal 9\10 master ? far right angle
 Judas Priest 3/31/06 Royal Albert Hall London (Charity Gig) menu aud/NTSC 8\10 2cam mix
 Judas Priest 3/31/06 Royal Albert Hall London (Charity Gig) aud/pal 9\10 DV master>sa front elevated Left  incomplete
 Judas Priest 10\23\05 PNE Coliseum Vancouver,BC Canada menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 Judas Priest 11/24/05 Kiev Ukrane small cuts for tape change menu aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Judas Priest 29 November 05 Russia 2 dvds includes pre concert intrview aud/pal 8-9\10 obstructions looks to be master
 Judas Priest 3/sep/05 Mexico shot far right aud/ntsc 8\10
 Judas Priest Hangin` with 2 Accoustic tracks, interview + bonus clip of Halford, Tommy Lee,Sum 41 YGATC menu pro/ntsc 9\10 15-20 mins
 Judas Priest June/7/05 Darien Lake Buffalo NY  sa  aud/ntsc 9\10
 Judas Priest Champaign, illinois 27\11\05 menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Master sourced Hambone
 Judas Priest 12/10/05 Montreal menus 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Master sourced Out of the Sewer
 Judas Priest 10\28\05 Kellseyville Ca menus 2 Dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Master sourced
 Judas Priest Puerto Rico 05 includes Stryper set aud/ntsc 8/10
 Judas Priest Visual Metoligy various70`s/80`s/90`s pro/ntsc 8\10
 Judas Priest Chille 9\31\05 pro/ntsc 9\10 Viax TV
 Judas Priest Chille 9\31\05 pro/ntsc 9\10 Alcalde TV
 Judas Priest 26 feb 05 the globe Sweden aud ntsc menus 8/10
 Judas Priest Birmingham NEC 19\3\05 aud ntsc 7\10
 Judas Priest Barcelona Spain 17\4 05 aud ntsc 9\10
 Judas Priest St Paul MI 1/6/05 aud ntsc 9\10
 Judas Priest 2005-06-17 Jones Beach,Tommy Hilfiger, Wantaugh (2 Cam) aud /ntsc 8\10
 Judas Priest 2005-06-17 Jones Beach,Tommy Hilfiger, Wantaugh (2 Cam) aud /ntsc 9\10 Silver Stallion
 Judas Priest Mohegan Sun 6\11\05 aud/ntsc 8\10 2 cam
 Judas Priest JULY-1-2005 Reno NV USA 2DVD aud\ ntsc 9\10
 Judas Priest JUNE-23-2005 West Palm Beach FL USA aud/ntsc 8\10 Lot of big screen
 Judas Priest 29\6\05 coors ampitheatre Englewood.Co menus aud/ntsc 9\10 2 dvd master
 Judas Priest 24\7\04 Fiddlers Green ,Englewood Co menus aud/ntsc 9/10 Master
 Judas Priest jones beachNY 7\14\04 aud ntsc
 Judas Priest mohegan sun uncasville,ct 8\29\04 aud ntsc 8\10
 Judas Priest 06/20/2004 Rockwave Festival, Terravibe, Malakasa, Greece aud 8\10
 Judas Priest Bologna Italy 6/5/04 aud ntsc 7\10
 Judas Priest mohegan sun 3 cam mix 8\29\04 aud ntsc 8\10
 Judas Priest valencia 6\25\04 ...bonus footage..tube83 tv,us fest84 15 mins each aud ntsc 8\10
 Judas Priest 18/06/2004 Sofia Bulgaria basic menu pro/ntsc 7-8\10
 Judas Priest June 10, 2004 Norje, Sweden aud/pal 8\10
 Judas Priest Toronto Canada 8/18/04 aud close ntsc 8\10
 Judas Priest 8\24\02 Royal Music Theatre MI menu couple of minor cuts aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Judas Priest 10\27\98 Newport Music Hall Columbus 2 dvd menus 8\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Judas Priest oct/31/98 Hammerstein Ballroom NYC USA menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Judas Priest rock in rio2 brasil 23\1\91 + extras pro/ ntsc 7-8\10
 Judas Priest rock in rio2 vhs rip OOP menus pro/ntsc 8 /10 anyone got a LD of this ?
 Judas Priest 8\16\91 Middletown NY 2dvd nicely authored aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Classic series
 Judas Priest 8\16\91 Middletown NY sa aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone Sony TR7>PanasonicDMREH55 DVD
 Judas Priest - 1991-07-23 Lakeland, FL., USA aud/ntsc 8\10 ist gen Damageinc Classic series
 Judas Priest 1991-12-04 Osaka, Japan aud/ntsc 8\10
 Judas Priest 1991-12-04 Osaka, Japan Menus 2 dvd version + 2 tracks bonus aud/ntsc 9/10 Damageinc Classic series best iv`e seen
 Judas Priest 91/03/08 Zaragoza Spain aud/pal 6\10 generated
 Judas Priest 91/03/15 Arnheim Rijnhal aud/ntsc 7\10
 Judas Priest Munich 19\2\91 aud/pal 7\10
 Judas Priest feb/8/91 Essen Germany aud/pal 5\10 High gen ...upgrade anyone ?
 Judas Priest 91/02/02 Hovet Stockholm Sweden aud/pal 8\10 1st gen couple of cuts but nice
 Judas Priest 16\3\ 91 Brussels aud/pal 6\10 audio spikes !!
 Judas Priest 1/16/91 Toledo,Oh aud/ntsc 8\10
 Judas Priest - 1990-12-18 Philadelphia, PA. aud/ntsc 8\10
 Judas Priest 12\15\90 Nassau Collesium ,Long Island Uniondale N.Y menu  aud/ntsc 8\10
 Judas Priest 12\15\90 Nassau Collesium ,Long Island Uniondale N.Y aud/ntsc 8\10 overlordproducers Digital remaster 1st
 Judas Priest 12\15\90 Nassau Collesium ,Long Island Uniondale N.Y angle2 upper left aud/ntsc 6\10 upgrade anyone ?
 Judas Priest  Dec 15, 1990 Nassau Coliseum  Uniondale, NY  2dvd pc/aud/ntsc FFP/EVC SVHSM
 Judas Priest Nov/5/90 Oakland Coliseum CA (includes some Testament) aud/ntsc 7-8\10 upgrade anyone ?
 Judas Priest Dec/12/90 Miami Arena FL aud/pal 6\10 upgrade anyone ?
 Judas Priest 12/23/90 Tampa ? aud/pal 6\10 upgrade anyone ?
 Judas Priest Reno,NV Lawor events centre 11/03/90 menus aud /ntsc 8\10 upgrade best
 Judas Priest toronto 22\10\90 aud ntsc 8\10 1st
 Judas Priest 10\18\90 Montreal menus aud/ntsc 8\10
 Judas Priest 12/9/90 Largo ,MD aud/ntsc 8\10
 Judas Priest 05/12/1990 Detroit The Palace Usa 2 dvd pro ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Judas Priest 05/12/1990 Detroit The Palace Usa aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Judas Priest 05/12/1990 Detroit The Palace Usa 2 dvd pro ntsc 9\10 Dave Jr
 Judas Priest 8\Dec\90 New Haven CT 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Judas Priest 1988-05-20 Barcelona aud/pal 6\10
 Judas Priest Miami Fl 18\9\88 Ram it down tour 2dvd menu aud ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Judas Priest Montreal 23\7\86 aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st gen Upgrade Damageinc Classic Series
 Judas Priest 86/10/25 Frolundaborg Gothenburg aud/pal 6-7 /10 generated but rare
 Judas Priest 4\8\86 Toledo 2 dvd aud/pal 6-7/10 generated but rare
 Judas Priest Oct/18/86 Brussels Belgium aud/ntsc 7\10 lowish gen Pal upgrade anyone ?
 Judas Priest montreal 28\3\84 defenders tour 2 dvd menu aud ntsc 8\10 Damaginc Classic series 07 upgrade
 Judas Priest various dortmund/irvine 91/ogwt aud/ntsc 8\10
 Judas Priest Tokyo 78 aud/ntsc 7\10
 Judas Priest VH1 storytellers 2010 version sa   pro/ntsc 9\10
 Fight 04/21/95 San Antonio TX (very close) aud/ntsc 8\10
 Fight 7\6\95 The Filmore San Francisco aud/ntsc 8/10
 Fight-1/16/94 New York City,NY Limelight. 2 dvd upgrade menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 master ?
 Fight 1994/08/21 Miami, Florida (War Of Words In Miami) 1st song cut aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Fight 5\2\94 St Louis Mo aud/ntsc 8\10
 Fight 4/17/94 Asbury Park NJ Stone Pony menus aud/ntsc 8\10
 Fight  Jan/15/94 Studio 1 Newark NJ  pc/aud/ntsc 8\10 RCSGuy664
 Fight 1/24/94 Pittsburgh aud/ntsc 7\10
 Fight 06/04/95 Limelight New York , N.Y menu some cuts aud/ntsc 8\10 Rcsguy master
 Fight 03/11/94 Obras Stadium Buenos Aries Argentina aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Fight  Mar/16/94 Sau Paulo Brazil   sa  aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Fight-5/13/94 San Francisco,CA Warfield Theatre aud/ntsc 8\10
 Fight 23/11/93 RPM club Toronto aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Fight Phoenix, AZ. 8/93 menus pro/pal 8\10 real close
 Fight-11/20/93 Brooklyn,NY Lamours Club no zoom aud/ntsc 8\10 very low

 Halford  oct/24/2010  Carioca Bar Sao Paulo Brazil pc/aud/ntsc 8\10 Cicero
 Halford Dec/3/10  Izod Centre NJ   pc/aud/ntsc 8\10
 Halford Nov/29/10 Baltimore MD pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Foppafan
 Halford Dec/1/10 MSG   NYC (cuts into first track)     aud/ntsc 8-9\10 NYCBC
 Halford  Aug/19/10 First Niagra Pavilion Burgettstown PA(1st track missing) pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive
 Halford 3\1\03 Brooklyn NY menu re-done audio aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Whiskey Woman
 Halford 3\1\03 Brooklyn NY aud/ntsc 8\10 Masterclone but blown audio
 Halford Feb/11/03 Shibuya Kokaido Tokyo menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Rozy reauthored by Whiskey Woman
 Halford Monza Italy 6\8\02 aud/pal 9\10 from DV master upgrade
 Halford June 7th, 2002 Sweden Rock fest filmed from pit incomplete aud/pal 9\10 master clone
 Halford June 7th, 2002 DVD (Remastered with lossless audio) Sweden Rock Festival, Norje, Sweden menu aud/pal 9\10
 Halford rock in rio 3 1\19\01 pro ntsc 9\10 upgrade tv master
 Halford chilli 1\15\01 menus aud/ntsc 9\10 tv master
 Halford rock in rio 3 1\19\01 + Sepultura set pro ntsc 8\10
 Halford 3\Aug \00 Quebec Qc aud/ntsc 8-9\10 master clone
 Halford 2\Aug \00 Montreal Qc aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Halford 1\Aug \00 Air Canada Centre Toronto ,Ont aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Halford Harpo`s Detroit 10\14\00 menus aud/ ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master
 Halford + Maiden Red rocks Denver 30\8\00 incomplete pro ntsc 7\10
 Halford 30\8\00 Red rocks Denver incomplete shot on stage/ntsc 8\10
 Halford 08/27/2000 St Paul Mn aud /ntsc 9\10 1st
 Halford - 2000-10-19 The Palladium, Worcester, MA., aud/ntsc 8\10
 Halford London 12/6/00 aud/ntsc Vid /8 Audio 6
 Halford 12/23/2000 Rolling Stone Milan menus aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Halford 10\23\00 Paris France aud/ntsc 7\10 looking for upgrade
 Halford 9\11\00 Malmo Sweden 39m 30sec incomplete with cuts shot from pit. aud/pal 8\10
 Halford 09/20/00 Vancouver ,B.C. 09/20/00 menu upgrade* aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Masterclone Out of The Sewer
 Halford "Clifton Park"Albany aud/ntsc 8\10
 Halford NY madison square garden 5/8/2000 aud/ntsc 8-9\10 upgrade
 Halford Portland cumberland civic centre 9\8\2000 aud ntsc 7\10
 Halford Portland cumberland civic centre 9\8\2000 aud pal 7\10 2cam
 Halford+sabbath costa mesa 14\11\92 dvd Aud/ ntsc 8\10 1st gen Hambone
 Halford+sabbath costa messa 15\11\92 dvd aud /ntsc 8\10 1st gen Hambone
 Halford compilation various tv live/+interviews pro/ntsc 7\10
 Halford 3/July/ 02 Sofia Bulgaria + clips-interviews pro/ntsc 7\10

 Heavy metal revenge 1 disc priest,maiden,scorpions Pal8\10 pro
 Heavy metal revenge 3 disc dortmund 83 priest,maiden,ozzy, pal 8\10 pro
 Scorpions,Def Leppard,Qiet Riot,Krokus,MSG

 TWO wisconsin 23\5\98 aud /sbd ntsc 8\10
 Aerosmith Osaka Japan 99 ntsc/ pro 9\10
 Aerosmith Sep/11/93 Brendan Byrne Arena ,East Rutherford NJ menu 2dvd 9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Aerosmith May/4/86  War Memorial Coliseum  Rochester NY  menu  aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classic Series

 A Perfect Circle may/7/04  Nassau NY includes Burning Brides set aud/ntsc 9\10 dvdM
 A Perfect Circle  Apr/30/04 Worcester MA  menu  aud/ntsc 8\10 Rawson 2cam
 A Perfect Circle 12/5/03 St Paul, Mn aud/ntsc 9\10 Master source ?
 A Perfect Circle 6\4\00 America west Arena ,Phoenix ,AZ menus pro/ntsc 8-9\10

 Accept 27\4\05 Moscow Russia aud/pal 9\10
 Accept 11/Aug/05 Sziget Fest Budapest Hungary aud/pal 8\10 master clone
 Accept 07/08/2005 Rockwave Festival, Terravibe, Malakasa, Greece VERSION 2 Left Angle ( + Slayer performance ) aud/pal 8-9\10
 Accept 18\10\93 new york menu`s ntsc/aud 8\10
 Accept may/3/93 Mejeriet Lund Sweden (cuts in) 41mins aud/pal 8-9\10 vhs1
 Accept 6\23\89 Fat Jacks Council Buffs IA aud/ntsc 8-9\10 very low
 Accept Montreal 86 aud/pal 6\10
 Accept 6\27\86 Flint Mi menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc master series
 Accept 1/March/85 Hovet Stockholm Sweden aud/pal 7-8\10 3rd gen VHS>dvd sa
 Accept 11/26/94 Taviasta Club Finland aud/pal 7\10
 Accept 2/5/96 Copenhagen Denmark menu aud/pal 9\10 1st awsome
 Accept May/3/93 Mejeriet,Lund, Sweden aud/pal 8\10 vhs1 >dvd Havrefras

 Ace Frehley 5/1/93 The Ritz NY 2dvd menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc classic series

 Adam& the Ants Tokyo 10\8\81 pro/pal 8\10

 Aldo Nova 6\15\91 Heart plaza Detroit aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc master

 AlterBridge - 03/04/05 Astoria, London, England aud/ntsc 9\10
 AlterBridge London 9\17\04 aud/pal 9\10
 AlterBridge Fontana Ca 2/26/05 menus aud/ntsc 9\10 close
 AlterBridge Greensfield Festival 05 Switzerland menus pro/pal 10\10
 AlterBridge 11/30/07 Fort Myers Florida (30min set) aud/ntsc 8\10 masterclone
 AlterBridge 26\1\08 London Astoria aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Alterbridge Nov/29/08 Rock TV Live Special Alcatrazz Milan Italy 61mins basic menu pro/pal
 Alterbridge June/6/08 Rock Sound Fest Switzerland (Music Night) 58mins pro/pal 9\10
 Alterbridge Nov/8/08 Astoria London basic menu aud/ntsc 9\10

 Audioslave 2005-07-05 - Montreux jazz festival, Montreux, Switzerland menus pro/pal 9\10
 Audioslave Quart Festival, Kristiansand, Norway, 8th July 2005 menus pro/pal 9\10
 Audioslave Ed Sullivan theatre/Live8 pro/ntsc 8\10
 Audioslave Philadelphia 29 april 2005 aud/ntsc 9\10
 Audioslave Lollapalooza 03 tweeter centre Camden,NJ27/07/03 ntsc/pro 9\10
 Audioslave Brixton academy London 17\6\03 aud /pal 9\10 MASTER8
 Audioslave la Tribuna Havana,Cuba 6\5\05 pro / ntsc 9\10
 Audioslave Fiddlers Green ,Englewood USA 13\8\03 aud/ ntsc 8\10
 Audioslave 2003-06-14 Hultsfred Festival,Sweden includes QOTSA and Radiohead menu pro/pal 9\10
 Audioslave 1/17/03 Astoria London aud/pal 8\10
 Audioslave 2003-03-06 - Hammerstein ballroom, New York, NY aud/ntsc 8\10 some glitches sa copy
 Audioslave 2005-07-09 - T in the park festival, Kinross, UK menu pro/pal 9\10 icludes QOTSA ,Foo Fighters and Eagles of Death metal partials
 Audioslave 2003-04-26 Rod Laver ArenaMelbourne, Australia aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Audioslave 08/05/2003 West Palm Beach, FL aud/ntsc 8\10
 Audioslave 10\29\05 NYC New York aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone

 Alice cooper +Friends 19\6\77 Nazerath/the tubes/sha na na TV show from77 (pretty cool) pro/ntsc 8\10
 Alice Cooper 27\6\04 London aud/pal 9\10 master sourced ?
 Alice Cooper 30.10.03 Toronto Massey Hall aud/ntsc 8\10
 Alice Cooper July/3/90 Christinehof Castle ,Hesingborg Sweden 2 dvd menu aud/pal 8-9\10 SBV/Invaders Vid8Master
 Alice Cooper 3/Nov/91 Lund Sweden 2 dvds menu 2 cam aud/pal 8-9\10 vhsM>dvd invaders/SBV
 Alice Cooper Nov/9/91 Scandinavium Gothenburg Sweden menu aud/pal 9\10 Invaders/SBV
 Alice Cooper Sep/2/95 Sau Paulo Monsters Of rock menu(includes Ozzy set) pro/ntsc 8\10
 Alice Cooper sep/9th/07 Tweeter Centre Mansfield ,MA aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 Alice Cooper 9\15\07 Sunrise Fl aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Alice Cooper 9\20\07 Copps colesium Hamilton Ontario menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Futureal Chris
 Alice Cooper July/4/09 Scanevik Blues Fest  Norway  2dvds menu  aud/pal 9\10 Metallican/Invaders

 Alcatrazz Power Live 10\10\84 aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Alcatrazz Nakano Sunplaza,Tokyo 29/1/84 menus ntsc Pro 10/10
 Alcatrazz 5\31\07 Osaka Japan menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone some cuts
 Alanis Morisette 1/June/08 Pinkpop Fest landgraff,netherlands menu pro/pal 8-9\10
 Alanis Morisette Chicago  SoundStage   04 tv   sa pro/ntsc 8\10
 Alanis Morisette woodstock 99+ Buden Baden pro/pal 8\10
 Alanis Morisette 4\25\99 Tokyo menus pro/ntsc 8-9\10

 Anthrax  July/3/2011 @ Ullevi stadium Gothenburg  pc/pro/pal 910
 Anthrax Oct/6/10 Baltimore MD includes Slayer set . aud/ntsc 9\10 nice
 Anthrax Nov/10/10 Santiago Chile aud/ntsc 7-8\10 Chilean bootlegs
 Anthrax 8\17\08 Seoul Korea menu pro/ntsc 8\10 screen shot like the Priest set
 Anthrax 5\30\08 Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre Irvine aud/ntsc 8\10
 Anthrax 5\31\08 Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre Irvine aud/ntsc 8\10
 Anthrax 4\28\06 Trezzo D`Addo Italy aud/pal 8-9\10
 Anthrax 7\1\06 New York aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Masterclone
 Anthrax 8\4\06 Sheffield City Hall menus aud/pal 9\10 Dreamweavers Master
 Anthrax 4/29/05 Harpos Detriot menu (first night of reunion tour) aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Anthrax Donington, England 11/6/05 aud/pal 7\10
 Anthrax 7\7\05 Mazda Palace Milan Italy aud/pal 9\10
 Anthrax 3/2/05 Lima Peru menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Anthrax 10/12/05 Montreal Canada menus aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Anthrax 9\27\05 Assembley Hall Champaign IL menus aud/ntsc 8\10 master clone
 Anthrax 5\28\04 Chicago menu menu 2 cam aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Anthrax Solvesborg-Sweden 7\June\03 aud/pal 9\10 (filmed from pit-Exellent)
 Anthrax we`ve come for you Chicago 2003 ntsc pro 9\10
 Anthrax 3/25/03 Alcatraz Milano Italy 03 menu aud/pal 9\10 Invaders/Metallican
 Anthrax we`ve come for you Canada 4/11/03 pal /aud 7\10
 Anthrax Dec/2/03 Vogue Theatre Indianapolis menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Anthrax 1/24/98 Worcester MA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Anthrax 2/8/98 Harpo`s Detroit menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc master Series
 Anthrax 2/8/98 Harpo`s Detroit menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classic(different cam)
 Anthrax 8\13\98 Drummondville Qc Canada menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Out of The Sewer
 Anthrax 9\12\98 Chicago Il + bonus menus aud/ntsc 8\10
 Anthrax the ritz Charlotte ,NC 12\4\94 aud ntsc 8\10
 Anthrax 2/2/96 Cpenhagen -Denmark 2cam menu aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Anthrax 4/17/94 Stone Pony Asbury Park NJ menu aud/ntsc 8-9\19 rcsguy master
 Anthrax Feb/4/91 Auburn Hills Mi menus pro/ntsc 9\10 1st
 Anthrax July/14/91 Miami Arena Florida aud/pal 7-8\10
 Anthrax sep\5\90 Osaka Japan menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st Hambone
 Anthrax 8\27\88 Schweinfurt Germany Monsters of Rock menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Hambone
 Anthrax 6\12\87 Harpo`s Detroit Mi menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Anthrax Dec/17/87 Bronco bowl Dallas Tx menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Anthrax 4\29\89 Cobo Arena Detriot menu 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8\10 Damaginc Classic Series
 Anthrax 4/30/89 Cleveland Oh menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Classic series
 Joey Belladonna 9\19\04 Montreal Qc sa aud/ntsc 9\10 1st
 Joey Belladonna 7\27\08 Buenos Aries menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone

 Annihialator 11/14/89 Philladelphia Pa menus aud/ntsc 8\10

 ACDC  Apr/4/10 Milwaukee Wi   aud/ntsc 7\10 Digicam
 ACDC  Jun/22/10 Berlin Germany     pc/aud/pal  8\10 DL
 AC-DC Jun/9/09 Stade Velodrome Marseille France 2dvd pc/aud/pal 8\10 Ead666
 AC-DC July/31/ 09  Giants Stadium Meadowlands NJ multicam 2dvd lots of screen aud/ntsc 8-9\10 NYCBC
 AC-DC sep/4/09 Save Mart Center Fresno CA  2dvd  aud/ntsc 9\10 mint
 AC-DC Nov/6/09 Frank Irwin Center Austin TX menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 DL
 AC-DC Mar/19/09 Datch forum Milan Italy aud/pal 9\10
 AC-DC  Feb/27/09 Bercy Paris ,France  2 dvd menu multicam aud/pal 9\10 Arff Production ..awsome
 AC-DC  Nov/12/09 Mexico City   menu  aud/ntsc 7-8\10  synch probs towards end
 AC-DC Sep/6/09  San Diego Sports Arena menu   incomplete  57 mins  aud/ntsc 9\10
 AC-DC May/15/09 Munich Germany 2 dvd menu aud/pal 8\10 Norbinho
 AC-DC may/13/09 Zentral Stadium Leipzig menu aud/pal 7-8\10
 AC-DC may/13/09 Zentral Stadium Leipzig menu aud/pal 8-9\10 2dvd RATM Boots
 AC -DC Feb/27/09 Bercy Paris Menu some cuts aud/pal 9\10 Riffe Raffe
 AC-DC Mar/11/09 AWD Dome Bremen Germany menu aud/pal 9\10 incomplete..but great show
 AC-DC Dec/20/08 Bank Atlantic Centre Sunrise Florida 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Silver Stallion
 AC-DC 27/3/09 Olympiahalle Munchen Germany 2 dvd mrnus aud/pal 9\10 clone
 AC-DC Nov/9/08 TD Bank North Garden Boston aud/ntsc 9\10
 AC-DC Nov/12/08 Madison Square Gardens NY 2cam aud/ntsc 9\10 NYBC
 AC-DC Dec/2/08 Oakland CA 2dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 AC-DC 10\26\08 Wachovia Arena Wilkes Barre PA aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Hi8M Damageinc Master Series
 AC/DC 6/22/2003 Hokenheim Germany menu aud/pal 8\10
 AC/DC 06-22-2001 Stade De France, Paris, France menu aud/pal 8\10
 AC/DC 5\12\01 Cobo Arena Detroit Mi menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 AC/DC 5\9\01 Pepsi Arena Albany,NY menus 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Ac/Dc 05.11.2000 Globen Stockholm, Sweden 2dvd menu aud/pal 9\10 Metallican/Invaders 1st
 AC-DC 4/ Jun/2001 Stadio Del Alphi Torino Italy 2 dvds menus aud/pal 8-9\10
 AC/DC 9\13\00 America West Arena Phoenix aud/ntsc 9\10 low
 AC-DC 8\11\00 Toronto Canada aud/ntsc 8\10
 AC-DC Nov/1/00 Bercy Paris multicam  pc/aud/pal  8\10 RiffRaff
 AC/DC 06-09-2003 Berlin, Germany w/ DD 5.0 Audio menus aud/pal 9\10
 AC-DC Berlin 9\6\03 menus aud pal 8\10
 AC-DC Bon Scott years 77-78, three shows pro ntsc 9\10
 AC-DC 22/3/91 Stockholm Sweden menus 2 dvd aud/pal 8\10 vhs master couple small cuts
 AC-DC 3\23\91 Gothenburg Sweden 2dvd menu aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 AC-DC 3/30/91 Frankfurt Germany menus 2 dvd aud/pal 8-9\10
 AC/DC Aug/ 10th /91 Gentofte Stadion, Copenhagen, Denmark 5cam masters/1sts menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 AC-DC Philadelphia 8\20\00 aud ntsc 9\10 Master Clone
 AC-DC 7\13\79 Arnhem Holland pro/pal 8-9\10
 AC-DC 24/4/91 Birmingham NEC 2 dvds menus aud/pal 8\10
 AC-DC 24\3\91 Oslo Norway menus aud/pal 8-9\10 1st
 AC-DC The BonScott Project various 2 dvd PC pro/pal very cool
 AC-DC 3/9/96 Chicago menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic series
 AC-DC 21/4/96 Gothenburg Sweden menu 2 dvd aud/pal 8-9\10 1st Invaders/Metallican
 AC-DC 21/04/1996 Stockholm, Sweden menu 2dvd aud/pal 8\10 1st Invaders/Metallican
 AC-DC 3/6/96 Newcastle Arena ,Newcastle UK 2dvd menus aud/pal 8\10 1st
 AC-DC 12/5/96 Geneva Switzerland aud/pal 8\10
 AC-DC 11/24/90 The Palace Auburn Hill Mi menus 3 dvd pro/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 AC-DC 11/29/90 Five Seasons Center Cedar Rapids Iowa aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 AC-DC Sep/13/86 The Forum Montreal Canada 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 1st...nice
 AC-DC Aug/18/84 Monsters of Rock Donington. menu pro/pal 6-7/10 collectors only
 AC-DC Detroit 83 pro/ ntsc 9\10

 Agnostic Front Nov/18/08 Fourfounes Electriques Montreal menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits 77

Alice In Chains Sep/24/2010 MSG  NYC NY   aud/ntsc 9\10 NYCBC
 Alice In Chains Apr/23/10 Fort Myers Florida  pc/ aud/ntsc  8-9\10 SFcrackpipe
 Alice In Chains Jun/5/10 Rock AM Ring +Jules Holland TV menu pro/pal 9\10
 Alice In Chains Mar/9/2010 Terminal 5 NYC, NY   aud/ntsc 8-9\10 NYCBC
 Alice In Chains  Aug/4/09  The Scala London excellent digicam aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Alice in Chains 2/25/09 Enmore Theatre Sydney  2dvd  digi cam  source aud/pal 8\10 Bobmetallicafreak
 Alice in Chains 5\16\09    Columbus.OH        aud/ntsc 8\10
 Alice in Chains    8\17\09 Comerica Park    Detroit.Michigan aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Alice In Chains Nov/19/09 013  Tilburg Netherlands  20mins incomplete menu aud/pal 8\10 digicam
 Alice In Chains Aug/18/07  Jones Beach Wantagh NY + Velvet Revolver set   aud/ntsc 8\10 NYBC
 Alice in Chains June /2/06 Rock Am Ring Nurburgring Germany menus 9\10 rr
 Alice in Chains 3\7\96 Kansas menus aud/ntsc 9\10 master
 Alice in Chains - TV comp. (includes Mtv Unplugged) pro/ntsc 9\10
 AIC Feb/8/93 Stockholm Sweden   2dvd  aud/ntsc 8\10 Deuce pro/Mdvidguy
 Alice in Chains 7\14\91 Miami Arena Fl + Silver Dollar saloon Lansing Mi 8\30\91 aud/ntsc 8\10
 Alice in Chains 10\8\92 Oakland,CA aud/ntsc 8\10 1st gen
 Alice in Chains 7\14\91 Miami Arena FL aud/ntsc 8\10 1st
 Alice in Chains /Pearl Jam 1991 / 2 / 11  Club With No Name, Hollywood, CA, USA  sa  aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Alice In Chains Aug/21/90 Off ramp Cafe Seattle  pc/aud/ntsc 8\10 master transfer

 Airbourne Jun/6/2010 Rock AM Ring pro/pal 9\10

 Anvil 2/20/99 Detroit Mi menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Amen 9\9\00 +10\28\00 Detroit Mi menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Amen 10\20\07 Leeds met University menu aud/pal 9\10 Dreamweaver Master

 Apocalyptica June/21/08  Hellfest Clisson France  pc/aud/pal 9\10 Yohan666
 Apocalyptica 6/7 Nov 05 Moscow aud/pal 9\10 Master clone

 Armoured Saint 5\20\00 Worcester Ma aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc master series
 Amon Amarth may/8/09 Complejo Troya Montevideo Uruguay 2 cam menu aud/ntsc 9\10 FVT master
 Amon Amarth 12/19/06 Montreal QC very close aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone

 Atreyu 3/3/05 Trocadero ,Philly PA aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 At the Gates 7\4\96 Reptile House ,Grand Rapids,Mi menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Avril Lavigne 27\1\03 Seoul Korea menus 16:9 pro/ntsc 9\10
 Avril Lavigne 2/15/07 Calgary Australia menus 16:9 pro/ntsc 9\10

 Artic Monkeys 30/6/06 Eurocknees de Belfort menu aud/pal 9\10


 Arch Enemy 21/11/07 M.E.N. Arena Manchester menu aud/pal 9\10 Tommyten Master Series
 Arch Enemy 10\15\07 Commodore Ballroom Vancouver menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Arch Enemy 9\25\06 Molson Ampitheatre Toronto menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Futureal Chris
 Arch Enemy 2/24/04 Barcelona aud/pal 8\10
 Arch Enemy &/Feb/04 Osaka aud/ntsc 8\10 masterclone

 Arson Anthem December 13, 2007 Exit/In Nashville, TN 2cam+4cam aud/ntsc 9\10
 Mike Williams (Eyehategod) - Vocals Phil Anselmo (Pantera) - Guitar
 Colin Yeo - Bass Hank Williams III - Drums

 Avenged Sevenfold 2005 San Diego MTV2 + couple vids pro/ntsc 8-9\10
 Avenged Sevenfold 8\2\02 Birmingham AL + 9\20\02 Milwaukee menu aud/ntsc 8- 9\10
 Avenged Sevenfold 2\2\06 Town Ballroom Buffalo NY menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone some obstructions
 Avenged Sevenfold 01.23 08. Nottingham, UK aud/pal 9\10
 Avenged Sevenfold may/12/08 Cape Coral Florida aud/ntsc 8-9\10Scotts Master

 ASCENSION OF THE WATCHERS-Northstar Bar, Philadelphia, PA. 10/20/05 Master 4 Cam mix aud/ntsc 8\10

 Asunder 7\may\05 San Francisco shot on stage menu ntsc 9\10 dv master clone
 Australian TV clips(rare) 88-99 Alice cooper ,motley\jovi\poison\ozzy interviews pro\pal 8\10
 Bachman Turner Overdrive 88 reunion menu pro/ntsc 8\10
 Bakerton Group 2/16/08 Krug`s Frederick MD menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive master..nice

 Battlezone (Paul Dianno) 12/19/86 Harpo`s Detroit menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Band Of Doom September 7, 1997 The Thunder Fest Troy, MI menu aud/ntsc 8-9/10 cool show
 Notes:The Band Of Doom is: Sebastian Bach - Vocals (Skid Row) Eddie Ojeda - Guitar (Twisted Sister)
 Dan McCafferty - Guitar (Dee Snider)Rudy Sarzo - Bass (Quiet Riot, Dio and many more bands)Nicko McBrain - Drums (Iron Maiden)

 Badlands 10\13\89 Toledo OH menu aud/ntsc 8\10

 Baroness feb/16/08  Cologne Germany Rockpalast  36mins   pro/pal  8-9\10

 Bat For Lashes Oct/13/09 Ancienne Belgique menu aud/pal 9\10 Huntingwolf
 Bat for Lashes May/15/09 Les Nuits Botanique Orangerie,Le Botanique Brussels Belgium menu aud/pal 9\10
 Bat for Lashes 6/28/09 Glastonbury Fest UK pro/pal 8\10
 Bat for Lashes 4/21/09  Jules Holland Show (full hd sourced)  pro/pal 9\10

 Beyond Fear Sep/15/2005 Jaxx Nightclub Springfield 2cam menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone

 Betwwen the Buried and me 17\8\05 The Pound San Francisco PC aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Beneath The Massacre 10/26/07 The Marquee Theatre Atlanta 2cam 36 mins aud/ntsc 9\10 yahooserious
 Beneath The Massacre Oct/4/09 @Underworld Montreal QC  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77

 Pat Benatar 2/28/09 Orlando Florida 2 dvds sa aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Zboy

 Beady Eye march/9/11  The Troxy London(includes Abby road studios) aud/pal 9\10

 Benediction May/3/09 Leeds UNI 2cam menu aud/pal 9\10 Dreamweaver

 Black Flag 7\6\84 Hollywood CA aud\ntsc 8\10

 Billy Idol collection set 4 dvds aud/pro/ntsc Focker ...nice collection
 Billy Idol Live 80`s Comilation various quality pro/ntsc 8\10
 Billy Idol The Palace 88 aud/ntsc 8\10
 Billy Idol Miami, FL 9/29/90 aud/ntsc 8\10
 Billy Idol 9\14\90 Jones Beach NY aud/ntsc 8\10
 Billy Idol- 9/5/90 St.Louis,MO Arena aud/ntsc 8\10 1st ?
 Billy Idol Wembley Arena 22 Dec 1990 2disc menus pro / Ntsc 8\10
 Billy Idol 1/20/92 Rio Macarena stadium Rock in Rio 2   2 dvd pro/ntsc 8\10
 Billy Idol+ Generation X 20/sep/93 London Reunion Concert menu pro/pal 9\10 1st
 Billy Idol Philadelphia 8\4\05 aud ntsc 9\10
 Billy Idol Rock AM ring 5\6\05 +Helacopters pal pro 9\10
 Billy Idol VH1 The Devil plays pro/ntsc 8\10
 Billy Idol 5/22/05 Beacon Theatre NYC ,NY sa aud/ntsc 9\10 Master clone ?
 Billy Idol 5/23/2005 Beacon Theatre NYC ,NY 2 dvd menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Master clone ?
 Billy Idol 08/06/2006 Buffalo Sturgis, SD 3 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Billy Idol July 28, 2008 Paradiso Amsterdam 3 tracks didital camera +lossless audio aud/pal 8\10...not bad
 Billy Idol 8\17\09  Omaha NE Qwest Centre    sa  aud/ntsc 9\10masterclone
 Billy Idol Sep/13/10 Hammerstein Ballroom NYC aud/ntsc 8-9\10 NYCBC
 Billy IdolJun/24/10  Hala Tivoli Ljubjana, Slovenia
 Billy Idol July/3/10 Potsdam Woman, Germany aud/pal 8-9\10 Rock Cinema
 Billy Idol Jun/25/10 / Donauinselfest Vienna, Austria  aud/pal 7\10
 Billy Idol July/1/10 Sopron Hungary various sources/quality  aud/pal 6-9/10

 Big Country 1/oct/88 Palace of Sports Moscow +Perth 99 pro/pal 8\10 VHS oop
 Big Country @ Town+Country 1990 + videos pro/pal 7\10
 Big Country  8\23\83 Pop Carnival (BBC TV)   Sefton Park Liverpool sa 29mins  pro/pal 8\10 1st  

 Bob Seger 1/13/07 St Pete Times Forum Tampa FL menus 2 dvd 9\10 Silver Stallion

 Bruce Springsteen River Plate Stadium 88 pro ntsc 8\10
 Bruce Springsteen 08/14/85 Only B.I.T.USA tour 2 dvd pro ntsc 7\10
 Bruce Springsteen 2/march /96 Newcastle City Hall UK aud/ntsc 7-8\10 some screen
 Bruce Springsteen CNE Grandstand Exibition Stadium Canada 26/7/84 pro/ntsc 9\10 ....cool
 Bruce Springsteen 9\13\03 Landover Md Fedex Field menus 2 dvd menus aud/ntsc 9\10
 Bruce Springsteen 10\15\05 Alliant Energy Centre Madison WI 2dvd menus aud/ntsc 9\10
 Bruce Springsteen 6\25\08 "Racing in " Milan 9 cam mix menu 2 dvd aud/pal 9\10 very nice
 Bruce Springsteen 27/June/09 Glastonbury Fest menu pro/pal 9\10 HD sourced Dual Layer
 Bruce Springsteen Oct/13/09 Wachovia Spectrum Philadelphia 2 dvd  menus  incomplete aud/ntsc 9\10 Tapehead2

 Bruce Dickinson 9\17\97 Sauget IL aud/ntsc 9\10 vhsm >sa XPmode..Phantom
 Bruce Dickinson/jason bonham band Chile rockfest 97 menus pro 9\10 ntsc
 Bruce Dickinson milan/italy aud ntsc 7/10
 Bruce Dickinson thessa loniki /Greece aud/ntsc 8/10
 Bruce Dickinson LA 1990 Dive Dive Live OOP pro pal 9\10
 Flying heavy metal Bruce Dickinson documentary pal pro 8\10 no music

 Brutal Truth 2/16/97 Toledo Ohio menu (starts into 1st track) aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 BBC in Concert - Rebroadcast 2006 of 70`s concerts Joni Mitchell,Neil Young,Eagles ,Crosby+Nash menu pro/pal 9\10

 Black Sabbath mar/2010  Rock Family Trees documentary pro/pal 9\10 xp mode
 Black Sabbath 6\11\05 Donnington UK pro/ntsc 9\10
 Black Sabbath 6/9/05 Dortmund Germany menus aud/pal 8\10 obstructions
 Black Sabbath 2005-08-20 San Bernardino, CA aud /ntsc 8\10 master SA
 Black Sabbath 06/25/2005 Rockwave Festival, Terravibe, Malakasa, Greece aud/pal 8\10
 Black Sabbath 06-29-2005 T-Mobile Arena, Prague, Czech Republic menus pal /aud 8\10
 Black Sabbath 07/24/04 Coors Amphitheater; Englewood CO aud ntsc 8\10
 Black Sabbath 7\13\01 West Palm Beach FL 2 cam aud/ntsc 8\10
 BlackSabbath 06/08/01 Tweeter Center; Tinley Park, IL., (3 cams) aud ntsc 9\10
 Black Sabbath ozzfest jones beach 04 +hartford CT ,both on 1 dvd aud ntsc 7\10
 Black sabbath \halford camden, NJ 8\26\04 aud ntsc 9\10
 Black Sabbath Philadelphia PA 2/18/99 aud/ntsc 9\10
 Black Sabbath 2\15\99 Detroit aud/ntsc 6-7\10
 Black Sabbath 12/6/99 Pittsburgh pro/ntsc 8\10
 Black Sabbath 20\6\98 Ozzfest ,Milton Keynes UK menus aud/pal 8-9\10 master clone
 Black Sabbath 11/13/92 Oakland Ca (DIO`S LAST)2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Black sabbath /maiden 92 monsters of rock fest pro 8\10
 Black Sabbath Dec/5/99 The Astoria ,London UK 2dvd menus aud/pal 9\10 svhs1 Metallican
 Black sabbath 2/19/99 Civic Arena Pittsburgh PA menu (includes pantera set) aud/ntsc 8\10 Digitallive vhs2
 Black sabbath 1/12/99 Key Arena Seattle 2 dvds menus aud/ntsc Damaginc Classic Series
 Black Sabbath 10\14\92 Beacon Theatre NY menus 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Damaginc Classic Series
 Black Sabbath Reunion 11\15\92 Pacific Ampitheatre costa Mesa + MTV uncut reels menus aud/ntsc 8\10 very cool Hambone
 Black Sabbath Oct\12\92 Verdun QC aud/ntsc 8\10 1st ?
 Black Sabbath /Halford costa messa 14\11\92 dvd Aud/ ntsc 8\10 1st gen Hambone
 Black Sabbath / Halford costa messa 15\11\92 dvd aud /ntsc 8\10 1st gen Hambone
 Black Sabbath 3\3\94 San Jose University events Centre menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8\10
 Black Sabbath 1/sep/94 Santiago Chile pro/ntsc 8-9\10
 Black Sabbath feb/12/94 Metropolis Centre Quebec Canada aud/ntsc 8\10 vhs2
 Black Sabbath 7\24\92 Sunrise Florida menus 2dvds aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Black Sabbath 6\27\97 Phoenix Az + Las Vegas 6\28\97 aud/ntsc 8\10
 Black Sabbath 12/31/98 Phoenix Az (opening night) aud/ntsc 7\10
 Black Sabbath 6\30\98 Oslo Spektrum Oslo Norway menu 2dvd aud/pal 9\10 Hi8M Metallican/Invaders
 Black Sabbath 6th June 1998 'Gods Of Metal 1998' Festival  Filaforum Assago Milano Italy 2CAM MIX  aud/pal 8-9\10 low
 Black Sabbath June/13/98 Hultsfredfestivalen, Swedenmenus 2 dvd aud/pal 8-9\10 Invaders/SBV Hi8M
 Black Sabbath June/13/98 Hultsfredfestivalen, Sweden version 2 shot from up a tree aud/pal 8-9\10
 Black Sabbath June/13/98 Hultsfed Sweden 2 cam mix M+vhs1 menu aud/pal 9\10 Digitallive
 Black Sabbath 1/19/81 Hammersmith Odeon aud/pal 7\10
 Black Sabbath Black and Blue menu pro/ntsc 9\10
 Black Sabbath 75 Don Kirschners Rock Concert menu pro/ntsc 8\10
 Black Sabath Videos from the Grave menus pro/ntsc 8\10
 Black Sabbath (w/ Ozzy, Dio, Martin)
 Black Sabbath 20/12/70 Paris, France menu pro/pal 9\10 snivlle remaster...nice

Built to Spill aug/6/10 Stone Pony Asbury Park HD>DVD  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10

 David Bowie  June 22, 1996 Loreley Festival (St. Goarshausen) Rockpalast menu pro/pal 9\10 dvb 2007
 David Bowie + Guests January 9, 1997 Madison Square Garden New York, New York menu pro/ntsc 8-9\10 DL
 David Bowie 9\18\95 Meadowlands NJ aud/ntsc 8\10
 David Bowie MSG '03 Madison Square Garden, USA15/12/03 aud \ntsc 9\10
 David Bowie-1\4\2004 Air Canada Center-Toronto,Canada menus aud/ntsc 9\10

 Black Label SocietyMay 27, 2011 Majestic Theatre Madison, WI  2dvd  pc/aud/ntsc 8\10 Canon SX210 IS
 Black Label Society Aug/19/2010 1st Niagra  Pavillion Burgettstown pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive
 Black Label Society mar/15/09 2dvd  Commodore Ballroom Vancouver 8\10 Chongeyed
 BLS     3/24/09  Waterloo IA     2dvd         aud/ntsc 8\10  
 BLS nov/25/08 Berns Stockholm Sweden menu aud/pal 8\10 Digicamera ..but decent
 BLS Mar/30/08 Buenos Aires Argentina aud/ntsc 7\10 masterclone very shaky
 Black Label Society 11/26/08 Sentrum Scene Oslo Norway incomplete aud/pal 9\10 INGO
 Black Label Society 27/5\07 Moscow Russia includes ozzy set menu aud pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Black Label Society 10/20/2006 Nokia Theatre NYC aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Black Label Society 11-7-06 Val Air Saloon Des Moines Iowa 2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10 scotime5 /metalzone
 Black Label Society 7\1\06 Mountain view CA aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Black Label Society 6\25\05 Athens Rockwave Fest aud/screen /Pal 8\10 dv master clone
 Black Label Society 12/6/05 Gods Of Metal Fest Bologne Italy aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Black Label Society 7\9\05 Irving Plaza NY aud/ntsc 8\10
 Black Label Society 8\4\05 Philadelphia Aud ntsc 9\10 Damageinc classic series
 Black Label Society 4\15\05 Atlanta aud/ntsc 8\10
 Black Label Society 19\3\05 Sauget IL menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 BLS/Drowning Pool  May/19/02   Rock IM Park Germany sa/pro/pal 8\10 VHSM
 Black Label Society 14\9\00 Jacksonville menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Black Label Society 9\7\00 Flamingo Cantina Austin TX menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Black Label Society 10/30/00 Detroit MI menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Black Label Society 25/9/99 Harpo`s Detroit Mi menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Black Label Society Rock AM Ring 2002 aud/ntsc 8\10
 Black Label Society 5/18/99 London High gen aud/ntsc 6\10
 Zakk wylde`s Lynyrd Skynhead House of Guitars Rochester NY menus ntsc 8\10 very cool
 may 93 zakk plays a number of covers in a record store...awsome.
 Zakk Wylde Shadows of Glory various clips menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc varies

 Black Crowes 3/20/95 Beacon Theatre NYC 2 dvds menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Blach Crowes 2/20/91 The Ritz Roseville Michigan menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Black Crows live at E-werk 17\11\92 pro ntsc 9\10
 Black Crows 30\4\90 New Haven CT menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Black Crows 5\27\05 Indiana Carb day concert amenu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Black Crows 7\19\06 Jones Beach Wantaugh NY menu multi-cam aud/ntsc 9\10 NYCBC

 Blitzkrieg 2/16/02 Motala Music Fest Sweden aud/pal 8-9\10 clone

 Blue Oyster Cult 2/7/92 Todds, Detroit 2 dvd menus aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Blue Oyster Cult 12/13/08 Northern Lights Clifton park NY menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits

 Blaze 14/5/05 Moscow incomplete 35 mins...Filmer busted ? aud/pal 9\10 Master clone from filmer
 Blaze 16\May/08 Camden Underworld London 2dvd aud/pal 9\10 Bulldog
 Blaze Bailey Dec/6/08 Marrs Bar Worcester UK 2 dvd 2cam (permission shot) aud/pal 9\10 Richelens

 Blood Tsunami 12/may/07 Leeds Rio 2cam (includes soundcheck) menu aud/pal 9\10 Tommyten/Dreamweaver Master series

 Body Count 1991-08-12 CBGB's New York, NY aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st gen
 Body Count 1992 \ 3\12 Miami Fl aud/ntsc 8\10
 Body Count 07/31/93 MILWAUKEE, WI master >dvd + MILWAUKEE, WI 07/25/03 1st gen>dvd menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10

 Bonnet Graham 31/10/05 The Limelight Crewe UK aud/pal 8-9\10 great show Rainbow/Alcatrazz hits
 Bonnet, Graham / 2005.xx.xx Tour In Moscow 4 DVD aud/pal 9\10 Roadie filmed
 Bonnet, Graham 2/21/03 Paladinos Ca 2 cam menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Bonnet Graham feb/28/09 Jaxx Nightclub Springfield VA menu aud/ntsc 20 min interview Maidencolorado

 Boston 7-18-08 Monticello Iowa Jones County Fair 2 discs menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Schotime/Metalzone
 Boston 6\17\79 E Rutherford N J menus pro/ntsc 8\10
 Bon Jovi 14\Jan\08 Tokyo Dome Japan menus 2 dvd pro/ntsc 9\10 HD sourced
 Bon Jovi 2/17/06 Tampa Fl 2dvd basic menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 Bon Jovi 3\1\06 Save mart Centre Fresno USA menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9/10 master clone
 Bon Jovi 7/15/87 Colisee Quebec City 2dvd aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st

 Bloodbath Jun/27/2010 Dessel Belgium pc/aud/pal 8\10 DT Masters

 Bowling for Soup 9\June\07 Download Fest Donington aud/pal 8-9\10 Suffs Master

 Brand New Sin 12\Jan\07 Rio`s Bradford menus aud/pal 9\10 Dreamweaver Master

 BRUJERIA Hellfest, Clisson, France aud/pal 9\10

 Britney Fox 8\25\07 Guaranty bank Cedar Rapids IA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone Schonuffmetal

 Buckethead 4\14\06 menu 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10

 Bullet Boys 8\25\07 Guatany Bank Cedar rapids IA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Schonuffmetal master

 Bullet  For My Valentine June/6/10  Rock AM Ring 55.46s pro/pal 9\10
 Paul Carrack 2/20/09 Alban Arena London (Friday night Live) menu pro/pal 8\10

 Candlemass June/10/02 Club 013 Tilburg Holland aud/pal 8-9/10 masterclone
 Candlemass 11/sep/07 Rio`s Leeds UK menu 2 cam + dat audio aud/pal 9\10 Dreamweaver/Tommyten ..exellent

 Caliban-Eindhoven, NED-21.12.2010  Hd files awsome quality Jotunify 2dvds
 Caliban-Eindhoven, NED-21.12.2010 dvd version aud/pal 8-9\10 Jotunify

 Cavalera Conspiracy 6-7-08 Roitzchjora Germany menu aud/pal 8-9\10 RATM boots
 Cavalera Conspiracy 7\25\08 Wakestock Fest Toronto menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Futureal Chris
 Cavalera Conspiracy June/15/08 Download Fest Donington UK menu menu aud/pal 9\10 Tommyten

 Cannibal Corpse 5/4/07 Louisville KY menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 Cannibal Corpse  July/29/09 Scranton PA  pc/aud/ntsc  9\10 Hellawaits77

 Celtic Frost 2007.04.04 Helsinki, Finland menu aud/pal 9\10 BMR master

 Cephalic Carnage Jun/28/01 I-Rock nightclub pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Creed sep/1/09  Bradley Centre Milwaukee  aud/ntsc  9\10  mono
 Creed 6\8\09 Burgettstown PA VH1 Live and Loud +AOL sessions(web) 2009 menu pro/ntsc 8\10
 Creed •PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ 06-23-00 pro/ntsc 7\10
 Creed woodstock 7\25\99 Rome NJ pro/ntsc 9\10
 Creed olyimpics Salt Lake City UT 2/19/02 pro/ntsc 9\10
 Creed 7\27\02 East Rutherford NJ incomplete 1hr:36m sa>sa aud/ntsc 8\10 ...anyone got the master ?
 Creed 11/19/02 Bryce Jordan Centre PA aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone ?
 Creed 2/4/02 Toronto aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Creed 11/2/02 West Palm Beach FL aud/ntsc 8\10
 Creed 31-3-2000 Toledo aud/ntsc 9\10 master sourced ?
 Creed 17/2/02 Columbus aud/ntsc 6\10...need upgrade
 Creed 2000-2002 compilation 2 shows woodstock+ Holmdel, NJ 06-23-00 pro/ntsc 8\10
 Creed 7\19\02 Noblesville aud /ntsc 6\10...need upgrade
 Creed "over the edge " TV documentary menus pro/ntsc 9\10
 Creed Live at Alcatrazz 10\10\02 Pro/ntsc 8\10
 Creed 5\19\00 Wilkes Barre PA   aud/ntsc 7\10  anyone got a master/1st?
 Creed 11/22/00 West Palm Beach aud/pal 8\10
 Creed Philips Arena Atlanta GA pro/ntsc 8\10
 Creed 11/7/99 Meza Az aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st
 Creed 8\9\99 Shibuya Club Tokyo Japan 17mins pro/ntsc 8\10 vhs2
 Creed 6\17\98 Hayden Square Temp,AZ menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic Series 1st
 Creed 6\6\98 Peoria IL aud/ntsc 8\10 1st mono/ducks
 Creed 12/4/97 Peoria Il aud/ntsc 8\10 1st
 Scott Stapp 6\13\06 Lemore ,Ca sa aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone

 Chickenfoot sep/25/09 Berkeley CA  menu  2cam* Dual Layer  aud/ntsc 8\10 Radikal
 Chickenfoot Aug/17/09  Beacon Theatre NYC  aud/ntsc 9\10 NYCBC
 Chickenfoot sep/25/09 + Queensryche set (incomplete)  Berkeley CA  2dvd sa  aud/ntsc 8\10
 Chickenfoot 8\26\09 Ntelos Pavillion Portsmith VA  2 dvd  aud/ntsc 9\10 Oryo

 Chris Caffery Sep/15\05 Jaxx Nightclub Springfield 2 cam menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Chris Caffery 5\7\05 Alice Cooperstown Cleveland Oh menus aud/ntsc 9\10

 Chris Cornell 11/12/99 Derby Pa aud/ntsc 8\10
 Chris Cornell 4/13/07 Live @Much more music ,Canada Live in studio + interviews pro/ntsc 9\10
 Chris Cornell 8\Dec\07 Personal Fest Buenos Aries Argentina menu pro/pal 9\10 exellent
 Chris Cornell June/7/2009 Nurburgring Rock AM Ring Germany pro/pal 9\10 12mins all that was shown
 Chris Cornell may/30/09 Pinkpop Fest Landgraaf, Netherlands menu 59 mins pro/pal 9\10
 Chris Cornell 3/25/09  Santiago Chile  2dvd   aud/ntsc  9\10masterclone
 Chris Cornell Apr/22/11 @Vic Theatre Chicago IL  2dvd  pc/aud/ntsc 8/10 Digicam

 Cradle of Filth 3\6\06 Rock am Ring pro/pal 9\10 35 mins
 Cradle of Filth 7\29\01 Detroit Mi menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc master series
 Cradle of Filth 8\7\99 Detroit Mi menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc master series
 Cradle of Filth 8\1\99 Cleveland Ohio menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc master series 2cam

 Corrosion of Conformity 27\11\96 Copenhagen Denmark aud/pal 9\10 invaders/SBV
 Corrosion of Conformity 10\2\94+11/12/94 Headbangers Ball aud/pro/ ntsc 7\10
 Corrosion of Conformity Nov/23/1996 Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway menu aud/pal 9\10 Hi8M Metallican
 Corrosion of Conformity Nov/24/96  Oslo Spektrum  Norway menu  aud/pal 8-9\10 Hi8M   Metallican
 COC 12/15/00 Harpos Detroit MI 2 cam menu aud/ntsc 8/9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 COC June/19/10 @ The Ottobar Baltimore pc /aud/ntsc 9\10 John E Bogus ..lol

 Cult The 12\6\85 The Ritz NY pro/ntsc 9\10
 Cult 1/27/90 Clifton Park NY menu aud/ntsc 8\10 fokker
 Cult The 5\26\06 Nokia theatre NYC aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 Cult 7\6\06 Exit Fest Serbia menus aud /ntsc 8-9\10
 Cult 19\3\87 Sheffield City Hall aud/pal 8-9\10 VIDEO8 MASTER>PRO GRADE BETAMAX>PANASONIC SA DVD Scoutthedoggie
 Cult Feb/3/86 Alabamahalle Germany re-broadcast July 08 pro/pal 8\10

 City of Fire + Incite Sep/10/2010 Newcastle Panthers Stadium  Australia aud/pal  8\10 ss666
 City Of Fire Nov/20/09  The Venue, Vancouver  aud/ntsc 9\10 Chongeyed

 Cinderella Duluth, MN 12/6/02 aud 8\10

 Cypress Hill - 08/13/94 - Saugerties, NY pro/ntsc 9\10
 Cypress Hill 2004 Hurricane Fest Germany 62 mins DVB pro/Pal 10/10
 Cypress Hill Jun/11/10 Rock in Rio fest /Madrid   pro/pal 9\10 54mins
 Cypress Hill Jun/6/10 Rock Am Ring Germany pro/pal 9\10

 Cold as Life 1/25/98 Albany NY menu 25 mins aud\ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Cold as Life 6\27\97 Detroit Mi menu 36 mins aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Cold as Life 1/24/98 Scranton PA menu 32 mins aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Cold as Life 11/1/97 Detroit Mi menu 32 mins aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Coal Chamber 13/8/94 Whiskey A Go-Go pro/ntsc 8-9\10
 Coal Chamber 24\9\97 St Paul Mn 2cam aud/ntsc 8\10
 Coal Chamber 19\11\97 - Sacramento, CA, USA   2 cams
 Coal Chamber 20\6\98 Milton Keynes Ozzfest +vids-interviews various quality pal 7\10
 Coal Chamber 13\5\98 Metropol ,PGH + loco video aud/pal 7\10
 Coal Chamber 7\30\98 West Palm Beach Florida incomlete(includes incomplete soulfly set) aud/ntsc 7-8\10 2nd gen
 Coal Chamber 5\8\98 Worcester MD aud/ntsc 8-9/10 masterclone
 Coal Chamber Detroit, MI 9/10/99 multi-cam menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Coal Chamber 1999-10-03 - Fort Lauderdale fl aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st upgrade
 Coal Chamber1999-08-22 - St.Paul, MN (3 cams) aud/pal 7\10... ntsc master anyone ?
 Coal Chamber 13\11\99 San Francisco pro/ntsc 8\10
 Coal Chamber 9\18\99 Asbury Park, NJ aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 Coal Chamber-8/26/99 Peoria,IL Madison Theatre aud/ntsc 8\10 1st ? some  obstructions
 Coal Chamber 2/5/98 Rockford, IL aud/ntsc 8\10
 Coal Chamber Aug/22/98 St Paul Mn multicam sbd audio  aud/ntsc 9\10 masterlone
 Coal Chamber 09/23/99 Montreal qc - 52min aud /pal 7\10
 Coal Chamber 03-26-00 Sunrise fl - 55min aud/ntsc 9\10 Master
 Coal Chamber 29\5\98 Dynamo fest Holland + interview pro/pal 8\10 17 mins
 Coal Chamber 3/31/98   Ft Lauderdale + Bonus  aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Coal Chamber Nov/1/97 Boston incomplete 11mins + bonus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 vhs1
 Coal Chamber 4\28\98 Tempe aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Coal Chamber 1/14/98 Montreal menu incomplete aud/ntsc 9\10 Hi8 mastertape>dvd Out of the Sewer
 Coal Chamber 2/98 Cedar Rapids, IA aud/ntsc 7\10
 Coal Chamber may/13/98 Metropol  Pittsburgh PA  aud/ntsc 8\10 vhs2
 Coal Chamber 5/15/98 Clutch Cargos Pontiac Mi Menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Coal Chamber 25/5/00 crosse Wi aud/pal 7\10
 Coal Chamber - 6-1-02 Columbus, OH aud/ntsc 8\10

 Circle 2 Circle 9\6\03 Atlanta,GA menus aud/ntsc 8\10

 Coldplay Nov/4/05 Sala pacha Madrid menu pro/pal 9\10 dvb
 Coldplay 3/20/06 Air Canada Centre Toronto menu pro/pal 9\10
 Coldplay June/5/08 Paradiso Amsterdam pro/pal 9\10 32mins
 Coldplay 6\18\09 Edmonton,Alberta Canada 2 dvds menus aud/ntsc 9\10
 Coldplay June/4/11 Rock AM ring Germany pc/pro/pal  9\10

 Coverdale/Page 12/20/93 Castle Hall Osaka menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Jameskg

 Les Claypool May/30/09 Pompano Beach Florida pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 DL Redpill/S Yockus

 Clutch Dec/28/96 Capital ballroom Washington DC pc/aud/ntsc 8\10 Digitallive 1stgen
 Clutch Jan/24/97 Detroit Mi@  Fairgrounds pc aud/ntsc 8\10 Digitallive 1st
 Clutch 10\24+25\97 Drop Shop Huntington WV menus 3 dvds aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive Master Series
 Clutch 10\10\97 Houston TX menu aud/ntsc 8-9/10 Digitallive
 Clutch 10\2\97 Mississippi Nights St Louis Mi menu 2cam 9\10 Digitallive
 Clutch sep/28/97  Bogarts  Cincinatti,OH menu    aud/ntsc   9\10  Digitallive
 Clutch 11/18/00 The Masquarade Atlanta menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive
 Clutch Dec/14/00 Columbus OH menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Digitallive
 Cluch Dec/16/00 @Bogarts Cincinatti OH 3cam menu aud/ntsc  8\10 Digitallive
 Clutch 9\10\00 Fletchers Baltimore,MD 2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Clutch 2/18/98 Worcester Ma + bonuses menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive
 Clutch 2/7/98 Live @Mooses Knoxville TN menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive
 Clutch 7\9\98 Tremont Music Hall Charlotte NC menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Digitallive
 Clutch 5\27\98 Club Rio Tempe,AZ menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive
 Clutch 2/20/98 Providence RI menu aud/pal 9\10 1st Digitallive
 Clutch Aug/3/2001 9:30 Club Washington DC  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive/DAT  Hi8M
 Clutch 12\5\99 The Masquarade Atlanta menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Digitallive
 Clutch Opera house ,Toronto,Canada 11/20/02 menus aud/ntsc 8\10
 Clutch Texas 97 aud/ntsc 8\10
 Clutch 12/30/05 Toledo aud/ntsc 9\10 nice
 Clutch 12/31/05 Machine shop Flint Mi aud/ntsc 8\10 Very close
 Clutch 7\Nov/06 Bradford UK aud/pal 9\10 masterclone Dreamweaver (exellent)
 Clutch 7\Nov/06 Bradford UK 2cam menu+extras aud/pal 9\10 masterclone Dreamweaver/DAT (exellent)
 Clutch 9\12\06 Knoxville TN menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Clutch  11/27/06  Haarlew, Holland +bbc onair 2DVD   aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive Master Series/DAT
 Clutch Nov/23/06 Portsmouth UK menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive master series /DAT
 Clutch Nov/2/06  Newcastle Uk menu  aud/ntsc 9\10  Digitallive master series /DAT
 Clutch Nov/26/06 Deventer Netherlands 2dvd menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive Master series/DAT
 Clutch Nov/4/06 Glasgow Scotland aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive Master series/DAT(filmer)
 Clutch  11/11/06 Cardiff  Wales UK    +Oxford partial UK  9\10 Digitallive Master series/DAT(filmer)
 Neil Fallon 7\23\06 The Cellar Bar-Draperstown Northern Ireland aud/ntsc 8\10
 Clutch 15/12/07   Metro Theatre Sydney Australia  nice webcast  pro/pal 8\10
 Clutch Dec/15/07  Metro Theatre Sydney Australia menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Digitallive..excellent webcast
 Clutch 5/21/08 Morgantown, WV @ 123 Pleasant St. 2dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive
 Clutch Apr/9/08 Peabodys Down Under Cleveland OH menu incomplete vid/full audio aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Digitallive
 Clutch 3/20/08 Mr Smalls Funhouse Millvale PA 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitalive Master Reels
 Clutch/Lionize Sep/12/08 Salisbury MD 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Digitallive Master Reels
              Lionize  Oct/15/09 Grog Shop Cleveland Heights  menu  aud/ntsc 9\10  Digitallive
 Clutch  feb/24/10  Factory Theatre Sydney  pro/pal 8\10 decent  webcast
 Clutch Oct/16/10  Tribune Total Media Ampitheatre Pittsburgh pc/aud/ntsc  8\10 Digitallive/ShawnF

 Clash 5\28\83 US Fest San Bernardino Ca menus pro/ntsc 8\10
 Clash 2/27/80 Palais de Sports Paris menu pro/pal 8\10 #ask

 Chimaira 9\18\04 Melbourne Hi Fi bar and Ballroom aud/pal 9\10 master source ?
 Chimaira 10/6/07 Download Fest Donington UK menu 30 mins aud/pal 8\10 masterclone Miky
 Chimaira 6\17\06 Novarock Fest Austria aud/pal 9\10
Chimaira   Mar/18/10 Koko London       pc/aud/pal 8-9\10 Surfacing HD digicam (Frantic upgrade)
 Chimaira   Mar/18/10 Koko London  incomplete 30mins  aud/pal 7 \10 Elazarus master

 Children of Bodum 00\07\29 Milwauki Wi menus aud/ntsc 9\10 close
 Children of Bodum 11/16/04 Montreal menus menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Master source
 Children of Bodum 4\oct /04 Corner Hotel Melbourne aud/pal 8\10 1st
 Children of Bodum 10\28\05 Helsinki Finland TV aud/pal 9\10
 Children of Bodum 4\10\ 2005 Corner Hotel Melbourne menus aud/pal 8-9\10
 Children of Bodum 1/19/06 Hard Club Porugal Menus aud/pal 9\10 master clone
 Children of Bodum 7\5\06 Molson Ampitheatre Toronto menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Futureal Chris

 Chastain 8\29\87  Harpos Detroit Mi   pc/aud/ntsc 8\10 Damaginc Classic series

 Cromags June \8\01 Palladium Worcester MA aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone

 Crowbar June/2/05 The Vogue Indianapolis menu aud/ntsc 9\10


 Crucified Barbara In Distortion We trust EP 2006 - videos + slideshow menus pro/ntsc 9\10

 Damned / 10/28/01 / "State Theater" / Tampa, FL / 90 min / (multi cam sbd ) pro/ntsc 8\10
 Dave Mathews band Live at the woodlands 8\21\04 aud ntsc 8\10 2 disc

 Dave Gilmour 24/3/06 Teatro degli Acrimboldi Milano Italy "On an Island " menus 2 dvd aud/pal 8-9 /10 master clone
 Dave Gilmour HRVDVD010 Island Broadcasts Mermaid Theatre London 7\March \ 06 + extras menu pro\ntsc 9\10
 Dave Gilmour 2/8/06 Firenze Piazza Sant Croce menus aud/pal 9\10 master clone
 Dave Gilmour 4/4/06 Bite The Big Apple – New York City, NY 2DVD menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Dave Gilmour 3/24/06 Hear Me Shout – Milan, Italy 2DVD menu aud/pal 8-9\10
 Dave Gilmour FROM THE STUDIO TO THE STAGE – An interesting collection of studio clips, live clips and miscellaneous stuff menu/ntsc 8\10 cool

 Dave Lee Roth nov /1/86 Montreal 2dvd sa aud/ntsc 9\10 great for year
 Dave Lee Roth 9\13\86 Ames IA menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Dave Lee Roth 8\22\02 Meadows Music Centre Hartford CT menu pro/ntsc 9\10 Silver Stallion
 DANZIG Harpo`s Detroit 5/6/00 aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master
 DANZIG home movie pro/ntsc 9\10
 DANZIG electric factory Philladelphia 3\2\05 aud/ntsc 9\10
 DANZIG 7\24\92 Sunrise Florida+ Allentown 6/7/94 menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st Damageinc Classic Series
 Danzig June/ 27/ 1991   Roskilde Denmark some cuts aud/ntsc  7-8\10 1st  MDVidguy

 Deftones May/8/10  Live Myspace Optimus (secret show) Tivoli Lisbon pc/pro/ntsc 8\10 web
 Deftones   Aug\21\09Area 4 festival  Ludinghausen,GER  WDR  pro/pal 9\10
 Deftones 6\17\07 Myth nightclub Maplewood MN menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Deftones December/ 9th+ 13 th / 97 Minneapolis Mn 2 shows menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Deftones 25\11\03 Verbum Auditorium Montreal ,Canada Menus aud/ntsc 8\10
 Deftones 3\19\06 Roy wilkins Audotorium St Paul aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Deftones 12/19/06 Minneapolis Mn 2 dvds menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Deftones 11/11/06 Thomas Mack Centre Las Vegas menu 9\10 masterclone
 Deftones 12/2/03 St Paul Mn 3 cam aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Deftones 9\19\03 Wembley Arena London aud/pal 9\10

 Death Row(Pentagram reunion) sep/2/01 Jaxx nightclub Springfield VA menu aud/ntsc 9\10

 Devo oct/10/90 Albert Hall Castelvetro , Modena , ITALY  menu    aud/pal 9/10 permission shot Video8 M

 Destruction 12/5/05 aud/pal 8\10

 Depeche Mode 15th September 1998 Prague Sports Hall Hi-8 master aud/pal 8-9/10
 Depeche Mode 7th October 2001 Antwerp Sportpaleis aud/pal 9\10 Master sourced
 Depeche Mode 31st July 1993 London Crystal Palace SBD audio 3 cam aud/pal 8\10
 Depeche Mode 17th October 2001 London Wembley Arena aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Depeche Mode1/23/06 Prague Saskia Arena aud/pal 9\10 dv master clone
 Depeche Mode 8\1\06 Terravibe Malasaka Greece aud/pal 8\10 masterclone
 Depeche Mode 2005-11-19 - San Diego, USA menus aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Depeche Mode 90 Rotterdam Ahoy aud/pal 7\10
 Depeche Mode 14\12\82 Paradisso Amsterdam (TV Special) 20mins pro/pal 7-8\10
 Depeche Mode Mar/21/06 Budapest Hungary 5 cam menu aud/pal 8-9\10
 Depeche Mode Apr/16/86  London    pro/pal 7-8\10 best available

 Def Leppard Nov/5/08 Acer Arena Sydney menu 2dvd aud/pal 8-9\10
 Def Leppard April/3/08 Sovereign Centre Reading PA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 RCS GuY from Hi-def !
 Def Leppard 4-27-2008 SAN JACINTO, CA 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10
 Def Leppard 9-15-2007KELSEYVILLE, CA 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10
 Def Leppard 8\14\07 Jones Beach Wantagh NY 2 cam aud/ntsc 9\10 NYBC
 Def Leppard 6\24\06 Jones Beach Wantagh NY 2 cam aud/ntsc 9\10 NYBC
 Def Leppard June /9/06 Sweden Rock Fest menu aud/pal 9\10 masterclone minor obs
 Def Leppard 11/10/06 Baltimore 1st Mariner Arena menus aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Def Leppard 9\7\06 Ames,IA Hilton Colleseum aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Def Leppard 10/22/06 Qwest Centre Omaha aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Def Leppard 6/20/05 Alliant Energy Centre Madison WI aud/ntsc 9/10 master clone
 Def Leppard 6-24-05 Wilkes Barre,PA aud/ntsc 9\10 master sourced
 Def Leppard 2003-08-12 Toronto, Canada aud/ntsc 9\10 master ?
 Def Leppard Tokyo Accoustic Night 95 pro/ntsc 8\10
 Def Leppard 6\6\93 Don Valley Stadium Sheffield menu pro/ntsc 9\10 Japanese Transfer..best
 Def Leppard Aug/3/93 Allentown aud/ntsc 8\10
 Def Leppard 6\24\92 Sheffield Arena menu 2dvd sbd audio aud/pal9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Def Leppard 10\8\88 Oklahoma USA menu aud/ntsc 7\10
 Def Leppard June/12/88 Le Forum Montreal Canada menu aud/ntsc 9\10 ADL nice.
 Def Leppard 12/29/87 Hollywood Fl aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st
 Def Leppard June/9/83 Montreal Canada aud/ntsc 8\10 Phantom 1st

 Deep Purple "Rise over Japan" + extras OOP menus pro/ntsc 9\10
 Deep Purple aug/18/91 Curitibia Brazil (Joe lynn turner) aud/ntsc 8-9\10

 Destinys End 5\29\99 Detroit Michigan menu aud/ntsc 9\10 damageinc Master Series

 Devildriver Nov/6/2010  Leeds  02 Academy       aud/pal 7\10 Digicam SD Retzer
 Devildriver 1/26/10 Norva Norfolk VA    menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 SRC
 DevilDriver Jan/13/10 Rickshaw theatre Vancouver aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Chongeyed
 DevilDriver Feb/26/11  Soundwave fest Brisbane Australia aud/pal 8-9\10 ss666
 Devildriver Nov/13/09 Vienna Austria  menu  aud/pal 9\10 Antihero
 Devildriver 25/2/09 the Forum Sydney  sa    aud/pal 9\10 ss666
 Devildriver 22/2/09  Soundwave Fest Sydney sa  aud/pal 9\10 ss666
 Devildriver 12/12/09  Big Top luna park Sydney.Australia  aud/pal 7\10 digi cam Bobmetallicafreak
 Devildriver  2009-Jun-07, Festival Chaika, Kiev, Ukraine  aud/ntsc 9\10
 Devil Driver 10\14\07 Islington Academy London menu aud/pal 8\10 mastercone miky
 Devildriver  Oct/12/07 Leeds Rio  UK  menu 2cam  aud/pal  8-9\10  Tommyten/Dreamweaver
 Devil Driver 8\10\06 Santiago Chile aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Devil Driver 2/19/06 Montreal Qc +ZAO set aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone...nice
 Devil Driver 7\7\05 Minneapolis aud/ntsc 9\10 Master clone
 Devil Driver 10/15/05 The Masquarade Atlanta aud/ntsc 8\10 Deadlie13

 Deicide 5\26\01 NY + Vital Remains 5\9\04 aud/ntsc 9\10 low gen
 Deicide 5/11/04 Hard club Portugal menus aud/pal 9\10 master sourced ?
 Deicide 4/17/06 Celebrity Theatre Las Vegas menus 9\10 Master clone Vegaspunx

 Dimmu Borgir 4/30/01 Minneapolis 2cam aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone ?
 Dimmu Borgir 9\28\07 The Forum London menu 2dvd aud/pal 8\10 Masterclone Miky
 Dimmu Borgir 09/10/2003 Hard Club, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal aud/pal 8\10 master ?
 Dimmu Borgir Harpo`s Detroit MI 9\11\99 aud ntsc 9\10

 Dio May/27/08     Birmingham     UK  2dvd       aud/pal 7-8\10 didgi cam
 DIO 6/21/08 Bilbao Spain menu aud/pal 8\10 clone
 Dio July/15/06   Credit Card Hall Sau Paulo Brazil 2 dvd-2 cam DAT audio  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Leomet2000
 Dio 15/July/06 Creditcard Hall Sau Paulo Brazil menu incomplete aud/ntsc 9\10 1st
 Dio 10\29\05 Exhibition Grounds Pavillion Tel Aviv Isreal aud/pal 8\10
 Dio 9\7\05 Athens Hellas + 17 mins of Anthrax set aud/pal 8-9\10
 Dio 17.07.2004 St.Petersburg Russia 2 dvd menus aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Dio 10/4/04 Trocadero Philly PA
 Dio Irving Plaza - NYC, NY4/29/00 menus aud/ntsc 9\10 master ?
 Dio trocadero 04 menus aud ntsc 8\10
 Dio 4\22\00 Harpo`s Detroit "Black Magica" aud/ntsc    8-9\10 Damaginc Master cam audio
 Dio 12/1/00 Harpos Detroit ,"Black Magica 2" aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Master cam audio
 Dio  April/22/00  Harpos Detroit menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master + Govners DAT audio 10 year Anniversary Edition volume1 DL
 Dio  Dec/1/00  Harpos Detroit menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master + Govners DAT audio 10 year Anniversary Edition Volume 2 DL
 Dio  Dec/2/00  Harpos Detroit menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master + Govners DAT audio 10 year Anniversary Edition Volume 3DL
 Dio 29/3/00 LA HOB Webcast
 Dio 6\28\98 Hamilton Ontario aud/ntsc 8-9\10 main concept
 DIO 8\20/98 Sofia Bulgaria pro/pal 8\10
 Dio June/27/86 Joe Louis Arena Flint Mi  sa aud/ntsc 8\10 good for year
 Dio 9\16\86 Melbourne Australia menu aud/pal 8/10
 Dio 7/4/85 Quebec City ,Quebec menus aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classic series
 Dio Aug/10/85 Super Rock Japan menu pro/ntsc 9\10

 Dianno Paul 11/1/03 Bibelot-Dotrecht Holland menus aud/pal 9\10 master clone ?
 Dianno Paul 24\11\06 Mega Club Katowice Poland aud/pal 8\10 masterclone
 Dianno Paul 18\2\07 SO Rock Inferno aud/pal 9\10

 Download Fest 07 TV Highlights Donington UK menu 2dvds Stonesour/Maiden/Slayer/Evanesence ...many more pro/pal 9\10
 Download Fest 06 Donington UK TV highlights 2 hours approx Metallica,Trivium,Deftones
 Down ,Stonesour,Hatebreed,Lacuna coil and many more bands digital tv>sa>pc pro/pal 9\10

 Downset Feb/7/01 Beehive Theatre Pittsburgh menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Hi8M>dvd
 Down mar/11/2011 The Hangar  New Orleans pc/aud/pal 7-8\10 webcast
 Down Sep/11/09 Nokia Theatre NYC   aud/ntsc 8\10 NYCBC
 Down Jan/30/08 Rex theatre  Pittsburgh PA 2dvd  menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive Master series
 Down Oct/8/09  Vancouver Canada  2dvd   menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Chongeyed
 Down: 6\24\2006 Tipitina's - New Orleans, LO (+ Soundcheck) Aud/ntsc 8-9/10 MiniDV(M)>PC>DVD
 Down   June /13/09  Download fest Donington UK  menu  webcast/pal 7\10
 Down Mar/26/08  Copenhagen Denmark  aud/pal 7-8\10
 Down sep/21/95  Dallas Tx  menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 vhs1?
 Down 9\25\95 Fillmore West Ballroom  menu  aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st

 Doro Monza Italy 6\9\02 aud/pal 9\10 from DV Master
 Dokken 10\20\87 menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Classic series
 Dokken /Seb Bach July 30 Jones Beach wantagh menu aud/ntsc 9\10 NYCB/Metalzone

 Dog Eat Dog may/29/95 Malmo KB Sweden SA aud/pal 9\10 Video8 Masterclone Havrefras
 Dog Eat Dog 22/8/99 Bizzare fest Germany pro/pal 9\10 vhsm

 Dream Theatre Aug/9/09   Beacon Theatre NYC  aud/ntsc 9\10 NYCBC
 Dream Theatre July\24\09 The Filmore Miami  Florida menu  aud/ntsc 9\10
 Dream Theatre 7/26/09  Ruth Ekard Hall Clearwater FL  2 dvd  aud/ntsc 9\10 SFCrackpipe
 Dream Theatre 2/oct/07 Warsaw Poland menu aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Dream Theatre 6\26\07  Clermont-Ferrand La Cooperative  De Mai 2dvd pc  aud/pal 8-9\10
 Dream Theatre 8\27\05 Jones Beach NY aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Dream Theater 2005/12/06 Santiago, Chile (Frontal Version) 2DVD aud/ntsc 9\10 Master sourced
 Dream Theatre Rome Italy 10\31\05 aud/pal 9\10 2 dvd master
 Dream Theatre Rome Italy 7\2\04 aud pal 8\10 2disc
 Dream Theatre 11 JUL 2003, Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY, USA aud/ntsc9\10
 Dream Theatre 6\23\98 The Forum london menu 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8\10 Jaytor2112
 Dream Theatre  12/19/97 Ft Lauderdale   aud/ntsc 7-8\10

 Dream Evil/Gus G -The Iron Star tour footage etc videos ...cool pro/ntsc 8-9\10
 Dream Evil 29/may/08 Camden Underworld London 2 dvd aud/pal 9\10 Bulldog
 Dire Straits  Live in 85  Wembley Arena (TUBE)    menu  pro/pal 8-9\10
 Mark Knopfler and Friends July 28, 2002 "A Nice Pair of Shoes"Beaulieu, UK menu aud/pal 9\10

 Disturbed - 28 April 2011 - Entertainment Centre, Newcastle, Australia   aud/pal 9\10 SS666
 Disturbed Jan/29/2011 Cumberland  Civic Centre Portland pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Tripkore
 Disturbed 4\22\09  Meadowlands NJ   aud/ntsc 9\10 NYCBC
 Disturbed 2/14/09 Pompano Beach Florida menu aud/ntsc 9\10 DL
 Disturbed may/6/09 Peoria Civic Centre Peoria IL menu 2dvds sbd audio aud/ntsc 9\10 Evenflow
 Disturbed April/4/09 Cumberland County Civic Centre Portland ME menu aud/ntsc 9\10 sbd audio
 Disturbed 2/27/09 Utica Memorial Auditorium Utica NY menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77
 Disturbed Sep/4/08 Newcastle Entertainment Centre Australia  aud/pal 8\10
 Disturbed 8\31\08 Adelaide Australia menu aud/pal 9\10 Metallifreak/Leppermessiah
 Disturbed 8/6/08 NASSAU, NY aud/ntsc 9\10 NYBC
 Disturbed  Oct/18/08  Dusseldorf Germany  2dvd  menu    aud/pal 8-9\10 Franticfreak
 Disturbed Aug/5/08 Comcast Centre Mansfield Ma menu some screen aud/ntsc 8\10 Hellawaits
 Disturbed Jun/7/08 Rock AM Ring Eiffel Germany 45mins(small 3sec glitch 10mins in) pro/pal 9\10
 Disturbed May 6, 2008 The Valarium Knoxville, TN, USA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Disturbed march /10/06 Norfolk Viginia SRO live pro/pal 8-9\10
 Disturbed 29\4\06 Vodafone Arena Melboure (support korn ) aud/pal 8- 9\10 master clone
 Disturbed 13/12/05 Nokia Theatre NYC aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Disturbed 9\24\05 Chicago IL mtv pro/ntsc 9\10
 Disturbed 8/7/05 Rainbow Ballroom, Fresno, CA 2 dvd some obstructions aud/ntsc 9\10 from master
 Disturbed 2001-04-27 Bayfront park Miami, FL aud/ntsc 9\10 master sourced
 Disturbed 2003-02-19 Sydney, Australia aud/pal 8\10
 Disturbed 2000-09-16 Club soda Montreal, Canada aud/ntsc 7\10
 Disturbed 2002-12-15 Rosemont Chicago , IL aud/ntsc 9\10 master sourced
 Disturbed 5\3\03 UIC Pavillion Chicago menu "Music As a Weapon 2 Tour" pro/ntsc 10\10 HD sourced unoffcial
 Disturbed 2003-08-28 West Palm Beach, FL ozzfest aud/ntsc 9\10 master sourced
 Disturbed 2001-02-03 Fila Forum Milan, Italy aud/ntsc 7\10
 Disturbed -7-21-01 Ozzfest Camden, NJ aud/ntsc 8\10
 Disturbed 2000-09-12 Harpos Detroit, MI menus aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc master Series
 Disturbed June/11/00 Minneapolis  aud/ntsc 9\10 permission shot ...awsome
 Disturbed 07.25.01 Rochester, NY - aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Disturbed 4\02\01 Montreal QC aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Disturbed 2 sickness promo shows ...cool ntsc/pro 9\10
 Disturbed 05/02/03 Mankato, MN aud ntsc 8\10
 Disturbed 12/20/02 St Paul MN aud /ntsc 9\10

 Die Krupps 8\17\97 Bizzare Fest Koln pro/pal 8\10 nice show..some vhs wear

 Divine Heresy    Oct/15/09 The Masquarade Atlanta GA  aud/ntsc 8\10 Deadlie 13

 Dragonforce 2\ 25\07 Niagra falls NY menu aud/ntsc 9\10 FuturealChris

 Drowning Pool 17\4\07 Leeds Rio menu 2cam mix DAT aud/pal 9\10 Tommyten/Dreamweaver Master Series
 Drowning Pool 5/28/07 Cedar Rapids Iowa menu 9\10 master Schotime/metalzone
 Drowning Pool 7-26-08 Dubuque, Iowa Dubuque, County Fair menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Schotime/Metalzone
 Drowning Pool/BLS May/19/02   Rock IM Park Germany sa/pro/pal 8\10 VHSM

 Dropkick Murphys 9\23\98 St Andrews Hall Detroit menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Dropkick Murphys 10\11\2001 Club Laga Pittsburgh menu aud/ntsc 9\10 hi8 master Digitallive
 DRI 9\22\00 Harpos Detroit menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Dying Foetus 1/9/04Baroeg ,Holland aud/pal 9\10

Echo  and The Bunnymen Edad de Oro Madrid  menu pro/pal 9\10 SFD Betamax M
Echo  and The Bunnymen  Mar/21/09  Bat Bar Austin Tx  pro/ntsc 9\10

 Europe 6\11\04 La Riviera -Madrid aud/ pal 9\10
 Eddy Money Agora Ballroom Cleveland OH menu aud/ntsc 7\10

 Electric Wizard 4/28/05 Glasgow Scotland  menu  aud/pal 8\10 Masterclone
 Entombed 2\26\98 Milwaukee Wi menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc master Series
 Entombed 3\3\96 Vaxjo Sweden menu aud/pal 8-9\10 1st
 Entombed 4\29\97 Mejeriet Lund Sweden aud/pal 8-9\10 1st

 Exhumed 12/2/05 Las vegas,Nv aud/ntsc 8\10


 Exodus 5\7\97 San Francisco CA aud/ntsc 9\10
 Exodus Philly 2004-11-12 aud ntsc 8\10
 Exodus Bochum, Germany 2/20/89 pro/ntsc 8\10
 Exodus 4/29/89 Cobo Detroit menu aud/ntsc 8\10damageinc Classic Series
 Exodus Gothenburg Sweden 11/20/05 menus aud/pal 9\10 master clone
 Exodus 12/12/05 Bologna Italy aud/pal 9\10
 Exodus 11/27/06 vienna menus 2 dvd aud/pal 9\10
 Exodus Nov/4/07 Tetro Verano Montevideo Uruguay 2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10 FTV master...nice
 Exodus 8\April\08 Camden Underworld London 2 dvd aud/pal 8-9\10 Bulldog
 Exodus  8\26/08 The Tivoli Helsingborg Sweden  menus  aud/pal 9\10 Masterclone
 Exodus Mar/7/09 Aschaffenburg Germany menu aud/pal 8\10 HD sourced
 Exodus Oct/22/09 Complejo Troya Montevideo Uruguay  2 dvd    aud/ntsc 9\10 FVT  shows awsome 5 cam!

 Explioted 3\4\05 Villa NovaDe Gaia -Hard Club-Portugal aud/pal 9\10 master clone

 Edguy 1/24/04 Koln Germany menu`s pro/pal 9\10
 Edguy 10\2\06 Hard Club Portugal includes Dragonforce set aud/ntsc 8\10 Master Source (filmed slightly at an angle for a time )

 Edenbridge 9\27\08 Seoul Korea menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Silver Stallion/Metal Bong

 Evile Feb/23/08 Manchester Academy menu aud/pal 9\10 Daves Master
 Evile April/4/08 Sheffield corporation Sheffield UK aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Evile Oct/26/07 Leeds menu 2cam aud/pal 9\10 Tommyten/Dreamweaver
 Evile Dec/11/07 Kentish Town Forum menu multicam pro/pal 9\10 Metal Hammer Dave
 Evile Dec/15/07 Bradford UK 3cam aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Evile sep\12\05 Huddersfield UK menu`s aud/pal 9\10 Dreamweavers Master

 Evanesence 5/2/07 AusTralia live + Intimate menu aud/pal 9\10
 Evanesence 28/may/07 Pinkpop Landgraff Holland menu pro/pal 9\10c
 Evanesence 4/4/07 Providence Ri aud/ntsc 9\10
 Evanesence 9\Oct\06 NYC aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Evanesence June 4th Rock Am Ring Germany pro/pal 9\10
 Enslaved May/3/09 Le Medley Montreal PQ Canada menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77
 Enslaved 1/21/07 Key Club LA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone
 Enslaved Jan/11/07 Montreal QC aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone awsome
 Enslaved Dec/11/99 Rockerfellers Oslo Norway menu aud/pal 9\10 Invaders/Metallican

 Editors 6\6\07 De Melkweg Amsterdam menu pro/pal 9/10
 Editors June/23/07 Glastonbury Fest UK 25mins pro/pal 9\10
 Editors 6\march 08 Alexandra palace London menu aud/pal 8\10 last 2 songs slightly out of synch
 Editors August 8, 2008 Haldern Pop Festival Rees-Haldern, Germany(rockpalast) menu pro/pal 9\10

 Elvis Costello+ The Police Spectacle TV ,The Apollo Harlem NY pro/ntsc 9\10
 Elvis Costello 10TH FEB 2005 Hammersmith Apollo london aud/pal 9\10 MASTER8
 Elvis Costello 23/5/05 De Montfort Hall Leicester choppy first 4 mins aud/pal 8-9\10 almost 2 hours
 Elvis Costello 25/5/05 LCR Norwich UEA cuts in first song aud/pal 8-9\10
 Elvis Costello Rockpalast 78 menu pro/pal 9\10
 Elvis Costello 12/July/80 Montreux Jazz festival menus pro/pal 7/10
 Elvis Costello 4/22/78 +3/14/78 Royal oak Theatre Detroit,Orpheum Theatre Boston pro/ntsc 7\10

 ELO Wembley UK 78 pro/ntsc 7-8\10
 ELO &0`s TV specials pro/ntsc 8\10

 5 Finger Death Punch Oct/19/08 Opera House Toronto Canada menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 Futureal Chris
 5 Finger Death Punch Mansfield MA  2008  aud/ntsc 6\10 digicam
 5 finger Death punch Aug/14/09  Metro Theatre Sydney  pro/pal 8\10 good webcast
 5FDP Aug/10/09 HOB Boston MA  last 2 songs missing pc/aud/ntsc 8\10 Tripkore/Frantic

 Fear Factory Aug/14/2010 Bloodstock fest Walton Upon Trent  pc/aud/pal 9\10 incomplete Dave I
 Fear Factory Dec/5/10 Tilburg Netherlands  aud/pal 8\10
 Fear Factory Jan/18/10 Manning Bar  Sydney Australia aud/pal8\10 Bobmetallicafreak
 Fear Factory Jan/18/2010 Sydney Australia  aud/pal 8\10   SS666
 Fear Factory  Aug/2/10 The Academy Dublin Ireland 2 dvd  pc/aud/pal 8-9\10 HD Digicam
 Fear Factory June/18/2010  Hellfest Clisson France pc/aud/pal 8\10 audio slightly blown...but good
 Fear Factory may/29th/10 The Rave Milwaukee  webcast menu pro/ntsc 7\10 Painkiller
 Fear Factory Apr/24/10 SK Olimpic Stadium Moscow  aud/pal 8-9\10 Utkonos
 Fear Factory Apr/25/10 SK Olimpic Stadium Moscow  aud/pal 7-8\10 Utkonos
 Fear Factory April/1/10 @ The Masquarade Atlanta aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Deadlie13
 Fear Factory Dec/6/09 Teatro Teleton Santiago Chile aud/ntsc 6\10 Digicam far right
 Fear Factory Dec/8/2009 Buenos Aries Argentina  aud/ntsc 8\10 digicam
 Fear Factory 13/8/06 Szczytno Poland "Hunter Fest" menu some cuts aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Fear Factory 10\8\06 Svojsice ,Czech Republic menu 2dvd aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Fear Factory 30\4\06 La locomotive Paris menu aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Fear Factory  Sep/16/06  Sydney Big Top icludes Devildriver+Dry Kill logic  cell phone footage  decent sound ..fanatics only
 Fear Factory xx/xx/06 Santiago Chile aud/ntsc 8\10 incomplete 49mins
 Fear Factory 3\13\06 Milan Italy couple of cuts aud/pal 8- 9\10 master clone
 Fear Factory 3\6\06 Vienna Austria menus 2 dvd aud/pal 8-9\10 master clone
 Fear Factory 2/9/05 Montreal Bell Centre menus aud/ntsc 8\10 master clone incomplete 30 mins
 Fear Factory 11/15/05 The Masquarade Atlanta aud/ntsc 8\10 Deadlie13
 Fear Factory 10/07/04 Roma Italy aud/pal 9\10 master
 Fear Factory Big Day Out 2004 + Gold Coast 96 pro/aud/pal   8\10
 Fear Factory 21/06/04 London aud/ ntsc 8\10 lot of obstructions
 Fear Factory 4/14/04 Rochester, NY aud/ntsc 8\10 Master clone ,Dark-Incomplete
 Fear Factory09/07/04Bergamo incomplete 35 mins aud/pal 9\10 from master
 Fear Factory 6/6/01 Atlanta,GA sbd audio aud/ntsc 8\10
 Fear Factory 10/14/01 Fresno,CA cuts in /incomplete (cops closed show) 43mins aud/ntsc 8\10 1st
 Fear Factory23/09/01Duluth aud/ntsc 9\10 from Master
 Fear Factory 2\2\01 Harpos Detroit menus aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Master series
 Fear Factory 10\02\01 Harpo`s Detroit Mi aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master
 Fear Factory 28\4\01" The Pig Pen " Clinton IA aud/ntsc 9\10 from Master
 Fear Factory 2/2/01 Rochester NYC aud/ntsc 7\10
 Fear Factory 12\12\01 The Palace St Kilda Melbourne Austalia menu pal/aud 9\10
 Fear Factory 8\19\01 Koln Bizzare fest pro/ntsc 9\10 VHS Master.nice
 Fear Factory 7/3/01 Buffalo, NY aud/ntsc 9\10 Master Clone
 Fear Factory 6\4\01 Boynton Beach Florida Menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone
 Fear Factory 8/22/99 St Paul  Minneapolis, MN. Copy from filmers master {3 camera with soundboard audio) aud/ntsc 9\10
 Fear Factory -Worcester, Ma. 4/10/99 Copy from the filmers master aud/ntsc 9/10
 Fear Factory -Clinton, Ma 1/22/99 Copy from the Filmers master aud/ntsc 9\10
 Fear Factory  3/21/99 1st Avenue Theater, Minneapolis MN.  Master Clone aud/ntsc 9\10
 Fear Factory 4\6\99 Providence RI aud /ntsc 9\10 master clone....nice
 Fear Factory 4/2/99 Montreal aud/ntsc 8\10
 Fear Factory 6\14 \99 Columbus OH incomplete 23 mins Ozzfest menu 9\10 1st
 Fear Factory 6\22\99 Toronto aud/ntsc 9\10 1st gen upgrade
 Fear Factory 7\31\99 Ankley ,Ia aud/ntsc 8\10 1st gen some obstructions
 Fear Factory 6\8\99 PNC Banks Arts Centre NJ menu aud/ntsc 8\10 2nd Gen Dust Obstruction at times
 Fear Factory 8\25\99 Harpo`s Dteroit Mi menus 3 cam aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Fear Factory 8\25\99 single cam version menu aud/ntsc 9\10Damageinc Master Series
 Fear Factory 3\26\99 Harpos Detroit MI aud ntsc 8\10
 Fear Factory 4\12\99 Washington DC @ The 9:30 Club aud/ntsc 8\10 1st ?
 Fear Factory 06/27/1999 Clarkston, MI Slipknot, SOAD, HedPE, etc join them on stage to help out in the vocal department. aud/ntsc 9\10
 Fear Factory 14\2\99 Club Citta Kawasaki 30 min tv special pro/pal 7\10
 Fear Factory May/23/ 99 Rock IM Park Nurnburg + extras pro/pal 9\10 short 12 mins or so
 Fear Factory Dec/3/98 Hamburg  virus tv  Pro/pal  8\10    + extras    
 Fear Factory03/09/98 Verdun angle 2 slight right of sbd aud/ntsc 8\10
 Fear Factory, 9-17-98 Ft Lauderdale Florida aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Fear Factory 22/08/98 St.Paul 3 CAM MIX!! sbd aud/ntsc 9\10 from Master
 Fear Factory 9\6\98 Asbury Park NJ aud/ntsc 8\10
 Fear Factory 9\5\98 Worcester Ma aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Fear Factory 20/6/98 Milton Keynes UK aud/pal 6\10 generated
 Fear Factory BDO 98 Australia obstructions/Far/ poor aud/pal 6\10 JH
 Fear Factory 18\12\98 The Atsoria London UK menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st
 Fear Factory Bizzarre Fest23/08/98 pro/ntsc 8\10
 Fear Factory -MINN,MN 6-22-97 aud/ntsc 6\10 + 30 mins TV show with live performance/interview pro/ntsc 9\10
 Fear Factory 6\10\97 St louis Mo aud/ntsc 9\10 obstructions
 Fear Factory 3/13/97 Austin TX filmed at side of stage aud/pal 6\10 generated
 Fear Factory Festimad Festival Spain 97 (includes beach brawl WWF , FF play a track) aud/pal 8\10
 Fear Factory 12/7/97 London UK aud/ntsc 7\10
 Fear Factory 31/5/96 Madrid aud/pal 6-7\10
 Fear Factory 8\2\96 Quebec City Qc menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Out of the Sewer 8mm master>pc
 Fear Factory 9\2\96 Verdun Qc menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 ytsejim
 Fear Factory 9\2\96 Verdun Qc menu upgrade* aud/ntsc 9\10 Out of the Sewer master clone
 Fear Factory 8\16\96 Highbury Garage London UK aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Fear Factory 07/01/96 Cardiff UK ( close, obstruction) aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Fear Factory 3/9/96 Ft Lauderdale Florida aud /ntsc 7\10
 Fear Factory 12/8/96 Donington Fest UK aud/pal 8\10
 Fear Factory  Dec/16/95 Milan Italy 2cam aud/pal 8\10 1st
 Fear Factory Bizzare Fest 95 Germany pro/pal 7 \10
 Fear Factory 8\8\95 Miami Fl ( some distortion at beggining vhs tracking) aud/ntsc 7-8\10 30 mins
 Fear Factory 9\19\95 Corona,CA aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 Fear Factory 25\11\95 Stockholm Sweden aud/pal 7-8\10
 Fear Factory Verdun QC Oct/11/95 includes verdun 94+96 aud/ntsc 8\10 V2 Beast
 Fear Factory 11/21/95 Newcastle UK aud/ntsc 7\10
 Fear Factory 7\28\95 Milwauki aud/ntsc 7\10
 Fear Factory 2/12/95 Brussels aud/pal 8\10
 Fear Factory 7\28\95 Milwaukee +Demolition Hammer+The Meatmen aud/ntsc 8\10 low
 Fear Factory 3/15/94 Verdun,QC Canada menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone Out of the Sewer
 Fear Factory 8\28\93 Selinas Coogie Bay (incomplete-filmers battery ran out)
                         + pre show dinner footage+store appearance+Corona 94 aud/pal 8\10
 Fear Factory 8\28\93 Selinas Coogie Bay Sydney (incomplete-filmers battery ran out)
                        + pre show dinner footage+store appearance +Gold Coast 96 aud/pal  8\10  
 Fear Factory 4/feb/93 Rios Bradford aud/pal 7-8\10 vhs1
 Fear Factory Ohio 93 aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Fear Factory 1/23/93 Sneek Netherlands aud/pal 8\10 low
 Fear Factory  May/30/93 Lyon France  aud/pal 8\10 low upgrade*
 Fear Factory Lovain Belgium 31/1/93 incomplete show 17 mins aud/ntsc 7\10
 Fear Factory 3\sept\93 Santa Barbara Ca aud/ntsc 7\10 generated
 Fear Factory 5/12/93 Columbia, SC Raleigh aud/ntsc 8\10
 Fear Factory 3/20/93 Anaheim ,CA aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Fear Factory 01/18/93 Worrishofen, Germany (on stage) aud/pal 8\10 2nd

 Foo Fighters 6\18\08 ISS dome Dussldorf 2 dvd menus aud/pal 8\10 masterclone Frantic
 Foo Fighters 17\4\03 Los Angeles Universal Ampitheatre - menus aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone

 John Foxx Dec/1/83  Edad de Oro Madrid  menu pro/pal 8-9\10 SFD

 Filter 9\28\99 WorcesterMA + 10\22\99 Phoenix AZ menu aud/ntsc 7\10
 Filter 05/20/08 Atlanta aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Deadlie13

 Fish Aug/26/07 Aylesbury UK menu aud/pal 8-9\10
 Fish Mar/5/90 Rolling Stone Milano aud/pal 7\10
 Fish Dec/7/94 WOM record store Essen Germany  (Accoustic session/interview) aud/pal9\10

 Faith No More live in chile 95 menus pro/pal 8\10
 Faith No More 28\4\90 Brixton Academy London menus pro/ntsc 9\10
 Faith No More 1990 Melbourne +TV clips aud/pal 7\10
 Faith No More Milan 90 Timecode top picture pro/ntsc 8\10
 FNM 3/17/90 Lamours Brooklyn NY + Soundgarden set menu aud/ntsc 9\10 SBV ADL 1st
 Faith No More 30\6\90 Roskilde Denmark menu aud/pal 8\10 masterclone invaders
 Faith No More 16\8\97 Bizzarre Fest Germany menus pro/pal 8\10
 Faith No More April/28/97 Electric Circus Stockholm Sweden menu aud/pal 8-9\10 Invaders /Metallican
 Faith No More 1997-7-20 Pheonix Festival, Stratford-upon-Avon, England pro/pal 8\10
 Faith No More 8/19/92 The Warfield ,San Francisco aud/ntsc 8\10 1st
 Faith No More March/13/95 The Forum London 2cam svhs1+vhs1 menu aud/pal 9\10 GNROSAS
 FNM June/12/09 Download fest donington UK menu aud/ntsc 9\10 GNROSAS HD Sourced
 FNM June/12/09 Download fest donington UK menu pro/ntsc 8\10 webcast ADL
 FNM June/20/09 Hurricane Fest Eichenring Scheebel Germany menu pro/pal 9\10 30mins complete broadcast
 FNM  Aug/23/09  Area4 Fest Germany (Rockpalast)  menu  pro/pal10\10
 FNM  Oct/30/09  Santiago Chile Viax Tv   pro/ntsc 8-9\10
 Faith No More  Oct/27/09 Jockey Club Lima Peru  menu  aud/ntsc 9\10
 FNM July/11/2010 Exit  Fest Novi Sad  Serbia  pc/pro/pal 9\10

 Flock of Seagulls 5/30/08 Hollywood Park LA pro/ntsc 9\10 dvb>xp dvd
 Flock Of Seagulls Oct/31/09 Cape Coral Florida  sa  aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Sfcrackpipe

 Fleetwood Mac Mar/11/09 TD Banknorth Garden BostonMA  2dvd  aud/ntsc 9\10

 Flyleaf Jan/24/10 Rockford IL   menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 Even13flow
 Flyleaf+ seether may/15/08 Nokia Theatre NYC aud/ntsc 9\10 NYBC
 Flyleaf-6/23/07 Milwaukee,WI Barrymoore Theatre 41m + 10/14/06 Japan pro shot song 3m aud/ntsc 9\10
 Flyleaf March/29/06 Knoxville TN 94.3X acoustic sessions menu aud/tripod/ntsc 9\10
 Flyleaf-12/18/06 Peoria,IL Civic Center Arena 34m aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone

 Frank Hannon Band 1/7/06 The Boardwalk, Sacramento ,Ca aud/ntsc 9\10 very close master clone
 Frank Hannon Band 10\07\05 Fandangos Cordova,Ca aud/ntsc 9\10 very close master clone
 Frank Hannon Band 3/25/06 Orangevale, Ca aud/ntsc 9\10 very close 1st gen ?

 Fu-Manchu 1/27/00 Harpos Detroit menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Gary Numan Mar/5/09 Enmore Theatre Sydney Australia pro/pal 8\10 webcast
 Gary Numan Nov/26/09 Picture House Edinburgh Scotland 2dvd  menus  aud/pal 8-9\10 Eagledog
 Gary Numan 12/06/2006 HAMMERSMITH PALAIS London audience shot/Pal 8-9\10
 Gary Numan 9\feb\03 Shepherds Bush Empire London menu aud/pal 9\10 Masterclone
 Gary Numan 5/March/04 Shepherds Bush Empire London menu aud/pal 9\10 Masterclone
 Gamma Ray+Maiden firenze Italy10\28\03 pal/aud 8\10
 Gary Moore compilation 80`s pro/pal 8\10
 Gary Moore Osaka 85 aud/pal 8\10
 Gary Moore 82-84 Compilation ---rock pop 82, sight and sound 84,Tube +pinkpop 84 menu pro/pal 8\10 Silver Stallion
 Gary Moore 28\June\86 Milton Keynes Bowl menu aud/pal 8-9\10 1st gen betamax > dvd Scoutthedoggie
 Gary Moore Jan/16/84 Golddiggers Chipenham (Sight and Sound ) menu pro/pal 9\10 2009 re-broadcast

 Gathering the May/18/07 "Monsters In Millvale " Millvale PA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone

 Gorillaz Jun/25/10 Glastonbury fest   pc/ pro/pal 9\10

 Godsmack Aug/27/09 West Palm Beach FL   menu  aud/ntsc 9\10
 Godsmack  sep/5/09 Darien  Centre, NY  60mins incomplete ? aud/ntsc 8\10 good digicam
 Godsmack July/30/09 Shoreline Ampitheatre Mountain View CA 2dvd   sa  aud/ntsc 9\10
 Godsmack 9\26\06  Sleeptrain Pavillion  Marysville CA  aud/ntsc 7-8\10 digicam
 Godsmack  Jun/2/03  Civic Center Duluth MN       aud/ntsc 9\10 ..upgrade
 Godsmack 5/21/03 Portland ME   aud/ntsc 8\10
 Godsmack 11/20/03 Bromme City Arena Binghampton NY aud/ntsc 9\10
 Godsmack 5/20/03       Utica NY     aud/ntsc 8\10  Hi8M >dvd
 Godsmack mar/1/01     Utica NY    aud/ntsc  8\10  Hi8M >dvd
 Godsmack 4\15\01 Rochester NY aud/ntsc 8\10
 Godsmack 99-01 various festivals pro/ntsc 8\10
 God Dethroned oct/14/2009 @Foufounes Electroniques Montreal QC 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits777...perfect

 Gojira 12/18/06 Montreal QC aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Gojira 6\25\06 Hellfest Clisson France some heads/hands 38mins aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Gojira 10\8\06 svojscice Czech Republic menu aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Gojira 11/13/07 Club Soda Montreal+Enslaved Montreal 3cam 11/11/07 aud/ntsc 9\10
 Gojira 10/26/07 The Marquee Theatre Atlanta 2cam 36 mins aud/ntsc 9\10 yahooserious
 Gojira feb/21/07 The Orpheum Theater Flagstaff Arizona pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 2cam Yahoo! Serious
 Gojira April/4/09 Garorock Fest Marmande France 40mins pc/pro/pal 8-9\10

 Gods of Metal fest 6\june\04 Bologne Italy Alice cooper,Nevermore,Testament menus aud/pal 8-9\10 1 dvd
 Genesis live in concert 76 pro ntsc 8\10
 Genesis 1998-01-31 - Katowice , Poland menu pro/pal 2dvd 8\10
 Genesis Mama tour Birmingham N.E.C. 1984 GM dvd 14 menus pro/ntsc 9\10 2 dvd includes VH1 docu
 Genesis 2/8/92 Knebworth Park UK EFDVDG03 menus 2 DVD pro/pal 9\10 best available
 Genesis 1980.05.07 Lyceum Ballrooms, London 1 DVD-RStory Of Albert Day Two – GMDVD01 pro/ntsc 9\10
 Genesis 1980.05.06 Lyceum Ballrooms, London 1 DVD-RStory Of Albert Day One GMDVD09 pro/ntsc 9\10
 Genesis 1981.11.29Nassau Coliseum, NY -Three Sides Live – GMDVD10 pro/ntsc 9\10
 Genesis No AdmittanceEFDVDG06 – Documentary about the making of the 'We Can't Dance' album pro/pal 9\10 exellent
 Genesis 1992.05.07 Dallas, Texas documentary Opening night of tour pro/ntsc 8\10
 Genesis 27/6/07 "The Cinema Show" Dusseldorf Germany menus 2 dvd 16:9 pro/pal 9\10 recoded HDTV Broadcast ...exellent
 Genesis 9\25\07 MSG NYC 2dvd basic menu multicam aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone NYBC

 Gillan Aug/24/06 World Cafe Live Philladelphia PC aud/ntsc 8\10 Close
 Gillan 31/5/06 Royal Albert Hall charity gig menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Gillan 8\3\90 Sau Paulo Brazil 2 dvd menu minor cuts aud/ntsc 8\10 Damaginc Classic Series
 ROCK GOES TO COLLEGE OXFORD POLYTECHNIC 18.02.81, 40MIN menu pro/pal 8-9\10


 Geoff Tate 7\5\02 St Lois,Mo Menus aud/ntsc 9\10


 Green Day 1/sep/05 East Rutherford NJ 3cam mix aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Green Day Dec/17/05 Telstra Dome ,Melbourne menus 2 dvd aud/pal 8\10 lot of screen
 Green Day Hammersmith appollo London 7\2\05 aud/pal 8.5/10
 Green Day Miami, FL 4/15/05 aud/ntsc 9\10 Master Clone ?
 Green Day MSG NYC  2dvd  menu aud/ntsc 9\10 2cam NYCBC

 Guns+Roses 3/13/10 Palestra Italia  Sau Paulo Brazil 2dvd  menus 9\10Jaumgunner/Glauco94
 Guns+Roses Mar/25/2010  Lima Peru 2 dvd   3cam menus aud/ntsc 9\10 estebanf

 Guns + Roses 2/June/07 Monterrey Arena Mexico aud/ntsc 8\10 Digi cam source
 G+Roses 2006-07-27 Nottingham, England menu DV Master > DV/PC > DVDR-DLaud/pal 9\10 Gnrosas
 Guns + Roses 25\7\06 Birmingham NEC menus DL aud/pal 9\10 master clone Gnrosas
 Guns+Roses Nov/13/06 1st Mariner Arena Baltimore MD 2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Guns + Roses UK Invasion comp various UK venues 2006 aud/pal 9\10 dv masters GNROSAS ...very cool dual layer
 Guns + Roses 06/24/2006 Grasspop fest Dessel Belgium menu aud/screen/pal 8\10 master Limulus
 Guns + Roses Rock AM Ring 6\2\06 16:9 pro/pal 9\10
 Guns + Roses Rock in Rio 5/27/06 menus pro/pal 9\10
 Guns + Roses 11/6/06 Donington Fest UK 3 dvd aud/ntsc 8\10 master clone
 Guns + Roses 11/6/06 Donington Fest UK 1 dvd menu aud/pal masterclone Tommyten
 Guns + Roses 5\17\06 Hammerstein Ballroom NYC 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10
 Guns + Roses Felt forum NY 5\9\88 PC 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8\10
 Guns+ Roses 21/3/86 Fenders Ballroom Long Beach CA menu aud/ntsc 7\10
 Guns + Roses 10\30\87 CBGB`s New York NY menus aud/ntsc 8\10
 Guns + Roses 1988-07-12 Tokyo Japan low gen vhs >DVD > lossless audio synched menus aud/ntsc 8\10 Gnrosas
 Guns + Roses 7\27\88 Hilton Coliseum Ames IA menu aud/pal 7-8\10 2nd Limulus
 Guns and Roses 2/2/88 Live the Ritz NYC uncut menu pro/ntsc 8\10
 Guns+Roses Dec/15/88 Entertainment centre Melbourne Australia menu pro/ntsc 7-8\10 Limulus
 Guns + Roses Ritz 91   2 versions aud/pro /ntsc 8\10
 Guns + Roses 10\6\91 Saratoga springs NY menus aud/ntsc 7\10
 Guns + Roses 03/28/1986 The Roxy, Hollywood, CA USA High gen ntsc 5/10
 Guns + Roses 3/11/86 Music machine LA CA menus pro/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classic series
 Guns + Roses "Oui Oui MotherFuckers" - Live At The Hippodrome 1992 pro pal 8\10
 Guns + Roses 2/7/91 Welcome to the RiotRiverport Amphitheatre, Maryland Heights, MO, USA Pro ntsc 9\10
 Guns + Roses 6/17/91 Nassau Veterans Memorial Collesium menus 2 dvd
 Guns+ Roses 5\29\91 Deer Creek Music Center - Noblesville, Indiana menu pro/ntsc sbd 8-9\10 Angel
 Guns +Roses 4\9\92 Myriad Arena Oklahoma 4\9\92 3dvd menu pro/ntsc 9\10 Sabbkisscrue/Damageinc
 Guns + Roses East Rutherford NJ 7\18\92 menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Guns + Roses 4\9\92 Rosemont Il menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10
 Guns + Roses 6/6/92 Hippodrome de Vincennes Paris 2 dvd menu pro/ntsc 8-9\10
 Guns+Roses March/9/93 Hartford Civic Centre CT 2dvd menu aud/ntsc 8\10 ECV
 Guns +Roses 11-30-2002  La Batts Center, London, Canada 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Lividz  Digi8 Master >dvd
 Guns+Roses 11/27/02 Pepsi Arena Albany aud/ntsc 9\10

 Great White 8/21/99 Harpos Detroit Mi menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master series

 GWAR 5/7/99 Harpo`s Detroit, Mi 2 cam master mix /menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master
 GWAR 10\30\99 Harpo`s Detroit 3 cam mix aud/ntsc 8\10 Damaginc Master
 GWAR 12/18/08 Club Soda Montreal menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77

 Gwen Steffani 12/15/05 NYC menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 master clone
 Gwen Steffani 11/26/05 Anaheim aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 No Doubt Jun/27/09 Jones Beach Wantagh aud/ntsc 9\10 NYCBC

 H20 Aug/5/96 St Andrews Hall Detroit menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 H20 sep/25/96 The Shelter Detroit menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Hank Williams III 16\3\02 Bogarts Cincinati OH menu aud/ntsc 8\10

 Hannah Montana 12/20/07 Providence Ri menu aud/ntsc 8\10

 Hatebreed 29\10\04 San Juan,Puerto Rico aud/ ntsc 8\10
 Hatebreed 27\1\05 Sydney Australia aud /pal 9\10
 Hatebreed June/13/09 Donington UK  pro/ntsc 9\10
 Hatebreed Dec/2/09 Commodore Ballroom Vancouver aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Chongeyed
 Hatebreed Feb/18/10  London   menu   pc/aud/pal 8-9\10 Surfacing/Frantic HD TZ7

 Hateplow 3/24/00 Cleveland OH menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master series

 Hail jun/4/10  Ekaterinburg Russia  aud/ntsc 8\10
 Hail Jun/5/10 Tochka Club Moscow Rusia pc/aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Hail  Apr/30/09 Innsbruck Hafen Austria menu  aud/pal 8\10 Het2006
 Hail  may/1/09  Vienna Austria  menu  lossless audio synch      aud/pal 9\10 Fothermucker HD sourced
 Hail Jan/21-22/09 Santiago Chile ...cover song show ..motorhead,priest,sepultura...etc
 Ripper Owen,Jimmy DeGrasso ,Andreas Kisser,David Ellefson aud/ntsc 8\10

 Hard + Heavy Vol 11  2 hours complilation from 91 interviews and vid clips maiden/Priest/Slaughter /etc 2 hours pro/pal 9\10 VHSM

 Heart July/23/08 Paso Robles  CA  USA  2 dvd     sa   aud/pal 9\10
 Heart Aug/31/09 Nassau Coliseum Uniondale  NY  first 12mins is slide pic  aud/ntsc 8\10 NYCBC
 Heart Nov/30/90 Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, NY 2dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10 SVHS M A Trinidad Production
 Heart Nov/23/90 Toronto Ontario Canada menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Heart Sep/12/90 Hampton Coliseum Hampton Virginia menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Heart Nov/27/90 New Jersey menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Heart Dec/19/88 Sportatorium Hollywood Florida menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Heart  Aug/19/90 Shoreline Ampitheatre Mountain View CA pc  pro/ntsc 8\10

 Headbangers Ball Aug/17/96 Donington Special (Korn,Fear Factory,Ozzy,Kiss etc)  1hr 30m menu pro/pal 8\10

 Helloween 3/31/06 Master Hall Curitiba ,Brazil menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone

 Hellyeah 7\24\07 Molson Ampitheatre Toronto Canada menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Futureal Chris
 Hellyeah 7\7\07 Woodys Cedar Rapids IA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Schotime5/metalzone
 Hellyeah 8\29\07 Bakersfield CA menu 27 mins aud/ntsc 8\10 Masterclone
 Hellyeah 11/30/07 Ft Myers Florida aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Masterclone
 Hellyeah 2/19/08 Des Moines IA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Schotime5/Damageinc
 Hellyeah Apr/27/2010 Music Hall of Williamsburg  Brooklyn NY  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 TMMATZ

 Heavy Metal Britania  2dvd documentary and Live BBC performances  pro/pal 9\10 xp mode

 Heaven+ Hell  aug/15/09 Red Rocks Ampitheatre  Morrison CO  2dvd  aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Heaven+ Hell   June /27/09    Gods of Metal   Monza Italy   sa  aud/pal  9\10  2cam
 Heaven+ Hell    June /27/09    Gods of Metal   Monza Italy   sa  aud/pal  9\10  
 Heaven+ Hell    June/23/09    Casino De Paris   France  2 dvd  2 cam   menu  aud/pal 9\10 Super Kinki+Eric
 Heaven+ Hell   June/1/09  Ice Arena  St Petersburg Russia  menu  aud/ pal 9\10 centre shot PP
 Heaven+ Hell   June/1/09  Ice Arena  St Petersburg Russia  menu  aud/ pal 9\10 upper right EPIC(watermarked)     
 Heaven +Hell   June/18/09 Museumplate,Bonn Germany   pro/pal 9\10
 Heaven + Hell may/8/09  Santiago Chile   menu  aud/ntsc 8\10 masterclone
 Heaven+Hell June/8/09 Giessen Germany menu aud/pal 8\10 cuts/obs
 Heaven+ Hell June /14/09 Europahalle Karlsruhe Germany 2cam menu 8\10
 Heaven + Hell 8/16/08 Post Gazzette Pavillion Burgettstown 2dvd menu includes some Judas Priest aud/ntsc 8\10 Digitallive
 Heaven and Hell 10-8-08 Jones Beach NY AUD/Ntsc 8-9\10 half show screen shot NYBC
 Heaven and Hell 8\13\08 Molson Ampitheatre Toronto menu menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Futureal Chris
 Heaven and Hell 8\13\08 Molson Ampitheatre Toronto digital camera shot..exellent aud/ntsc 9\10
 Heaven and Hell 9\20\07 Copps Colesium Hamilton On 2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Futureal Chris
 Heaven and Hell 10\2\07 Selland Arena Fresno Ca 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone...nice
 Heaven and Hell 3\26\07 Bell Centre Montreal 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Heaven+ Hell 9\25\07 Fiddlers Green Englewood Colorado menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 2cam
 Heaven and Hell 26/4/07 COORS AMPHITHEATRE,SAN DIEGO,CA,USA (2DVDS) aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Heaven and Hell 9\30\07 Sleeptrain Pavillion Concord,CA 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone...nice
 Heaven and Hell Sep/8/07 Jones Beach NY a well done Screen shot aud/ntsc 9\10
 Heaven and Hell 8\sep\07 Mohegan Sun Uncasville CT aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Heaven and Hell 9\nov\07 Manchester MEN Arena UK 2 dvd menus + audio choice 2 cam aud/pal 9\10 Dreamweaver/Tommyten master...exellent
 Heaven and Hell 4\24\07 San Jose 2 cam -2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Knightmare/metalzone
 Heaven and Hell Sep/5/07 Binghampton NY aud/ntsc 9\10 from HD master....Niiiiiice
 Heaven and Hell 5/10/07 The Spectrum Philly Pa menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Heaven and Hell 3/11/07 Vancouver Bc Canada 1st night of tour menus 2 dvd 8\10
 Heaven and Hell 3/30/07 Radio City Music hall NYC menus aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Heaven and Hell 5/17/07 Lowell Massachusetts menu aud /ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 Heaven and Hell 28\6\07 Kavarna , Kaliarka Stadium menu DL aud/pal 8\10 masterclone
 Heaven and Hell 6\17\07 Stadhalle Offenbach Germany menu Incomplete aud/ pal 8\10 Masterclone
 Heaven and Hell(Hangin With ... VH1 ) 48mins pro/ntsc 9\10 Metalzone

 Brian "Head " Welch Friedewald Germany  menu  aud/pal 8-9\10 Franticfreak TZ 7

 Hed PE Club 77, kings cross,Sydney2001 incomplete 30 mins aud/pal 7\10
 Hed PE Metro Melbourne 01 + extra aud /pal 7\10
 Hed PE 1998-05-06 - San Francisco, CA aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Hed PE Nov/11/00 NYC + may/22/01 NYC    sa   aud/ntsc 8\10 1st gen
 Hed PE  Mar/1/05 Springfield MO  sa  aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Hed PE June/1/01 Rock am ring + 6/17/01 2cam  Sydney Australia  menu  aud/ntsc 8\10 Digitallive
 Hed Pe Mar/3/10 Sub89 Reading UK cuts in 1hr 4 mins aud/pal 7-8\10 Elazarus master

 High on Fire/Shadows fall  12/12/09 Sydney Big Top  menu aud/pal 7\10 digicam Bobmetallicafreak
 High on Fire Oct/19/09  Grog Shop  Cleveland Heights OH  1cam  menu  38mins   aud/ntsc 9\10 Chris
 High on Fire 7\7\05 aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 High on Fire 9\27\05 Portland ,Or Loveland aud/ntsc 9\10 dv master clone
 High on Fire 9\23\00 The Magic Stick Detroit MI menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Hurt 2/14/07 3rd Street Live ,Cedar Rapids menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Shotime5/ Damageinc Master Series

 Human Rights April/10/09 31st Pub Pittsburgh PA 2cam menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive Master
 Human League TV compilation  2 dvd   pro/pal  quality varies

 Ian Hunter oct/21/81 Don Kirshners Rock series Aquarius Theatre Hollywood pro/ntsc 8\10

 Hole Compilation VOL 1 Unplugged and TV appearences 1hour47mins low gen footage pal 8-9\10
 Hole Compilation VOL 2 SNL 7\12\94 -Jools Holland 13\5\95-BDO 26\1\99 menu low gen footage pal 8-9\10

 Hold Steady (The) May/3/09 Luxor Koln Germany Rockpalast menu pro /pal 9\10
 Hold Steady (The) June/24/10 Azkena Rock Fest Spain  pro/pal 9\10

 Hugh Cornwell(stranglers) 23/3/07 Rockpalast menu pro/pal 10/10

 Iced Earth 28\5\ Alaros Villa Columbus Ohio 2cam mix au/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master
 Iced Earth Detroit MI 24\5\99 aud /ntsc 9\10
 Iced Earth 4\14\02 Montreal QC aud/ntsc menus 9\10
 Iced Earth 4\19/2004 Sauget,ILL aud/ntsc 9\10 Master clone
 Iced Earth 4\24\2004 Detroit Mi menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Master clone
 Iced Earth 9\nov\07 M.E.N.Arena Manchester 2cam menu dat audio aud/pal 9\10 Dreamweaver Tommyten Master

 Iced T 7\23\99 Montreal QC Warped Tour aud/ntsc 8\10
 Iggy+ the Stooges June 23-07 Glastonbury +extra menu pro/pal 9\10
 Iggy+ the Stooges oct/27/07 Vegoose Fest Las Vegas aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone

 Immortal Detroit Mi 5\02\02 aud/ntsc 8\10 master ?
 Immortal Lorain ,OH3\29\00 aud/ntsc 9\10 master ?
 Immortal Jun/26/10  Dessel Belgium Grasspop  pc/aud/pal 8\10 DT Masters

 Immolation 7\22\94 lima,Peru menus aud/ntsc 7\10
 Immolation Jun/1/03 Agora Cleveland OH   pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 In Flames sep/15/09 PNE Coliseum  Vancouver  pc/aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Chongeyed
 In Flames 03-Nov-2006 MEN Arena Manchester UK DAT audio menu aud/Ntsc 9\10 Masterclone
 In Flames - 12/08/2006 Gibson Ampitheatre Los Angeles, CA, USA PC aud/ntsc 8\10 master clone obstructions
 In Flames 3\6\06 Rock AM Ring 16:9 menus pro /pal 9\10
 In Flames Harpos Detroit MI 4/20/02 aud/ntsc menus 9\10 Damage inc master

 Insane Clown Posse 8\13\99 Cobo Arena Detroit 2cam master mix aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone

 Ill Nino 17\4\07 Leeds Rio menu aud/pal 9\10 Tommyten Master
 Ill Nino 6\Oct \06 3rd Street Live Cedar Rapids menu 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Shotime5/Damageinc master series

 Jackyl Hazel park MI 9\22\98 25 mins aud/ntsc 9\10 Damage inc master
 Jethro Tull 27\7\00 Hamilton Place ,Hamilton Canada aud/ntsc 8-9\10 low gen Lividz
 Jethro Tull 20\4\07 Luna Park Buenos Aries Argentina menu pro/pal 9\10

 Jimi Hendrix Experience Royal Albert Hall London UK 24/2/69 ntsc/pro 8\10

 J Geils Band 6\18\99 "complete today" Rockerfella Plaza New York ,NY menus 2 dvd aud/pro /ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 The James Gang 8\18\06 Beacon Theatre NYC menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Janes Addiction Jun/11/10 Rock In Rio /Madrid   pro/pal 9\10
 Janes Addiction May/8/09  West Palm Beach menu   4 cam aud/ntsc 9\10 Redpill ..awsome DL
 Janes Addiction 4\oct\03 The Paradiso Amsterdam menu aud/pal 9\10
 Janes Addiction - 2003-09-27 Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada aud/ntsc 9\10 Lividz
 Janes Addiction - 2003-09-30 Brixton Academy, London, England, menus pro/ntsc 8\10
 Janes Addiction fiddlers green Denver Colarado 8\13\03 menus ntsc aud 8\10
 Janes Addiction - 07/26/02 Korea menus pro/ntsc 9\10
 Janes Addiction 10\23\01 St Paul Mn aud/ntsc 9\10

 Journey 10/22/06 Omaha NE menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Metal Zone
 Joan Jett 28 may 82 ZDF ROCKPOP IN CONCERT, WESTFALENHALLE, DORTMUND + Quo,Saxon pro/pal 9\10 VHSM

 Jon Olivas Pain sep/15/05 Jaxx Nightclub Springfield 2cam menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone

 Joe Stump /Micheal Harris May/23/09 Willis Music Instore Session Dayton Ohio menu aud/ntsc 9\10

 Jonathon Davis 5/31/08 Bochum Germany menu aud/pal 9\10 Franticfreak
 John Lennon Aug/30/72 MSG NYC pro/pal 8\10 transfered from VHS M out of print AFAIK

 Karma To Burn 5/21/10 V-Club Huntington WV  5cam   pc/aud/ntsc9\10 Digitallive M DL
                                   includes Year Long Disaster +Suede Bro`s
 Karma To Burn may/15/10  @The Note West Chester PA 10cam! sbd audio pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive
 Karma to Burn  Oct/31/09 123 Pleasant St Morgantown WV menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive Master
 Karma To Burn  Oct/22/09  West Shore Hardware Bar Mechanicsburg PA
                                                                               4cam mix/3 audio  menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive  
 Karma To Burn 4/18/09 Ravari Room Columbus OH menu aud/pal 9\10 3cam Digitallive Master
 Karma To Burn  12/12/98 Garner NC  menu aud/ntsc
 Karma To Burn Dec/8/98 @The Caboose  Garner NC  menu sbd  aud/ntsc 8\10 Digitallive
 Karma To Burn xx/xx/97 @The Caboose  Garner NC  menu sbd  aud/ntsc 8\10 Digitallive
 Karma To Burn 9\28\97 Bogarts Cincinatti OH  menu  aud/ntsc 8\10 Digitallive/Jason S

 Kid Rock 6\26\99 Mesa AZ includes Limp Bizkit set aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Kid Rock odds and ends vol 1 compilation menus pro/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Kid Rock odds and ends vol 2 compilation menus pro/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Kid Rock 3/31/06 Hammerstien Ballroom NY aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone

 Brian "Head " Welch Friedewald Germany  menu  aud/pal 8-9\10 Franticfreak TZ 7
 Korn Jan/29/11 Portland ME 3cam mix pc/pro/pal 9\10 Tripkore
 Korn  2011-01-29 Portland, ME, USA (right) (1080p HD) (2 DVDs)    9\10 Tripkore
 Korn  2011-01-29 Portland, ME, USA (center) (720p HD) (3 DVDs)   9\19   Tripkore
 Korn Oct/1/2010  Ancienne Belgique Belgium HD files...   NFT
 Korn Oct/10/10 Manchester Apollo UK last song incomplete 93 mins pc/aud/pal 8\10 PAINKILLER Master NFT
 Korn Oct/10/10 Manchester Apollo UK  2cam mix DL     pc/aud/pal 8\10 PAINKILLER  Master NFT
 Korn Oct/10/10 Manchester Apollo UK  hd digicam files incomplete  9\10
 Korn  2010-09-18 London, England (Ozzfest) (720p HD) (35min; 2 songs missing) 8\10
 Korn 2010-08-29 Targu Mures, Romania         aud/pal 8\10       probable youtube sourced  :\ ok  though
 Korn Sep/20/10  Paris  incomplete + Korn MTV 2010 3 songs pc/aud/pal 9\10 Jotunify
 Korn Apr/17/2010 Teatro Caupolican Santiago Chile  right stage shot aud/ntsc 8-9\10  DL
 Korn Aug/7/10  First Niagra Falls Burgettstown PA pc/aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Digitallive
 Korn Aug/13/10    Dallas TX      pc\aud/ntsc  8\10 Nameless
 Korn Apr/7/10 Uttica Memorial Auditorium Uttica NY menus 2dvd HD>dvd aud/ntsc 9\10Hellawaits77
 Korn apr/15/10  Lima Peru   2cam mix    pc   audntsc  8\10
 Korn July/11/2010  Shoreline Ampitheatre Mountain View CA  PC/Aud/Ntsc 7- 8\10 Franticfreak/Trunksten15
 Korn June/11/10  Bakersfield CA    incomplete 65 mins  aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Korn Apr/15/10  Lima Peru  left cam  aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Eddie
 Korn Apr/18/10  Luna park Buenos Aries Argentina pc aud/ntsc 9\10 upper right
 Korn July/20/10 Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre St Louis MO pc/aud/ntsc 8-9\10 incomplete 25mins
 Korn Apr/21/10   Brazil (40mins incomp digicam) + loads extras Peru,Argentina,Chile PC/aud/pal 8\10    Franticfreak
 Korn Apr/17/10 Teatro Caupolican Santiago Chile(41mins incomp digicam) menu  aud/pal 8\10 Franticfreak
 Korn  2009-05-23 - Gilfford, NH, USA  3 dvd    aud/ntsc 9\10 Tripkore
 Korn 7/7/09  St Petersburg Russia  pit cam   2dvd   aud/pal 8-9\10 Utkonos
 KoRn 2009-07-07 Green Theater, Moscow, Russia 2dvd  menu   shaky    aud/pal   7\10  vortex
 Korn May/16/09 Columbus Oh upper left no zoom aud/ntsc 8\10
 Korn June/8/09 Berlin Germany   menu  aud/pal 9/10 Franticfreak HD sourced
 Korn  Jun/17/09  Le Bataclan  Paris 2dvd pc/aud/pal 9\10Jotunify..awsome
 KoRn 2009-06-09 Tesla Arena, Prague, Czech Republic menu aud/pal 9\10 Dvd version  TIE
 KoRn 2009-06-09 Tesla Arena, Prague, Czech Republic  HD Files/sbd audio  6dvds..awsome TIE
 Korn  July/10/09 Novi Sad Serbia   pro/pal 7\10 webcast
 Korn June/5/09 Rock AM Ring Germany menu pro/pal 9\10 ...not the crap ones from Dime
 Korn June/12/09 Download Fest Donington webcast menu pro/pal 8\10 Painkiller
 Korn Feb 15th 2008  Columbia Halle  Berlin, GER 2dvd -  pc/aud/pal 8\10 Jotunify
 Korn Apr\17\08 Adelaide Australia menus 2 dvd aud/pal 9\10 (HD sourced)
 Korn Apr/20/08  Acer Arena Sydney   aud/pal   8\10 ss666
 Korn 2/13/08 Torwar Warsaw Poland 2 dvd aud/pal 8-9\10
 Korn 2/28/08 Madrid Spain        pc/aud/pal 9\10 2dvd TrAsh
 Korn mar/30/08 Quilmes Rock Fest Buenos Aires, Argentina menu pro/ntsc 9\10
 Korn 8-4-2008 FORO SOL MEXICO CITY, menu right shot AUD/ntsc 8\10
 Korn 8-4-2008 FORO SOL MEXICO CITY, menu left side AUD/ntsc 9\10
 Korn Apr/1/08 Santiago Chile  menu  aud/ntsc 8\10 right
 KoRn-04-05-2008-PalestraItalia,SaoPaulo,Brazil menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 filmed from pit
 Korn 23/2/08 Datch Forum Milan menu 2 dvd aud/pal 9\10 masterclone Endless Soul/Antinea 2cam
 Korn 23/2/08 Datch Forum Milan menu 2 dvd aud/pal 9\10 masterclone Endless Soul
 Korn 2008-02-16 Haus Auensee Leipzig, Germany menu aud/pal 9\10 Masterclone some heads/ hands
 KoRn 1/27/08 Cologne Germany menu aud/pal 8-9\10 Franticfreak
 KoRn 6/7/07 Katowice Poland menu aud/pal 8\10 masterclone no zoom
 Korn 6\23\07 Dessel Belgium 2 dvd aud/pal 8\10
 Korn  July/28/07   Washington DC   pc/aud/ntsc 8\10 Kornfan02
 Korn  2007-07-30 - New York, NY, USA   pro/ntsc 9\10 TV Fuse..nice
 Korn Jun/17/07 Biddinghuizen Netherlands Fields of Rock aud/pal 8-9\10 Jotunify
 KoRn 6/15/07 Woods festival Norway pro/pal 8\10 webstream
 KoRn 7\31\07 New York pro/ntsc 8\10 webstream
 KoRn 2007-06-26 - Sazka Arena, Prague, Czech Republic aud/pal 8-9\10 upper right
 KoRn 2007-07-06 - Piestany, Slovakia menu aud/pal 8-9\10 3cam Franticfreak
 KoRn 2007-07-06 - Piestany, Slovakia(right) menu aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone filmed from pit good close ups
 KoRn Best Of Live Shit Europe 2007 menu aud/pal 8-9\10
 KoRn 18\6\07 Zenith Paris aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 KoRn 18\6\07 Zenith Paris 2 cam aud/pal 8\10 masterclone
 Korn 8\4\07 Burgetstown PA (18mins) +9\8\06 screenshot full menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Digittalive Master
 KoRn Rock AM Ring 07 MTV menu aud/pal 9\10
 KoRn 28/May /07 Pinkpop Fest Landgraff Holland menu pro/pal 9\10
 KoRn Unplugged 7\12\06 MTV menu pro/pal 9\10
 KoRn 2006-08-16 - Albuquerque, NM, USA aud/ntsc 7\10 cuts didital camera sourced ? shaky
 KoRn 3\16\6 Long Beach California aud/ntsc 7\10 shaky /distorted but close Sourced from a digital camera
 Korn 8\18\06 Cricket Pavillion Phoenix AZ aud/ntsc 7\10
 KoRn 04/06/2006 Milano Gods Of Metal Fest aud/pal 8-9\10 master clone
 KoRn 3/15/06 San Diego menus aud/ntsc 8\10 master clone Sourced from a digital camera - no zoom, .
 Korn 2006.03.12 Dodge Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, USA menus aud/ntsc 8\10 master clone Sourced from a digital camera - no zoom,
 Korn 2006.06.07 Gruga Halle, Essen, Germany aud/pal 8\10 master clone audio little distorted
 KoRn 29/4/06 Vodafone arena Melbourne aud/pal 9\10 master clone
 KoRn 6\6\06 Lille France aud/pal 8- 9\10
 KoRn 10/6/06 Donington Download Fest aud/pal menus 8\10 Master clone
 KoRn 3\30\06 N Jersey aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Korn Rock am Ring 2/6/06 MTV version menus pro/pal 9\10
 Korn Rock am Ring 2/6/06 German Digital capture pro/pal 9\10
 KoRn 2/24/06 Bakersfeild ,Ca + local award ceremony aud/ntsc 9\10 from Master
 KoRn 2006.xx.xx - - Live at Canal + France pro/pal 9\10
 KoRn 2006-14-02 - MTV Germany - Countodwn Show (Pro-Shot) pro/pal 9\10
 KoRn 2005-08-13 - Budapest Sziget, Hungary aud/pal 8\10 masterclone (some pixelating from long zoom, great show)
 KoRn 25\11\05 London Forum aud/ ntsc 9\10
 KoRn 2005/20/09- KoRn - Live at St. Petersburg, Russia aud/ntsc 9\10
 KoRn 2005.09.04 - - Live at Civitavechia, Italy, MTV Coca Cola Show pro/pal 9\10
 KoRn 12-10-05 Live Los Angeles ca - 50min webcast pro/ntsc Quality varies
 Korn 12/8/05 Gernika Spain-Metalway Fest menus aud/pal 8\10 master sourced ?
 Korn Live at Flippaut Festival [12.06.2004] full set 77 mins aud/pal 7\10
 Korn Live at Sonicmania Festival ..31.01.2004 full show 73 mins aud/ntsc 8\10 screen shot
 Korn nuremburg rock am ring 4\6\2004 pro pal 10\10
 Korn 12\3\04East Rutherford N,J aud / ntsc 7\10
 KoRn 10.11.2004 Live at Fresno aud/ntsc 8\10
 Korn  14/6/04 Bercy ,france  (Right cam)  +4/6/04 +17/8/02 (extras) pro pal 9\10
 Korn 2004-06-14 - Paris, France (2 cams mix) aud/pal 8\10
 Korn 2004-06-25 - Columbiehalle, Berlin, Germany menu aud/pal 8\10 audio blown
 Korn sonicmania fest Japan 1/2/04 25 mins pro ntsc 9\10
 KoRn - 2003-08-28 OZZfest, West Palm Beach, FL., USA/ Includes M Manson set Incomplete aud/ntsc 8\10
 KoRn 2003-11-15 - Denver, CO. USA aud/ntsc 8\10 low
 Korn Electric Factory Philly 12\2\03 ntsc aud 9\10
 Korn Live in New York @CBGB's 11-24-2003 pro/ntsc 9\10 35 mins
 Korn 2002-08-13 Parades de Coura Festival Lisbon Portugal aud/ pal 7-8 /10
 Korn 2002-06-10 - Hammerstein ballroom, New York, NY [Hand cam] aud/pal 8\10 some obstructions
 Korn 8\1\02 Phoenix Arizona ntsc / aud 9\10
 KoRn 6/20/02 Wilkes Barre,Pa aud/ntsc 8\10
 KoRn 10\11\02 Long Beach Ca aud/ntsc 8\10
 KoRn 2002-10-12 Mansfield ma aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Master clone ?
 KoRn 2002-06-24 - Madison square garden, , NY aud/ntsc 8\10 vhs1
 KoRn 2002-12-05 - Bell Centre, Montreal, Canada aud/pal 7\10
 KoRn 2002-9-14 Bercy Paris aud/pal 8\10 1st
 Korn-7/8/02 Peoria,IL Civic Center Arena aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 KoRn 2002-08-01 - America west arena, Phoenix, AZ aud/ntsc 8\10
 KoRn 07/05/2002 Chicago Allstate arena - IL aud/ntsc 6\10 poor audio
 Korn Pinkpop fest 2000 pro/pal 9\10
 Korn 2000 Wembley London aud/ntsc 6-7\10 camera recorded..low frame rate
 Korn 2000-02-28 - America west arena, Phoenix, AZ aud/ntsc 9\10 1st
 Korn 2000-04-10 - First union spectrum, Philadelphia, PA 2 cam aud/pal 7\10 need upgrade
 Korn 7\8\00 Bakersfield Ca aud/ntsc 8\10
 KoRn 8\4\00 Uniondale NY no sound first few tracks (all versions are like this) aud/ntsc 8\10
 KoRn 4\7\00 Live at PSINet Stadium Baltimore pro/ntsc 7\10
 Korn 4\7\00 Live at PSINet Stadium, Baltimore, MD, USA aud/pal 6\10
 Korn 2000-04-18 - Keil Center, St Louis, MO aud/ ntsc 8\10 1st
 KoRn 8\7\2000 Kentucky Speedway, Sparta USA 2 cam /2dvd aud/ntsc 8\10
 KoRn 8\7\2000 Kentucky Speedway, Sparta USA left shot menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone
 KoRn 7/3/00 ST. Louis, MO aud/ntsc 7\10
 KoRn 7\18\00 Fargo aud/ntsc 8\10
 Korn 6\11 \2000 Rock am ring pro/pal 9\10
 KoRn Summer Festivals 2000 Pinkpop/RAR/Dynamo/RockIM Park menu pro/pal 9\10
 KoRn 2000-07-31 - Kelowna, BC, USA aud/ntsc 8\10
 KoRn 3\25\00 Toronto aud/ntsc 9\10 1st gen
 KoRn 4/21/2000 Minneapolis (staind do a couple of tracks) aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 KoRn 02-19-00 Miami fl aud/ntsc 8\10
 Korn 2000.xx.xx - - Live at Philadelphia aud/pal 6\10
 Korn 4\1\00 New Jersey aud/ntsc 8\10 low
 KoRn 2000-05-16 - Paris, France aud/pal 7\10
 KoRn 2000-07-04 - Summer sanitarium, Baltimore, MD (KoRn and V/A) Kid rock,metallica ,SOAD etc pro/ntsc 8\10
 Korn Sydney Australia big day out 23/1/99 pro pal 9/10
 KoRn - 1999-10-13 Target Center, Minneapolis, MN., USA 3cam aud/ntsc 8\10
 Korn 1999-07-23 - New York, NY, USA Woodstock 99 pro/ntsc 9\10
 KoRn 1999.04.17 - - Live at Cox Arena, San Diego, CA, USA aud/ntsc 8\10
 Korn 03-09-99 Sunrise fl - 75min aud/ntsc 9\10
 Korn 03-20-99 Providence ri - 81min aud/ntsc 9\10
 KoRn 1999-04-09 - Tacoma dome, Tacoma, WA aud/pal 7\10
 Korn 99\4\12 Sacramento 2cam aud/ntsc 8\10
 Korn 1999-03-23 - Philadelphia, PA aud/ntsc 9\10 Centre Master sourced
 Korn 6\4\99 Fargo aud/ntsc 3cam 8\10 1st gen
 Korn 15\3\99 Hamilton Canada 2 cam aud/ntsc 8\10 low gen
 Korn 15\3\99 Hamilton Canada front cam aud/ntsc 8\10 low gen
 KoRn 3\12\99 Moline Az aud/ntsc 7\10
 KoRn ST. Louis, MO 10/10/99 aud/ntsc 8\10 Looks 1st gen
 KoRn 13/10/99 St Paul Mn aud/ntsc 8\10
 Korn 13/4/99 Oakland 2 cam includes some Rob Zombie aud/ntsc 8\10
 Korn feb/5/99  NK Hall Tokyo           aud/ntsc 8\10
 Korn 23/5/99 Chicago aud/ntsc 7\10
 Korn 16\04/99 Anaheim Ca aud/ntsc 8-9/10 upgrade
 KoRn 15/10/99 Apollo Theatre Harlem + interviews aud/ntsc 9\10
 KoRn 02-26-99 Tucson az aud/ntsc 8\10
 KoRn 1999-04-12 - Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA aud/ntsc 8\10 + 5mins or Rob Zombie set
 Korn Oct/30/98 Uniondale NY   aud/pal 8\10 upgrade
 Korn 26\9\98 First union spectrum Philadelphia aud/centre  8\10 1st Digitallive
 Korn 26\9\98 First union spectrum Philadelphia aud/pal 9\10 close right  Digitallive Master Reels
 Korn Sep/26/98 Philladelphia PA 2cam mix  menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive Edition M+1stgen   sources awsome.
 KoRn 1998-10-10 - Cow Palace San Francisco, CA, USA (2 cams ) aud/ntsc 8\10
 Korn Family Values 98 oop pro /pal 9\10 NFT official release
 Korn 1998-11-07 - Lowell, MI, USA aud/ntsc 6\10
 Korn 04/10/98 Minneapolis aud/ntsc 9\10 master
 KoRn 1998-10-09 - The Forum, Los Angeles, CA aud/ntsc 9\10 from master
 Korn 10\12\98 Phoenix aud/ntcs 9\10 1st gen
 KoRn 3/11/98 Montreal Aud/ntsc 8\10 left
 Korn- 29\10\98 New Haven,CT aud/pal 8\10 low gen
 Korn 1998-09-23 - Worcester center, Worcester, MA aud/ntsc 8\10
 Korn 01-27-97 Nottingham England (Headbanger's Ball) - 52min pro/pal 7 \10
 KoRn - 1997-07-11 Lollapalooza, Downing Stadium, Randall’s Island, NY. USA menus includes Tool set aud/ntsc 8\10
 KoRn Paris, zenith 22.02.1997 menus aud/pal 7\10
 KoRn 1997-03-09 - Memorial hall, Kansas City, MO aud/pal 8\10
 KoRn 1997-03-09 - Memorial hall, Kansas City, MO right cam aud/ntsc 8\10
 KoRn 1997-01-22 - Brussels, Belgium pro/ntsc 8\10
 KoRn 23/5/97 Newport Wales UK aud/ntsc 8\10
 KoRn 01-26/97 Wolverhampton, England... left shot aud/ntsc 7-8\10 1st gen ?
 KoRn 1997-02-13 - Palamido, Milan, Italy aud/ntsc 7\10
 Korn 21/3/97 St Paul aud/ntsc 8\10
 KoRn 97 ?? ?? Festival Hall Melbourne includes making of twisted transitor documentary aud/pal 7\10 master sourced ?
 KoRn 1/5/97 Phoenix AZ menus aud/ntsc 8\10 1st gen ?
 KoRn 1/4/97 Phoenix az aud/ntsc 8\10
 KoRn 1997-05-25 Brighton England aud/ntsc 7\10
 KoRn 2/24/97 London aud/ ntsc 8\10
 Korn 3\6\97 Arizona Mesa, AZ aud ntsc 8\10 + Helmet 30mins+Staind 10mins
 Korn 3\6\97 Arizona Mesa, AZ aud ntsc 9\10  
 KoRn - Live 19.12.1996 at Fresno menus aud/pal 6\10 high gen
 KoRn 1996-01-18 - Continental airlines arena, East Rutherford, NJ aud/pal 6\10 front shot
 KoRn 1996-01-18 - Continental airlines arena, East Rutherford, NJ aud/ntsc 8\10 right shot low gen
 Korn Moline, IL 2/10/96 aud/ntsc 9\10 master sourced
 Korn 9\10\96 San Fransisco, CA Filmore aud/ntsc 8\10
 Korn 5\1\96 Austin Tx aud/ntsc 8\10
 Korn 25\2\96 + limp biscuit 3\8\97 The Life Is Peachy Tour - Oakland, CA ntsc / aud 6\10
 Korn  1996-04-18 - Hollywood, CA, USA  2nd gen  aud/ntsc 6-7\10
 Korn  1996-11-02 - Philadelphia, PA, USA  aud/ntsc 6-7\10
 Korn 28\7\95 Milwaukee USA   menu 36 mins full set aud/ntsc 8\10 Corri
 Korn 5\7\95 Knoxville Tn aud/ntsc 8\10 low gen
 Korn 95.06.06 Saltair, Salt Lake City, UT, USA aud/ntsc 6\10 high gen
 Korn 95/2/26 Ft Worth aud/ntsc 7\10
 KoRn 1995-09-24 U-Fest Festival, Phoenix pro/pal 6/10 generated
 Korn 1995-02-10 - The Nile, Mesa, AZ aud/ntsc 7\10
 KoRn 1994-06-13 Hollywood, CA, USA + Philadelphia, PA, USA 1996-01-23 on 1 dvd aud/ntsc
 KoRn 1994-06-13@ The Whiskey Hollywood, CA,  +SFrancisco 10/19/96 +promo videos menus pro/ntsc 8\10 upgrade vhs2
 Korn 3/12/94 San Jose Ca menu aud/pal 6-7/10 generated
 KoRn 1993.10.30 - KoRn - Live at Huntington Beach 3rd show ever aud/pal 7 \10
 Korn 1993.10.18 - KoRn - Live at Huntington Beach 2nd show aud/pal 5\10

 Killing Joke 08/17/1985 Loreley Festival, Germany menus pro/pal 9\10
 Killing Joke 01/Aug/89 Kitchen Club, Miami, aud/ntsc 9\10 MASTER VHS>NTSC DVD
 Killing Joke 17 July, 1994: London, Phoenix Festival pro/pal 7\10
 Killing Joke 1995/01/31 UK Nottingham Rock City 2dvd aud/pal 8\10
 Killing Joke 03/10/2005 Amsterdam, webcast pro/pal 8\10
 Killing Joke 15/July 94 Subterania ?? aud/pal menu 6\10 upgrade wanted
 Killing Joke 1994/10/29 USA New York City Palladium 2dvd aud/ntsc 8\10
 Killing Joke 1996/05/19 Esneux-Sur-Ourthe Riverside Festival Belgium aud/pal 8-9\10
 LIVE “THE TUBE” NEWCASTLE UK TV STUDIO 25TH JAN 1985, 14MIN M pro/pal 8-9\10 Scoutthedoggie
 Killing Joke 12/oct/03 London Astoria aud/pal 9\10 Master8
 Killing Joke 14/Oct/05 London Astoria audio up and down first 15 m (loose mic ?) aud/pal 9\10 dv master>sa
 Killing Joke 25 \MARCH\1985 Live Rock Aus Dem Alabamahalle , German TV Studio Concert, 2006 Digital rebroadcast, DREAMBOX DIGISAT>HD>PC pro/pal 9\10
 LIVE FORMULE 1 INCONCERT ARNHEM, RIJNHAL, 11TH APRIL 1985, 18MIN >2 vhs masters on 1 dvd pal 9\10
 Killing Joke Oct/6/83 Le Edad de Oro Estudio  Madrid  menu  pro/pal 8\10"stolen files series 31"
 Killing Joke 1981/Jun/07 NLD Amsterdam Paradiso aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Killing Joke Aug/17/81 East Side Club Philadelphia B+W /mono aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Great old footage from mastertapes(sony umatic)
 Killing Joke xx/xx/81  Firenze Italy  some cuts    aud/pal 7-8\10 Low

 Killers 23/6/07 Glastonbury Fest UK menus includes Jules Holland performances pro/pal 9\10
 Killers (The) 30\9\06 UK TV Vodaphone TBA interviews and live tracks pro/pal 9\10
 Killers 23.1.2005 Rock City Nottingham 2dvd aud/pal 9\10 masterclone

 Kilgore 6\26\98 Detroit Mi menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Kiss Jun/3/10 Rock AM Ring  menu pro/pal 9\10 DL
 Kiss July/13/09 Bell Centre Montreal 3dvd HD sourced..some screen menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits 77
 Kiss may/27/08 Helsinki Finland 2dvd menu aud/pal 9\10 BMR
 Kiss 10\29\92 Daytona Beach Florida menus 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc classic series
 Kiss MTV Unplugged 2 dvd pro/ntsc 9\10
 Kiss Phoenix Arizona 8\21\96 aud ntsc 8\10
 Kiss Irving meadows california aud ntsc 8\10
 Kiss 5\10\92 The Warehouse Brooklyn Complete menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Mick E Gee
 Kiss 12/11/85 Cleveland OH menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Kix live at Hammerjacks Baltimore usa 7\4\91 aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Master
 King (paul) Compilation various quality pro/pal  7\10

 King Diamond May/5/06 Moscow Russia +extras sa aud/pal 7\10
 King Diamond Zlin Czech Republic 06 aud/pal 8\10  mpeg 1 ...but only version available..still cool
 King Diamond 8\20\00 Ft Lauderdale Fl aud/ntsc 8\10
 King Diamond 4\14\05 Culture Room Ft Lauderdale   FL (some tape roll ) aud/ntsc 8\10
 King Diamond 2001-03-13 St Petersburg, Jubileyniy Palace, Russia aud/pal...complete 7\10
 King Diamond 2005-04-29 Sauget, IL, USA aud/ntsc 8/10
 King Diamond 16\4\05 Atlanta -Georgia aud/ntsc 8/10
 King Diamond 24\4\98 California aud/ntsc 7\10
 King Diamond New York-coney island 23/5/98 aud/ntsc 7\10
 King Diamond Berlin Germany 3/12/97 aud/pal 7\10
 King Diamond Mar/4/97 Diesel Halmstad Sweden aud/pal 8-9\10 1st Havrefras
 King Diamond 8\25\96 Buenos Aries Argentina menu aud/pal 7\10
 King Diamond  8/24/96Mercyful Fate /Monsters of Rock, SaoPaulo, Brazil   pro/ntsc 9\10
 King Diamond July/21/00 Key Club LA sbd audio/multicam pro?/ ntsc 9\10 awsome
 King Diamond Chicago-House of Blues 30/8/00 aud/ntsc 8\10
 King Diamond 8\8\00 @Medley Montreal  sa   aud/ntsc 8\10 vhs1?
 King Diamond  Maritime Hall San Francisco 22.07.2000 aud /ntsc 8\10
 King Diamond Montreal 5/11/03 aud/ ntsc menus 9/10 out of the sewer
 King Diamond Montreal 5/11/03 Version 2 less obstruction aud /ntsc 9\10 new transfer from master
 King Diamond ventura CA 4\22\98 aud ntsc 7/10
 King Diamond may\12\98  Cincinatti OH    sa    aud/ntsc 7\10 ...master anyone ?
 King Diamond 04/28/98 Ontario, CA (super close) aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st
 King Diamond xx/xx/89 Detroit Mi   aud/ntsc 7\10
 King Diamond San Fransisco,CA 8\11\86 + detroit,MI 7\26\86 aud ntsc 7\10 2 incomplete shows
 King Diamond 03 Aug 1987San Francisco The Stone incl. Detroit 96 (40 min), Eindhoven 86 pal aud 5/10 die hards
 King Diamond Aug/3/87 The Stone  San Francisco(1stgen) +Blondies Detroit (3rdgen) pc/aud/ntsc 8\10
 King Diamond 8\28\86 Washington DC pc/aud/pal 7\10 .upgrade anyone ?
 King Diamond Houston TX, 9\29\88 aud / ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone couple of cuts
 King Diamond Houston ,TX 11\26\89 aud /ntsc 8-9\10 Masterclone
 King Diamond 02 Nov 1989 Flint US Capitol Theatre aud/ ntsc 6/10
 King Diamond 2\17\90 Tilburg Holland aud/pal 7\10
 King Diamond 21/ Jul /1990 Copenhagen Denmarkaud/pal 8\10
 King Diamond 03 Mar 1990BarcelonaESPalau Dels Esportsincl. Backstage footage ! aud pal 7\10
 King Diamond 2 March 90 Madrid aud/pal 7\10
 King Diamond 1998 04 24 Ontario Canada NTSC Includes Minneapolis 98 aud /ntsc 7\10
 King Diamond San Francisco  03/08/87 61 min.NEW COPY Master clone
 King Diamond 1987.11.19 Gothenburg Kåren Sweden +Detroit 7\26\86 aud/pal 8\10 2nd
 King Diamond Thessaloniki, Greece4/07/01 aud/ntsc 8\10
 King Diamond 4/20/86 Aardschokdag, Netherlands aud/pal 9\10 master clone
 King Diamond 3/27/97 Small sports hall Prague Czech Rep aud/pal 7-8\10
 King Diamond mar/7/97 Vega Copenhagen Denmark  Hi8m>sa  aud/pal 8\10
 King Diamond 84-93 media compilation 2 hours 23m pro/ntsc   8\10

 Kings of Leon 10\27\07 Austen City Limits(from HD source) 22mins pro/ntsc 9\10
 Kings of Leon feb/25/09 Koln Germany Rockpalast menu pro/pal 9\10
 Kings of Leon Aug/28/09 Reading festival menu pro/pal 9\10 incomplete(full broadcast) 63mins
 Kings Of Leon Oct/10/2010  Sau Paulo Brazil  48min SWU TV  pro/ntsc 8-9\10

 Killswitch Engage Sep/17/09 PNE Coliseum Vancouver pc/aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Chongeyed
 Killswitch Engage  Aug/1/09  Post Gazette Pavillion  Pittsburgh PA  sa  aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Killswitch Engage may/6/09 Peoria IL menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Even13flow
 Killswitch Engage oct/31/04 St Louis MO    aud/ntsc 8\10
 Killswitch Engage oct/26/05 Rod Laver Arena Melbourne Australia 31mins aud/pal 9\10 clone
 Killswitch Engage /Shadows Fall montreal 8\16\03 aud ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master
 Killswitch Engage 7\23\03 Cincinatti OH menu   aud/ntsc 9\10 1st
 Killswitch Engage Harpos Detroit ,MI 11\7\03 Aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master
 Killswitch Engage 10/June\07 Dowload Fest Donington UK menu some obs aud/pal 8\10 Masterclone Miky
 Killswitch Engage/Flogging Molly/Pennywise Aug/14/07 Columbia Meadows St Helens OR aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Killswitch Engage 8\15\08 Lowlands fest Biddinghuizen Holland 28mins menu pro/pal 9\10
 Killswitch Engage South Amboy NJ 5/26/02+Albany NY12/6/02+Cincinatti 7\23\02  aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Kraftwork Nov/19/04 Jackie Gleason Theatre Miami menus aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone 2 cam

 Kreator 2/21/06 Petit Theatre Du Vieux Noranda Qc Canada menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Kreator 9\feb/05 Rolling Stone Milan menu 2dvd aud/pal 9\10 Masterclone
 Kreator 10\20\07 Damnation Fest Leeds UK menu aud/pal 9\10 Tommyten
 Kreator 10\20\07 Damnation Fest Leeds UK menu 2cam/DAT audio aud/pal 9\10 Tommyten
 Kreator  Oct/22/09 Complejo Troya Montevideo Uruguay  2 dvd    aud/ntsc 9\10 FVT  shows awsome 5 cam!
 Kreator  oct/15/09 Discoteca Voce Lima Peru  2dvd  menu aud/ntsc 9\10 JC Fuel

 L7 3/1/91 Hollywood menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc classic series
 L7 Live firenze Italy+ chicago 92 ? menus pro/ntsc 7\10
 L7 sun clubtempe,az89 & 91 aud/ntsc 8-9\10 real close
 L7 Rockpalast Germany 96 + extras menus Pro /pal 8-9\10 cool stuff
 L7 9\7\92 Washington dc aud/ntsc 8\10

 LOG Jun/5/10 Rock AM RIng  10 mins only full broadcast  pro/pal 9\10
 Lamb of God  Feb/19/2010 Zapata Stuttgart Germany  menu 2dvd aud/pal 8\10 Markus
 Lamb of God  Sep/20/09  Montreal PQ  menu  aud/ntsc 8\10 Hellawaits77
 Lamb of God 2/23/09 The Forum Sydney Australia aud/pal 7\10 sony cybershot
 Lamb of God 4/27/07 The Palace Melbourne Australia menu aud/Pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Lamb of God 8\17\07 Town Ballroom Buffalo NY menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Futureal Chris
 Lamb of God 8\24\07 Burgettstown PA menu aud/ntsc 8\10 digitallive master
 Lamb of God 17\6\07 Provinssirock Seinajioki Finland menu pro/pal 9\10 ..nice
 Lamb of God 3/jun/07 Rock IM Park Nurnberg Germany 2 cam Menu aud/pal masterclone shaky obs
 Lamb of God 1/4/07 Ft Lauderdale FL aud/ntsc 8\10
 Lamb of God 10/6/07 Download Fest Donington menu 4 cam mix aud/pal
 Lamb of God 10/6/07 Download Fest Donington menu 2cam mix aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone Dreamweaver/Tommyten
 Lamb of God 10/6/07 Download Fest Donington menu aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone Miky
 Lamb of God 13/3/07 Hawkeye downs Cedar rapids menus 2 dvds aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Lamb of God 28\10\06 Boblingen Sporthalle Stuttgart Germany menu aud/pal 8\10 masterclone
 Lamb of God 9\28\06 Nassau Colesium menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Lamb of God 3 /Nov/06 Manchester UK menus aud/pal 8-9/10 masterclone Dreamweaver
 Lamb of God Oct/5/ 06 Atlanta menu aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Lamb of God 7\3\06 Montreal QC menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 master clone Out of the sewer
 Lamb of God 7\3\06 Montreal QC menus 2cam mix 9\10 masterclone
 Lamb of God 4\27\05 Springfeild IL aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone ?
 Lamb of God 3\5\05 The Spectrum Philly aud/ntsc 8-9/10 masterclone ?
 Lamb of God 3\6\05 ? Meadowlands New Jersey
 Lamb of God 5/25/02 Albany NY 2 cam aud/ntsc 9\10
 Lamb of God 11/02/02 NYC multi cam aud/ntsc 9\10
 Lamb of God 11/7/03 Harpo`s Detroit aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc master series
 Lamb of God 11/2/03 CBGB`s NY menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone 4 cam mix
 Lamb of God 7\14\02 Hellfest Syracuse NY menu 9\10
 Lamb of God 5/6/01 Montreal QC Canada 30mins aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone

 Landmine Marathon 4\21\09 Rock nRoll Hotel Washington DC menu aud/ntsc 9\10 permission shot MaidenColorado

 LCD Soundsystem Aug/21/10 Lowlands fest Biddinghuizen Netherlands  pc/pro/pal 9\10

 Lacuna Coil 5\16\07 The Opera House Toronto menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Futureal Chris
 Lacuna Coil 10\14\06 London Kings College aud/pal 8-9\10 looks to be Digi camera shot ....still good
 Lacuna Coil 9\25\06 Milan Alcatrazz menu aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Lacuna Coil 7\25\06 Ozzfest Toronto On menus aud/ntsc 8\10 master clone
 Lacuna Coil Manchester ,NH USA 30\5\04 aud ntsc 9\10
 Lacuna Coil 06/11/2005 Bologna , Italy aud/ pal 8\10 master sourced

 Lenny Kravitz Jan/19/06 Sunrise Florida,Bankatlantic Centre menus aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone


 Led Zeppelin 7\17\77  Kingdome Seattle Menu( Empress Valley Definitive Edition ) pro/ntsc 8/10 DL
 Led Zeppelin Knebworth 11/8/79 Menus aud/ntsc 8\10
 Led Zeppelin Good times /bad times tv documentary pro/pal 9\10 30 mins
 Led Zeppelin - Early Visions/Latter Visions, 4dvd/pc NTSC very cool
 Led Zeppelin Reunions live aid 85-Atlantic Records 40th -Rock and roll HOF menu pro/ntsc 8-9\10
 Led Zeppelin December 10, 2007 O2 Arena London Menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 3rd Eye Release Dual Layer
 Led Zeppelin December 10, 2007 O2 Arena London Menu 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Katzeye
 Led Zeppelin HEAVY METAL KIDS (Empress Valley EVSDVD005-007) 3 DVDs
 Earls Court Arena, London, 24 (DVDs 1 & 2) and 25 May 1975 (DVD 3) pc pro/ntsc \9\10

 Libertines 16\3\04 Astoria London "Rock against Rascism" aud/pal 8\10

 Limp Bizkit Aug/24/10 Olympia Theatre Dublin Ireland  2 dvd pc/aud/pal 8-9\10 HD Digicam
 Limp Bizkit Sep/5/10 Dusseldorf Germany    HD Digicam TZ7>2dvd  pc/aud/pal 9\10
 Limp Bizkit  June/10/09  Dortmund Germany  menu 2dvd aud/pal 8\10 Franticfreak
 Limp Bizkit 5/27/09 Ice Palace St Petersburg Russia menu aud/pal 8\10
 Limp Bizkit  5/29/09 Moscow    Russia   aud/ntsc 7-8\10 Utkonos
 Limp Bizkit 6\21\09 Novarock Austria aud/pal 7\10 Het2006
 Limp Bizkit 1st Aug 2009 HMV Forum London, England  aud/pal 8\10 audio blown a bit  Kodak Zi6
 Limp Bizkit June /7/09 Rock am Ring Menu pro/pal 9\10 Painkiller
 Limp Bizkit June/12/09 Download fest Donington UK menu pro/ntsc 7 \10 webcast
 Limp Bizkit Woodstock 99 pro/ntsc 9\10
 Limp Bizkit 6\9\03 finsbury park pro/pal 9\10
 Limp Bizkit Teramoto(Rockpalast) 2003   16mins  pro/pal 9\10
 Limp Bizkit 7\20\03 Montreal + Metallica 3/29/97 Quebec aud/ntsc 8\10
 Limp Bizkit 7\27\03 Minneapolis Mn aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Limp Bizkit 15.11.2003 - Magnes Arena - Denver, CO, aud/ntsc 8\10 masterclone
 Limp Bizkit 24.11.2003 - Electric Factory Ballroom - Philadelphia, PA, aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Limp Bizkit 1 6.07.2003 - Webster Hall - New York City, NY, menus pro/pal 8\10 webcast
 Limp Bizkit 2000-10-26 - Toronto Canada aud/ntsc 8\10
 Limp Bizkit 2000-10-19 - East Rutherford nj aud/ntsc 8\10
 Limp Bizkit 28.05.2001 Live Paris FRA, Palais Omnisport De Paris Bercy aud/pal 8-9\10 low
 Limp Bizkit 2001-06-06 - Wembley Arena, London, UK aud/pal 8\10
 Limp Bizkit 2001-01-25 - Sydney Australia menu aud/pal 8\10 obs
 Limp Bizkit 11/1/01 Osaka Japan full show aud/ntsc 9\10 Rozy
 Limp Bizkit 1999-11-18 - Skydome, Toronto, Canada aud/pal 6- 7\10
 LIMP BIZKIT 11/17/99 MONTREAL, QC menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Limp Bizkit 1999-11-05 - Miami,FL cuts aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Limp Bizkit 7/23/99 Tsongas Arena Lowell MA aud/ntsc 8\10 1st
 Limp Bizkit 6\26\99 Mesa AZ includes Kid Rock set aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 LIMP BIZKIT ST-PAUL, MN (very close) 07/12/99 aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Limp Bizkit march/2/98 Cincinatti Ohio menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Limp Bizkit March/5/98 Detroit Mi menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Limp Bizkit 9\23\98 Centrum Worcester MA aud/ntsc 8\10
 Limp Bizkit 8\3\97 Orlando Fl Left angle 28:42 aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Limp Bizkit 1997-10-27 - Cleveland, USA aud/ntsc 8-9\10

 Life of Agony 10\24\09 Damnation Fest Leeds UK 2cam  pc/aud/pal  9\10 Dreamweaver/Tommyten  ...Killer
 Life Of Agony 8\19\98 St Andrews Hall Detroit MI menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Linkin Park Dec/3/2010 Brisbane Entertainment Centre Queensland Australia  aud/pal 8\10 LumixTZ7
 Linkin Park  July/26/09  St Petersburg Russia   menu  aud/pal 9\10 Budweiser (watermarked)
 Linkin Park June/27/08 Waldbuhne Berlin Germany 2 dvds menu aud/pal 8-9\10 very right angle Fifek
 Linkin Park 2008-07-30 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Warped Tour 2008) Charlotte NC incomplete 1h 9m aud/ntsc 9\10 sbd audio
 Linkin Park 2008-07-22 Nikon at Jones Beach Theater left shot aud/ntsc 9\10 NYBC sbd audio
 Linkin Park 6\6\08 Rock In Rio Parque de Belavista Lisboa/Portugal menu pro/pal 8-9\10 Kobra
 Linkin Park 11/5/07 Webster Hall NY AOL Sessions menu pro/ntsc 9\10
 Linkin Park June/9/07 Download festival Donington  menu  aud/pal 9\10 Gig Addiction
 Linkin Park 3/5/07 Astoria London + extras aud/Pal 9\10 masterclone
 Linkin Park 6\21\07 Rock AM Ring Germany pro/pal 9\10 20 mins
 Linkin Park Rock Am Ring 04 menus pro/pal 9\10
 Linkin Park 24\1\04 Toronto aud/ntsc 9\10 master sourced
 Linkin Park 5/2/04 Long Beach California menu aud/ntsc 9\10 mini dv>DVD minor glitch chapter 7 masterclone
 Linkin Park 10\24\03 Nippon Budokan Tokyo Japan aud/ntsc 9\10 Rozy
 Linkin Park 10\25\03 Nippon Budokan Tokyo Japan aud/ntsc 9\10 Rozy
 Linkin Park 7\23\02 HHH Metrodome minneapolis angle 2 aud/ntsc 9\10
 Linkin Park 15th August 2000 Mason Jar Phoenix, Arizona 98KUPD Radio Show aud/ntsc 8\10

 Love/Hate Oct/5/90 Lakeland Civic Centre .Lakeland Florida menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Damaginc Classic Series

 Ludichrist 6\12\87 Graystone Detroit Mi menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Lynrd Skynrd Oct/19/99  Moline MO   1stgen vhs>dvd  aud/ntsc 8-9\10

 Madness Hey watch this !! vol 1 Rockpalast 81 +Nottingham 80 pro/pal 8-9\10
 Madness 2003-12-09 - Kentish Town Forum, London, UK aud/ntsc 7\10 looks like a webcast
 Madness dec/31/85 Hammersmith Odeon pro/pal 8-9\10 complete broadcast 36mins
 Madness May/31/09 Pinkpop Fest Landgraaf, Netherlands menu 59 mins pro/pal 9\10
 Madness June/28/09 Glastonbury Festival UK 63 mins menu pro/pal 9\10 BBC4 broadcast
 Madness (The Dangermen) July/18/05  Camden Town London aud/pal 8\10 sa>sa ...master anyone ?
 Madness Dec/3/07 Astoria London  aud/pal 9\10
 Madness April//8/08 Royal Albert Hall London 67 mins aud/pal 8\10 Cuts in
 Madness  July/11/10 T in the Park Kinross Scotland  pc pro/pal 9\10

Men At Work Sep/18/97 Motropolitan Rio De Janero Brazil sa/pro/ntsc 8\10

Madball Oct/16/96  The Shelter Detroit  aud/ntsc  8-9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Madonna 6\5\06 Fresno Ca aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone

 Marillion 15/2/88 Sheffield City Hall menu 2 dvd aud/pal 8\10 great show
 Marillion "Weissenhalle East Berlin Germany June 18 1988" menu pro/ntsc 7-8\10 from silver pressed dvd
 Marillion sep/30/87 Bogarts Cincinatti menu aud/ntsc 7-8\10 pretty dark 1st

 Matchbox 20 5\13\03 Albany NY aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Matchbox 20 10\2403 MSG NYC menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Matchbox 20 oct/8/03 Hamilton,Canada menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone Lividz

 Maiden   March/26/11  Sau Paulo Brazil  pc/aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Cicero
 Maiden feb/24/2011 Sydney Entertainment Centre Australia  pc/aud/pal 8\10 Dr bootleg/starclassic
 Maiden July/12/10 MSG NYC  2 dvd  aud/ntsc 9\10 excellent screen shot
 Maiden July/18/10 Chicago IL  Far right  aud/ntsc 7\10
 Maiden July/30/2010     02 Arena Dublin  2dvd pc/aud/pal 8-9\10 HD Digicam
 Maiden July/11/10 PNC Banks Arts Centre Holmdel NJ  2dvd  pc/aud/ntsc 8\10 rcsguy
 Maiden Feb/22/09 Christchurch New Zealand menu aud/pal 8-9\10 DL
 Maiden 3/28/09 Buenos Aires Argentina Quilmes Rock Fest menu pro/pal 9\10 Leomet2000
 Maiden 3/14/09 Rio Brazil menu tripod no zoom aud/ntsc 8\10
 Maiden 3/12/09 Manus Brazil menu tripod no zoom aud/ntsc 8\10
 Maiden March/26/09 Lima Peru aud/ntsc 7-8\10 shakey V1
 Maiden March/26/09 Lima Peru aud/ntsc 8\10 V2 right
 Maiden Feb/10/09 Belgrade Serbia aud/pal 9\10
 Maiden March/9/08 Santiago Chile menu pro/ntsc 9\10
 Maiden feb/22/08 Nuevo Leon Monterrey Mexico pro/ntsc 8-9\10
 Maiden 2/28/08 Mexico City menu multicam aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Maiden Aug/8/08 Praugue Czech Republic   5cam mix  2dvd   pc/aud/pal 8\10 Norbhino
 Maiden 8\19\08 Moscow Russia 2dvd aud/pal 9\10
 Maiden 18-7-2008 HELSINKI, FINLAND 2dvd menus aud/pal 8-9\10 BMR
 Maiden 27.06.2008 Gods Of Metal, Italy 2dvd DAT-AUDIO. Filmed from center aud/pal 9\10 invaders/gab
 Maiden 27.06.2008 Gods Of Metal, Italy menu right shot aud/pal 9\10
 Maiden May/28/08 Sleeptrain pavillion Concord CA 2 dvd sa aud/ntsc 9\10
 Maiden 3/16/08 Toronto Canada menu 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8\10 Futureal Chris
 Maiden Mar/16/08 Toronto ON Canada 2 dvd menu 3 cam mix aud/ntsc 9\10
 Maiden 1/7/08 Bercy Paris menu aud/pal 9\10
 Maiden 6/15/08 MSG screen shot..excellent menu aud-pro/ntsc 9\10 ADL
 Maiden July/5/08 Twickenham London 2 dvd aud/pal 9\10 Bulldog
 Maiden June/20/08 Great woods Mansfield Ma aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Maiden 9\March/08 Santiago Chile menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 Maiden Mar/5/08 Porte Alegre Brazil menus 2 dvd pro/ntsc 10\10..nice upgrade Simon LTD/hm777
 Maiden Feb/19/08 The Forum LA menu 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 version 1
 Maiden Maiden 3/14/08 Meadowlands NJ 2cam + audio upgrade menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Maiden 3/14/08 Izod Centre East Rutherford NJ single cam audio upgrade menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Maiden 10/June/07 Download Fest Donington UK menus Tommyten aud/pal 8-9\10
 Maiden 10/June/07 Download Fest Donington UK menus 2 dvd aud/pal 8-9\10 Gig Addiction
 Maiden June/8/07 Ludwigshafen Germany 2dvd menus 2 minor cuts aud/pal 8/10 masterclone Norbhino
 Maiden 20/6/07 OLYMPIC STADIUM,ROME,ITALY (2DVD) (3 CAM MIX) aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Maiden 6\20\07 Rome (3ccd version) menu 2 dvd aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Maiden 6\6\07 Bazaly Stadion Ostrava Czech Republic menu aud/pal8-9\10 Masterclone
 Maiden 4\jun\07 Locomotiv Stadium Sofia Bulgaria aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Maiden 14\3\07 Belgrade Fair menu 2 dvd aud/pal 8\10 masterclone
 Maiden 11/3/07 Olympic Establishments Athens menus 16:9 2 dvd aud/pal 9\10 cronos/Fotiz
 Maiden 11/21/06 Valhall Oslo Norway 2dvd menu 8-9\10
 Maiden 10\17\06 Palace /Auburn Hills menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc master Series
 Maiden 8\12\06 Dortmund Germany 2 dvds menus aud/pal 9\10 Infinite Dreams Prod
 Maiden 9\Oct \06 Quebec Colisee,QC menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Ytsejim
 Maiden 14\12\06 M.E.N.Arena Manchester UK menu dat audio aud/pal 9\10 master clone Tommyten
 Maiden 15\12\06 SECC Glasgow Scotland menu 2dvd aud/pal 9\10 exellent
 Maiden 28/11/06 Bercy Paris distant aud/pal 8\10 masterclone
 Maiden 16\10\06 Air Canada Centre Toronto,Canada 2 dvd menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Futurealchris master clone
 Maiden 10\13\06 East Rutherford New Jersey menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 master clone
 Maiden 2/12/06 Datch Forum Milan 2 dvd menus 2 cam aud/pal 9\10Carlo
 Maiden 2/Dec 06 Datch Forum Milan 2 dvd menus aud/pal 9\10
 Maiden 2/Dec 06 Datch Forum Milan 3ccd camera version 1 dvd aud/pal 9\10
 Maiden 3/Dec/06 (2nd night) Milan 2dvd menus aud/pal 9\10 master clone exellent
 Maiden 23/11/06 Bergen Norway 2dvd aud/pal 8\10 masterclone No Anger \m/
 Maiden 10\18\06 Chicago IL menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone Hambone...nice
 Maiden October 12, 2006 Uniondale, NY - Nassau Coliseum aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Maiden 7\17\05 Hartford CT menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Rawson masterclone obs
 Maiden 11/jun/05 Bologne Italy 2 dvd menus aud/pal 9\10 Master clone
 Maiden 11/jun/05 Bologne Italy 2 dvd 5cam mix menus aud/pal 9\10 Master clone
 Maiden 2/9/05 Hammersmith Apollo , London aud/pal 9\10
 Maiden 28\5\05 Prauge Czech Republic 2 dvd sa aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Maiden Englewood,Co USA 9\8\05 ozzfest offdate show aud/ntsc 9\10
 Maiden Lisbon Portugal 16\6\05 2 dvd menus aud/pal 8\10
 Maiden Auburn ,Seattle 11/8/05 aud/ntsc 7\10
 Maiden may/31/05 Stadhalle Graz Austria aud/pal 9\10
 Maiden Paris 25\6\05 aud/pal 8\10
 Maiden Chorzaw,Poland 29\5\05 Aud /pal 7.5/10
 Maiden Zurich 06/12/05 aud/pal 9\10
 Maiden 8\20\05 San Bernardino Hyundai Pavillion(egg incident) aud/ntsc 8\10
 Maiden Rock AM Ring 05 6\4\05 pro pal 10\10
 Maiden 2005-06-21 Athens Greece Terra Vibe Version 3 : Left angle 91 mins aud/pal 8\10
 Maiden 2005-06-21 Athens Greece Terra Vibe menu 2 dvd aud/pal 8-9\10 (IDP Rocknix)
 Maiden ullevi Gothenburg 9\7\05 pro pal 10\10
 Maiden Osaka Japan 2/7/04 ntsc /aud 8\10
 Maiden NY 1/26/04 JG`s birthday aud ntsc 8\10
 Maiden 3/8/04 Saitama Arena Tokyo, Japan aud/ntsc 8\10 rozy
 Maiden Rock AM Ring 2003 pal pro 10\10
 Maiden 27\oct\03 Milano Forum (2 cam) aud/pal 9\10
 Maiden 27\oct\03 Milano Forum aud/pal 9\10
 Maiden 26\11\03 Hamburg Germany aud/pal 9\10
 Maiden 22/10/03 Prague Czech Republic 2 dvds sa aud/pal 8\10 masterclone
 Maiden 8\30\03 Sleep train Ampitheatre Marysville,Ca Aug/30/03 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Maiden 8\28\03 Shoreline Ampitheatre Mountain View Ca menu 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master series
 Maiden 7\23\03 Tweeter centre Camdnen ,NJ menus pro/ ntsc 8\10
 Maiden 30\10\03 Hallendtadion ,Zurich-Switzerland menus aud/pal 8\10 LGP
 Maiden 2003-07-30 Madison Square Garden NYC,NY 2 cam aud/ntsc 9\10 nice !
 Maiden+ Gamma Ray firenze Italy10\28\03
 Maiden 7\21\03 Worcester aud/ntsc9\10 1st
 Maiden - 85-03-15 Los Angeles Live After Death (LD)(2DVD)(PC) pro/ntsc 9\10 Hambone
 Maiden Jan/15/01 Estadio Santiago Chile pro/ntsc 9\10 1st gen
 Maiden 13 /Jan/2001 Velez Sarsfield Stadium Buenos Aries 2dvd menus 8\10 hambone/Phantom
 Maiden 2001-01-19 Rio Digital TV rip in XP mode 60mins TV edit pro/pal 10\10
 Maiden Red rocks Denver 30\8\00 menus vhs2-PC aud/ntsc 8\10 Phantom Creation
 Maiden Portland 9\8\2000 2dvd menus 2 cam ntsc /pro 9\10 1st Phantom
 Maiden 8\15\00 Detroit aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Maiden June\10\2000 Monza 2 dvd aud/pal 9\10 master clone
 Maiden 8\27\00 Roy Wilkins Auditorium St Paul Mn menu 2cam 2 dvd aud /ntsc 8\10 Phantom
 Maiden 5/8/00 New York 2dvd menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Phantom
 Maiden 3/6/00 DYNAMO OPEN AIR FESTIVAL,EINDHOVEN,HOLLAND menu pro/ntsc 8-9\10 Phantom
 Maiden 5/8/00 New York 2dvd menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Maiden 8\23\00 Cleveland OH 2dvd menus aud/ntsc 8/10 Phantom 1st
 Maiden 6\11\00 Grughalle Essen Germany menu aud/pal 8-9\10
 Maiden 9\15\00 Centenial Garden ,Bakersfield 2 dvds aud/ntsc 9\10
 Maiden Aug/11/00 Starlake Ampitheatre Pittsburgh PA menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Classic series
 Maiden 8\2\00 Montreal Canada 2dvd menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Phantom vhs1
 Maiden montreal+quebec 7\13\99+7\14\99 aud ntsc 7\10
 Maiden 7\20\99 Massey Hall Toronto 2 dvds menus aud/ntsc 9\10 1st Phantom
 Maiden 23/7/99 Milwaukee aud/ntsc 8\10
 Maiden 9\23\99 Milan 2 cam mix menus aud/ ntsc 7-8\10 1st Phantom
 Maiden Brixton London 16\5\98 pro pal 7\10
 Maiden Curitiba , Brazil 12/06/98 --- PRO ntsc 7\10
 Maiden 6\28\98 hamilton Ontario Canada aud/ntsc 9\10
 Maiden 11/18/98 Tokyo menu 2 dvd aud /ntsc 8\10 vhs1 > dvd Phantom
 Maiden 4/7/98 Montreal intro missing aud/ntsc 9\10 Out Of The Sewer
 Maiden 4/7/98 Montreal 2 cam menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Maiden 2/12/98 Rio de Janero (Blaze) aud/ntsc 9\10 from vhs master
 Maiden 1996/08/29 Santiago, Chile (master from the TV Channel ) menu pro/ntsc 9\10 2dvd chilean bootlegs upgrade
 Maiden Feb 28, 1996 Ft Wayne, , menus 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Phantom Creation
 Maiden 2/9/96 Verdun Auditorium Quebec 2 dvd menus 9\10 master clone
 Maiden 2/8/96 Quebec City menus 2cam 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8\10
 Maiden 2/11/95 Copenhagen Denmark menus incomplete aud/pal 9\10 Invaders
 Maiden 11/4/93 Berlin menu 2dvd aud/pal 8-9\10 No Anger 2nd gen
 Maiden/Sabbath 92 Monsters of rock fest pro ntsc 8\10
 Maiden Rio Brazil 92 menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Maiden 1992.11.02 Osaka 1st gen menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Maiden 10\2\92 Mexico City 2 dvd menu pro/ntsc 8\10 1st
 Maiden 8/29/92 Globen Arena Stockholm  2dvd  Hi8>sa> dvd  aud /pal 8-9\10 Havrefras
 Maiden - Donington 22/8/92 (LD)(2DVD)(PC) pro/ntsc 9\10 Hambone
 Maiden Donington 22/8/92 2DVD AUD/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Maiden Donington 22/8/92 2DVD sbd audio menus AUD/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Maiden 9\Dec\ 92 Reggio Emilia MTV pro/ntsc 8\10
 Maiden 3/3/91 St Louis MO menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Classics Series
 Maiden 10\2\92 Palacio Des Los Depotes Mexico City"Hell Aint a Bad Place " pro/ntsc 8\10 PC
 Maiden 1990-11-10 Stockholm Sweden Isstadion Version 5 2 dvd aud/pal 9\10 From Hi8 master
 Maiden 21/12/1990 Dortmund aud/Pal 8\10 1st gen
 Maiden 12\12\90 Wurzburg Germany menu 2dvd aud/pal 8\10 invaders vhs2>dvd
 Maiden 29.01.1991 Spectrum, Philadelphia, USA menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Maiden 1/26/91 New Haven CT USA menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Hambone...nice
 Maiden 1/12/91 Albany NY aud/ntsc 8\10 very low
 Maiden 7\29\91 Roskilde Fest Denmark menus 2 Dvd aud/pal 8\10 vhs1 obstructions
 Maiden Dec/3/90 Sedlemayer Halle Munich Germany pc/aud/pal 8\10
 Maiden 3\11\90 Leiden Holland menus aud/Pal 8-9\10 LGP
 Maiden 5\10\90 Hull City Hall UK aud/pal 8\10 From video8 master heads/hands from crowd ...i was there ;) Thanks Simon!!!
 Maiden 5 AUG 1988 “Miami 88”, Sportatorium, Hollywood, FL, USA aud/ntsc 7\10
 Maiden 15/07/1988, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, USA, aud/ntsc 8\10 nice but incomplete-need upgrade
 Maiden July/6/88 Civic Centre Poughkeepsie NY menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Classic series
 Maiden 1988-07-06 Poughkeepsie, Mid-Hudson Civic Center, New York, US menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Boxo O Beast
 Maiden 01/10/1988 Gothenburg - by 7 Deadly Sins menus aud/pal 7-8\10
 Maiden 7\16\88 RPI Feildhouse Troy, NY 2dvd menus aud/ntsc 8\10 1st gen Damageinc Classic Series
 Maiden 5/8/88 Lamours Brooklyn NY V2 2008 upgrade better audio menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Maiden 27\8\88 Schweinfurt Mainweisen menus aud/pal 7\10
 Maiden 5\10\88 Drammen Norway menu (some cuts) aud/pal 8\10invaders
 Maiden - Maiden England 88 (Birmingham Nec) (LD)(PC)(2DVD) pro/ntsc 10/10 Phantom Creation
 Maiden 1988-09-22 Barcelona, Plaza del Toros, Spain Version 2 : From 1st gen 2dvd. aud/pal 8\10
 Maiden Philly 87+ Rainbow(dianno) pro 7\10
 Maiden nov/1/87 RPI Feildhouse Troy, NY 2dvd menus aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Maiden 16\0ct/86 Sheffield England menus aud/pal 8\10 DMM 1st gen
 Maiden 15\Nov\86 Sweden "Sea of Madness " menus+ includes 2 wasp tracks aud/pal 8\10 2 dvd
 Maiden RIR 85 pro/ntsc 8\10
 Maiden/dianno/dickinson/clips 90 mins pro ntsc 8\10
 Maiden "From the Club to the World" factory pressed beat club bremen 29\4\81-Dynamo June\13\00-Rome may\1\93

 Marilyn Manson Nov/27/09 Palasharp Milan sa  aud/pal 9/10
 Marilyn Manson July \29, 2009@Toyota Pavillion   Scranton, PA   HD Sourced/ incomplete menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77
 Marilyn Manson  July \10\09 Sleeptrain Ampitheatre   Marysville CA     sa  aud/ntsc 9\10
 Marilyn Manson 1/29/08 Hammerstien Ballroom NY aud/ntsc 9\10 NYBC
 Marilyn Manson - Nürburgring, Germany, Rock Am Ring 06/05/2005 pal/aud 9\10
 Marylin Manson 19\12\03 Stockholm Sweden aud/pal 9\10
 Marylin Manson 11/21/04 Philladelphia menu aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Marylin Manson 5/15/95 Dallas + Donahue US chat show pro/aud ntsc 8-9\10
 Marilyn Manson 7\23\01 Metropolis Montreal sa aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st
 Marilyn Manson 8\8\ 07 Montreal QC menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Out of the Sewer

 Motley Crue Aug/19/10 Bugettstown PA       pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive
 Motley Crue 9\17\06 Jones Beach wantagh NY 8-9\10 master clone
 Motley Crue 3\11\06 Richmond Va aud/ntsc 8-9\10 master clone sa
 Motley Crue Cleveland 2/22/05 multi cam aud ntsc 9\10
 Motley Crue 11/10/98 grand rapids MI close aud / ntsc 9\10
 Motley Crue 10\23\98 State Theatre Detroit Mi 2 DVD aud/ntsc 9\10

 Mother Love Bone Documentary 92 +Kent Uni, Seattle 8\11\88 pro/aud/ntsc 8\10

 Morbid Angel feb/27/01 Toledo Sports Arena  OH pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Morbid Angel 5\8\99 Harpo`s Detroit MI menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Morbid Angel 23/2/04 Paris France menus aud/pal 8\10

 MONSTERS OF ROCK 1991 (MOSCOW) Metallica,Pantera, AC/DC Black Crowes etc SBD PRO/Ntsc 8\10 vcd sourced (need upgrade)

 Merauder Apr/16/09 Le medley Montreal Canada menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77

 Mercyfull Fate April/5/84 KopenHamn Denmark aud/pal 8\10 1st gen vhs
 Mercyful Fate Mar/4/97 Diesel Halmstad Sweden aud/pal 8-9\10 1st Havrefras
 Mercyful Fate 5\28\93 Gentofte Stadium Copenhagen Denmark 2 cam 12 mins only aud/pal 8\10 VHSM>dvd
 Mercyful Fate 1995/01/20 USA Newark, NJ Studio 1 93 AUD MASTER HI8>NTSC 9\10
 Mercyful FateDVD27 Oct 1996MontrealCANSpectrumincl. Brazil 96 (40 min), Lansing (15 min) aud pal 5\10
 Mercyful Fate / King DiamondDVD03 Apr 1997HalmstadSWE Diezel MF and KD complete Aud MF 6/10 KD 5/10
 Mercyfull Fate Minneapolis ,MN 25\7\98 2 dvd aud ntsc 8\10
 Mercyful Fate 10\9\99 Philadelphia aud/ntsc 8\10
 Mercyful Fate /King Diamond Monsters of Rock, SaoPaulo, Brazil 8/24/96 pro/ntsc 9\10
 Mercyful Fate Milan 99 aud/pal 7\10
 Mercyfull fate 10\4\99 Montreal Qc aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Mercyful Fate 1999/08/15 Santiago, Chile (Teatro Providencia ) aud/ntsc 7\10
 Mercyful Fate Florida 92 aud/ntsc 8\10 close
 Metal Apocolypse Series 1 TV pro/ntsc

 Mastodon 04-05-2005 Slim's, San Francisco, CA 1 DVDR 3 CAM 69 min aud/ntsc 9\10 good close
 Mastadon UK/Greece tour 2005 " In the belly of the Whale" pc/aud/ntsc 9\10
 Mastodon 6\12\05 Rock City Nottingham UK menus pro?/ ntsc 9\10
 Mastodon 9\12\05 Athens menus pro/ntsc 9\10
 Mastadon 8\19\05 Las Vegas aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Mastadon mar/29/05 The Clubhouse Tempe AZ  2cam pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 yahooserious
 Mastadon 28\9\06 Marquee Theatre Tempe AZ 9\28\06 multi cam menu aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Mastadon 10/6\07 Download fest Donington UK menu 35 mins aud/pal 8\10 masterclone Miky
 Mastadon 8\2\08 Post Gazette Pavillion Burgettstown menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Digitallive
 Mastadon 2/28/09 The Masquerade SCion Fest Atlanta menu 3cam aud/ntsc 9\10 permission shot
 Mastodon June/22/09 Mediolanum Forum Milan Italy menu aud/pal 9\10 Invaders

 Machine Head Feb/18/10 Brixton Academy London HD Digicam >dvd  pc/aud/ntsc 8\10  Nass
 Machine Head feb/5/10 Brussels   HD rips from youtube...best circulating and pretty good aud/pal 8\10
 Machine Head may/9/09 Stuttgart Germany pc/aud/pal 8\10 Santos/Leppermessiah
 Machine Head May/6/09 Munich Oylimpiahalle (incomplete 24 mins) aud/pal 8-9\10 Norbinho
                                               Includes 11/24/08 Dusseldof 2songs pro shot
 Machine Head may/16/09 Oberhausen Germany menu aud/pal  HD sourced Franticfreak
 Machine Head May/11/09 Frankfurt Germany menu aud/pal 9\10
 Machine Head April/1/09 Paris France menu aud/pal 9\10 Babou
 Machine Head Feb/28/09 Hallam FM Arena Sheffield UK menu aud/pal 9\10 Gnrosas dvd 5 version
 Machine Head July/4/08 Roitzjora With full Force fest Germany menu aud/pal 9\10 RATMboots
 Machine Head 2/19/08 Val Air  Ballroom  Des Moines IA  menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 Schotime5/Damageinc Master
 Machine Head  11-22-2008 Paris, France  menu aud/pal 8\10 Nass
 Machine Head 8\2\08 Post Gazette Pavillion Burgettstown PA menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Digitallive Master Series
 Machine Head 11/28/08 Dusseldorf Germany menu incomplete 28 mins aud/pal 9\10
 Machine Head 4/7/08 Roitzschjora Germany menu aud/pal 8-9\10
 Machine Head June/5/08 Rock In Rio Lisbon Portugal menu aud/pal 8\10
 Machine Head 2007-07-05 - Hodokvas Festival, Piestany, Slovakia (right cam) aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Machine Head 5/July/07 Piestany Slovakia menu shot from pit/and side some arms etc....nice though aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Machine Head 9\28\07 Opera House Toronto Canada menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Futureal Chris
 Machine Head 1/dec/07 Cologne Germany 2 dvds menu aud/pal digi camera sourced cruefreak
 Machine Head 6\20\07 Stadio Olympico Rome menu aud/pal 9\10
 Machine Head 1/6/07 Zurich Switzerland incomplete (55 mins) menu aud/pal 9\10 Norbinho masterclone
 Machine Head 1/4/07 Ft Lauderdale aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 Machine Head 9/July/07 Download Fest Donington UK (some screen/hands) aud/pal 8\10 masterclone(Chris)
 Machine Head Rock AM Ring 07 Full set pro/pal 9\10
 Machine Head 3/13/07 Hawkeye Downs Cedar Rapids menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 Machine Head 10\02\01 Harpo`s Detroit menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Machine Head 1/Dec/01 Luxembourg aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Machine Head 8\19\00 Harpo`s Detroit aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 MACHINE HEAD-8/29/94 San Francisco, CA. aud/ntsc 8\10 2nd Gen
 MACHINE HEAD-10/22/94 Petaluma, CA aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st gen
 MACHINE HEAD- 9/15/94 Montreal, QC Canada menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Master Clone Out of the Sewer
 MACHINE HEAD 9\24\94 Newark NJ aud/ntsc 8-9\10 RCSguy
 MACHINE HEAD- 2/22/95 Verdun, QC menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Master Clone out of the sewer
 MACHINE HEAD-9/23/99 Montreal, Canada aud.ntsc 8-9\10 1st
 MACHINE HEAD-9/15/99 Hartford, Ct. aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone
 MACHINE HEAD-9/18/99 Ashbury Park, Nj. aud/ntsc 8\10 copy from filmer
 Machine Head (Ten Ton Hammer) 7\3\02 Highbury Garage London aud/ntsc 8\10
 Machine Head 18/10/2004 Hard Club, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal aud/pal 8\10
 Machine Head 18.06.2005 Fields of Rock, Nijmegen, Netherlands aud/pal 9\10
 Machine Head Paris -France 04 aud/pal 8\10
 Machine Head Rock Am Ring 4\6\04 menus pro/pal 9\10
 Machine Head 2003-11-27 - Astoria London aud/ Pal 9\10 but low volume
 Machine Head 26/08/1995 Donington, England 7\10 incomplete ? 40 mins
 Machine Head 10-03-1997 Houston, TX menus aud/ntsc 8\10
 Machine Head 10\16\97 Axxis Boston MA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Machine Head 8\8\04 Theatre of Living Arts Philly aud/ntsc 9\10 10 year anniversary, Burn My Eyes complete {Brett's Master}
 Machine Head 2004-04-28 - Philadelphia, PA, USA aud/ntsc 9\10
 Machine Head 2004-11-23 -Brixton Academy   London, England  PC  aud/pal 8-9/10 masterclone ?
 Manowar - 7/4/07- Luzhniki, Moscow aud/pal 8-9\10

 Metallica July/3/2011 @ Ullevi stadium Gothenburg  pc/pro/pal 910 DL
 Metallica Apr/14/10 Telenor Arena Baernum Norway  pc/aud/pal 9\10 Metallican/Inghausnorwegan
 Metallica sep/18/10 Acer Arena Sydney Australia 3dvd   sa/aud/pal 8-9\10 SS666
 Metallica  1/21/10 Estadio River Plate  Buenos Aries   49.37m  pro/ntsc 8\10 Version 1
 Metallica may/12/10  Odyssey Arena Belfast Northern Ireland  menu 2dvd aud/pal 9\10 HD Digicam>dvd..nice
 Metallica 5\14\10 Budapest   aud/pal 8\10 Dudika
 Metallica Dec/12/09 San Jose CA  3dvd sa  aud/ntsc 9\10 White Wing Music
 Metallica November 12, 2009 Albany, NY   3dvd  HD>dvd sbd audio aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77
 Metallica Nov/14/09  MSG   NY  menus  2dvd  aud/ntsc 9\10 NYCBC
 Metallica Nov/15/09  MSG   NY  menus  2dvd  aud/ntsc 9\10 NYCBC
 Metallica 7\7\09  Nimes France  menu   aud/pal 9\10 EAD666  DL
 Metallica 7/7/09 Nimes France   menus 3dvd  aud/pal 9\10 Chmetal
 Metallica  May/9\09 Stuttgart Germany 2cam  2 dvds  menus  aud/pal 8-9\10Het2006/metalifreak
 Metallica  May/9/09 Stuttgart Germany menu  2 dvd      aud/pal 8-9\10 Het2006
 Metallica Apr/1/09 Paris France 3DVD menu aud/pal 9\10 Chemetal
 Metallica July/5/07 Rotundaplatz Vienna menu 2dvd aud/pal9\10
 Metallica June/3/09 A+E Biography menu pro/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive
 Metallica  may/11/09  Frankfurt  2 dvd  menu  aud/pal 9\10 Stoeff
 Metallica 1/29/09 Nassau Coliseum Uniondale NY 2dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10..excellent
 Metallica feb/26/09 M.E.N. Arena Manchester 3 dvd menus aud/pal 9\10 3 cam Dreamweaver
 Metallica 2/25/09 Nottingham UK aud/pal 8\10 livemet
 Metallica Feb/1/09 Prudential Centre Newark NJ 2dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77
 Metallica 1/27\09 Alstate Arena Chicago 2dvds some cuts aud/ntsc 9\10
 Metallica 3/25/09 LG Arena Birmingham UK 2 dvd menu aud/pal 9\10 Simon LDT
 Metallica March/2/09 O2 Arena London menu aud/pal 9\10
 Metallica 8\22\08 Leeds festival UK 3cam Dual layer menu aud/pal 9\10 Dreamweaver/Tommyten
 Metallica 12/13/08 Fresno CA 3 dvd aud /ntsc 9\10 White Wing Production
 Metallica sep/12/08 Berlin 2dvd menu aud/pal 9\10 RATM Boots
 Metallica 9\15\08 02 Arena London menu + audio choice 2 dvd aud/pal 9\10 Bulldog/Dreamweaver
 Metallica 16/July/08 Koengen Bergen Norway 2 dvd live met aud/pal 8-9\10 Invaders/Sepu
 Metallica 5\30\08 Pinkpop Landgraff Holland menu + bonus footage pro/pal 9\10
 Metallica 5\6\08 Rock in Rio Lisboa 2 dvd menu pro/pal 9\10
 Metallica - 2008-06-07 Rock am Ring (2 DVD) menu pro/pal 9\10 Norbhino
 Metallica Culture Show BBC TV Transmitted:05/08/2008 30mins panasonic DVDR>XP mode pal
 Metallica 19\sept/08 BBC2 Jules Holland 2 tracks(within hour long program)panasonic dvdr>xp mode pal
 Metallica June/13/08 Bonneroo Fest Manchester TN USA menu pro/ntsc 7-8\10 webcast
 Metallica 10/21/08 Glendale AZ USA 2 dvds menu aud/ntsc 9\10 NYBC with livemet...awsome
 Metallica 7\18\08 St petersburg Russia version2 2 dvd aud/pal 8\10
 Metallica 3/July/07 Athens Greece Rockwave fest 15 cam 2 dvds aud/pal 9\10
 Metallica 5/July/07 Vienna Austria menu 3 dvd aud/pal PhillipK version master
 Metallica July/5/07 Rotundenplatz Vienna 3 dvd multicam menu aud/pal 9\10 KTULU
 Metallica 7\18\07 Moscow Russia 2dvd menu aud/pal 9\10 invaders
 Metallica 8\7\07 Wembley London menu 2dvd aud/pal 9\10 Dreamweaver
 Metallica 8\7\07 Wembley London menu 2dvd aud/pal 9\10 13 cam mix ...nice
 Metallica 18\3\06 Supersport Park Centurian South Africa menus aud/pal 2 dvd 8\10
 Metallica 2006.08.12 Chiba Marine Stadium, Tokyo, Japan pro/ntsc 9\10 25 mins
 Metallica 6\17\06 Imola Italy 2 dvd menus aud/pal 9\10 master clone
 Metallica 6/6/06 Berlin Germany menu 2dvd aud/pal 9\10 exellent
 Metallica 8\15\06 Seoul -South Korea Olympic Stadium pro/Ntsc 16:9 10\10
 Metallica 8\june\06 Arnhem Holland 2 dvd menus pro/ntsc 8\10 screenshot
 Metallica 8\june\06 Arnhem Holland 2 dvd menus pro/ntsc 8-9\10 3cam mix
 Metallica Rock Am Ring 3\6\06 2 dvd Menus pro/pal 9\10 Metalzone Production
 Metallica Rock Am Ring 3\6\06 DL Menus pro/pal 9\10
 Metallica 21/4/86 Nassau Collesiun Uniondale NY menus aud/ntsc 8\10 1st gen Damageinc classic series (new version)
 Metallica 8\April\93 Perth Australia 2 dvd aud/pal 9\10 master clone
 Metallica 8\3\97 Philladelphia 3cam menu /audio pick aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Metallifreak 27
 Metallica 1997.mar.08 Corestates Arena Philly, PA menu 3dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Sabkisscrue/Damage Inc.Classic
 Metallica 4/2/97 St Lois 2cam 2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 metallifreak 27
 Metallica Nov/11/97 Core States Centre Parking Lot Philly PA pc/aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Master Series DL
 Metallica Feb/19/97 Rosemont Horizon Chicago 2 cam 2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 8/10 metallifreak 27
 Metallica April/4/97 Civic Centre Arena Hartford CT multicam menus 3 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Metallica 4\1\97 East Rutherford NJ menu multicam 3 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Metallica 2/28/97 Nassau Coliseum NY 3dvds multicam menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Sabkisscrue/Damageinc Master Series
 Metallica 1/3/97 Worcester menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Dreamweaver
 Metallica 4\5\97 Civic Centre Providence RI 2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Metallica 7\7\96 Hippodrome Quebec City 2 cam 2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 metallifreak 27
 Metallica Dec/19/96 Selland Arena Fresno 3 dvd menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Metallica Dec/19/96 Selland arena Fresno CA  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10  3dvds   Damageinc Master Series
 Metallica 16/Nov/96 Globen Stockholm Sweden 2dvd menu aud/pal 8-9\10 Master
 Metallica June/4/96 Tower records parking lot San Jose Sacramento (Truckload Show) menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Sabkisscrue/Damage Inc. Classic Series
 Metallica 15/Nov/96 Globen Stockholm Sweden 2dvd menu aud/pal 8-9\10 Master
 Metallica 5/Feb/97 Mark of the Quad Cities Moline Il 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Metallifreak27 Master/Dat Audio
 Metallica 4/4/97 Civic Centre Arena Hartford CT 2dvds menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Sabkisscrue/Damage Inc. Classic Series
 Metallica -Helsinki92 2 dvd menu aud/ pal 8\10
 Metallica April 10 /92 Hampton VA menus aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classic series
 Metallica 10/Nov / 92 Paris 2 cam mix 2dvd menu aud/ntsc 7-8\10 metallifreak 27
 Metallica nov/1/92 Sheffield Arena UK menu 3 dvd aud/ pal 8\10 Damageinc Master series
 Metallica nov/4/92 NEC Arena Birmingham UK menu (some screen) aud/ pal 8\10 Damageinc classic series
 Metallica nov/5/92 NEC Arena Birmingham UK menu (some screen) aud/ pal 8\10 Damageinc Master series
 Metallica March/14/92 Miami Arena Florida 4 dvds menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic series
 Metallica Nurnberg Germany 6/8/03 pro 9/10
 Metallica Uniondale NY 21/4/04 2 dvd aud ntsc 9\10
 Metallica Lexington 9\8\00 2cam 2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 8\10 metallifreak 27
 Metallica 7\4\00 Baltimore MD 3 dvd menus pro/ntsc 9\10 Sabkisscrue/Damage Inc.Classic
 Metallica 8\7\00 Sparta KY menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone
 Metallica Pitsburgh 22/9/04 aud ntsc 8\10
 Metallica 6\19\99 Irvine Ca menus pro/ntsc 8/10
 Metallica 27\5\99 Seattle Washington screen shot menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8\10 1st
 Metallica Moscow 28/9/91 menus pro/pal 7\10
 Metallica 15\may\92 Bison Sports Arena ,Fargo North Dakota menu 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8\10 Hambone
 Metallica 12/4/92 Binghampton NY 2dvd menus aud/ntsc 8\10 Hambone
 Metallica 12/4/92 Binghampton NY 4dvd menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Sabkisscrue/ Damageinc Classic Series
 Metallica 12/23/91 The centrum Worcester,Ma menus 4 dvd 8-9\10 Damaginc Classic Series
 Metallica 3\15\92 Veterans Memorial Collesium Jacksonville Fl 3DVD aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc classic series
 Metallica 3/4/92 Carbondale 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8\10
 Metallica 4/16/92 Civic Centre arena Hartford CT 4 dvds menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic series
 Metallica 5\28\92 Seattle,WA 3 dvds menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Metallica Jan/7/92  Great Western Forum Inglewood CA  3dvd  menus  aud/ntsc 8\10  Sabkisscrue/Damage Inc.Classic Series
 Metallica 3\22\93 Castle Hall Osaka Japan 3dvd menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Hambone
 Metallica 4\July\ 93 Rock Werchter Belgium 2 cam 2 dvd menu aud/pal 8\10 metallifreak 27
 Metallica 2/21/93 Tallahassee Florida 3dvds menus aud/ntsc 8\10 Damaginc classic series
 Metallica 23/Aug/95 Astoria London menu 2 dvd aud/pal 8\10
 Metallica 6/5/94 Syracuse NY 3 dvd menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic series
 Metallica 8\17\94 Starwood Ampitheatre Nashville TN menus 2 dvd 8\10 Hambone
 Metallica June/15/94  WGS Mechanisburg PA pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 3dvds   Damageinc Master Series
 Metallica 6\7\94  Allentown Fairgrounds PA 2cam/sbd 2 dvd menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Sabkisscrue/Dreamweaver/Damage Inc. Classic Series
 Metallica June/7/94  Allentown Fairgrounds  PA  V1  audio upgrade  2dvd pc/aud/ ntsc 9\10 Sabkisscrue/Damageinc master series
 Metallica  June/7/94  Allentown Fairgrounds  PA  V2  audio upgrade  2dvd pc/aud/ ntsc 9\10 Sabkisscrue/Damageinc  master series
 Metallica 11/24/98 Roseland Ballroom NY(cover songs) 2 dvd menu pro/ntsc 8-9\10 Hambone
 Metallica 11/24/98 Roseland Ballroom NY(cover songs) 2 dvd menu pro/ntsc 9\10 Sabkisscrue/Damage Inc.Classic
 Metallica 6\12\99 Rotterdam Holland Feyenoord Stadium 2 dvd aud/pal 8\10
 Metallica Rock in Rio 04 menus pro pal 9\10
 Metallica Shalke 6/10/04 menus aud pal 8\10
 Metallica Padova 29\6\04 menus aud pal 8\10 2 disc
 Metallica Garage98 mtv ntsc pro 9\10
 Metallica 6\11\04 Florida Ft Lauderdale 2dvd ntsc/pro 9\10
 Metallica 9\aug\03 Los Angeles 2 dvd menus aud/ntsc 9\10
 Metallica 20/12/03 Earls Court London aud/pal 8-9\10
 Metallica Dec/5/03 Preussaug arena ,Hannover Germany 3 dvd aud/pal 9\10
 Metallica July /1/94 Summerfest Marcus Ampitheatre Milwaukee 2dvd aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Hambone
 Metallica 8\17\94 Starwood Ampitheatre Nashville TN 2 dvd menus aud/ntsc 8\10 Hambone
 Metallica July/4/92 Cayuga County Fairgrounds Weedsport NY menus 2 dvd 8\10 Hambone
 Metallica 1/6/92 Inglewood, CA 2ndGen 3DVD menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Sabkisscrue/Damage Inc.Classic
 Metallica 11/18/91 Ottowa Civic Centre Canada 3 dvds menus aud/ntsc 8\10 Damaginc Classic Series
 Metallica 3/12/89 The Spectrum Philadelphia 2 dvds menus aud/ntsc 8\10 Hambone
 Metallica 7/14/89 Orange County Fairgrounds Middletown NY menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Silver Stallion
 Metallica 7\29\89 Allentown PA 2dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Sabkisscrue/Damage Inc. Classic Series
 Metallica March/4/89 Civic Arena Pittsburgh PA 2dvd menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Sabkisscrue/Damage Inc. Classic Series
 Metallica 3/15/89 RPI Feildhouse Troy NY 2 dvd sa xp menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st
 Metallica March/13/89 Memorial Auditorium Buffalo NY 2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 8\10 1st Video Pete
 Metallica 2/14/89 Ft Myers Florida 2dvd menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Metallica 8\24\97 Reading Festival UK menu aud/pal 8-9\10 Scoutthedoggie Hi8 master\m/
 Metallica 03.25 1997 Marine Midland Arena Buffalo NY aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st Out of The Sewer
 Metallica 3\25\97 Buffalo NY 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 1st Out of The Sewer
 Metallica 1992.04.20 Wembley Stadium, London, Freddy Mercury Benefit +23/1/04 BDO Australia pro/pal 8\10
 Metallica 11/9/91 Duluth Mn 3 dvd menus aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Metallica Oct/29/91 Peoria Civic Centre Peoria IL"Less than StellarVersion" menus 3 dvd aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Metallica 11/1/91 Muskegon Mi 3 dvds menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Sabkisscrue/Damageinc.Classic

 Metalway Fest 28-30July 06 Jerez De La Fronterra Spain Various Megadeth, Testament,Kreator etc aud/pal 9\10
 Megadeth  July/3/2011 @ Ullevi stadium Gothenburg  pc/pro/pal 910
 Megadeth Oct/8/10 Nassau Coliseum NY  aud/ntsc 8-9\10  NYCBC
 Megadeth Apr/24/10 Sao Paulo Brazil pc/aud/ntsc 8\10 multicam (mainly digicams)
 Megadeth Oct/5/10 Hampton Coliseum pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 SRC  DL
 Megadeth aug/11/2010 Glen Falls NY  HD > dvd  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10Hellawaits77
 Megadeth Oct/3/2010  Miami FL  HD>DLdvd  aud/ntsc 9\10 Sfcrackpipe Master
 Megadeth Aug/12/2010  Izod Centre NJ pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 RCSguy
 Megadeth Aug/12/10 Izod Centre East Rutherford  NJ    pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 NYCBC
 Megadeth may/2/10 Explanda Estadio Monumental Dual Layer  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 JCfuel
 Megadeth May/30/2010  Rock In Rio Lisbon Portugal menu pro/pal 9\10
 Megadeth Apr/30/10 Santiago Chile   4cam pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Chilean Bootlegs
 Megadeth 4/30/10 Santiago Chile V1 centre sa aud/ntsc 9\10
 Megadeth 4/30/10 Santiago Chile v2 slight right of centre /audio little blown aud/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth Mar/12/10 Greensburgh"Rust in Pittsburgh",PA  menu  2 dvd aud/ntsc 9/10 Digitallive Master
 Megadeth Mar/21/10 The Tabernacle Atlanta GA    menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 Geordy DL
 Megadeth 11/25/09 Ft Lauderdale   sa  2dvd  aud/ntsc 9\10 Sfcrackpipe
 Megadeth  oct/8/09  Horden Pavillion   Melbourne.Australia  menu  aud/pal 8-9\10 Bobmetallicafreak
 Megadeth  Oct/7/09  Botanical Gardens Brisbane  Australia  menu some obs  aud/pal 8\10 Skarhead666
 Megadeth Mar/19/09  Barcelona Spain  aud/pal 9\10 some cuts
 Megadeth Mar/21/09 Paris France aud/pal 9\10 Chmetal
 Megadeth March/4/09 Malmo Sweden aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Megadeth  Mar/13/09 San Sebastian Spain    aud/pal 9\10 Megahead
 Megadeth March \7\09 Offenbach Germany Priest feast menu aud/pal 9\10 clone
 Megadeth Feb/21/ 09 Wembley London UK aud/pal 9\10 Bulldog
 Megadeth 11/6/08 LIma Peru obstructions/incomplete 74mins aud/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 6\21\08 Santa Lucia Arena Monterrey Mexico pc aud/pal 8\10 ADL Production
 Megadeth 6/18-19-21/08 Tour of Mexico shot over 3 venues 14 tracks...menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Megadeth 04/23/08 Hammerstein Ballroom - NY menu aud/ntsc 9\10 2cam ADL ..nicely authored
 Megadeth 5/31/08 Santiago Chile 2 dvd menus aud/ntsc 9\10
 Megadeth April/20/08 Masquarade Music park Atlanta menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Megadeth March/4/08 Alcatrazz Milan menu aud/pal 8\10 master..but very obstructed
 Megadeth Feb/4/08 Icehall Helsinki Finland 2 dvd menus from HDV Masters aud/pal 9\10 BMR
 Megadeth 24-6-2007CLISSON, FRANCE AUD/PAL 8-9\10 masterclone
 Megadeth Oct/3/07 Ft Lauderdale FL (cuts in) aud/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 6\19\07 Markthalle Hamburg menu aud/pal 9\10 Infinite Dreams
 Megadeth 2-6-2007 SCHWUNG, BELGIUM AUD/PAL 8\10 lot of screens
 Megadeth 3/26/07 Musique plus tv show 4 songs+interviews menu pro/ntsc 9\10 vhsM Alexanderdelarge
 Megadeth 16\6\07 Astoria London digital camera shot 6 tracks also Music+ 3\26\07(webcast) tracks+interview (TV) pro/aud ntsc 7\10
 Megadeth 5\12\07 Cobo Arena Detroit Mi menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc/Heavy Metal AL
 Megadeth 9\22\07 Columbus (web cast) pro/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 22/6/07 Monsters of Rock fest Zaragoza, Spain menu aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Megadeth 5/18/07 Merriweather Post Pavillion Columbia MD menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Maidencolorado/Damageinc Master Series
 Megadeth 4\25\07 Inglewood CA sa aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Megadeth 4\24\07 HP Pavillion San Jose,CA sa aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Megadeth 8\Jun\07 Download Fest Donington UK menu aud/pal 9\10 GiG Addiction ...great
 Megadeth 8\Jun\07 Download Fest Donington UK menu 2 cam aud/pal 9\10 Tommyten
 Megadeth 11/March/07 Vancouver ,Canada menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 Megadeth 5/17/07 Tsongas arena Lowell Ma aud /ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone incomplete
 Megadeth 3\26\07 Bell Centre Montreal aud /ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Megadeth nov/16/07 Sydney Australia aud/pal 6-7\10 digicam
 Megadeth 10/07/06 Sunrise FLorida aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone
 Megadeth 30/7/06 Metalway Fest Gernika menu aud/pal 8-9\10
 Megadeth 25\9\06 Molson Ampitheatre Toronto,Ontario,Canada menus aud/ntsc 9\10 FuturealChris Master
 Megadeth 9\28\06 Nasau Colesium ,Uniondale NY menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Megadeth 20\2\05 Munich Germany aud/ntsc 8 \10 some obstuctions
 Megadeth Jun/21/05 Istanbull Turkey  pc/pro/pal 7\10 ADL production
 Megadeth 12/6/05 Gods Of Metal Fest Bologne Italy menus aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Megadeth 9\2\05 Bell Centre Montreal Canada menus aud/ntsc 8\10 master clone ?
 Megadeth 3\4\05 Club Citta Japan 15 mins pro/ntsc 9\10 + Uniondale 90 aud/ntsc 8\10 1st gen cool
 Megadeth 2005/10/06 Santiago, Chile (2005) (Frontal Version 2DVD) aud/ntsc 9\10 master sourced
 Megadeth 23/aug/05 JONES BEACH,WANTAGH,NY aud/ntsc 9\10 Master sourced
 Megadeth 02/18/2005 Luxembourg DVD MASTER incomplete 38 mins aud/pal 9\10
 Megadeth - Buenos Aires, Arg 10/9/2005 12 mins + clips 97+94 Argentina menu pro/pal
 MegadethSANTIAGO ,CHILE 6/10/05 aud/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 2005/02/21 Alcatraz - Milan, Italy 2 dvd. pro/pal 8\10 master
 Megadeth 8\12\05 Chicago USA from screen aud/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 06/23/2005 @ Metalist Festival, Palmahim, Israel aud/ntsc 8\10 25 mins
 Megadeth 25\6\05 Fury Fest-Le Mans -France aud/pal 8\10
 Megadeth JULY-21-2005 Fresno CA USA 2DVD aud/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 10\6\05 Donington Download fest aud/pal 9\10 master clone Dat Audio Tommyten
 Megadeth 7\8\00 Saratoga Springs NY aud/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 22/1/93 Albany,NY aud/ntsc 7.5\10
 Megadeth Dec/02/1994 Obras Sanitarias Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina menu pro/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 23/10/92 Dusseldorf Germany menus aud/pal 8-9\10 1st gen
 Megadeth 11/15/92 Verdun Canada aud/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 28\5\87 Albany NY colonie collesium aud/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 7-1-01 Rockwave Fest, Greece 1DVD aud/pal 7\10
 Megadeth 6-10-97 Tempe, AZ 1DVD aud/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 6-21-98 Duluth, MN aud/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 3/29/98 Ft Lauderdale menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st Out of the Sewer
 Megadeth 1/14/98 Montreal QC menu aud/ntsc8-9\10 Out of the Sewer
 Megadeth Oct/2/98 Buenos Aries Unplugged 2  pc/pro/pal 8-9\10
 Megadeth 1998-07-08 Hard Rock Cafe Boston, MA 25mins unplugged (WAAF Real Rock TV) vhsM pro/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth Woodstock 99 menus pro/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth- San jose, USA 28\12\97 aud 2 cam ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth Electric factory,Philly,PA 11/12/04/ aud 8\10 ntsc
 Megadeth Electric factory,Philly,PA 11/12/04/ aud 9\10 ntsc 2dvd version
 Megadeth/ Hartford,CT,8\5\00 aud 8\10 ntsc
 Megadeth 8\15\00 Toronto ONT menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Megadeth: From The Vaults Vol. 6 - Wembley Pt 1 Backstage Roadie Footage pro ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth roadie tape Birmingham UK 1/13/90 pro ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth: From The Vaults Vol. 9 - San Diego Roadie Footage, Live Concert + Backstage Footage pro ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 7/5/00 ? pro ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth Clarkston,MI pine knob 7\22\95 menu pro ntsc 9\10 Phantom
 Megadeth sep/7/95 Teatro Monumental Santiago Chile (+paradise lost set) pro/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 5/22/95 Osaka Japan menu 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Megadeth 30/4/95 Bourges France aud/ntsc 7\10 ...anyone got a low gen pal version ?
 Megadeth: Live Youthanasia Tour Footage 94-95 - Tv Footage (Mtv, Jon Stewart, Letterman) + Live In Santiago Chile 1995 pro 8\10
 Megadeth London UK 92 ntsc pro 9\10
 Megadeth 10/10/92 Helsinki Finland aud/pal 8/10 masterclone
 Megadeth Australia 16\4\05 aud\pal 8.5\10
 Megadeth 5\Dec\90 Palace of auburn Hills Detroit menu pro/ntsc 9\10 Dave Jr
 Megadeth Largo MD 12/9/90 aud ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth Reno NV 11/3/90 aud ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 12/15/90 Nassau Collesium NY menus aud/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth Clarkston MI 22/6/91 aud ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 6\29\01 Monza Italy aud/pal 9\10 from DV master
 Megadeth Seoul Korea 1/3/2000 pro/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 12/7/00 San Antonio TX aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone 53mins ..cuts in on Holy wars
 Megadeth 5\17\01 Montreal Unplugged TV pro /ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 25\5\91 costa mesa aud/ntsc 7\10
 Megadeth 7\16\91 London aud/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 6/29/91 The Spectrum Philly PA menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 Megadeth Essen,Germany 20\5\88 Mosh Special pro/ntsc 7\10
 Megadeth 8\19\00 St Paul Mn multi cam menus Phantom Production aud/ntsc 8\10 1st gen
 Megadeth 10\28\86 Detroit Menus aud/ntsc 8\10 Oryo
 Megadeth 1/21/95 Biloxi Missisipi menus aud/ntsc 8\10 Phantom
 Megadeth 5\Dec\ 90 Auburn hills Mi (supporting priest) menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc classic series
 Megadeth 1998/09/26 Ibirapuera Stadium, São Paulo, Brazil(Philips Monsters of Rock)MTV Broadcast menu pro/ntsc 9\10
 Megadeth 12/27/99 Denver Colorado pro/ntsc 9\10 1st Focker
 Megadeth 11,13,99 Cincinnati OH aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone upgrade
 Megadeth July/31/99 Mancow,Lazer Luou II Ankeny,IA menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Master clone some obs
 Megadeth 10\27\99 St Paul Mn menu 2 dvd 3cam aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Phantom /Jaytor2112c
 Megadeth 12\10\99 Springfield MO aud/ntsc 9\10 1st
 Megadeth Nov/5/99 Montreal Qc aud/ntsc 9\10 out of the sewer
 Megadeth 7\30\98 West Palm Beach Florida menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Megadeth 12/7/97 Rio Brazil aud/ntsc 9\10 1st
 Megadeth 6\13\97 Mesa Ampitheatre Phoenix AZ menu  pro/pal 8\10
 Megadeth 2/22/95 San Jose CA aud/ntsc 9\10 1st
 Megadeth 2\01\95 Verdun QC menu aus/ntsc 8-9\10 Out of the Sewer
 Megadeth 2\01\95 Verdun QC menu aus/ntsc 8\10 Ytsejim
 Megadeth 2/2/93 Braden Auditorium Normal IL menu aud/ntsc 8\10 1st
 Megadeth July/14/91 Miami COTT aud/pal 7-8\10
 Vic and the Rattleheads (Megadeth) 3\6\93 Rock City Nottingham UK menus 2dvd aud/pal 9\10 Damageinc master Series
 Megadeth jan/10/88 Poughkeepsie NY pc/aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st gen WVMonster

The Mentors 10\7\06 Cheyenne Saloon Las Vegas NY menus aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone

 Meshuggah 7\28\98 Coney Island High NYC menu aud/ntsc 9\10Damageinc Master Series
 Meshuggah Aug/3/02 Columbus OH+July \30\99 Providence RI    pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive master series

Motorhead June/14/2010 Rock In Rio Fest Madrid  66mins full broadcast   pro/pal 9\10
Motorhead  June/6/10  Rock AM Ring Germany pro/pal 9\10
Motorhead Dec/19/09 Moscow Russia  aud/pal 8\10 digicam
 Motorhead 2008-07-17 "LES VIEILLES CHARRUES"  CAHRAIX (FRANCE) FESTIVALbroadcast virgin tv nov/13/08 pro/pal 9\10
 Motorhead 8\13\08 Molson AmpitheatreToronto menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Futureal Chris
 Motorhead 8\16\08 Post Gazette Pavillion Burgettstown menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Digitallive
 Motorhead 20\6\07 Olympic Stadium Rome menu aud/pal 8\10 masterclone
 Motorhead oct/9/07 Melbourne Australia 3cam aud/pal 9\10
 Motorhead 6\13\07 Lycabettus Theatre Athens Greece 2 dvd menus aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone Fotiz
 Motorhead 19\8\07 Lowlands,Holland menu pro/pal 9\10
 Motorhead 7/Nov/06 Bradford UK menu aud/pal 8-9\10 master clone Dreamweaver
 Motorhead 5/8/06 Wacken Fest Germany full set menus 16:9 pro/pal 8-9\10
 Motorhead 6\12\05 Melbourne Australia sa aud/pal 8-9\10 minor ducks
 Motorhead 8\10\05 Hovet Stockholm Sweden sa aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Motorhead Cable hall Helsinki 10-10-2005 2DVD menus aud/pal 9\10 master
 Motorhead 16\6\05 Hammersmith Odeon London aud/ntsc 8\10
 Motorhead  Apr/8/05 San Francisco CA  menu  aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Motorhead Live fast ..Die Old..(documentary 50 mins) ntsc/pro 9\10
 Motorhead rock am ring 04 menus ntsc /pro 9/10
 Motorhead 10\18\03 Hammersmith apollo London aud/pal 8\10
 Motorhead Nottingham 8\20\80 ,Belfast 12\8\81 + young ones clip pro ntsc 8\10
 Motorhead 08-15-2004 Braunschweig, Germany 1 DVDR PRO 68 min pro/pal 9\10
 Motorhead 21/4/03 Avalon Ballroom San Francisco aud /pal 7\10
 Motorhead 15\5\99 Harpo`s Detroit Mi menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Motorhead Dec.10, 1993 Nobelhallen, Karlskoga, Sweden menu aud/pal 8-9\10 Hi8 mastertape> dvd
 Motorhead 20\5\2000 San Francisco menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Motorhead march 18 89 Rio Brazil menu pro/ntsc 7-8\10 tv rip best available
 Motorhead 12/Aug/\94 Hultsfred Fest Sweden aud/pal 7\10
 Motorhead 11/27/85 Santa Monica aud/ntsc 7-8\10 not bad for 85
 Motorhead "BORN TOO LOSE 1978 TO 1983" 120MIN many many Quality clips and shows 19 in all pro/pal 9\10 prior masters

 Morrissey 12/20/92 London Astoria menu aud/pal 7\10
 Morrissey  Oct/10/04  Radio City Music Hall NYC  sa aud/ntsc 9\10
 Morrissey July/7/06 Exit Fest Novi Sad serbia pro/pal 8-9\10
 Morrissey May/1/06 Alexandra Palace London + channel 4 special  sa  aud/pal 8\10

 Moonspell 26/03/2005 Coliseu, Oporto, Portugal aud/pal 9\10 master
 Moonspell 31/10/2005 Halloween Fantasporto Party, Teatro Sá da Bandeira, Oporto, Portugal
 ( taped with bands permission) menus aud/pal 9\10

 Molly Hatchet Jun/7/91 St Louis  pc/aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classsic Series

 Mistress Oct/24/09  Leeds University  Damnation Fest 2 cam menu  aud/pal  8-9\10 DT Master

 Misfits/samhain 10\29\82 Bethlahem Pa aud/ntsc 8\10
 Misfits 19\4\97 Bradford/ Bradford Rio menus multi cam aud/pal 9\10 Hi8 master clone
 Misfits 4\25\97 Lund Sweden 2cam mix menu aud/pal 8-9\10 Invaders
 Misfits 2007-09-19 - Electric Ballroom, London, UK sa aud/pal 9\10
 Misfits 10\27\07 Starland Ballroom Sayerville NJ menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Misfits June/4/09 Rockbaten Stockholm Sweden  menu  aud/pal 9\10 close
 Misfits  Nov/9/09 Community Theatre Kelowna Canada 16 mins "Crazy Crowd "  aud/ntsc 9\10 LeifH

 Ministry 17\Nov\92 Nottingham Rock City UK aud/pal Vid8M>dvd
 Ministry 5\19\96 Arco Arena Sacramento,CA aud/ntsc 8\10
 Ministry 7\7\06 Atlanta aud/ntsc 8\10
 Ministry 04/25/08 The masquarade Atlanta aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Deadlie13

 Murphys Law May/2/01 Columbus OH menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Mudvayne 9\4\05 electric factory Philadelphia menus aud/ntsc 9\10
 Mudvayne 2/24/06 Bakersfield,Ca (support for Korn) +8\20\05 San Bernardino(ozzfest) aud/ntsc 9\10 master sourced

Mushroomhead Feb/22/02 Pittsburgh PA includes Endo/Nothingface 12/13/00  aud/ntsc 7-9\10 varies
Mushroomhead  Jun/27/02 Milwaukee +Freeport IL 8\16\02  aud/ntsc

 Muse June/26/10 Glastonbury fest UK menu pro/pal 9\10

 Mr. Bungle October 31, 1999 Pontiac (MI) Clutch Cargoes aud/ntsc 8\10

 My Ruin 21/ April /02 New York City aud/pal 7\10 low gen but dark picture

 Nash the Slash and Plexus: Psychedelitron '94   aud(tripod) ntsc 8\10

 Never Got Caught  Jun/4/2010 V Club Huntington WV pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive...nice
 Never Got Caught Jan/7/10 Cleveland OH+Jan/8/10 Pittsburgh PA   3cam
                       permission shot  menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive Master Series... check this out !

 Nevermore Houston 5\5\99 +Montreal 21\1\00 aud ntsc 8\10
 Nevermore 9\oct\99 trocadero Philly USA + Houston Tx may\ 5\99 menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Necrophagist 12/7/06 Ft Lauderdale FL aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Necrophagist 26\11\05 Loerrach Germany aud/pal 9\10 master clone
 Necrophagist 6\14\06 Vegas USA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Neil Young 9\3\91 Miami menu aud/ntsc 8\10

 Nirvana 2/12/90 Cattle club Sacramento menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 master sourced
 Nirvana 2\18\90 Mexico menus aud/ntsc 8\10
 Nirvana 11/3/89 Utrecht, NL menus aud/ntsc 8\10
 Nirvana 10\11\89 The Garage Denver Co menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Nirvana 19\oct\91 Tress Club Dallas menus aud /ntsc 8/10 shot on stage
 Nirvana 3 shows The MTV Files uncut menus pro/ntsc 8\10
 Nirvana 11/20/99 Kapu, Linz AT + support menus aud/pal 8\10
 Nirvana 8\30\92 Reading Festival UK pro/pal 9\10
 NirvanaUnplugged "Video Calibration" Source, MTV Studios, NY 1 DVD, upgraded sound source pro/ntsc 9\10
 Nirvana Teatro Castello Roma Italy menu pro/pal 9\10 Scoutthegoggie
 Nirvana June /26/92 Roskilde Fest Denmark 3 diff versions Dual Layer dvd menu aud/pro / ntsc 8\10
 Nirvana 1/23/93 Praca De Apotese Rio de Janero Dual Layer dvd menu pro/ntsc 7- 8\10 vhs2>dvd
 Nirvana 4\11\93 Maple Leaf Gardens Toronto menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st
 Nirvana Dec/2/91 The Mayfair Newcastle Upon Tyne menu aud/pal 8\10 vhs1

 Nine Inch Nails 9\18\95 Meadowlands NJ aud/ntsc 8\10..
 Nine Inch Nails - 07/04/05 - Brixton Academy aud/pal 8\10
 Nine Inch Nails 13/may/07 Melbourne Australia aud/pal9\10 masterclone
 Nine Inch Nails 7\8\07 Reading Festival UK + some smashing pumpkins pro/pal 9\10
 Nine Inch Nails Aug/12/08 Civic Coliseum Knoxville TN USA 2dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Geordy
 Nine Inch Nails 12/7/08 Portland 2 dvd menu sbd aud/ntsc 9\10 multicam master
 Nine Inch Nails June/7/09 Jones Beach Wantagh menu aud/ntac 9\10 HD >SD RyanJ
 NIN  sep/8\09 Henry Fonda Theatre  Los Angeles CA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 DL

 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds(2shows 1dvd ) SHEPHERDS BUSH EMPIRE 19TH MAY 1994, 33MIN
 SHEPHERDS BUSH EMPIRE 20TH MAY 1994, 82MIN aud/pal 9\10 Master8

 Nickelback 9\20\03 Toronto menus pro/ntsc 9\10
 Nickelback 2005-08-30 Allentown PA menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Master

 Niacin Tokyo 97 "Bluenote club" pro/pal 8\10 low gen

 Nightwish 24/02/2005 Braunschweig, Germany menus aud/pal 9\10 2dvd infinite dreams
 Nightwish 29\10\05 Hammersmith Odeon London aud/pal menus 8\10
 Nightwish 22/3/05 corner hotel melbourne Australia aud/pal 8\10 from left
 Nightwish 22/3/05 corner hotel melbourne Australia aud/pal 8\10 from centre -right
 Nightwish 22 MAR 2005, Melbourne, Australia aud/pal 9\10
 Nightwish 21/8/04 Mineapolis,Minnesota menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Master
 Nightwish 04 NOV 2004 -Madrid, Spain 1DVD (DAT AUDIO) aud/pal 9\10
 Nightwish Lowlands 19\8\05 pro/pal 9\10
 Nightwish 19\11\04 palace hall Bucharest Romania pro pal 9\10
 Nightwish 27\9\03 Moscow only 8 mins long , filmer busted aud/pal 9\10 master clone

 Nile 7\5\07 The Muse Nashville TN menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 close

 Nonpoint April/11/09 Ft Myers Florida 40mins aud/ntsc 9\10 Zboy

 Oasis Dec/17/08 MSG NY menu aud/ntsc 9\10 NYBC
 Oasis December 12, 2008 John Labatt Center London, Ontario, Canada 2 dvd sa aud/ntsc 9\10 Filmed by AKACRAIG!!!!
 Oasis 2008.09.07 TORONOTO ISLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8\10 nice quality but shakey
 Oasis City of Manchester Stadium 2/7/05 pro/pal 9\10
 Oasis Milan, the alcatazz 12/5/05 pro/pal 9\10
 Oasis 22-6-2005 MSG menu 2cam aud/ntsc 9/10 1st
 Oasis 26\10\05 Le Zenith Paris menu aud/pal 9\10 masterclone bit shaky

 Obituary Mar/10/10 Islington London aud/pal 8\10 Elazarus master
 Obituary 16\7\06 Bucharest Hungary aud/pal 8\10 1st
 Obituary sep/11/97 Northampton MA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Obituary sep/10/97 Boston MA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Obituary 11\15\95 Ft lauderdale FL aud/ ntsc 7.5/10
 Obituary 7\19\92 The Marquee ,Detroit MI menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master series
 OMD 26\10\85 Veronicas Rock night pro/pal 9\10
 OMD  Rockstage 80,Sheffield85, London82   pro/pal 8\10
 OMD xx/xx/94  South Africa  pro/pal 8\10

 Otep  March/7/10 Irish centre @Pittsburgh 4 cam/H2  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive
 Otep Jun/8/07 Rainbow Ballroom Fresno aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Otep 2/19/05 Tracadero-Philladelphia aud/ntsc 9\10 master sourced ?

 Overkill 3\3\92 Toads,New Haven ,CT aud ntsc 8\10 2dvd
 Overkill 4\2\98 Providence RI menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Overkill 4/3/99 Harpo`s Detroit menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Overkill 2/23/09 Aschaffenburg Germany menu aud/pal 8-9\10 stoff

 Orphaned Land 1/29/05 Kazablanca Istanbul Turkey aud/ntsc 8\10 clone

 Opeth 11/April/01 Detriot Mi menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master series
 Opeth 3\6\06 Rock AM Ring menus 20 mins pro/pal 9\10
 Opeth 2003-01-17 Montreal, QC Canada menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone

 Orange Goblin Dec/20/08 Underworld London Uk menu aud/pal 9\10
 Orange Goblin Aug/12/04 Cargo London Wrestlefest lol aud/pal 8-9\10
 Orange Goblin May/3/02 Richmond Virginia USA aud/ntsc 8\10

 Ozzfest 2000 Last night..Disturbed,Godsmack,Pantera,Ozzy etc pro/ntsc 8\10 2 hours
 Ozzfest 99 "We sold our Soul for Rock and Roll " film Documentary ...many bands menu pro/ntsc 8-9\10
 Ozzfest 96 OOP vhs , Coal Chamber, Slayer,Fear Factory,Sepultura many others pro/ntsc 8-9\10

 Ozzy Ozbourne Ozzmosis compilation menu  aud/pro/ntsc all vhs1or 2 Digitallive
 Ozzy /Sabbath Anthology menus 2dvd aud/pro -Ntsc 8\10 Digitallive...some nice stuff
 Ozzy /Randy clips lots of rare shit aud/pro /ntsc various quality
 Ozzy ozbourne speak of the devil/afterhours ntsc / pro 8\10
 Ozzy Bark at the moon 19\3\84 focker Ld rip pro/ntsc 9\10
 Ozzy 85 Rock in Rio menu pro/ntsc 8\10 mystic vision
 Ozzy 4\4\86 Joe Louis Arena Detroit menus aud/ntsc 8-9 /10 Damageinc master series
 Ozzy 9/23/86 Montreal, Can 2 dvd menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic series
 Ozzy 12/3/88 New Haven CT aud/ntsc 7-8\10 mono
 Ozzy 04/06/1989 Tower Theatre - Philadelphia, ntsc /pro 10\10 mint
 Ozzy 8\12\89 Moscow Peace Fest(uncut) pro/ntsc 8-9\10
 Ozzy Osbourne 8\14\92 Miami FL menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc classic series
 Ozzy Osbourne - 12/16/01 -Buffalo HSBC Arena includes Rob zombie set aud/ntsc 7\10
 Ozzy Osbourne 8\12\01 Cobo Arena Detroit Mi 3 cam mix aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master series
 Ozzy Osbourne 12-18-2001 Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY 2 DVDR AUD aud/ntsc 9\10
 Ozzy 20\6\98 Ozzfest Milton Keynes UK menu aud/pal Masterclone 8-9\10
 Ozzy 17\8\96 Donington UK aud/pal 7\10
 Ozzy Sep/2/95 Sau Paulo Monsters Of rock menu(plus A. Cooper set ) pro/ntsc 8-9\10
 Ozzy 1/25/92 Paramount New York aud/ntsc 8\10
 Ozzy 9\17\92 Allentown Pa menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8-9\10 trinidad
 Ozzy 6\13/92 Cow Palace CA 2dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Ozzy 25/11/1995 Gothenburg, Sweden 2 dvd 2 cam aud/pal 8\10 2nd Invaders/Metallican
 Ozzy 11/21/91 San Francisco aud/ntsc 7\10
 Ozzy 4\1\89 Gothenburg Sweden aud/pal 8\10
 Ozzy 12/18/01 Pepsi Arena Albany NY 2dvd menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Ozzy March, 10, 2002 Copps ColiseumHamilton, Ontario menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Livids/Silver Stallion
 Ozzy 6\28\03 West Palm Beach Fl aud/ntsc 8\10 mainly screen shot
 Ozzy 8\7\03 Tweeter Centre, Camden NJ menus pro/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc series
 Ozzy Jun/14/03 Montreal Canada 2dvd 2cam  (vhs1+ dvdm) pc/aud/ntsc 8\10 Digitallive
 Ozzy 7\17\07 Sleep Train Ampitheatre Sacramento,CA (some digital static 1st min...on intro) aud/ntsc 9\10
 Ozzy 8\24\07 Burgettstown PA menu 2 dvd lots screen shots aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Digitallive Master
 Ozzy 5\27\07 Moscow Russia menu includes BLS set aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Ozzy 10\31\07 Minneapolis MN menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone
 Ozzy 30/11/07 Los Angeles USA menu aud/pal 8\10 filmed from pit /cuts M.Dawson/Norbhino
 Ozzy 11/26/07 Bakersfield USA menu aud/pal 8\10 cuts M.Dawson/Norbhino
 Ozzy Dec/2/07 San Diego menu aud/pal 7\10 cuts M.Dawson/Norbhino
 Ozzy 11/26/07 Bakersfield CA 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Ozzy 11/16/07 Stockton CA 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Ozzy 11/18/07 Oakland CA 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Ozzy Ozbourne Aug/19/2010 First Niagra Pavillion Burgettstown PA  2dvd or DL(both available)  pc/aud/ntsc  9\10 Digitallive
 Ozzy sep/4/10 Stravanger Norway 30 mins   aud/pal 9\10
 Ozzy Ozbourne Dec/1/2010  MSG NY 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 NYCBC
 Ozzy Apr/23/11 Reno Events Centre  Reno CA  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Silver stallion
 Ozzy Ozbourne Apr/7/2011    Rio de Janero Brazil  pc/aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Cicero

 Pain (Jon Olivias) 12/11/04 Boomerz menu aud/ntsc 9\10 2Dvd
 Paul Weller "out of Time" Broadcast Nov 2008 90 min TV Documentary pro/pal 9\10

 Sting    May /21/09 Air Canada Centre  Toronto, Ontario menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 TTC/Silver Stallion
 Police 5/8/08 Jones Beach Wantagh NY aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Police 6\22\08 Heiniken Fest Venice ...shot from floor..minor obs menu aud/pal 8-9\10
 Police July/5/08 Madrid Rock In Rio fest menu pro/pal 9\10
 Police 2/16/08 Neal S.Blaisdell Arena Honalulu HI menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Police 2/13/08 Tokyo Dome Tokyo Japan (cut in first track) pro/ntsc 9\10 DVB
 Police aug/1/07   MSG   NY  2cam   pc/aud/ntsc 9\10NYCBC/Silver stallion
 Police May\28\07 Vancouver V2 menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Police sep/29/07 Stade de France, St-Denis, France with Henri Padovani as guest 2 dvd menu 8\10
 Police July/29/07 Fenway Park Boston (2nd night) menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone lots of screen
 Police 79-Rock goes to College BBC4 Digital broadcast recorded in XP mode pro/pal mint
 Police Jan/18/70 Bremen Germany dvb upgrade pro/pal 9\10
 Police Bremen 1/18/79 / Mexico City 11/15/80 / Tokyo 2/2/81 Pro-shot 1 DVD** pal 7\10
 Police Bremen 1/18/79 / Voorburg 9/7/79 (from "Countdown Late" 8/28/93) Pro-shot 1 DVD** pal 7\10
 Police Bremen  1979-01-18    DVB-S Proshot DVD   pro/ pal  8\10    2010  re-broadcast
 Police Rockplast Hamburg 11/1/80 ntsc/pro 8\10
 Police 86 Giants Stadium NJ + U2 set amnesty Intrnational ntsc/pro 8\10
 Police Feb/6/80 LA Don Kirchners Rock Concert 34 mins menu pro/ntsc 9\10..ex quality
 Police Oct /9/83 Oakland Stadium / Oakland, CA / USA pro/ntsc 8\10
 Police in the East 1980(Japan)  Old Grey Whistle test re-broadcast pro/pal 9\10

 Powerman 5000 9\8\06 Cedar Rapids IA menus 9\10 Damageinc/Schotime Master ...cool show

 Phil Collins 3/20/97 Toronto menus aud/ntsc 9\10 lividz/silver stallion
 Phil Collins 1/10/98 Sony Studios NY (Live by request) menus pro/pal 8-9\10
 Phil Collins 12/19/82 Perkins Palace Pasedena,Ca aud/ntsc 8-9\10

 Papa Roach 3/6/05/ Rock am ring Germany pro/pal 9\10
 Papa Roach 1/27/05 Yongsan Garrison Seoul South Korea menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Silver Stallion
 Papa Roach Dec/15/09 Rockford IL menu   aud/ntsc 9\10 Even13flow DL
 Papa Roach June/20/09 Kobetamendi Bilbao Spain fest  pc/pro/pal 8\10

 Paul Simon Nov/28/00  Massey Hall Toronto 2dvd  menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 Lividz/Silver Stallion Hi8 M

 Pennywise 18 August 2006 Gampel Open Air Fest Switzerland pro/pal 9\10

 Peter Gabriel  Apr/25/93  La Zenith Paris  aud/pal 7\10
 Peter Gabriel  Dec/10/02 Arrowhead Pond Anaheim CA  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Delta Video
 Peter Gabriel  Mar/22/09 Velez Sarfield Stadium  Buenos Aries pro/pal 9\10

 Pearl Jam/Alice in Chains 1991 / 2 / 11  Club With No Name, Hollywood, CA, USA  sa  aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Pearl Jam Nov/9/91 Tower Records Rockville MD USA 5 songs aud with permission/ntsc 9\10 1st
 Pearl Jam mementos volume 1 2 dvd menus aud/pro ntsc cool
 Pearl Jam 3/16/92 Kaufman Astoria MTV Unplugged NY menu pro/ntsc 8-9\10 1st /uncut...timecode
 Pearl Jam 8\22\92 Miami Fl shot on stage menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 low
 Pearl Jam Apr/13/92 Ritchie Colesium College park MD aud/ntsc 9\10 vhsm
 Pearl Jam 5\15\92 Warfield Theatre San Francisico CA permission shot from balcony
                 + 5\15\92  Tower records (new angle)     menu aud/ntsc 9\10 MDvidguy (circulated 2009)
 Pearl Jam 08/14/93 - Gimli Motorsport Park: Gimli, Manitoba (Sunfest '93) [100m] menu pro/ntsc 9\10 1st
 Pearl Jam 8\23\91 Seattle Mural Ampitheatre aud/ntsc 9\10
 Pearl Jam Mar/15/94 Fox Theatre St Louis MO  menu 2 dvd  aud/ntsc 8\10TeamDZ
 Pearl Jam 24/11/1996 Pavilhão do Dramatico, Cascais, Portugal menus aud/pal 8\10
 Pearl jam 6\20\95 Red Rocks Amphitheatre Colorado Denver 2 dvd menus aud/ntsc 9\10sbd
 Pearl Jam 11/7/95 San Diego 2dvd menu 2cam aud/ntsc 8\10
 Pearl Jam 9/21/96 Maple Leaf Gardens - Toronto, Ontario menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Pearl Jam  1998-9-11 Madison Square Garden New York  2DVD  pc/aud/ntsc 8\10
 Pearl Jam Australian tour 95 Unreleased pro shot film 2hrs 15m pro/ntsc 7-8\10 upgrade out there ?
 Pearl Jam - 06/12/00 - Pinkpop Festival menus pro/ntsc 9\10
 Pearl Jam 10\5\2000 Toronto Ontario menus Sbd aud/ntsc 9\10 master ?
 Pearl Jam 8/23/00 Jones Beach NY menu DL 2 cam(hi8 masters) aud/ntsc 9\10
 Pearl Jam Oslo , Norway 29\6 \2000 2 dvd PC aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Pearl Jam - 11/06/00 - Key Arena menus aud/ntsc 8\10
 Pearl Jam Buffalo NY, 2/5/03 menu sbd ntsc/ aud 9\10 2 disc
 Pearl Jam 4\29\03 Albany 2 dvd menus aud/ntsc 9\10
 Pearl Jam 3/3/03 Live at the Budokan menus sbd 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10
 Pearl Jam Madison Square Garden 9\7\03 menu sbd ntsc aud 9\10 2 disc
 Pearl Jam Mexico 7\19\03 menus Pro/Ntsc 9\10 2 DVD
 Pearl Jam 10\28\03 Santa Barbera 2 dvd sa aud/ntsc 9\10
 Pearl Jam  Apr/28/03 First Union Spectrum  2dvd   aud/ntsc 8\10
 Pearl Jam 3/3/03 Budokan Japan menu 2 dvds aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Rozy
 Pearl Jam 2/18/03 Rod Laver Arena Melbourne Australia menu sbd aud/ntsc 9\10
 Pearl Jam 2004-09-29 Fleet Center Boston, MA aud/ntsc menus 9\10
 Pearl Jam 2005/11/22 Santiago, Chile (First Night Complete) 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 master source
 Pearl Jam 11/22/05 Santiago Chille menu pro/ntsc 9\10
 Pearl Jam 11/23/05 Santiago Chille menu pro/ntsc 9\10
 Pearl Jam 9\28\05 Pittsburgh,PA menu aud/ntsc 8\10 some screen
 Pearl Jam 6th/May /06 Jules Holland Show (ukBBC tv) Full Show 3 tracks Pearl Jam , includes Zutons, Corrine Bailey Rai etc pro/Pal 10/10 Digital tv
 Pearl Jam 8\27\06 Reading Festival menu Main set from TV, encoures from webcast pro/pal 9\10
 Pearl Jam Dec /2/06 Honalulu Hawaii 2 dvd menus sbd audio aud /ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Pearl Jam 5\19\06 Grand Rapids 3 dvds menus+audio select aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Pearl Jam 5\12\06 Albany NY 2dvd multi cam menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Pearl Jam June/ 24/ 06 Cincinatti 2 dvd menu sbd multicam aud/ntsc 9\10
 Pearl Jam 7/2/ 06 Pepsi Center Denver,CO,USA menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Pearl Jam 7/3/ 06 Pepsi Center Denver,CO,USA menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Pearl Jam 5/31/06 VH1 Storytellers pro/ntsc 8-9\10
 Pearl Jam 2006-7-18 BG Civic Auditorium San Francisco,CA,USA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone 2 dvd
 Pearl jam 9\23\06 Kindl Buhne Wuhlheide Berlin 2 dvd 2 cam aud/pal 9\10 sbd
 Pearl Jam 6\25\08 Madison Square Garden NYC 2 dvds sbd audio aud/ntsc 9\10 NYBC
 P.Jam 6\24\08 Madison Square Garden NY USA 2dvd sbd audio aud/ntsc 9\10 NYBC
 Pearl Jam 6/27/08 Hartford CT 2dvd menu  sbd  aud/ntsc 9\10
 Pearl Jam Aug/18/09 02 Arena London  menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 DL
 Pearl Jam Aug/15/09 Wuhlheide Berlin  DL  pc/aud/pal 9\10 Blink Eye
 Pantera "Hot+Heavy" Home video release circa 85+ Live in Texas 88 bonus men pro/ntsc 7-8\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Pantera 12\10\92 Annexet Stockholm Sweden menus aud/pal 8\10 1st
 Pantera 10\13\92 Oslo Sentrum Scene Norway menus aud/pal 8-9\10 master clone
 Pantera 6\27\92 aud/ntsc 8\10
 Pantera 29\1\93 Copenhagen Denmark menus aud/pal 8-9\10
 Pantera 11/2/93 Town + Country Club London meu aud/pal 8\10 1st Invaders/Fixxxer
 Pantera Arco Arena Sacramento+ White Zombie set 23/7/96 aud/ntsc 7\10
 Pantera 7\12\00 pine Knob/Clarkston MI Ozzfest menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damaginc master
 Pantera 17-11-97 Sacramento CA USA (3 CAM), 3cam ntsc/aud 8\10
 Pantera 17-11-97 Sacramento CA USA (3 CAM), menu 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic series
 Pantera 1/16/97 Montreal Qc menu 2cam aud/ntsc 9\10 out of the sewer
 Pantera Live in Mesa Feb\9\97 2cam generated aud/ntsc 7/10
 Pantera 2/9/97 Mesa AZ 1 cam (includes Halford for Grinder) aud/ntsc 8-9\10 low
 Pantera Sep/1/97 Roy Wilkins Auditorium St Paul MN aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st
 Pantera - Live In Philadelphia PA 18/02/1999 2xCAM aud/ntsc 9/10
 Pantera - Live In Philadelphia PA 11/6/91 aud ntsc 7\10
 Pantera 30\6\01 cobo Hall, Detroit Mi aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc master
 Pantera 3/13/01 Poughkeepsie NY 2 cam menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Digitallive
 Pantera 2/27/01 Toledo,OH menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic series
 Pantera 10\29\92 Dusseldorf Germany menus aud/pal 8-9\10 1st gen
 Pantera 12/31/98 Bank One Ballpark Phoenix Az audntsc 8\10
 Pantera 20\6\98 Milton Keynes UK menu aud/pal 8\10 1st Invaders/Swedish Fixxer
 Pantera 6\5\98 Teatro Monumental Santiago Chile aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Hi8(M)>DVD
 Pantera 2/19/99 Civic Arena Pittsburgh PA menu (includes Sabbath set) aud/ntsc 8\10 Digitallive vhs2
 Pantera 11/14/96 Mark of the Quad Cities menu 2cam(M+vhs1) mixed by Dreamweaver aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Paradise Lost 28\June\91 Bradford UK aud/pal 8\10 Dreamweaver Classic
 Paradise Lost June/7/03 Milan Italy aud/pal 9\10 Glove Master Series

 Pink Floyd Dec/2007 BBC documentary "Which one is Pink ?" pro/pal 10/10
 Pink Floyd – Norway, Oslo, Valle Hovin Stadion, 1994.08.29. menus aud /pal 7\10 distant
 Pink Floyd – Dania, Rotterdam, De Kuip, 1994.09.03 – 05. (3 days mix). aud/pal 7\10
 Pink Floyd 1987.08.07 Air Canada Hangar Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Ontario(harvested) aud /ntsc 8\10
 Pink Floyd 08-09-1980 "Divided We Fall" Earl's Court, London, England 2 DVDR PRO 110 min Harvested ntsc /pro 8\10
 Pink Floyd The Calhoun Tapes pro 8\10
 Pink Floyd MTV Knebworth 90 ultimate edition 2 dvd pro ntsc 8/10
 Pink Floyd Live8 menus pal pro 10\10
 Pink Floyd 07/15/89 Venezia Italy Pro /pal 9\10 Cochon Upgrade best available
 Pink Floyd - 11/03-05/87 - Omni Coliseum atlanta menus 2 dvd pro/ntsc 9/10 VHS1>DVD Household Objects
 Pink Floyd Earls Court 80 Remastered"Wall Harvested" 2 dvd menus etc 8\10
 Pink Floyd "Delicate sound of thunder" Nassau coliseum NY 87 menus 9\10 Ld rip
 Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Rainbow ('Wizard Of Oz' w/ Dark Side Of The Moon sndtk.) (PC 5.1 ) pro/ntsc 10/10 Cool
 Pink Floyd 1994.10.20. Earls Court Live full show BBC TV XP mode pro/pal 9\10
 Pink Floyd 1994.10.20. Earls Court Live full show (Raiuno Pro - Shot) 2 DVD menus pro/pal 8\10
 Pink Floyd 4/14/94 San Diego(All work +no play) 2DVD menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Pink Floyd 3/30/94 Miami, FL Opening night of the Division Bell Tour aud/ntsc 8\10
 Pink Floyd July- 18-94 East Rutherford New Jersey menu 3 dvd aud/ntsc 8\10 Rcsguy
 Pink Floyd June/3-8/89 Olympic Stadium Moscow menu pro/pal 8\10 Steel Breeze Records SB DVD 003
 Pink Floyd 4\29\70 KQED San Francisco menu pro/ntsc 8-9\10
 Pink Floyd 8\8\70 "Reach for a Peach " menu Harvested dvd 011 pro /ntsc 9\10 ...cool
 Pink Floyd Royal Festival Hall 1969 rehersals Harvested Rev A B+W pro/ntsc 8\10

 PIL 10/31/83 Rockpalast + NY80 menu pro/ntsc 8\10
 PIL 24TH/NOV/87 BOGARTS, CINCINATTI menu aud/ntsc 8\10 1st
 Page & Plant sep\6\98 The Gorge George WA menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Page & Plant 7\11\98 Pepsi Arena Albany NY multicam aud/ntsc 8-9\10 some screen
 Page+Plant Nov/5/98 Wembley Arena London 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8-9\10 third eye
 Page+ Plant aug/23/98 Cologne Germany WDR re broadcast may 2009 menu pro/pal 10/10
 Page & Plant 2/13/96 Budokan Hall Tokyo Japan menu aud/ntsc 9\10 ...excellent
 Page & Plant 1998-08-23 Köln, Germany +Lüneburg, Germany, 18th June 1995 bonus (12mins) pro/pal 8-9\10
 Page+Plant 3/25/98 Shepherds Bush Empire London 2cam-2dvd  pc/aud/pal 8\10 Block Productions
 Page & Plant - 01/27/96 - Apoteose Square menus pro/ntsc 9\10
 Page+Plant Jan/25/96 Buenos Aries Argentina pro/ntsc 8\10
 Page & Plant Rio 96 pro/ntsc 8\10
 Page & Plant April\7\95 Brendan Byrne Arena East Rutherford NJ menu aud/ntsc 8\10 some screen
 Page & Plant 10\3\95 Irvine Ca USA menus pro/ntsc 9\10
 Page & Plant 25\6\95 Glastonbury UK menu pro/pal 9\10 ADL production
 Page & Plant Eternal Burning 3 dvd set ..very nice menus pro/ntsc 9\10
 DVD1 Bradley Arena Milwaukee 5/1/95
 DVD2 Irvine Meadows IrvineCa 10/3/95
 DVD3 Ecores + Palace Detroit 4\1\95

 Robert Plant May/10/88 Maple Leaf Gardens Toronto menu 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8\10 Custom Pie
 Robert Plant Jan/12/94 Maracana Stadium Brazil  pro/ntsc 8\10
 Robert Plant 8\13\90 Mountainview CA aud/ntsc 7\10 8mm Mastertape>Hi-fi vhs>DVD
 Robert Plant 6\23\06 Athur Lee Benefit Beacon Theatre NY menu aud/ntsc 9\10 maserclone
 Robert Plant July/12/07 Exit Fest Serbia pro/pal 9\10

 Poison the Well 7\7\05 Minneapolis tripod shot aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Puddle of Mudd 7-25-08 Marion, Iowa menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Schotime/Metalzone

 Primal Fear 29/sept/99 Biella Italy aud/pal 8\10
 Primal Fear may/6/08 Rock Fest Sweden aud/pal 8\10 clone
 Primal Fear   8\13\05 Gernika Spain   menu  aud/pal 8\10 CHmetal

 Primus  Nov/29/91  Cameo Theatre Miami FL menu  aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classic Series

 Prodigy    Nov/27/09   Prague Czech Republic  2 dvd   8-9\10 Zizilator
 Prodigy May/10/09 Lydiard Park Swindon (Radio 1 weekend) pro/pal 9\10 dvb 26mins
 Prodigy Apr/11/09 Nottingham arena (includes Dizzee Rascal set)  menu   aud/ntsc 7\10 digicam

 Prong  may/29th/10 The Rave Milwaukee  webcast pro/ntsc 7\10

 Queensryche Aug/20/10  Nokia Theatre NYC  2dvd aud/ntsc 8-9\10 NYCBC
 Queensryche 2010  Hard Rock Hell Prestatyn Wales UK  menu  aud/pal 9\10 Tommyten
 Queensryche Toronto 7/27/09 shot from pit very good 120mins aud/ntsc 9\10
 Queensryche 5/15/09 Nokia Theatre Times Square NY menu 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 NYCBC
 Queensryche 6\27\09  GOM fest Monza Italy aud/pal 8\10
 Queensryche 8\3\08 Vancouver WA cuts into first track aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Queensryche July/13/08 Rocklahoma Prior OK aud/ntsc 8-9\10 digicam but excellent
 Queensryche 25/June/08 Southampton UK 2dvd aud/pal 9\10 Masterclone Bulldog
 Queensryche feb /10/07 Fresno CA aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Queensryche 9\20\07 Copps Collesium Hamilton Ontario menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Futureal Chris
 Queensryche 9\7\07 Mohegan Sun menu incomplete 30 mins aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Queensryche 9\22\06 NYC ,NY 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Queensryche 3\14\00 NJ New Brunswick State Theatre aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st
 Queensryche 9\15\00 Centennial Garden Bakersfield aud/ntsc 9\10 1st minor audio cuts
 Queensryche May\3\91 St Louis Mo menus 2 dvd aud /ntsc 8\10 Hambone
 Queensryche Nov/20/91 Prairie Capital Convention Centre menus 2 dvd 8\10 Hambone
 Queensryche 1995.07.25 USA Middletown, NY Orange County Fairgrounds 2cam Hi8 Master 2 dvd aud/ntsc PC
 Queensryche 5/21/95 San Diego,CA
 Queensryche  6\17\95 Barton Coliseum Littlerock AK  2dvd pc/aud/ntsc 8\10 1st
 Queensryche 7\30\97 Jones Beach ,NY aud/ntsc 8\10
 Queensryche 6\7\91 Rochester NY aud/ntsc 8\10
 Queensryche Aug/17/91 Dortmund Westfalhallen Germany aud/pal 8\10 Hi8 M bobfather
 Queensryche 3/Nov/ 91 Stabler Arena, Bethlehem, PA 2dvd menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Queensryche 6\11\05 Mohegan Sun ( supporting Priest) aud/ntsc 8\10 2 cam
 Queensryche mosha special 88 ntsc pro 7\10
 Queensryche 9\21\88 East Rutherford NJ menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st gen ..nice
 Queensryche 1995-07-25 Weedsport, NY , Digital Ecstacy 2 DVD 8\10
 Queensryche 9\17\88 Detroit MI menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Queensryche 11/15/88 Toledo menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Queensryche 9\19\88 Toledo Oh menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Queensryche 1987-02-13 New York aud ntsc 7\10
 Queensryche 1985\3\8 Tokeyo pro ntsc 7\10
 Queensryche 2003-11-07 Live At Jones Beach (include Encore with Dream Theater) aud ntsc 8\10 1st gen
 Queensryche 2005-03-02 New York 2 DVD ntsc aud ? 2 dvd aud 8\10
 Queensryche 2005-05-02 Philadelphia 2 DVD aud ntsc 8\10
 Queensryche 9\21\06 NY-NYC USA 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10

 Queen -Days of our Lives .Documentary  pro/pal 9\10 2hours BBC
 Queen Houston 11/12/77 menus pro/pal OOP sound 9/ vid 7
 Queen Hammersmith Odeon London 75 menu pro/pal 8\10
 Queen Tokyo 85 pro/ntsc 8\10
 Queen Earls Court London 77 menus pro/pal 9\10
 Queen 1981.03.01 Velez Sarsfield, Buenos Aires menus pro/pal 8\10
 Queen 1981-11-24 Montreal, QC Canada menu pro/ntsc 9\10
 Queen 4/26/85 Sydney Australia menu aud/pal 8-9\10 vhs-c master >dvd

 Queen/Paul Rodgers 11/19/08 San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium Santiago Chile menu pro/ntsc 9\10
 Queen + Paul Rogers 11.5.05 Wembley aud/pal 8\10
 Queen + Paul Rogers 28.3.05 Brixton Academy..London aud/pal 8\10 TSMGO cut at end
 Queen + Paul Rogers Saitama super arena,tokyo,japan 27.10.05 pro/Ntsc 9\10
 Queen + Paul Rogers 19.3.05 Fancourt,South Africa pro/pal 9\10
 Queen + Paul Rogers 14.3.06 wachovia spectrum,philadelphia,usa menus 9\10 exellent screen shot
 Queen + Paul Rogers 27.3.06 bradley centre,milwaukee,usa 2 dvd menus aud/ntsc 9\10

 Quiet Riot 7/26/06 Mt Clemens Michigan menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc/Heavy Metal AL
 Quiet Riot 4/4/02 Harpo`s Detroit menu aud/ntsc 8-9/10 Damageinc master Series

 Raconteurs The June 5th, 2008 KOOL HAUS Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2dvd aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Trexcutter/Riffle
 Raconteurs 6/23/06 London Astoria UK menu aud/pal 9\10

 Rancid - Knoxville, TN 11-3-94 40min. aud/ntsc 7\10
 Rancid - San Francisco, CA 12-12-95 70min aud/ntsc 7\10
 Rancid / 11/06/98 / "The Club@Firestone" / Orlando, FL / 59 min aud/ntsc 8\10
 Rancid - 1995-09-06 - Fleece And Firkin, Bristol, UK +Bologna 7\9\03+Coney island 3\6\98 aud/pal 7-8\10 (3 incomplete shows on DVD 1hr 45mins)
 Rancid : "SUMMERSONIC FESTIVAL" MAKUHARI, JAPAN 8/18/01 (42m) Pro/ ntsc 9\10
 Rancid 2001-08-18 Summer Sonic, Chiba Marine Stadium Tokyo 36mins +2004-01-31 Makuhari Mess Convention Centre Tokyo 20mins menu pro/ntsc 9\10 tv masters
 Rancid 14\2\04 Zepp Japan TV pro/ntsc 9\10
 Rancid 12/12/95 ? The Filmore San Francisco aud/ntsc 8\10
 Rancid 8\5\98 Miami Fl outdoor show 30 mins aud/ntsc 8\10 Hi8 Master >dvd
 Rancid 1998-06-02 - Middle East Club, Cambridge, USA aud/ntsc 8\10 some obs
 Rancid 6\23\01 Las Vegas NV "Warped Tour" aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Rancid Nov/16/06 Brixton Academy  some obs aud/ntsc 8\10
 RANCID 06/22/08 The Masquerade Atlanta aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Deadlie13
 Rancid /Donots/Flogging Molly/Angels and Airwaves  6/4/08 Punkspring Fest Tokyo Japan  pro/ntsc 9\10

 Rainbow 20\10\1977 Rockaplast Munchen pro/pal 8\10

 Rammstein Brixton London 4\2\05 aud pal 8\10
 Rammstein 2005-07-23 Arenes Des Nimes, Nimes, France aud/pal 9\10
 Rammstein 1997-08-17 Bizarre Festival, Koln menu aud/pal 8-9/10
 Rammstein 8\18\96  Bizzare Fest Butzweiler Hof Cologne pro/pal 8\10
 Rammstein 10/23/01 Cobo Arena Detroit  Mi   menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Rammstein 2004-11-26 SCC, Saint-Petersburg v.3 menus aud/pal 9\10 master clone
 Rammstein 2005-02-12 Galaxie, Amneville + vids menus aud/pal 8\10 master clone
 Rammstein 2005-02-28 Czech Arena, Ostrava v.1 menus aud/pal 9\10 master clone
 Rammstein 2005-02-24 Forum, Milan menus 2 dvd aud/pal 8-9/10 Master clone
 Rammstein  Nov/21/09  Vienna Austria menu  aud/pal 8-9\10 Incomplete HD sourced 48mins
 Rammstein  Nov/30/09  Koln Lanxess Arena Koln  menu 2dvd 8-9\10 Stoeff  
 Rammstein Feb/26/10  St Petersburg Russia incomplete 1hr 30m aud/pal 8-9\10 Hd Sourced 1hr 30m DL kor2dvd
 Rammstein Feb/26/10  St Petersburg Russia  1hr .43m       aud/pal 8-9\10 HD sourced
 Rammstein 6/6/10 Riock AM Ring Germany incomplete broadcast 31mins pro/pal 9\10

  Ra  6\Oct \06 3rd Street Live Cedar Rapids menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Shotime5/Damageinc master series
 Ratt 3/20/87 New york aud/ntsc 7\10
 Ratt 3\18\84 Hollywood +Japan clips pro/ntsc 8\10
 Ratt 3\18\84 Hollywood +Japan clips+ videos pro/ntsc 8\10 Focker
 Ratt Osaka 12/16/91 menus 2DVD aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Ratt Camden NJ 7\11\99 aud ntsc 7\10
 Ratt Atlantic,NJ 7-30-05 aud/ntsc 9\10 master sourced
 Ratt Nov/15/97 Pierres Fort Wayne Indiana menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Evil Dick
 Ratt oct/22/97 Pops Madness Sauget menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Evil Dick
 Ratt June/28/09 Stars +Stripes Fest Mt Clement Mi  audio lil blown aud/ntsc 8/10 Masterclone
 Ratt  July/25/09  WIOT Riot Toledo Harley Davidson  menu  aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Ratt Trader Productions
 Ratt 7/28/09 Nokia Theatre  NYC     aud/ntsc  9\10 NYCBC
 Ratt  dec/11/09 Hard Rock Hell Prestatyn Wales UK  menu aud/pal 9\10 Tommyten

 Red     sep/5 09 Rockford IL    menu         aud/ntsc 9\10 Even13flow
 Red Sparowes July/8/08 London ULU 2 cam with permission Menu aud/pal 9\10 Miky

 REM march/8/08 Langerado Fest Big Cypress FL menu D/L aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 REM 3/13/08 Austin City Limits Austin CA.. from HD transfer pro/ntsc 10/10

 Reagans Youth 8\13\88 Tompkins Square Park NYC NY menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Rewind Festival  21st-23rd aug 2010

  good tv highlights Level42/go-west/10cc etc  pc/ pro/pal9\10  90mins approx

 RHCP Oct/4/99 Luna Park Stadium,Buenos Aries menu Argentina pro/pal 9\10
 Red Hot Chilli Peppers -06-04 -99 Stockholm, Sweden menus aud/ntsc 9\10
 Red Hot Chilli Peppers 8\20\00 Montreal Qc aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st
 RHCP Jan/9/2000 Tokyo pro/ntsc 9\10 has timecode
 Red Hot Chilli Peppers 7/June/02 Hamburg pro/pal 9\10 1st
 Red Hot Chilli Peppers 10-11-2003 Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA 2-CAM menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Red Hot Chilli Peppers 11-23-1986 The Ritz, Austin, TX menus shot on stage/ntsc 8\10 cool
 Red Hot Chilli Peppers 2006-04-29 - Milan Alcatraz, Italy mtv pro/pal 9\10
 Red Hot Chilli Peppers 3/6/06 Rock in Rio Lisbon pro/pal 9\10
 Red Hot Chilli Peppers 10\17\06 Continental arena New Jersey 2 cam aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Red Hot Chilli Peppers 11/27/06 Stuttgart menu 2 dvd aud/pal 8\10 masterclone little shaky
 Red Hot Chilli Peppers 10\31\06 Cleveland menu aud/ntsc 8\10 obs/dist masterclone
 Red Hot Chilli Peppers 2006-04-18 - Spain tv pro/ntsc 9\10
 RHCP July/29/06 Naeba Ski resort Nigata japan (Fuji Fest) pro/ntsc 9\10
 RHCP 2 sets Paris 06 "La Cigale" recorded on April 20th and broadcasted on MCM on May 5th.
 Then, the french TV Show "Taratata" taped on April 21st and broadcasted on France 4 on May 5th.pro/pal 9\10
 Red Hot Chilli Peppers 3/July/07 Chorzow Poland menu pro/pal 9\10
 Red Hot Chilli Peppers-4/7/07 Adelaide,Aus menu letterboxed aud/pal 8\10 stonecoldbush
 RHCP 2/Jun/06 Palacio De Los Deportes Spain aud/pal 8\10

 Ripper Owen Oct/14/09  Decibelios  Montevideo Uruguay aud/ntsc 9\10 FVT master
 Ripper Owen Nov/3/10  Bluzz Live Montevideo Uruguay 2dvd  9\10 FVT

 Rush July/24/10  Jones Beach Wantagh NY 2dvd  aud/ntsc 9\10 NYCBC
 Rush Oct/15/10 GEBA Stadium  Buenos Aries  pc/2dvd  aud/ntsc 8\10Mavrick
 Rush Aug/29/2010 Nationwide Arena Columbus 2cam Incomplete pc/aud/ntsc 8-9\10HD Digicam>dvd
 Rush Aug/13/2010 Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre  Irvine CA  2dvd  aud/ntsc 9\10 Tapehead2
 Rush YYZ Chicken parts dvd 1+2 sep/22/07 Air Canada Centre.
 dvd 3 July/9/08 Air Canada centre aud/ntsc 8-9\10 some cuts T+D Services
 Rush 4/15/08 Orlando Florida 3 dvds menu aud/ntsc 10/10 ...awsome
 Rush 6\14\08 Wachovia Centre Philadelphia PA 2 dvds (1 is DL) menu aud/ntsc 9\10 ..very nice
 Rush 4/11/08 San juan Puerto rico 2dvd menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Digital camera sourced
 Rush 7/14/08 Jones Beach Wantagh NY 2 dvd menu 2cam aud/ntsc 9\10 NYB
 Rush July-11-08 Verizon Wireless Arena Manchester New Hampshire 2dvd aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Rush 4\13\08 Bank Atlantic Centre Sunrise FL 3 dvd menus aud/ntsc 9\10 T+D
 Rush July/5/08 SPAC Saratoga Springs NY menu incomplete 58mins aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Masterclone
 Rush 3/10/07 The Secc Glasgow Scotland menus 3 dvd aud/pal9\10 masterclone
 Rush 9\17/07 MADISON SQUARE GARDEN,NEW YORK,NY,USA (2DVD) multicam aud/ntsc 9\10
 Rush 7\28\07 MGM Grand Garden Las Vegas 3 dvd menus aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Rush 7/23/07 Hollywood Bowl -Hollywood Ca 3 dvds menu no zoom aud/ntsc 9\10
 Rush 7\9\07 Mohegan Sun Casino Uncasville CT 2 dvd basic menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 NYCBC masterclone
 Rush 7/2/07 Jones Beach Wantah NY 2 dvd basic menu aud/ntsc 8\10 NYBC masterclone(first 7mins no picture)
 Rush 6/13/07 Atlanta menus 3 dvd aud/ntsc 8-9\10 master clone (no zoom..but good)
 Rush 3/22/94 Palace Auburn Hills Detroit Mi 2dvd menu pro/ntsc 8-9\10 Applejack
 Rush march/8/94 MSG NY 2 dvds menus aud/ntsc 9\10
 Rush 12/12/91 DEM BONES – Albany, NY menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Rush 10\13\02 Philips Arena Atlanta GA 2dvd 8\10 nice
 Rush 26\2\92 Memorial Collesium ,Jacksonville ,Florida aud/ntsc 7\10
 Rush 1/29/92 BALLOONS BY THE BAY – Oakland, CA 2DVD menus aud/ntsc 8\10
 Rush 23 /Apr/ 92 Cologne, Germany, Sporthalle,  SONY HI 8 video cam master aud/pal 8-9\10 Bobfather
 Rush 4\4\86 Nassau Collesium Uniondale NY aud/ntsc 6-7\ 10 incomplete
 Rush 3/3/86 "Wlid kinetic Dreams " Coliseum Quebec menu aud/ntsc 8\10 JayTor2112 upgrade
 Rush Visual Chemistry montreal 9/4/83 aud/ ntsc 8\10
 Rush STAGE TEST….THE MOVIE – Great Western Forum, Los Angeles, CA 11/26/96 2DVD PC aud /ntsc 8\10
 Rush 12/12/96 Charlotte Coliseum NA menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8\10 Voodoo
 Rush COMING HOME – Molson Amphitheater, Toronto, Canada 6/30/97&7/2/97 two complete shows 4DVD aud/ntsc 9\10
 Rush Toronto GraceUnder Pressure tour 84 pro/ ntsc 9\10
 Rush project R30 Antioch,TN menu ntsc / aud 8/10 2 disc
 Rush sarstock fest ,Toronto menu ntsc pro 9/10 includes ac-dc set
 Rush exit stage left montreal 81 menu ntsc pro 9\10
 Rush: A View From the Palace - menus March 3rd 1994 Pro Shot ntsc (2 DVD) 9\10
 Rush MCI Center - Baltimore, MD 10-15-02 aud ntsc 8\10
 Rush oct/28/02 Fleet Centre Boston MA aud/ntsc 9\10
 Rush 12/22/02 Toronto menu 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone ?
 Rush The Spirit Of Tampa - Tampa, Fla 10-10-02 aud ntsc 8\10 2 disc
 Rush RCMH,NEW YORK 18/08/04 3dvd Remaster aud/ntsc 9\10 master
 Rush 7\29\04 West Palm Beach Fl menu 2 dvds aud/ntsc 9\10
 Rush BIRMINGHAM NEC. 15/09/04 2DVD aud/ntsc 8- 9\10
 Rush Hamburg Germany 27\9\04 menus aud/pal 8-9\10 master clone
 Rush "Coming home" Molson Amphitheater, Toronto, Canada 6/30/97&7/2/97 two complete shows 4DVD aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Rush "Stage Test" 11/26/96 Great Western Forum, Los Angeles, CA 2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Rush Oct 22 2002 Air Canada Centre Toronto menu 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Rush 4\22\94 Brendan Byrne Arena NJ menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8\10 T+D
 Rush Dec/10/85 Rochester NY menus 2 dvd aud/ntsc 7\10 T+D
 Rush Feb/13/88 The Sportatorium Hollywood Fl  pc/aud/ntsc 8\10 voodoo
 RATM 1992.12.11Berkeley Square Berkeley, CA  aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone MDVidguy/Shadow
 RATM 1992.11.07Berkeley Square  Berkeley CA   aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone MDVidguy/Shadow
 RATM 29\3\92 Zedds Records aud/ntsc 7\10 ..cool show in a store
 RATM 22/5/93 Rock City Nottingham aud/pal 7\10
 RATM June/6/93 Dienze  Belgium   menu  33mins  aud/ntsc 8\10
 RATM 26/7/97 Fuji Rock fest Yamanashi JAP ntsc/pro 9\10
 RATM 12/6/97 + 17\6\00 Hultsfred Sweden menus pro/pal 8-9\10
 RATM korea net broadcast ntsc pro 8\10
 RATM 15\9\96 St Paul MN ntsc aud 9\10
 RATM 1996-09-04 San Jose, CA State Events Center V1 right side aud/ntsc 9\10 1st
 RATM - Live Woodstock 99 xx/xx/1999 PRO DVD 9 \10 FULL
 RATM "home video" various lives oop pro/ntsc 9\10
 RATM 1994-05-20 Pukkelpop Fest, Hasselt, Germany & Woodstock99 pro/pal 8\10
 RATM 8\13\96 Philadelphia aud/ntsc 8\10
 RATM 23/8/96 Reading Fest England menu vowow TV 42mins  pro/ntsc 8\10 vhsM >dvd
 RATM Oct/10/96 Compton Terrace  CA   8-9/10 1st
 RATM may/11/96 Brixton Academy London + some proshot Glastonbury footage(6-14-94)  aud/pal 8\10  
 RATM May/16/1996 Den Gra Hall  Copenhagen, Denmark  aud/pal 8-9\10 1st Gen  RN
 RATM 1996-08-07 Montreal, Canada Verdun Arena aud/ntsc 9\10 1st
 RATM 9\21\97 DesertSky Pavillion Mesa AZ menu aud/ntsc 8\10 1st
 RATM 8\20\97 East Rutherford NJ 2cam aud/ntsc 8\10
 RATM 9\16\97 Cal Expo Center Sacramento menu  aud/ntsc 7-8\10 VHS2 Digitallive
 RATM 9\12\00  Grand Olympic Auditorium     menu aud/ntsc 7\10 vhs2
 RATM feb/4/00 Phillipshalle Dusseldorf Menu pro/pal 9\10 2009 dvb upgrade
 RATM 1993-06-12 - Reykjavik Festival, Iceland pro/pal 7\10
 RATM 01\23\93 DC 9:30 Club aud/ntsc 9\10 1st
 RATM 01\23\93 DC 9:30 Club aud/ntsc 9\10 master V2 closer version filmed with permission MDVidGuy
 RATM 1\22\93 JC Dobbs aud/ntsc 9\10 1st
 RATM 4/19/96  The Dragonfly Los Angeles  pc/aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 RATM 18\12\99 Cox Arena San Diego menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone ?
 RATM Oct/10/99 Coachella Music fest Indio CA USA  pc/pro/ntsc 8\10
 RATM 12/16/99 Phoenix AZ aud/ntsc 8\10
 RATM 13/9/99 London Astoria menu aud/pal 7-8\10
 RATM 11/24/99 Denver Collesium Denver menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Silver Stallion
 RATM 11/29/99 Toronto aud/ntsc 8\10
 RATM 3/12/99 Uniondale NY multi-cam aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 RATM 1999-01-28 East Rutherford, NJ Continental Arena (Mumia Benefit)2cam v1 74mins aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 RATM 2rock special nov 99 vids/interviews pro/pal 8-9\10 vhsm
 RATM 2rock special nov 00 vids/interviews pro/pal 8-9\10 vhsm
 Rage Against the Machine 8\3\92 San Luis Obispo aud/ntsc 7-8\10 shot on stage
 RATM "Born with Insight-Raised with a fist" compilation menu aud/ntsc varies...good
 RATM 29\4\07 Coachella Fest Indio aud/ntsc 7\10 digi cam sourced
 RATM July/28/07 Randalls Island NY (HD Camcorder) aud/ntsc 7\10 masterclone
 RATM 4\29\07 Coachella Fest Indio aud/ntsc 8\10 multi-cam
 RATM 10\28\07 Vegoose Fest Nv menu some heads hands aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Vegaspunx
 RATM 10\28\07 Vegoose Fest Nv 2cam menu some heads hands + bonus clip aud/ntsc 9\10
 RATM 10\28\07 Vegoose Fest Nv menu some heads hands menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 left shot
 RATM Jun/10/08 Zitadelle Spandau Berlin menu aud/pal 9\10 ratm boots
 RATM Jun/7/08 Rock im Park   Nurnberg  Germany   menu some obstructions awsome audio  aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 RATM  June/14/08 Modena Italy     sa    aud/pal 9\10
 RATM Jan/25/08  Oylimpic Park Sydney Australia    aud/pal 7\10 SS666
 RATM Jan/22/08  Oylimpic Park Sydney Australia    aud/pal 8\10 SS666
 RATM oct/9/2010 SWU Fest Sau Paulo Brazil  pc/pro/ntsc 9\10
 RATM  9 june 2010 Gelredome Stadium Arnhem, Netherlands  pc aud/pal 8\10 Koen

 Robin Trower 5/25/91 Hart Plaza Detroit 2dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Rob zombie 4/19/02 Utica NY menu 8-9\10 masterclone Digitallive Master
 Rob zombie 12/16/01 - HSBC Arena Buffalo NY 2 cam mix menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone Digitallive
 Rob zombie Dec/18/01 Pepsi Arena Albany,NY menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic series
 Rob zombie + Ozzy Osbourne - 12/16/01 - HSBC Arena aud/ntsc 7\10
 Rob Zombie 10\26\98 Upper Darby PA aud/ntsc 7\10
 Rob Zombie 11/27/98 Mesa Az menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Classic series
 Rob Zombie 4\4\99 Events Center Tacoma WA 2 cam menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Rob Zombie 3/23/99 First union centre Philladelphia aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Rob Zombie 9\17\06 St Louis MO aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Masterclone
 Rob Zombie 7\11\06 Council Buffs IA aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone
 Rob Zombie Nov/18/07 Oracle Arena Oakland menu aud/ntsc 7\10 digital camera sourced
 Rob Zombie Aug/7/10 First Niagra Pavillion Burgettstown PA   pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive
 Rob Zombie Oct/17th /2010 DCU Centre Worcester MA  3cam  2dvd  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Tripkore

 Rollins band  May/16/96 Wielki Final Marlbro Rock In Katowice Poland pro/pal 8\10 Vhs1

 Robbie Williams Berlin 10\9\05 pro/pal 10/10

 Rolling Stones –2005.10.17. USA, FLA, Miami, American Airlines Arena, aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Rolling Stones –2006.04.13. Australia, Melbourne, Rod Laver Arena, aud/ntsc 9\10

 Rock Goddess 84 , Marquee London pro/pal 9\10


 Roger Waters July/30/84 Forum Montreal menu aud/ntsc 6\10
 Roger Waters Glastonbury 30\6\02 pro 8\10
 Roger Waters "Tripped" Cork Ireland (play full DSOTM) menus aud/ntsc 9\10 hop the pond
 Roger Waters 5/5/02 Lisbon, Portugal 5/5/02 2DVD aud/ntsc 9\10 hop the pond
 Roger Waters 5/15/02 Rotterdam, Holland 3 cam mix 2DVD menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Roger Waters 9\13\06 MSG, NYC New York 2 dvds stage/screens 3cam aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 Roger Waters 4/June/06 Arena Di Verona Italy 2dvds menu 2 cam aud/pal 9\10 masterclone Streetspirit
 Roger Waters 25/Jan/07 Sydney Australia 2 dvd menu aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Roger Waters 18\3\07 River Plate Stadium Buenos Aries, Argentina menus 2dvds pro/pal 10/10
 Roger Waters 5\5\07 Gelredome Arnhem Holland menu 3cam/2 audio with angle option aud/pal 9\10 Hop The Pond
 Roger Waters    Feb/5/07  Brisbane Entertainment Centre Australia 2 dvd menu  aud/pal 8-9\10 catseye
 Roger Waters Mar/9/07 Bogata Columbia    pro/ntsc 8\10
 Roger Waters Oct/13/10 Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Uniondale NY pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 DL Tapehead2  
 Roger Waters  sep\20\10
United Center
Chicago, IL  HD> DL dvd  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Tapehead 2
 Roger Waters  sep\21\10
United Center
Chicago, IL  HD> DL dvd  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Tapehead 2
 Roger Waters  Nov/16/10 St pete times Forum Tampa FL  3cam 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 JFI Productions

 Rose Tattoo 15/6/08 Download Fest Donington UK menu aud/pal 9\10 Gig Addiction
 Rose Tattoo The Early Years compilation aud/ pro/pal Quality varies
 Rose Tattoo Boggo Rd Jail 93 pro/pal 9\10 "official" nft

 Rock Around The Bay 16\Aug \97 Zakk Wylde, Crue,Vai pro/ntsc 8\10

 Sacred Reich 7\26\91 Todds Detroit menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 damageinc master Series
 Sacred Reich 29\7\07 The Scala London, menu aud/pal 8-9\10 Dreamweaver/Dave I master series

 Samson (Bruce Dickinson) 7\2\80 Birmingham aud/pal 7-8\10

 Sammy Hagar 5\19\03 Battery Park New York aud/ntsc 9\10
 Sammy Hagar/Montrose 6\8\05 Detroit menus aud/ntsc 8\10
 Sammy Hagar 8\10\06 Glencoe Camp Resort Sturgis,SD 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 metalzone ..very nice
 Savatage 2/21/88 Cobo Arena Detroit menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Savatage cleveland 4\28\01 aud/ntsc 8\10
 Savatage fallen heros aud/ntsc 8\10
 Savatage Biella,Italy 11/6/98 2dvd aud/ntsc 8\10

 Scars On Broadway 4\9\08 Vienna Arena Austria menu aud/pal 9\10

 Scott Stapp 6\13\06 Lemore ,Ca sa aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone

 Scissor Sisters 16\9\06 Radio 1 broadcast +Johnathon ross show menus pro/pal 9\10 digital TV >PC
 Saxon may/13/2011 @Le Splendid Lille France samsung st60 .good quality  aud/pal 8\10 DL
 Saxon April/25/09 Prestayn Wales   Hammerfest menu  + audio select 9\10 Tommyten...awsome
 Saxon July/14/08 Jazz fest Montreux menu letterboxed pro/pal 8\10
 Saxon --\--\06 Huttwill Switzerland Incomplete but full broadcast pro/pal 9\10
 Saxon Metalway Fest Gernika Spain 05 aud/pal 9\10
 Saxon 5/5/2000 Greece aud pal 8\10
 Saxon Spain 86 + Argentina 92 pro/ ntsc 8\10
 Saxon 6/22/88 Town +Country Club London, Engalnd menu pro/pal 8\10
 Saxon 12/10/90 Cologne, Germany menu pro/pal 8-9\10
 Saxon Archives 81-90 low gen compilation...nice menu aud/pal 9\10
 Saxon 28 may 82 ZDF ROCKPOP IN CONCERT, WESTFALENHALLE, DORTMUND + Quo,Joan Jett pro/pal 9\10 VHSM
 Saxon feb/7/92 Halley Club Argentina menu pro/ntsc 9\10

 Saving Able 7/25/08 Marion Airport Iowa menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Schotime/Metalzone

 Scorpions super rock84 lazer disc rip 10\10 menus ntsc pro
 Scorpions 2/27/91 Oakland CA 2 dvds menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Scorpions - 2005-03-21 Manchester, England, aud/pal 8\10
 Scorpions 30\6\06 Costa Mesa Ca Pacific Ampitheatre 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone
 Scorpions 31/5/06 London Royal Albert Hall multi- cam aud/ntsc 8\10
 Scorpions 3/7/06 Salinas Sports Complex CA 2DVD aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone ...exellent
 Scorpions 6\18\10 Holmdel NJ    HD >2dvd  aud/ntsc 8\10 SFCrackpipe
 Scorpions Aug/17/10  Denver Co      aud/ntsc 9\10
 Scorpions July/23/10  San Antonio TX   pc/aud/ntsc 9\10
 Scorpions Jun/22/10 NYC NY Jones Beach Wantagh 2cam aud/ntsc 9\10 NYCBC
 Scorpions Mar/15/10 02 Arena Prague Czech Rep  pc aud/ntsc 7\10 digicam/cuts

 Seether 7-26-08 Dubuque, IA Dubuque County Fair 2 discs menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Schotime/Metalzone

 Shadows Fall May/4th/ 07 Des Moines Iowa menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 Shadows Fall - Lowell MA 03/15/2005 Aud / NTSC 9\10
 Shadows Fall - Ozzfest San Bernardhino CA 08/20/2005 Aud / NTSC 9\10
 Shadows Fall 2/11/00 Palladium Worcester Ma menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Shadows Fall Nov/7/03 Harpo`s Detroit menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series(re-done)

 Skarhead 4/22/98 St Andrews hall Detroit menu aud/ntsc 9\10Damageinc Master Series
 Skid Row 12/28/89 New Haven CT menu aud/ntsc 8\10 low
 Skid Row -1991-12-07 Live at Lisebergshallen Gothenburg, Sweden - 3cam aud/pal 7\10
 Skid Row "Slave to the UK " Aug/31/91 Wembley Stadium England menus aud/ntsc 8\10
 Skid Row Gothenburg,Sweden 7\12\91 menus aud/pal 7\10
 Skid Row 6\Dec\91 menu 2 dvd aud/pal 8\10 vid 8 master
 Skid Row 7\24\99 Kawasaki Japan Menus pro/ntsc 9\10 Hambone
 Skid Row 6\25\95 Tokyo Japan menu pro/ntsc 9\10
 Skid Row Aug/5/09 Inner Harbour Syracuse NY menu aud/ntsc 9\10 front row filmed in HD
 Skidrow  Oct/10/09 Enmore Theatre  Sydney Australia  aud/pal 8-9\10 Bobmetallicafreak  
 Skidrow  Oct/8/09 The Palace Theatre, Melbourne, VIC   aud/pal 7\10 digicam revenge productions

 Skyclad 22/2/92 The Flying Picket,Liverpool UK menu aud/pal 8-9\10 Dreamweaver/Dave I master Series
 Skyclad 5/April/92 Sheffield menu aud/pal 8\10 1st
 Slaughter 9\2\07 Veterans memorial Stadium Cedar Rapids IA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Schonuffmetal Master

 Slash Jun/4/10 Rock AM Ring Germany  menu 46mins pro/pal 9\10
 Slash June/13/10  Download fest Donington  pc/aud/pal  8\10 Tommyten

 Silent Civillian may/29th/10 The Rave Milwaukee  webcast pro/ntsc 7\10

 Slayer July/3/11  @ Ullevi stadium Gothenburg  pc/pro/pal 910
 Slayer Aug/11/2010 Glen falls NY pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77
 Slayer   Oct/6/10 Baltimore MD includes Anthrax set . aud/ntsc 9\10 nice
 Slayer Oct/8/10 Nassau Coliseum  aud/ntsc 8-9\10 NYCBC
 Slayer   Aug/12/10 Izod Centre East Rutherford  NJ    pc/pro/ntsc 9\10 NYCBC
 Slayer  Jun/5/10 Rock AM Ring Germany  menu  pro/pal 9\10
 Slayer Oct/8/09  Sydney Australia   sa  aud/pal 8\10 SS666 Version
 Slayer Aug/14/09  Mayhem fest San Antonio TX   menu  aud/ntsc 8\10
 Slayer  Aug/1/09  Pittsburgh PA   sa  some hands /heads      aud/ntsc 8\10
 Slayer July/10/09 Sleeptrain Ampitheatre Marysville CA   sa  aud/ntsc 9\10
 Slayer     Oct/7/09 Botanical Gardens Brisbane   pc/aud/pal 7-8\10 Skarhead666
 Slayer July/29/09 Scranton PA 2dvds HD sourced ! menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77
 Slayer Nov/17/08 Tesla Arena Prauge Czech Republic menu 2dvds aud/pal 8\10 Fifek/Dusan
 Slayer Nov/9/08  Stuttgart germany  menu  aud/pal 9\10
 Slayer 5/nov/08 Offenbach Germany menu aud/pal 8-9\10
 Slayer 11/14/08 Palasharp Milan menu aud/ pal 8\10 Mak 1334
 Slayer 15/April/07 Vodaphone arena Melbourne Australia 2cam aud/ntsc 8\10
 Slayer 8\8\07 Montreal menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Out of The Sewer
 Slayer 8\4\07 DCU Centre(Centrun) Worcester MA sa aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Slayer 9\6\07 Download Fest Donington UK aud/pal 8\10 from Chrises Master
 Slayer 2/june/07 Rock AM Ring menus 16:9 pro/pal 10/10
 Slayer 7\6\06 Cobo Arena Detroit menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Slayer Sep/2/06 Via Funcha San Paulo ,Brazil menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Slayer 9\9\06 Velodrome National Stadium Santiagi Chille menu aud/ntsc 8\10 master clone
 Slayer 03-Nov-2006 MEN Arena Manchester UK Dat Audio !! menu aud/Ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Slayer 7\24\06 Orleans Arena Las Vegas menus aud/ntsc 8-9/10 few security ducks - Master Clone
 Slayer 7\3\06 Montreal Canada menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 master clone Out of the Sewer
 Slayer June 29 /06 Us Bank Arena Cincinatti OH menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone Finatic
 Slayer 6\16\06 East Rutherford, NJ USA aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Slayer 5/28/85 Eindhoven/Holland aud/pal 8\10
 Slayer 20/1/95 Hells Harbringer Santa Cruz CA aud/ntsc 8\10
 Slayer 4\7\03 eurochnees de Belfort +bonus GOM pro pal 9\10
 Slayer 8\7\03 London aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Slayer 10\14\03 Columbus OH menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone
 Slayer 18\11\04 Electric factory Philly aud ntsc 8\10
 Slayer 6\11\04 Harpos Detroit aud /ntsc 8\10
 Slayer 10\10\04 Hammersmith Carling Apollo London menu aud/pal 9\10 master clone ?
 Slayer, Montreux Jazz Fest7\7\02 pro/pal 10/10
 Slayer 6\29\05 Vienna , Austria aud/pal 9\10 Master clone
 Slayer 6\11\05 Bologna Italy pro/pal 9\10
 Slayer 4/6/05 Rock am Ring pro/pal 9\10
 Slayer 10\6\98 Odeon club ,Cleveland Ohio aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc master
 Slayer 27\11\04 Ft Lauderdale,FL aud/ntsc 9\10 master ?
 Slayer 16/8\02 Poughkeepsie, NY aud/ntsc 9\10 master ?
 Slayer 8\June/02 Gods of Metal Monza Italy aud/pal 9\10 from DV master
 Slayer sep/7/02 St Paul Mn 2cam mix aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Slayer July/15/02 Astoria London UK aud/pal 8\10
 Slayer 17\6\98 N Y aud/ntsc 8\10
 Slayer 9\6\98 Convention Hall Asbury Park, NJ aud/ntsc 9\10 master
 Slayer 6\16\00 Earls cout London menus aud/pal 9\10 master sourced
 Slayer 6\11\00 Monza Italy aud/pal 9\10 from DV master
 Slayer 16\7\00 eurochnees de Belfort menus pro/pal 9\10
 Slayer 7\30\00 Pontiac Mi menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Slayer 11/26/98 London menu aud/pal 8-9\10 1st Invaders
 Slayer 7\7\96 London some tracking lines for 6 mins aud/pal 9\10
 Slayer 8\22\92 Monsters Of Rock Donington UK menus aud/pal 8\10
 Slayer 2/23/91 Cameo Theatre Miami Florida aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Slayer 2/24/91 Cameo Theatre Miami FL aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Slayer July/14/91 Miami Arena aud/ntsc 7\10
 Slayer Dec/13/90  Osaka Japan    1stgenVHS>dvd sp  aud/ntsc 8\10 MDVidguy

 Soundwave  2009.02.22   Sydney,Australia 2 DVD  aud/pal almost 3hours digicam footage 7\10  Bobmetallicafreak

 Soundgarden 95-08-25 Reading FestivalReading, England menu  6\10 high gen
 Soundgarden Sep/6/95  Turbinhalle Oberhausen Germany aud/pal 8-9\10 Hi8M> DL dvd Bobfather  
 Soundgarden Apr/3/92 Town+Country Club London  aud/pal 8\10 1st gen
 Soundgarden 1996-11-13 Varsity Arena Toronto, Canada aud/ntsc 9\10 DIRECT FROM THE MASTER 8MM TAPE
 Soundgarden -Motorvision 5+6 march 92 paramount theatre seattle pro ntsc 9\10
 Soundgarden - San Jose, CA June 3 1994 ntsc aud 6/10
 Soundgarden - April 16 1990 (WDR Rocknacht)Philipshalle Dusseldorf, Germany pal /pro 9\10 2009 dvb upgrade
 Soundgarden - Bethlahem, PA June 24 1994 menus ntsc / aud 8\10 1st gen
 Soundgraden - Patriot Centre Nov 20 1996 ntsc aud 6/10
 Soundgarden- Bremerton Washington lollapalooza 22/7/92 ntsc pro 8\10 upgrade
 Soundgarden - 10/06/91 - The Palladium Louder than live pro/ntsc 8\10
 Soundgarden 12/16/91 Philadelphia Pa aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st gen Damageinc Classic
 Soundgarden 12/17/91 Philadelphia Pa aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st gen Damageinc Classic
 Soundgarden 3/17/90 Lamours Brooklyn NY + FNM set menu aud/ntsc 9\10 SBV ADL 1st
 Soundgarden sep/14/91 Capitol Theatre Olympia WA menu aud/ntsc 7-8\10 vhs2
 Soundgarden 16\1\92 The Spectrum Toronto some obstructions aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Master clone
 Soundgarden April/19/92  The Warfield  San Francisco  1st Gen VHS->Phillips SA  aud/ntsc 8\10 MDvidguy
 Soundgarden compilation motorvision/louder than live+videos no proper chapters pro/ntsc 8\10
 Soundgarden 07/12/96 Randalls Island,NYC lollapalooza fest aud/ntsc 7\10 + Holland 92 +SNL `s pro/ntsc 8\10
 Soundgarden July/27th 96 Compton Terrace ChanldlerAZ menu aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Soundgarden 9\9\95 Reggio Emilia Italy menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Soundgarden 08/04/94 VERDUN,PQ aud/ntsc 8\10
 Soundgarden 7\2\94 Milwaukee WI aud/ntsc 9\10 1st
 Soundgarden July/23/94 Fair Park Coliseum Dallas TX  2dvd menus  aud/ntsc 8\10  low/great audio   
 Soundgarden 12/march/94 Shepherds Bush Empire London aud/pal 8\10 close
 Soundgarden 07/07/96 QUEBEC,PQ (obstruction,shaky at times) aud/ntsc 8\10 from master
 Soundgarden 4\12\96 Memorial Auditorium Sacramento, CA aud/ntsc 8\10 low
 Soundgarden 1996-08-18 - Johanneshovs, Stockholm, Sweden menus 2 dvd aud/pal 8-9\10 Video 8 M >dvd
 Soundgarden 2/11/88 Club Lingerie LA menus aud/ntsc 8\10

 Seven Witches 2/28/09 Jaxx Nightclub Springfield VA menu permission shot aud/ntsc 9\10 Maidencolorado

 30TH AUGUST 1996 SEATTLE BUMPERSHOOTS FESTIVAL 2nd aud/ntsc 8-9\10 scoutthedoggie
 Sex Pistols 09/14/2002 California KROQ Inland Invasion menus pro/pal 8\10
 Sex Pistols 2007-11-12 - Brixton Academy, London, UK aud/pal 8-9\10
 Sex Pistols 2007-11-08 - Brixton Academy, London, UK aud/pal 8-9\10

 Sebastian Bach 2/4/98 Pops Sauget Il aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Sebastian Bach 2/8/00 Pittsburgh aud/ntsc 8\10
 Sebastian Bach Feb/12/00 Harpo`s Detroit menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series/Metalzone
 Sebastian Bach Harpos: Detroit, MI 2/12/00 2 cam menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Sebastian Bach 7\23\06 UDO music fest Osaka Japan menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Sebastian Bach 7\15\06 Kaliakara Stadium Kavarna Bulgaria sa aud/pal 9\10
 Sebastian Bach 8\21\05 Rockin the Park Mont Claire , NJ menu aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone

 Seven Ages of Rock "The Metal Years" BBC Documentary Sabbath,Priest,Maiden ,Ozzy Crue etc pro/pal 10/10 TV>sa in XP


 Sepultura Apr/25/09 Prestatyn Wales hammerfest  menu aud/pal 9\10 Tommyten
 Sepultura Feb/20/09 Insbruck Austria menu 2 dvd aud/pal 8\10 Norbhino
 Sepultura 31/3/07 Islington Academy London aud/pal 8\10 masterclone shot at side of stage
 Sepultura 9\\july\07 Komma Worgl Austria menu 2 dvd aud/pal 9\10 Norbinho
 Sepultura 3/20/07 Vienna + bonus menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Digitallive
 Sepultura 3/17/07 Sindelfingen Germany menus 2 dvd aud/pal 8-9\10 Masterclone Corri
 Sepultura 4\22\96 Bird Arena ,Normal IL menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10 DamageInc classic
 Sepultura 4\22\96 Bird Arena ,Normal IL menus aud/ntsc 8\10 2cam vhsM
 Sepultura 11/25/96 Stahlwek Hall Dusseldorf Germany menu TV pro/ntsc 7\10 Pal vhsM>ntsc1
 Sepultura 9\27\96 Montreal Qc(dark)+San Jose CA 7/15/94 menus aud/ntsc 8\10
 Sepultura 7/7/94 Sonoria Fest Milano pro/pal 8-9\10
 Sepultura July/1/94 Roskildefestivalen Orange Scene Roskilde Denmark menu aud/pal 8-9\10 Invaders/Metallican VHS2
 Sepultura 3/15/94 Montreal menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Out of the Sewer
 Sepultura11/24/89 San Antonio TX menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Sepultura Nov/23/89  Houston TX  menu   aud/ntsc 8\10
 Sepultura Jun/30/96 Sonoria feat Milan Italy  menu  aud/pal 8\10 masterclone
 Sepultura Toads/ New Haven CT 3/10/94 menus aud/ntsc 9\10 2 Dvd Damageinc Master
 Sepultura Bremen 8\12\04 aud pal 7/10
 Sepultura rock in rio 3 (25 mins) + halford set pro ntsc 8\10
 Sepultura 99\5\12 Santiago Chille menus pro/ntsc 7\10
 Sepultura Salvador Bahia+ TV Prima 91 pro/ntsc 7-8\10
 Sepultura 14\12\90 San Antonio TX menu aud/ntsc 8\10 1st gen shot close on stage
 Sepultura 16\3\92 House of Culture Helsinki Finland menu aud/pal 8\10 BMR
 Sepultura  April/12/92  Arnhem Netherlands menu FM audio aud/pal 7-8\10 Invaders/Metallican 2nd
 Sepultura 12-23-92  Hollywood, CA  2dvd  sa    aud/ntsc 8-9 \10  Freegersun 8mm M
 Sepultura 10\10\89 Paris France aud/ntsc 8\10 1st
 Sepultura 12/13/93 Hollywood Ca menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Sepultura 16/3/92 Helsinki Finland menu aud/pal 8\10 1st BMR
 Sepultura: 30-06-1996 Sonoria Festival menus - Milan Italy 55:45 aud/pal 8-9\10 VHS(M) >DVD
 Sepultura Feb/24/96 Gent Belgium menu aud/pal 8-9\10 1st
 Sepultura Oct/25/93 Sentrum Scene Oslo Norway menu aud/pal 9\10 Invaders/Metallican vhs1
 Sepultura Dec/12/90 Mcallen TX menu aud/ntsc 8\10 1st
 Sepultura 7/7/91 Finland Giants Of Rock pro/pal 9\10
 Sepultura July/26/91  Detroit    xp/sa  aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Sepultura Jun/4/91 Hamburg Germany  aud/pal 8\10

 Sevendust   8\27\10  Teco arena Estero  Florida  sa  aud/ntsc 9\10 SFCrackpipe
 Sevendust Feb/27/09 Memorial Auditorium Utica NY menu cuts in first song 36mins aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Hellawaits777
 Sevendust 24\8\98 New York City aud/ntsc 9\10 1st
 Sevendust 2 shows Duluth Mn 6\21\98 +St Paul -Roy Wilkins Aud 11/18/03 menus aud/ntsc 9\10

 Sham69 9\1\07 Emergency Room Las Vegas menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone Vegaspunx

 SOD Pig Pen Clinton Iowa 3/20/00 aud/ntsc 7\10
 SOD 11/25/99 ntsc aud 6/10
 SOD the Ritz New York85 aud/ntsc 7\10

 Six Feet Under 2/11/00 The Palladium Worcester MA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc master Series

 Sikth 7\7\06 Bournmouth Opera House aud/pal 8-9\10 master clone
 Sikth 19/May/07 Southampton Guildhall 2 cam aud/pal 8\10 master clone

 SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES 19.7.1981 Rockpalast show, Live at Koln pro/pal 7-8\10
 Siouxie+ The Banshees 7/17/81 Paradiso Amsterdam (pirate TV) VHSM>dvd aud/pal 8\10 great for such a old show

 Slipknot  July/4/09   Roskilde Denmark  pro/pal 9\10
 Slipknot  Jun/10/09 - Cez Arena, Ostrava, Czech Republic   2DVD   sa aud/pal 9\10 (Zizlator)
 Slipknot  Jun/17/09 - Beogradska Arena, Belgrade, Serbia  2DVD menu  aud/pal 9\10(Antihero)
 Slipknot Jun/13/09  Donington UK   pro/pal 7-8\10 webcast (my capture)
 Slipknot  Feb/5/09   Madison Square Gardens NY  aud/ntsc 9\10 NYBC
 Slipknot Oct/15/09 PNE Coliseum Vancouver Canada 2dvd menu  aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Chongeyed
 Slipknot Aug/3/09 San Diego CA  menu  aud/ntsc 8\10   
 Slipknot June/28/09 Gods of Metal  Monza Italy   sa  aud/pal  9\10 right angle
 Slipknot June/28/09 Gods of Metal  Monza Italy   sa  aud/pal  9\10  2cam
 Slipknot Feb/10/09 Cricket Arena Charlotte NC 2 dvd menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77
 Slipknot June/6/09 Nurburgring Rock AM Ring Germany pro/pal 9\10
 Slipknot Jan/31/09 Palace of Auburn Hills Detroit menu 2dvd 8\10 Gladcarrot
 Slipknot Nov/18/08   Palasharp Italy 2 dvds menu Hi def cam /obs first 30 mins aud/pal 8-9\10 Miky
 Slipknot Nov/28/08 Vienna Austria 2 dvd-2cam aud/pal 9\10 Corri
 Slipknot Dec/3/08 London menu MTV version pro/pal 9\10 Dreamweaver
 Slipknot dec/7/08 Birmingham UK menu aud/pal 8\10 digitalcamera
 Slipknot dec/9/08 MEN Arena Manchester menu aud/pal 8\10 Digitalcamera
 Slipknot Nov/29/08 Zenith Munich Germany menu aud/pal 8\10 incomplete Digitalcamera
 Slipknot 2008-08-06 Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, NY USA aud/ntsc 9\10 excellent
 Slipknot 2008-11-22 Paris, France menu 2 dvds aud/pal 9\10 corri
 Slipknot Dec/14/08 Antwerp Belgium 2cam 2dvd pc/aud/pal 8\10
 Slipknot Aug/5/08 Comcast Centre Mansfield MA menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77
 Slipknot July/9/08 White River Ampitheatre Seattle menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Slipknot 2005.02.02 Melbourne, Australia "The Palace" aud/pal 7\10 master but blown audio
 Slipknot 2005-09-27 - Santiago de Chile - Velodromo - Chile - South American Tour 2005 aud/ntsc 9\10
 Slipknot 2005-11-04 - Montreal, Canada menus aud/ntsc 9\10 master sourced
 Slipknot 2004-06-26 - Graspop Metal Meeting Festival - Dessel - Belgium - Festival Tour pro/pal 8\10 vcd sourced
 Slipknot 2002-02-01 - Katowice - Hala Spodek Hall - Poland - European Iowa Tour aud/pal 8\10
 Slipknot 2002-08-25 - Leeds, England aud/pal 8\10
 Slipknot 09/23/1999 Montreal, QU - Canada - Le Spectrum aud/ntsc 8\10
 Slipknot 31/7/99 Ankeny USA aud/ntsc 8\10
 Slipknot 2000-05-09 - Sacramento - Memorial Auditorium - California aud/ntsc 8\10
 Slipknot 2000-10-31 New York Hammerstein Ballroom aud/ntsc 8\10
 Slipknot 2000-06-07 - Gods Of Metal - Monza, Italy aud/ntsc 8\10
 Slipknot 3\Jun\00 Dynamo Fest Holland menu pro/pal 8-9\10
 Slipknot 09/23/2004 Milan - Mazda Palace - Italy aud/pal 8\10 master ?
 Slipknot 08/09/2001 Jones Beach NY 2dvd aud/ntsc 8\10 master ?
 Slipknot 2004-06-29 - Padova, Italy aud/pal 9\10 master
 Slipknot 2005-03-07 - East Rutherford, NY, USA aud/ntsc 9\10 master
 Slipknot 4\8\2000 Metropolis, Montreal Canada aud/ntsc 9\10 master
 Slipknot - 1999-10-9 Harpo’s, Detroit, MI. 2cam mix menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master
 Slipknot 5 /March/05 Wachovia centre Philadelphia PA menus ntsc aud 8/10
 Slipknot 5 /March/05 Wachovia centre Philadelphia PA 2 cam menus ntsc aud 9/10 Hellawaits
 Slipknot 4\27\05 Springfield ,IL aud/ntsc 8\10
 Slipknot Sydney Australia 26\1\05 pro pal 10\10
 Slipknot Athens ,Greece 5-30-2005 aud/pal 8\10
 Slipknot 12/6/05 Donington ,England aud/pal 7\10
 Slipknot 2005-06-03 Rock Am Ring (10/10, pro shot-full show) . pro/pal
 Slipknot London astoria 24/05/04 pal pro 8\10
 Slipknot London astoria 24/05/04 menu aud/pal 9\10 masterclone few heads
 Slipknot - Eurockeennes de Belfort 04/07/2004 PRO DVD PAL 9/ 10 1:02:31
 Slipknot Peoria,IL 27\10\01 Aud ntsc 8\10
 Slipknot 06/04/2004 Rock in Rio Lisbon Portugal pro /ntsc 9\10
 Slipknot 3/24/02 Tokyo bay Hall Tokyo Japan menu aud/ntsc 8\10 side left
 Slipknot 3/23/02 Tokyo, Japan 1 Cam, Right aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone Rozy
 Slipknot 11/1/ 2000 Electric Factory Philly aud/ntsc 8\10
 Slipknot 5\3\2000 Brixton Academy London aud/ pal 9\10 Master sourced ?
 Slipknot 30/7/00 Pontiac aud/ntsc 8\10
 Slipknot 10\10\04 Carling Apollo London, England aud/pal 9\10
 Slipknot 2000-01-16 Fort Lauderdale, FL USA aud/ntsc 9\10
 Slipknot 10/16/01 Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, MD menus DVD 2 aud/ntsc 8\10
 Slipknot 2001-07-25 - Rochester - Bluecross Arena - New York - USA - Ozzfest Tour 2001 aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone

 SOAD June /5/2011 Rock AM Ring Nurburgring Germany  pc/pro/pal 9\10
 SOAD 5\30\05 Milan Italy menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 SOAD 10\11\05 Fresno Save Mart Centre aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 SOAD- 08/26/05 - Wachovia Spectrum aud/ntsc 9\10
 SOAD Philadelphia,PA 10\5\05 aud ntsc 9\10
 SOAD Manchester England 14\6\05 aud \pal 8.5\10
 SOAD 23/08/1999 +19/02/2000 aud/ntsc 7\10
 Soad 2002-08-01 - Hamilton, Canada aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Lividz
 SOAD 2001-10-16 - Baltimore, MD, USA menu aud/ntsc 8\10 masterclone
 SOAD 2001-10-27 - Peoria, IL, USA aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 SOAD 2000-02-15 - Providence, RI aud/ntsc 8\10
 SOAD 2000-02-02 - Minneapolis, MN, US aud/ntsc 7\10
 SOAD Oct/11/01 St Paul MN  2cam   aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 SOAD Aug/23/99 Sub -Culture  Grand Rapids  Mi  pc/aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Master Series NFT
 SOAD Jun/6/98 @RCKNDY Seattle WA   menu  aud/ntsc 8\10 Digitallive  vhs1
 SOAD  July/8/00 Kentucky Speedway Sparta KY(includes kid Rock set)  aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 SOAD The Palace Melbourne, Australia aud/pal 7\10
 SOAD 1998-xx-xx - MTV 2 Pro-shot pro/pal 7\10
 SOAD 1998-08-05 Mineola, NY USA aud/ntsc 8\10
 SOAD 8\19\99 New York aud/ntsc 8\10
 SOAD 11/7/97 Live at the Whiskey pro/ntsc 8\10
 SOAD Hurricane fest 05 + Rock am Ring 02 bonus pro/pal 8-9\10
 SOAD 7\11\97 Whisky A Go-GO Hollywood pro/ntsc 8\10

 Serj Tankian 2008-06-18 - B1 Maximum, Moscow, Russia 69min aud/pal 9\10..nice
 Serj Tankian 6\19\08 B1 Maximum Club Moscow aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Serj Tankian June /5/08 Cez Arena Ostrava Czech Republic menu aud/pal 9\10

 Staind March/11/09 Ft Myers Florida 2 dvds aud/ntsc 9\10 Zboy
 Staind Mtv Unplugged pro/ntsc 9\10
 Staind 02/10/04 Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON (lividz prod) aud/ntsc 9\10
 (includes 3 days grace set)
 Stone Temple Pilots 10\26\02 Phoenix Arizona aud/ntsc 8\10
 Stone Temple Pilots Live in LA 2000 pro/ntsc 9\10

 Strapping Young lad 8\13\97 Sauget St Lois IL aud/ntsc 8/10 upgrade 2cam
 Strapping Young Lad 13.07.1997 Vancouver, BC - The Gate aud/ntsc 7-8\10 fm audio added
 Strapping Young Lad 18\4\05 Montreal aud/ntsc 9\10 Master clone
 Strapping Young Lad 7\17\06 Opera House Toronto -Canada menu aud/ntsc 7-8\10 Master clone - some heads+arms
 STRAPPING YOUNG LAD 07/19/01 VANCOUVER, B.C. menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Out of the Sewer 8mm master>PC>dvd
 STRAPPING YOUNG LAD 06/16/00 VANCOUVER, B.C. menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Out of the Sewer 8mm master>PC>dv
 STRAPPING YOUNG LAD 07/15/00 NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Out of the Sewer 8mm master>PC>dvd
 STRAPPING YOUNG LAD 09/28/00 MONTREAL, QC (w/sndchk, extremely close) aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 STRAPPING YOUNG LAD 10/01/03 MONTREAL, QC (upgrade) aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone

 Stone Temple Pilots Aug/19/01  Weeze Germany Rockpalast sa/pro/pal 8\10
 Stone Temple Pilots Aug/28/10  1st Niagra Pavillion  Burgettstown PA  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive 2dvd
 Stone sour 10\15\02 NYC aud/ntsc 8\10 1st ? mono
 Stone sour 11/4/02 Gotham San Bernardhino menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Stone sour 2003-02-26 London Astoria aud/pal 8-9\10
 Stone sour Montreal 12/7/02 aud /ntsc menus 9\10
 Stone sour - Nürburgring, Germany, Rock Am Ring 2004 Pro /ntsc 7\10 litle pixelated.
 Stone sour 05/23/2003 Somerset , WI aud/ntsc 8\10
 Stones our 2003-07-07 - Belfort ,France menu pro/pal 10/10
 Stone sour Donington England /Download fest 10/6/06 aud/pal 8\10 Master clone
 Stone sour Rock Am Ring 06 menus pro/pal 9\10
 Stone sour 04/06/2006 Milano aud/pal 8\10 master clone -some obstructions
 Stone sour 06/23/2006 Hellfest, France 6 mins 2 tracks aud/ntsc 9\10
 Stone sour 31/10/06 Bataclan Paris France aud/pal 8-9\10
 Stone sour 18\10\06 Luzhniki Sports Palace Moscow Russia aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Stone sour 5\nov\06 Sheffield Corporation Sheffield UK menu aud/pal 9\10 Dreamweaver master
 Stone sour 12/march /07 Apollo Theatre Manchester UK menu aud/pal 9\10 masterclone.Dreamweaver
 Stone sour 12/march /07 Apollo Theatre Manchester UK 2 CAM menu aud/pal 9\10 masterclone Tommyten/Dreamweaver
 Stone sour 28/May/07 Landgraff Netherlands Pinkpop menu pro/pal 9\10
 Stone sour 10\6\07 Download Fest Donington UK menu aud/pal 8\10 Masterclone Miky
 Stone sour 2/June/07 Rock Am Ring full set 49.5 mins pro/pal 9\10
 Stone sour 5/June/07 Bochum Germany aud/pal 8\10 masterclone
 Stone sour 02-24-07 Cologne menu aud/pal 9\10
 Stone Sour 01/05/2007 Bell Center , Montreal , Canada menu incomplete aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Stone Sour 03/07/2007 Amsterdam, Netherlands audio blown aud/pal 8\10 Masterclone
 Stone Sour Jun/16/2010 Wiesbaden Schlachthaus  pc/aud/pal 8-9\10 Sckofelng
 Stone Sour June 14th 2010 Brussels Belgium menu HD TZ7 >dvd  aud/pal 8-9\10 Franticfreak
 Stone sour   Nov/3/2010  Leeds  02 Academy       aud/pal 7\10 Digicam SD Retzer
 Stonesour Nov/9/10 Tilburg Netherlands Left shot incomplete HD files 25mins approx
 Stonesour nov/9/2010 Tillburg Holland HD files 720p .Right ...good
 Stonesour nov/20/ Dresden Germany Left shot   digicam aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 Stonesour Jan/29/11 US Bank Arena Cincinatti OH  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10
 Stone Sour feb/28/11 Big Top Sydney Australia aud/pal 8-9\10 SS666

 Stranglers 2/20/83 Markthalle, Hamburg - Germany Rockpalast menu pro/pal 9\10 DVB rebroadcast 2009
 STRANGLERS 1997-02-18 - Absolut Live, Studio 3, Radio Bremen, Bremen, Germany menu pro/pal 9\10
 SNOT 12/8/97 Houston TX aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classic Series

 Soulfly 10\4\00 Sauget Il aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Soulfly 2/20/01 Minneapolis MN aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Soulfly 2/27/01 Toledo OH menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Soulfly-St. Paul, Mn. 9/7/02 aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Soulfly - Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland 07/07/2002 + bonus TV Oberhausen menu pro/pal 9\10
 Soulfly 8/16/02 Mid Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, NY aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Soulfly 2004-03-13 - Katowice, Poland aud/pal 9\10 master
 Soulfly 1999-xx-xx Sydney, Australia aud/ntsc 8\10 vhsm
 Soulfly July/21/99 Bogarts  Cincinatti OH vhs1  +&\30\99 WPB Florida  bonus menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Digitallive
 Soulfly 5\19\98  London Astoria  UK   vhs1   pc/aud/pal 8\10 Metallican
 Soulfly 20\6\98 Milton Keynes Bowl Ozzfest aud/pal 7\10
 Soulfly 10\5\98 Club Rio Tempe AZ aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st
 Soulfly 9\26\98 State Theatre Detroit menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc master series
 Soulfly 7\30\98 West Palm Beach Florida incomlete(includes incomplete Coal Chamber set) aud/ntsc 7-8\10 2nd gen
 Soulfly 7\07\98 Mansfield ,Ma menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Soulfly Aug/7/98 The Palladium Worcester menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Soulfly 6\5\98 San Francisco aud/pal 7\10
 Soulfly 7\27\98 Loisville KY aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st
 Soulfly 8\9\98 Metropol Pittsburgh menu aud/ntsc 8\10 1st Digitallive
 Soulfly March/2/03 Warsaw Poland   aud/pal 8\10 masterclone
 Soulfly 14\7\05 Katowice Poland aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Soulfly 9\6\06 Donington Download Fest aud/pal 7\10 master clone
 Soulfly 2/21/06 Vienna Austria aud/pal 8-9\10 master clone
 Soulfly 3/6/06 Rock AM Ring menus pro/pal 9\10
 Soulfly 04/06/2006 Milano Gods of metal Fest 8\10 Master Clone -some obstructions -good audio
 Soulfly 13 /2/06 Amsterdam menus 2dvds aud/pal 9\10 Master clone ..nice
 Soulfly 13-Mar-2006 - Milano Italy aud/pal 8-9\10
 Soulfly 5\8\06 Wacken Festival menu pro/pal 9\10 upgrade
 Soulfly 10\6\06 Atlanta Masquarade aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Soulfly 6\28\06 Vienna aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Soulfly June/24/06 Grasspop Belgium     menu  pro/ntsc 7-8\10 webcast Digitallive
 Soulfly 12/8/07 Hohenems Austria menu incomplete 56mins (filmer busted) aud/pal 9\10 Norbinho
 Soulfly 2007-08-10 - Josefov, Czech Republic aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Soulfly 31/Aug/08 Arena 4 Fest Germany (WDR Tv) basic menu pro/pal 10/10
 Soulfly Nov/17/08 Rex Theatre Pittsburgh menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive Master Reels
 Soulfly  March/6/09 Metalmania Fest Zlin Czech Republic  aud/pal 9\10
 Soulfly July/3/09 Roitzschjora With Full Force Festival  menu  aud/pal 9\10 RATM boots
 Soulfly Mar/8/10 St Petersburg Florida  aud/ntsc 8\10 Digicam Close
 Soulfly  Aug/1/2010 The Academy   Dublin  pc/aud/pal 8-9\10 HD Digicam

 Soil 28\1\06 Bradford UK menus aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone Dreamweaver
 Soilwork 2/oct/07 Leeds UK menu 2 cam aud/pal 9\10 Dreamweaver/Tommyten master
 Soilwork feb/16/09 Foufounes Electriques menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77

 Sonic Youth 11/20/92 Bielefeld Germany aud/pal 9\10 Hi8M>sa  Bobfather

 Sounds of the 60`s 2 dvd tv compilation menu pro/pal 9\10
 Sounds of the 70`s 2 dvd tv compilation menu pro/pal 9\10
 Stryper 7\7\06 Risoya fest Norway aud/pal 9\10 master clone

 Sting    May /21/09 Air Canada Centre  Toronto, Ontario menu  aud/ntsc 9\10 TTC/Silver Stallion

 Status Quo 5 July 1986 Out In The Green - Festival Dinkelsbühl Germany menu pro/pal 9\10 DVB 45mins aprox
 Status Quo 16\Dec\86 Sheffield City Hall aud/pal 8\10 MASTER>BETAMAX>PANASONIC SA Scoutthedoggie
 Status Quo 28 may 82 ZDF ROCKPOP IN CONCERT, WESTFALENHALLE, DORTMUND + saxon,Joan Jett pro/pal 9\10 VHSM

 Suffocation 6/sept/05 Teatro la Cupula,Santiago , Chille aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Suffocation July/13/08 BB Kings NYC 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone

 Supertramp 24 July, 1983 Reiterstadium Munich Germany menu pro/pal 8\10 vhs1

 Sublime 17\7\96 Peabodys Down Under Cleveland basic menu aud/ntsc 7\10

 Smashing Pumpkins 7\8\07 Reading Festival UK 16mins + Nine Inch Nails set pro/pal 9\10

 Smile Empty Soul 12/2/06 3rd Street Live Cedar rapids, IA menus aud/ntsc 9\10 master Schotime/Metalzone

 Smiths the 04/05/1984 Markethalle, Hamburg, Germany menus pro/pal 8-9\10
 Smiths the Salford 20\7\86 + Brixton (last gig) 12/12/86 aud/pal 7\10
 Smiths the TV clips TOTP/Whistle test etc/interviews pro/pal 8-9/10
 Smiths the various 1 ,Whistle test interview, Tube, Oxford Rd show,South bank show pro/pal 7-8/10
 Smiths the 21/Oct/86 Royal Concert Hall Nottingham menu aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone canovision 8vm-e1
 Smiths the various 2 Assembley rooms Derby,Tube,TOTP,whistle test big mouth, pro/pal 7-8/10
 Smiths the 1986/10/24 UK London Brixton Academy shares disc w/Palladium Oct26th - no track splitting 80 AUD MASTER 8MM>VHS>PAL DVD
 Smiths ,the 1986/10/26 UK London Palladium shares disc w/Brixton Oct 24th - no track splitting 80 AUD MASTER 8MM>VHS>PAL DVD
 Smiths the 1986/12/12 UK London Brixton Academy center shot 60 AUD MASTER 8MM>VHS>PAL DVD
 Smiths the 18\5\ 85 Passeo De Camoens Madrid Tv rip menus pro/pal 9\10
 Smiths Nov/24/83 Hacienda Manchester UK aud/pal 8\10 1st Gen..great for 83 vhs
 Smiths Feb/4/83 Hacienda Manchester UK aud/pal 8\10 1st Gen..great for 83 vhs
 Morrisey 07.07.2006, Exit Festival, Novi Sad Serbia pro/Ntsc 9\10

 Snoop Dogg March/11/08 Blender Theatre New York aud/ntsc 8-9\10 DLayer

 Simple Minds July/27/09 Taormina Teatra Greco Italy menu aud/pal 9\10 DL
 Simple Minds March/7/09 Arena Civic G.Brera Milan ITALY aud/pal 9\10 DL
 Simple Minds 7\3\06 Belgrade Serbia menu aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Simple Minds 15\may\06 MFC Wellington New Zealand 2 dvd aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Simple Minds 2/25/98 VH1-Uncut camden UK menu pro/pal 8-9 \10
 Simple Minds 6\21\97 Rockpalast menu pro/pal10\10 DVB>DVD
 Simple Minds Oct/31/95  Oylimpia  Bruno Music Hall  Paris menu pro/pal 9\10
 Simple Minds Heitere Open Air 06 (TV SF zwei) pro/pal 9\10
 Simple Minds 8\30\05 Baden Baden TV menu pro/pal 9\10
 Simple Minds 16\7\04 Blicking Hall Norwich menu aud/pal 8\10
 Simple Minds 5\10\1991 Gothenburg Scandinavium Sweden aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone incomplete 58 mins
 Simple Minds July/26/02 Greek Ampitheatre Taorina Italy aud/pal 8\10
 Simple Minds July/3/2004 Tro Arbed Fest St Hernin France aud/pal 8\10 shakey
 Simple Minds Aug/11/02 Nandarin Italy menu aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Simple Minds 8\16\03 Gampel Switzerland menu pro/pal 9\10
 Simple Minds 2002.05.31 Milan Alcatraz aud/pal 8\10 looks a bit compressed
 Simple Minds 84-06-25 Dortmund -Wesfahlenhalle pro/pal 8-9\10 1st
 Simple Minds 6-7-82 Sartory Sale Cologne Rockpalast pro/pal 8\10
 Simple Minds may/23/83 Pinkpop Holland 17mins pro/pal 8\10

 Suicidal Tendencies 6\14\91 Miami FL menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Suicidal Tendencies 9\17\94 Mejeriet, Lund, Sweden menus aud/pal 8-9\10 Hi8 Master> DVD
 Suicidal Tendencies 7\16\91 Norfolk VA aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Master series
 Suicidal Tendencies 9\25\87 Harpo`s Detroit menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Classic series

 Survivor Nov/8\08 Cape Coral Florida 2 dvd aud/ntsc minor obs 8-9\10 Scott
 Specials July\11\80 Montreux Jazz fest Switzerland pro/pal 7-8\10
 Specials June /26/09 Glastonbury Festival UK 59 mins pro/pal 9\10 BBC4 broadcast
  Specials Jan/21/80 Rock Goes to College TV Colchester UK rebroadcast 2011 aud/pal 9\10

Spineshank 3/3/99 Harpos Detroit menu aud/ntsc 9\10Damageinc Master Series

 Steve Vai 11/14/99 St Andrews Hall Detroit menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Satriani Joe Nov/1/08 Kravis Centre WPB FL 2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10Damageinc Master Series

 Swallow the Sun + Warbringer feb/16/09 Foufounes Electriques menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77

 Symphony X June/9/02 Monza (GOM fest) aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Symphony X May/4/08 Beacon Theatre NY aud/ntsc 9\10 NYBC

 Tak Matsumoto Group -Dodge the Bullet 2004 pro/pal 9\10
 Talk Talk sep/10/86 (rebroadcast 2006) Salamanca Spain TVE Channel menu pro/pal 9\10

 Talk Show 10/10/97 Montreal QC menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Hi8M>dvd
 Talk Show 10/23/97 St Paul MN sa aud/ntsc 8\10 1st

 Trapt 4\21\03 Charlotte NC (menu is wrong...says talk show) sa aud /ntsc 8-9\10 1st ?
 Trapt 1/28/03 Charlotte NC sa aud/ntsc 8\10 very close 1st ?

 Ted Maul 15/march/08 Rios Leeds UK menu DAT audio aud/pal 9\10 Dreamweaver/Tommyten master

 Tenacious D oct \31\ 01 The Warfield san Francisco menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 Tenacious D 10/24/01 The Wiltern Hollywood menu 2 cam aud/ntsc 9\10

 Testament March/11/2010 Palace Theatre Greensburg PA pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive Master
 Testament Mar/21/10 The Tabernacle  Atlanta   pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 static elevated  cam...nice
 Testament July/8/08 Nissan pavillion Bristow VA   menu aud/ntsc 9\10 MaidenColorado
 Testament march/4/09 Malmo Sweden aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Testament Mar/7/09 Offenbach Germany menu aud/pal 8\10 HD sourced
 Testament Feb/21/ 09 Wembley London UK aud/pal 9\10 Bulldog
 Testament 8\16\08 Post Gazzette Pavillion Burgettstown menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Digitallive
 Testament 8\13\08 Molson Ampitheatre Toronto menu menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Futureal Chris
 Testament Jan/27/07 The Independant San Francisco menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Testament 10\14\06 Montreal Qc menu aud/ntsc 9\10 out of the sewer
 Testament 7\22\06 Metalcamp Fest Tolmin Slovenia menu aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Testament 11.05.2005 The Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy aud/pal 9\10
 Testament Dynamo-Holland 6\06/87 Menus aud/pal 8\10
 Testament 06.04.2003 London aud/pal 8-9\10 Master clone
 Testament 30.07.2003 Oslo, Norway aud/pal 9\10 master clone -close -some obstruction
 Testament 31/8/92 Oslo Norway (Last show of tour ) menus aud/pal 8-9\10 from master
 Testament 2/23+24th/91 Miami FL menu aud/ ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Testament July/30/03 Rock in Oslo menu aud/pal 8-9\10 Invaders
 Tesla 2/7/96 New York aud/ntsc 7\10
 Tesla 3\6\05 Philladelphia Pa 2 dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone
 Tesla Jan/6/06 A.R.F. Walnut Creek aud/ntsc master clone 8\10 lil shaky
 Tesla 6\28\07 Sheppards Bush London menu aud/pal 9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Ted Nugent 8\9\76 Rockpalast pro/ntsc 8-9\10
 Ted Nugent 6\24\07 Nokia Theatre NYC menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Ted Nugent 12/19/87 New Haven CT menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Ted Nugent 7\21\08 Val Air Ballroom Des Moines Iowa menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Evildick/Schotime5 DL

  Today Is The Day Aug/23/10  Akron OH  5cam sbd audio pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive

 Tool  Nov/ 23/96 The Electric Factory  Philadelphia, PA audio re-sync + original audio aud/ntsc 8\10 3rd
 Tool 7\21\94 Sherpherds Bush London aud/ntsc 8\10
 Tool 5\1\92 Club Babyhead Providence RI aud/ntsc 8\10...close up
 Tool Pomona CA 16\10\96 aud ntsc 8\10
 Tool San Bernadhino California 3/3/95 aud/ntsc 7\10
 Tool Aug/18th/98 Thomas+Mack Centre Las Vegas aud/ntsc 8\10
 Tool 9\24\ 2001 Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania ntsc/aud 8\10
 Tool 26\10\02 civic centre,Augusta,Maine ntsc/aud 8\10
 Tool 29\10\02 First Union Arena Philadelphia aud/ntsc 8\10
 Tool 8\20\02 New Haven aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Tool 8\25\98 Sacramento ,Memorial Auditorium aud/ntsc 8-9\10 1st
 Tool 2/5/92 JC Dobbs Philly PA ntsc/aud 9\10...real close...awsome
 Tool Oklahoma City OK 2002 Ntsc/aud 8\10
 Tool Reno Nevada- Lawlor events centre 11/23/02 menus ntsc/aud 8\10
 Tool 4\6\06 Pinkpop Fest aud/pal 8\10 master clone
 Tool 7/29/97 Lollapalooza Kansas some obs aud/ntsc 8\10 1st gen
 Tool 8\15\97 Concord CA aud/ntsc 7\10
 Tool 6\10\06 Meadowlands East Rutherford , NJ menu aud/ntsc 8\10 masterclone
 Tool 2006 compilation ..best quality bits from various shows ..nice pc/aud/ntsc 9\10
 Tool 8\5\06 San Diego menu aud/ntsc 8\10 master clone
 Tool 10/Dec /06 Le Zenith Paris 2 dvd menu aud/pal 8-9\10
 Tool 6\9\07 Atlantic City NJ menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone S Rawson
 Tool 3/5/07/ Cox Arena San Diego menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Masterclone
 Tool aug/12/07 Spodek Arena Katowice Poland aud/pal 8-9\10
 Tool 2/sep/07 Bologna Italy 2 cam menu aud/pal 9\10 nicely filmed/authored

 Toxic Holocaust may/17/09 Foufounes Electroniques Montreal PQ menu aud/ntsc 9/10 Hellawaits77

 Tom Petty 9\21\06 Gatorville 2 dvd menus 8-9\10

 T.S.O. 12/16/03 Toronto,Canada menus aud/ntsc 9\10 2 dvd
 T.S.O. 12/20/06 Nassau Colesium Uniondale 2 dvd menus multi cam aud/ntsc 8-9\10 master clone

 T.S.O.L 10\15\07 Rox Rock Club Las Vegas menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Vegaspunx
 TSOL 9\26\08 The Icehouse Las Vegas menu aud/ntsc 9\10 vegaspunx

Thy Will Be Done may/29th/10  The Rave Milwaukee webcast  pro/ntsc 7\10

 The Haunted April/16/2009 Le Medley Montreal menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77
 The Haunted 3\16\01 Gothenburg Sweden menu aud/pal 8-9\10 video8 master
 The Haunted 26/03/2005 Coliseu, Oporto, Portugal aud/pal 9\10 master (incomplete)
 The Haunted Oct/6/05 Montreal aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 The Jam Paris 81 + 82 .includes TOTP and other extras menus pro/pal 8\10

 Twisted Sister Collection Various pro/pal various quality
 Twisted Sister 8\26\06 Detroit Michigan State Fair menus aud/ntsc 9\10 damageinc master series
 Twisted Sister May/8/10  Convertum Arena Orebro Sweden  aud/pal 8-9\10

 TUBE..best of ,Twisted sister,ozzy,Priest,motorhead,dio,gary moore,bon jovi,UFO menus pro/pal 9\10

 Thin Lizzy 16\12\99 Helsinki Menus mini dv+dat audio aud/pal 9\10
 Thin Lizzy Various tv clips,TOTPs, Tube, etc 90 mins pro/pal various quality
 Thin Lizzy Houba Houba tv 6 songs 82 live+ palace 1 tv 4 songs mimed pro/ntsc 8\10
 Thin Lizzy National Stadium Dublin 10\12\75 pro/pal 8\10 Remastered
 Thin Lizzy Live + Dangerous Japan dvd oop pro/ntsc 9/10
 Thin Lizzy ROCK MASTERS - Hitchen '83 pro/ntsc 9\10

 Trivium Feb/20/2010 RNA Showgrounds Brisbane Australia menu aud/pal 8\10 Skarhead666
 Trivium Mar/18/10  Koko London 2 dvd aud/pal 8\10 Surfacing digicam
 Trivium Mar/18/10  Koko London      aud/pal    8\10 Elazarus master
 Trivium Nov/9/09 @Le Medley Montreal QC    2dvd   pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77
 Trivium April/29/09 Bell Centre Montreal menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77
 Trivium Nov/9/08  Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle  Stuttgart, Germany aud/pal 8-9\10 Markus
 Trivium 5\13\07 Warsaw Poland menu aud/pal 8\10 masterclone
 Trivium 1/Dec/07 Palladium Cologne Germany digital Camera shot aud/pal 7-8\10
 Trivium 24/7\07 Molson Ampitheatre Toronto,Canada menu 30m Family value set aud/ntsc 9\10 Futureal Chris M
 Trivium 22/5/07 vienna Austria menu incomplete aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Trivium 11/4/07 St Georges Hall Bradford menu aud/pal 9\10 Tommyten Master Series
 Trivium 3/13/07 Hawkeye Downs Cedar Rapids menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 masterclone
 Trivium 11/27/06 Den Bosch Germany menus audio select aud/pal 9\10 Tommyten Master Series
 Trivium 12/14/06 Manchester menus incomplete 25 mins aud/pal 9\10 Tommyten Master Series
 Trivium 6\26\06 Bochum Germany incomplete aud/pal 8\10 masterclone incomplete
 Trivium 3/6/06 Nürburgring, Germany, Rock am Ring menus aud/pal 9\10
 Trivium Donington Download fest 11 June 06 + webcast Melkweg 05 + download 11/June 05 menus aud/pal 8\10 Master clone
 Trivium Montreal 11/10/05 aud/ntsc 9\10 Master clone
 Trivium Montreal 11/10/05 2cam aud/ntsc 9\10 Master clone Clansman
 Trivium Montreal 12/11/05 aud/ntsc 9\10 Master clone
 Trivium -12/08/2006 Gibson Ampitheatre Los Angeles, CA, USA aud/ntsc 7\10 incomplete and obstructed 15mins master
 Trivium 2/Dec/06 Datch Forum Milan 3 CCD cam version aud/Pal 9\10 masterclone
 Trivium 3/Dec/06 (2nd night) Milan +Lauren Harris set menu aud/pal 9\10 masterclone
 Trivium 14/12/06 MEN Arena Manchester UK aud/pal 9\10 master clone Mikes
 Trivium 14/12/06 MEN Arena Manchester UK aud/pal 9\10 master clone Toms
 Trivium 2006.10.09 Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto, ON menu aud\ntsc 8-9\10 Futureal Chris
 Trivium 2006.10.11 Knitting Factory, NY, USA aud/ntsc 44 mins first 20 are very cool, rest looks like a web stream
 Trivium 10/12/06 Buffalo NY aud/ntsc 8-9\10

 The Company Band 11/25/08 Dragonfly Club Harrsburg PA menu 4 cam 9\10 Digitallive Master series
 (members from Cluctch-fu manchu)

 Treasure Cat Feb/27/10 @31st Pub Pittsburgh PA  4cam mix /H2 Zoom pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive
 Treasure Cat 4/25/09 123 Pleasant St Morgantown WV + West By God +KTB menu aud/ntsc
 Treasure Cat  Oct/3/09  - 31st Pub Pittsburgh PA  menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive

 Type O Neg Oct/26/09 Nokia Theatre New York  aud/ntsc 8\10
 Type O Negative March/4/95 Verdun Auditorium Canada menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Ytsejim
 Type O Negative Jun/12/97 St Louis Ozzfest aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone
 Type O Negative 22/8/99 Bizzare fest Cologne Germany menus pro /ntsc 8\10
 Type O Negative 2/29/00 Toledo OH menus multi cam aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Type O Negative 12-16-2003 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA aud/ntsc 9\10 Master sourced
 Type O Negative 5/15/93 Fitchburg MA aud/ntsc 8\10
 Type O Negative 7/18/95 Jones Beach Wantagh NY includes Life of Agony Aug/10/94 Spring Valley menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 RCSGUY masters from 8mm tapes
 Type O Negative 1/26/94 Industry Manchester NH USA aud/ntsc 8-9\10

 T Rex 18\march 72 Wembly London pro/pal 9\10 DVB>xp dvd

Them Crooked Vultures Jun/6/10 Rock AM Ring 1hr.27 m pro/pal 9\10

 UDO 12/6/99 Sweden Rock fest aud/pal 8-9\10
 UDO - Milano, IT 2/21/00 aud/ntsc 7-8\10
 UDO 15.02.2000 Stavanger, Norway aud/pal 8-9\10 Master>SA close
 UDO 6\2\00 Village pub Port Jefferson close recording 1st gen aud/ntsc 9\10
 UDO 10/29/00 Lamours Brooklyn NY sa menu Includes some of the Saxon set aud/ntsc 8\10 some audio distortion 8mm mastertape>sa
 UDO Maemnlinna 6\7\91 pro/pal 8-9\10 upgrade 1st gen
 UDO 2/4/02 Gothenburg,Sweden aud/pal 9\10 real close taper
 UDO 14-7-2007 NOVI SAD, SERBIA (EXIT FESTIVAL) AUD/pal 9\10 masterclone
 UDO  Dec/3/07 "Mastercutor in Minsk "  Belarus   pro/pal 9\10
 UDO Nov/22/07 Nosturi Helsinki Finland menu (last song cut) 81mins aud/pal 9\10 BMR
 UDO Jun/27/09 Haigerlock Germany  aud/pal 9\10
 UDO Apr/13/10 Stavropol Russia aud/pal 9\10
 UDO   Apr/09/09  Biker Festival, Gruol Haigerloch, Germany  aud/pal 8\10

 Ultravox 5/14/83 Westfallenhalle Dortmund 31m pro/pal 9\10
 Ultravox  4/24/2010 @ Admiralspalast Berlin  menu 2 cam  aud/pal 8-9\10

 U2  5/29/92  Frankfurt Germany Hi8M>sa dvd  aud/pal 8-9\10 DW
 U2 10/25/01 MSG NYC 2cam Master dv+vhs1 +sbd menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 U2 0ct/12/01 Montreal Molson Centre menu aud/pal 7\10 master Efrat
 U2 Irving Plaza NY 5/12/02 menus ntsc aud 9\10
 U2 06/15/1997 Edmonton, Alberta SBD pro ntsc 9\10
 U2 86 Giants Stadium NJ + the Police set amnesty Intrnational ntsc pro 8\10
 U2 28\3\05 San Diego aud / ntsc 9\10
 U2 30\3\05 San Diego 4 cam aud / ntsc 9\10
 U2 04/14/05 Glendale, AZ aud/ntsc 9\10
 U2 5\9\5 Chicago 3 cam aud/ntsc 9\10
 U2 2005-04-01 - Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim CA (4 cam mix, Aud, V Good) aud/ntsc 9\10
 U2 NICE France 05/08/05 aud/pal 8\10
 U2 11/2/05 Los Angeles, CA 3DVD aud/ntsc 8 -9\10
 U2 11/5/05 Las Vegas, NV 2DVD menus aud/ntsc 9\10
 U2 2/20/06 sao Paulo Brazil TV menu 2 dvd pro/ntsc 9\10
 U2 –2006.02.16. Mexico, Mexico City, Estadio Azteca, 2006.02.16. aud/ntsc 7\10 master clone
 U2 Hawaii 9\Dec /06 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 master clone ?
 U2 2/3/06 Buenos Aires Argentina menu pro/ntsc 9\10
 U2 July/25/09 Croke park Dublin Ireland menu 2 dvd aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 U2 June/30/09 Nou Camp Barcelona 2 dvd HD sourced menus aud/pal 9\10 Nunomoreira1 and Kaycee
 U2 July/8/09 San Siro Milan 2 dvd HD sourced menus aud/pal 9\10 Nunomoreira1 and Kaycee
 U2 Sep/22/2010 King Baudouin Stadium Brusseles pc/aud/pal 9\10 multicam DL

 Unsane Aug/23/10 Akron OH 5cam  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive

 Uriah Heep July/85 Toronto Rock `n Roll Heaven  pc/aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classsic Series  

 US Bombs 9\23\98 Unity Fest Detroit MI menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 UK Subs 11/17/06 Divebar Las Vegas ,NV. shot on stage, menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Vegaspunx
 Undertones 77-81 "Family Entertainment" master and 1st gen clips 2hours pro/pal 8-9\10 Prior Masters

Vain feb/5/90 Osaka Japan  pc aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classsic Series  DL

 Velvet Revolver 14/5/04 Kansas ntsc/aud 8\10
 Velvet Revolver 11/10/04 Philly (2 cams) aud ntsc 9\10
 Velvet Revolver live 8 menus pal pro 10\10
 Velvet Revolver Hammersmith London 21\1\ 05 Aud /pal 8\10
 Velvet Revolver Bridgeport,CT USA 5\2\05 Aud/ ntsc 9/10
 Velvet Revolver Brixton academy London 21/1/05 aud/pal 8\10
 Velvet Revolver 5/22/07 Nokia Theatre NYC menu aud/ntsc 9\10 NYBC
 Van Halen 5\15\08 Baltimore menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 Van Halen 9\29\07 Greensbro Colesium -Greensboro NC menu 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10 Silver Stallion
 Van Halen 7\10\07 Toronto ON aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 Van Halen Oct-1-07 Wachovia Centre ,Philadelphia menu aud/ntsc 9\10 NYBC
 Van Halen Nov/1/07 Verizon Centre Washington 2dvd pc/aud/ntsc 9\10 Foppa
 Van Halen 9\18\04 US Bank Arena Cincinatti OH menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Screen shot
 Van Halen meadowlands 04 menus ntsc aud 8\10
 Van Halen Largo MD 10/11/82ntsc pro 8\10 2 dvd

 Venom7th date of Hell...various pro/ntsc 8\10
 Venom 7\24\97 Milwaukee, Wi aud/ntsc 7\10
 Venom 5\25\96 Eindhoven Holland "second coming " pro/ ntsc 9\10 1st
 Venom June /9/06 Sweden Rock Fest menu aud/pal 8-9\10 masterclone
 Venom dec/9/10 Santiago Chile   aud/ntsc 6\10 digicam

 Voivod 3\14\03 Quebec Canada aud/ntsc 8\10
 Voivod 4/30/96 Portland Or Moddy`s aud/ntsc 9\10 1st
 Voivod March/12/90 Kalamazoo Michigan menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Classic Series

 Volbeat Jun/5/10  Rock AM Ring menu  pro/pal 9\10

 Vital Remains 6\3\06 Ft Lauderdale aud\ ntsc 8\10 master clone
 Vital Remains 5\9\04 NY includes Deicide NY5\26\01 aud/ntsc 9\10 1st gen ?

 Violence 7\10\88 Empire Philladelphia aud/ntsc 8-9\10 master ?

 Vince Neil 9\2\07 Veterans memorial Stadium Cedar Rapids IA 2 dvd menu aud/ntsc 9\10 masterclone-Shonuffmetal

 Vh1 Rock Honours may 31 2006 2dvd pro/ntsc 9\10
 Vh1 Rock Honours 3 dvd ZZ top,Genesis,Ozzy pro/ntsc 9\10 DVB>dvd

 Within Temptation Huttwil,,Switzerland pro/pal 9\10
 Within Temptation 3/7/05 Werchter Festival Belgium menus pro/pal 9\10

 Whitesnake 3/25/88 Hollywood Sportatorium Florida menu DL aud/ntsc 8\10 Evil Dick
 Whitesnake Super Rock Japan 8\12\84 menu aud/ntsc 9\10 LD rip
 Whitesnake Buffalo NY 12/2/90 aud ntsc 8\10
 Whitesnake 30\7\06 Belgrade menus aud/ntsc 8-9\10

 Who  10\31\96  United Centre Chicago    aud/ntsc 9\10 1st
 WHO 6\27\00 Auburn Hills Detroit Mi menu pro/ntsc 9\10 nice
 WHO 25/3/04 Forum, London aud/pal 8\10
 WHO, The 2002-07-27 Camden, New Jersey 2 dvd pro/ntsc 9\10
 WHO New York Madison Square Garden 22.5.04 aud/ntsc 8\10
 WHO Rock odyssey,yokohama,japan 24.7.04 pro/ntsc 9\10
 WHO 2/July/06 Carling Festival Hyde Park London menu pro/pal 9\10 mint DVB
 WHO 24/June/07 Glastonbury menus pro/pal 9\10
 WHO Rock Honours 08..pro/ntsc 9\10
 Who 3/31/09 Acer Arena Sydney Australia 2 dvd aud/pal 8\10 clone
 Who March/ 24/ 09 Brisbane Entertainment Centre Brisbane Australia menu 2 dvd aud/pal 7\10 digicam

 Wacken fest 06 TV highlights Motorhead,Gamma Ray,
 Morbid Angel,Soulfly,COB and others menu 2 hours pro/pal 9\10

 Warrior Soul July/1/95 Downtime NYC menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Rcsguy master 8mm
 Warrior Soul 11/2/93 aud/ntsc 8\10
 Warrant 11/7/98 Harpo`s Detroit menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Warlock 4/29/88 menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Master Series

 Wasp Nov/5/09 Debaser Stockholm Sweden  menu  aud/pal 8\10 digicam
 WASP  June/19/09  Clisson Hellfest France menu 90% screenshot aud/pal 8\10 CHMetal
 WASP  June/26/09 Dessel Belgium Grasspop menu  aud/pal 9\10 CHMetal
 WASP July/11/08 Magic Circle fest Germany cuts into Elec Circus 38 mins aud/ntsc 9\10
 WASP 16-4-2008 MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA aud/pal 9\10
 WASP 11/may/08 Lovech Bulgaria menu aud/pal 8-9\10
 WASP 3-5-2007 COPENHAGEN, DENMARK menu aud/ntsc 9\10
 WASP Sweden Rock fest 2006 aud/pal 8-9\10 some obs great sound
 WASP 9\6\06 Kavarna Bulgaria menu aud/pal 8\10
 WASP 2/28/06 Pottsville PA aud/ntsc 9\10 Master clone
 WASP 3/june/05 Santiago Chile aud/ntsc 8\10 masterclone lil shaky
 WASP 3/12/04 Moscow aud/pal 9\10 Master clone from Filmer
 WASP June/2/04 Innsbruck Hafen Austria menu aud/pal 9\10 Chmetal
 WASP Toronto ,Canada 7\24\89 aud/ntsc 8\10 1st gen
 WASP sep/25/01 The Quest Minneapolis MN aud/ntsc 8-9\10 very low
 WASP June/9/01 Milan Gods of Metal fest menu aud/pal 9\10 Glove Master
 Wasp June/8/01 Sweden Rock Fest   menu  aud/pal 8\10 1st  Metallican
 Wasp 30/8/98 New York aud/ntsc 7\10
 Wasp 29\8\98 Secaucus NJ 2 cam aud/ntsc 7\10
 WASP Feb/4/97 The Rainbow Milan 2cam menu aud/pal 8/10 vhs2 Invaders
 WASP - Bologna,Italy 06/06/2005 aud/ntsc 8\10
 Wasp 24/4/97 Madrid Spain aud/pal 8\10
 WASP Hamburg 97 + 6\9\01 Milan Italy pro/aud/ntsc 8\10
 WASP 09/06/92 La Brique Club MONTREAL,PQ aud/ntsc 8\10 1st close!
 WASP sep/3/92 Columbus Ohio aud/ntsc 8\10 1st
 WASP Aug/17/92  Brussels Forrest National  Belgium  menu aud/pal 8\10
 WASP April/1/86 The Forum Montreal aud/ntsc 8\10 ..great for that year
 Wasp 12/17/86 Firenze Club Florence Italy aud/ntsc 7\10
 WASP  Jan/30/85 Sherwood County Club Indianapolis IN audio upgrade  menu aud/ntsc 8\10 Damageinc Classic Series
 Wasp 24/10/84 Lyceum Theatre London menu LD rip pro/ntsc 9\10 oop
 WASP 3/Nov/92 Milan aud/pal 7\10
 WASP Toronto 87 Maple leaf Gardens aud/ntsc 6-7\10 Generated
 WASP Stockholm 14/11/86+ Gothenburg 15/11/86, SWEDEN (PAL, cuts, incomplete from 1st gen sources menu aud/pal 7\10
 WASP 11/18/86 Malmo Sweden menu aud/pal 8\10 masterclone (this and above are 2 dvd set Electric Circus does Sweden)
 WASP Mar/31/00 Dallas TX aud/ntsc 8\10 2nd gen
 WASP feb/3/00 Wilkes Barre PA aud/ntsc 8\10 1st
 WASP Nov/28/86 Brussels Forest National Belgium couple of cuts menu aud/pal 8-9\10 1st
 Circus Circus (pre-wasp band) LA 80 aud/ntsc 7\10 A Little generated but rare

West By God  Jan/16/10 123 Pleasant Street Morgantown WV 4cam menu permission shot  aud/ntsc 9\10 Digitallive Master Series... check this out !

White Stripes 1st July 07 Saskatoon Saskatchewan menu aud/ntsc 9\10
White Stripes 1st june 07 Jules Holland BBcTV pro/pal 10/10
White Stripes July/28/07 Patriot Centre Fairfax VA  pc/aud/ntsc 9\10  Damageinc Master Series DL

 White Zombie: 22-01-1996 Hollywood Rock Festival - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 61:02 pro/ntsc 8-9\10VHS(M)>DVD Digitallive pro series
 White Zombie: 15-08-1996 Blossom Music Center - Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio menu PR0/ntsc 8-9\10 VHS(M)>DVD
 WU-TANG CLAN 18 July 2007 Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland 49m pro/pal 9\10

 XTC Rockpalast Feb/10/82 menus pro/ntsc 8\10
 XTC Feb/10/82 Markthalle Hamburg 62.5 mins pro/pal 8\10 vhsm

 Y+T Kansas city 86 pro/ntsc 8\10
 Y+T San Francisco 84 Pro/ntsc 8\10
 Y+T 6\25\05 Rock City Nottingham UK aud/pal 8\10
 Y+T  Oct/10/07 The Haunt Ithica  NY  2dvd 2cam  aud/ntsc 9\10 close permission shot..nice

 Yngwie Malmsteen 9/29/86 Royal Oak Theatre Mi 2 dvds menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10 Damageinc Master Series
 Yngwie Malmsteen 2dvd clips compilation pro/ntsc various quality
 Yngwie Malmsteen 20\6\90 Osaka Japan aud/ntsc 7\10
 Yngwie Malmsteen 12/15/05 Tokyo Japan PC aud/ntsc 9\10 Rozy
 Yngwie Malmsteen 6\6\05 Tilburg Holland menus aud/ntsc 9\10 Dat audio
 Yngwie Malmsteen 6\5\05 Amsterdam aud/ntsc 7\10 recorded sa to sa

 ZZ TOP 2/18/00 Wilkes Barre Scranton PA aud/ntsc7-8\10 cuts in first song
 ZZ TOP 1/18/91 Hartford Civic Centre 2 dvds menu aud/ntsc 9\10 vhs master >dvd
 ZZ TOP 5\29\94 Maple Leaf Gardens Toronto aud/ntsc 8\10
 ZZ TOP 8\18\97 Mark ofthe Quad Cities Moline Il menu aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 ZZ Top - 1997-07-Oct - Mark G Ettess Arena - Atlantic City   menu aud/ntsc 8\10
 ZZ Top 2/July/96 Oslo Spektrum ,Oslo Norway menus 2 dvd aud/pal 9\10 Hi8M Metallican
 ZZ TOP Tv clips The Tube/vids /interviews/OGWT pro/pal 8\10 Scoutthedoggie
 ZZ Top Dec/1/85 The Forum Montral Quebec aud/ntsc 7\10
 ZZ TOP Rockplast Germany 80 menus pro ntsc 9\10
 ZZ Top Oct/19/99  Moline MO  1st gen vhs>dvd  aud/ntsc 8-9\10
 ZZ TOP Camden NJ, 5\21\03 Aud ntsc 8\10
 ZZ Top 8\31\05 Mountain Laurel Centre Bushkill PA menus aud/ntsc 9\10
 ZZ Top 11/11/05 Beacon Theatre NYC menu aud/pal 8-9\10
 ZZ top 2/17/07 Fresno CA 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10
 ZZ Top July/29/07 Scottrade Centre St Louis MO  menu  aud/ntsc 9\10
 ZZTop 6\26\09  Jones Beach  Wantagh  NY  aud/ntsc 9\10 NYCBC
 ZZ Top 9\8\07 Buffalo Chip Campground Sturgis SD 2dvd aud/ntsc 9\10
 ZZ top July/9/94 Schuttorf fest      aud/pal 8\10
 ZZ Top May/5/10 Civic Centre Columbus GA pc/aud/ntsc 8-9\10

 10cc 8\21\74 BBC in concert Shepherds Bush London menu pro/pal 8\10 4:3 Letterboxed
 10 Years march/26/09 Northern Lights Clifton Park Albany menu aud/ntsc 9\10 Hellawaits77
 30 Seconds to MarsApr/16/10 Aragon Ballroom Chicago IL menu DL aud/ntsc 9\10 Evenflow13

 Aerosmith 12/31/99 Last Show of the Century Osaka Dome, Japan sbd 2cd
 Aerosmith Welcome To Mama Kin 12/19/1994
 Live at the grans opening of Aeromsith's Mama Kin Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetss, USA
 Audioslave 01-05-05 Washington D.C. USA (1 Disc) AUD, A-
 Audioslave 05-07-05 Montreux Jazz Festival (1 Disc) FM Stereo, A
 Audioslave 05-03-2005 The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA 2 CDR AUD 92 min
 Audioslave 2003-02-23 Minneapolis DAT
 Audioslave & Jane's Addiction Aug 17,2003 DAT Master
 Anthrax Pratteln Switzerland 10\26\02 2disc
 Anthrax 14-5--05 sydney Australia 2 disc
 Anthrax Minneapolis 1-14-06 2CD
 Anthrax-Aftershock(Minneapolis,MI,USA 12 March 1986) silver sbd
 ANTHRAX 3/12/95 HOLLYWOOD,CA:HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM "Lifebeat Benefit" * with Rob Halford
 AFI - 06.06.24 - Philadelphia
 AFI - 06.07.30 - St. Louis
 Alice in Chains 1/8/93 Aloha Tower Honolulu, HI sbd J8
 Annihilator - 90.09.14 - Frankfurt
 AC-DC melbourne Australia 27\2\81
 AC-DC Gothenburg,Sweden 26\4\96 2 disc gaps
 AC/DC Nov 12, 1979 Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsFM Broadcast
 AC/DC August  8, 1978 'Record Bar' Managers / Executives Convention Nashville, TN SBD
 AC/DC Oct. 16th, 1979  Towson, University, USA  SBD
 AC/DC 1981.02.27 Myer Music Bowl Melbourne, Australia SBD 2cd
 ACDC Warnors Theater Fresno CA USA September 08 1979
 AC-DC 2008-10-26 Wachovia Arena Wilkes-Barre PA USA
 AC-DC 2008-11-01 Allstate Arena Rosemont IL USA
 AC-DC 2009-01-31 Sommet Center Nashville TN USA

 Accept 27/04/2005 Luzhniki Sports arena, Moscow, Russia, , 2CD
 Accept 04-06-05 Waldrock Festival - Bergum NED (1 Disc) FM Stereo, A
 Accept Donington England 18\8\84
 Accept - Sölnahallen, Stockholm, Sweden 28-10-1983
 Accept - Stockholm.Sweden 03-05-1986
 Accept - 1996-05-26 Solingen, Germany
 Accept London Engalnd 15\3\85
 Accept - "War Games" Ludwigschaffen, Germany 1986-03-20 (AUD)
 Arch Enemy - 04.06.17 - Osaka
 Arch Enemy - 05.10.26 - Hiroshima
 Alice in Chains3-10-06 Trump Taj Mahal Atlantic City, NJ Decades Rock Live
 Bat for Lashes 15 May 2009 Belgique,Bruxelles Le Botanique 24bit
 Bat For Lashes 12th April 2009 Town Hall Birmingham England

 BARONESS 2009-04-21 Schocken Stuttgart, Germany

 Billy Idol ??-02-84 Idoltry - Los Angeles CA USA (1 Disc) SBD, A
 Billy Idol - KROQ Acoustic Xmas 11-12-93
 Billy Idol July 28, 2008 Paradiso Amsterdam, Netherlands 2cd aud
 Billy Idol Hollywood, Ca.The Roxy - August 1982 The Palladium - Feb 1984
 Billy Idol 06-05-01 Fan Nation 2001 - Irvine CA USA (1 Disc) FM Stereo, A
 Billy Idol 14-08-01 Toronto ON CAN (2 Discs) AUD, A
 Billy Idol 12-04-05 Toronto ON CAN (2 Discs) AUD, A
 Billy Idol Flesh for Fantasy - Mountainview CA 88 sbd...exellent

 Bruce Springsteen 1985-01-15 Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, North Carolina Perfect in '85 {Silver Rip} 3cd
 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band 2nd Night at the Capitol Theater Winged Wheel - WW9401/2 (released 10/94) SOUNDBOARD
 Capitol TheaterPassaic, New JerseySeptember 20, 1978 2cd

 Black Label Society yokohama Japan"join us or die" 17\6\00
 Black Label Society San Diego,CA 8\4\03
 Black Label Society Dallas TX 5\8\04
 Black Sabbath - 1970-12-20 - L'Olympia Theatre, Paris, France 'Come To The Sabbath' - shn
 Black Sabbath - 1971-01-14 - Sheffield - Flac
 Black Sabbath - 1971-10-22 - Academy Of Music New York - shn
 Black Sabbath - 1972-03-10 - Winterland Arena San Francisco, CA - shn
 Black Sabbath - 1972-07-15 - Hara Arena Dayton OH - Flac
 Black Sabbath - 1972-09-15 - Hollywood Bowl, LA 'Under The California Sun' - Flac
 Black Sabbath - 1973-02-19 - Palasport Bologna, Italy - shn
 Black Sabbath - 1974-04-06 - Bagdad - Flac (w-Art)
 Black Sabbath Cal Jam 1974
 Black Sabbath - 1975-08-05 Asbury Park, NJ 'Live in 75' - Flac (w-Art)2disc
 Black Sabbath - 1977-04-21 - Lund, Sweden 'Killing Yourself To Die' - shn
 Black Sabbath 7.18.71 York Stadium Toronto
 Black Sabbath_Killing Yourself To Live 4-21-77 Lund
 Black Sabbath Nov 15th 1992 Pacific AmphitheaterCosta Mesa,Los Angeles"Ozzy Meets The Priest" (Angry Dino AD 1003) Liberated Bootleg
 Black Sabbath September 3, 1994 River Plate Stadium; Buenos Aires, Argentina Soundboard recording
 Bruce Dickinson and Judas Priest Los Angeles 1990 (SBD)
 Blaze Bayley Leeds Rio 2007 Tommyten

 Big Country 1986-08-17 San Francisco, CAWarfield Theatre Audience ex Jems Master
 Big Country  1984-12-21  The Legendary Glasgow Apollo  FM
 Big Country 1983-XX-XX, Hammersmith Palais, London, -''BBC Rock Hour 438''-, -Broadcasted Week 1983-09-18-

 Cavalera Conspiracy - 2008-06-13 Novarock Festival, Pannonia Fields II, Nickelsdorf, Austria
 Cathederal 1992 gods on grind tour
 Chris Cornell - 06.06.09 - Stockholm[Remastered]
 Chris Cornell 07/05/20 Berlin 2 cd (FM)
 Chris Cornell April 17, 2009 Pabst Theater: Milwaukee, WI
 Cathederal 24\5\94 cosmic funeral
 Cathederal 7\3\96 Tokeyo,Japan
 Carcass - 94.04.04 - Providence
 Cephalic Carnage - 03.05.11 - Carrboro
 Chimaira - 2008-03-19 Planet Music, Vienna, Austria taper FotherMucker
 Creed August 09, 2009Saratoga, NY.
 Creed August 13, 2009 Susquehanna Bank Center Camden, NJ
 Creed • "Unreleased And Unplugged" (1 CDR)
 Creed 8\15\02 Mark of the Quad Cities Moline 2cd aud A
 Creed Sydney 3/15/02 [2nd Night] Entertainment Center Sydney, AustraliaSBD: A- 2cd
 Creed 11/19/02State College Bryce Jordan CenterState College, PA AUD: B- 2cd
 Creed 7/25/99 Woodstock '99 Rome, NY FM/SBD: A+
 Creed 8/30/00 Merriweather Post Pavilion Columbia, MD AUD:
 Creed 8/30/00 Merriweather Post Pavilion Columbia, MD AUD: Metal Gmans version
 Creed 6/20/98 Irvine Meadows AmphitheaterIrvine, CA FM/SBD: A+
 Creed 4/23/98 Bronco Bowl Dallas, TX FM/SBD: A+
 Creed 3/5/98 Released ~ Live '98 Graffitti LoungePittsburgh, PA AUD: A+
 Creed 2/25/98 Boston's Prison The AvalonBoston, MA FM/SBD: A-
 Creed 12/14/97 Madison TheaterPeoria, IL AUD: B
 Creed 2002-08-24 Hershey, PA By The Light of the Silvery Moon Catalog: SMP-005 2cd
 CREED 11-04-99 Human Clay Tour '99 Freeman Coliseum San Antonio, Texas sbd
 CREED 02-14-2002 In The Shadow Of The Olympic Games Salt Lake City, Utah
 CREED 09-24-02 WWI Absolutely Live In Concert The Smirnoff Center Deep Ellum, TX
 Creed In Concert 00-51
 Creed In Concert 99-13
 Creed In Concert: High voltage 99-23

 Clutch November 26th 2006 Het Burgerweeshuis, Deventer, The Netherlands J8
 Clutch November 27th 2006 Patronaat, Haarlem, The Netherlands J8
 I have a bunch of other clutch audio also...just ask

 Coldplay June 13, 2009 Qwest Center Omaha, Nebraska 2cd
 Coldplay June 18, 2009 Rexall Place Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 2cd

 Cypress Hill 5/18/99 Libro Music Hall Vienna, Austria Soundboard

 David Bowie April 26, 1983 Las Colinas Soundstage Dallas, Texas (Rehersals) sbd
 Damned 12th July 2009 The Brook, Southampton, UK.
 Dark tranquility- york fibbers UK 2008 tommyten
 Destruction Leeds rio 2007 tommyten
 Deep Purple 1975-03-21 Gothenburg, Sweden 'Gypsy In Sweden'
 Deep Purple 1976-02-27 Long Beach, CA
 Deep Purple 1994-06-22 Genova, Italy 'Spirit of Freedom'
 Deep Purple 2003-11-17 Prague, Czech Republic
 Demons &Wizards Paris ,France 29\6\00
 Demons &Wizards 1/7/00 poor mans crusade
 Devildriver Leeds Rio 2007 Tommyten
 Devildriver May 2, 2009 Harpos Detroit, Mi.
 Dio Sao Paulo 28/8/04
 Dio 2008-05-27 - Birmingham Academy, UK [Simon_LDT] 2cd
 De La Soul August 27, 2009 with The Rhythm Roots Allstars First Avenue Mainroom Minneapolis, MN
 Deftones2004 / 10/29 Starland Ballroom SayrevilleNew Jersey,USA
 Depeche Mode 1994.05.14 San Francisco SBD
 Depeche Mode 1982-10-27 Apollo, Manchester, England, UK  A Broken Frame tour
 Depeche Mode Manchester Apollo uk 27/10/82 Ejectthetape Recording.
 Depeche Mode xx/xx/98 Forum Los Angeles 2 dc sbd
 Def Leppard 12/14/02 Bill Graham Civic Audotorium San Francisco ,CA 2 cd A
 Disturbed2004/07/30 SayrevilleNew Jersey,USA
 Disturbed - 140608 - Nickelsdorf - Nova Rock - Austria
 Dime tribute 8\9\08 San Francisco Tx Ozzfest
 Down - 2008-07-25 Vasil Levski National Stadium, Sofia, Bulgaria taper FotherMucker
 Dysrhythmia - 03.05.11 - Carrboro
 Eyehategod - 01.03.20 - West Columbia
 Entombed June 8, 2006 Sweden Rock Festival Sweden Stage Norje Sweden (FM - P3 Live - Swedish Radio) J8

 Exodus 09-11-2007 "São Paulo: The Final Atrocity In South America" 2cd
 Exodus 11-03-2007 Buenos Aires, Argentina - El Teatro (FM)

 Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Brighton Top Rank Suite, March 29th 1978
 Elvis Costello & The Attractions HEATWAVE FESTIVAL,MOSPORT AUG.23,1980 SBD
 Elvis Costello+The AttractionsNew Year's Eve at the Palladium
 (Also known as "Almost Blue, Almost New")The PalladiumNYC 12/31/81 2cd
 Elvis Costello & The Attractions July 7, 1978 WinterlandSan Francisco, CA sbd
 Elvis Costello 2007-05-04-reno 2cd
 Elvis costello 05-18-07 930 club Philly
 Elvis Costello and The Attractions April 12th, 1979 Lehigh Community College Bethlehem, PA I STAND ACCUSED sbd
 Elvis Costello & the Attractions November 23, 1977 Jed's New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S. FM
 Elvis Costello & the Attractions December 9, 1977 Boston, Ma.Paradise Theatre Early show WBCN BROADCAST
 Elvis Costello 14 May 1980 - Hope & Anchor Pub, London,UK - (Upgrade)
 Elvis Costello 1979-02-14 Long Beach

 Evile Bradford University 2007
 Evile Manchester Academy 2008

 Fear Factory 01-27-1997 Big Day Out Festival, Sydney, Australia 1 CDR SBD 49 min NG
 Fear Factory 06-19-2004 Waldrock Festival, Belgium 1 CDR FM 46 min NG
 Fear Factory2001-07-30 Phoenix Theater, Petuluma, CA., USA
 Fear Factory -08-03-2004 The Opera House, Toronto, Ontario 2 CDR
 Fear Factory1998-xx-xx Hamburg, Germany
 Fear Factory • Portugal 11/16/01 (1 CDR)
 Fear Factory • London, England 4/14/01 (1 CDR)
 Fear Factory 08/21/1993 CDR(1) A+ Triple J Studios FM
 Fear Factory 12/14/2001 CDR(1) A Metro Theatre
 Fear Factory 12/18/2001 CDR(1) A- Powerstation AUD Auckland
 Fear Factory 05/11/2004 CDR(1) Ungraded universal amphitheater - CA AUD
 Fear Factory 07/23/2004 CDR(1) Ungraded waldrock festival Unknown
 Fear Factory 08/03/2004 CDR(2) Ungraded the opera house - ON
 Fear Factory CDR(1) A XM Studios - DC FM
 Fear Factory 11/12/2004 CDR(1) Ungraded kool haus - ON AUD
 Fear Factory - Universal Ampitheatre, Universal City, CA, 2005.5.11
 Fear Factory 17\8\06 Offenbach, Germany
 Fear Factory - 2006-04-03 - Stockholm, Klubben, Sweden 2 cd
 Fear Factory - February 20, 1996 Birch Hill Night Club, Old Bridge, NJ RCSguy Master J8
 Fear Factory 2001 Auckland. New ZealandPowerstation
 Fear Factory Leeds, UK 2001-08-24
 Fear Factory 1996 04 05 USA - FM The Palace Los Angeles
 Fear Factory 2010-03-12 Gagarin 205, Athens, Greece  2cd Punknotdead
 Fear Factory 2010-03-12 Gagarin 205, Athens, Greece  2cd pantelis79
 Fear Factory 17.2.10  Academy 2, Manchester  2cd
 Fear Factory @ Teleton Theatre December 6th 2009, Santiago Chile 2cd
 Fear Factory 2010-Mar-05  Köpenhamn, DK - Pumpehuset  2cd
Fear Factory - Bloodstock Open Air, Catton Park 2016-08-13\
Fear Factory - April 21, 2016 - Eagles Hall - Milwaukee, WI\
Fear Factory - O2 Ritz, Manchester 2015-12-09\
Fear Factory 2013-12-11 Moody Theatre, Austin, TX flac16\
FEAR FACTORY - Hifi Bar, Melbourne - 2012-09-28\
Fear Factory -  2012-09-22 Powerstation, Auckland, New Zealand\
FEAR FACTORY - 2012 06 18 - The Industrialist Tour - New York Club, Vilnius, LT (piktstevs rec. No. 126)\
Fear Factory - Sweden Rock Festival 2012-06-06 sylvo007 MASTER\
Fear Factory - Live at Metal Fest Chile April 28, 2012 flac\
Fear Factory 2001-02-03  Cleveland, OH  Agora Theatre

 Fight MTV performance 15\11\93
 Fight Asbury Park,NJ 19\11\93
 Fight 30-Oct-1993 Elysee Montmartre Paris France
 Fight Asbury park ,NJ 17\4\94
 Fight 1994-04-11 Desperado's, North Charleston, SC, USA
 Fight 1994-01-12 Virginia Beach, VA. USA
 Fight 1993-12-07 San Francisco, CA. USA
 Fight 1993-10-24 Stuttgart
 Fight PHX AZ 1993_12_12
 Fight - Hollywood, CA 09-Dec-93
 Foo fighters - 2007-11-14 - Nottingham

 Gary Numan Barrowlands Glasgow FM Radio Clyde Show 21 Sep 1987
 Gary Numan Hammersmith Odeon 12th December 1984
 Gary Numan Manchester Apollo 8th September 1980 sbd
 Gary Numan - Corporation, Sheffield, England, 2009.11.20  2cd
 Gary Numan Electric Picnic Stradbally Hall Ireland 2nd September 2006
 Gary Numan Santa Monica Civic Center 1980-03-09


 Genesis Jan/14/84 LA Forum..pre FM..A+
 Genesis 2nd Night @ MSG 9/30/1986
 Genesis Berlin 6/8/1987
 Genesis 1983-11-27 - The Spectrum Philadelphia PA sbd
 GENESIS -Forum de Montréal, 19th June 1980 Soundboard-recording. 2cd
 Restoration/Mastering/Cover design by tom 2006 A TM Production. GEN800619TM
 GENESIS - City Hall, Sheffield, 17th April 1980 FM-broadcast recording (HallamFM Sheffield).
 Restoration/Mastering/Cover design by tom 2006 A TM Production. GEN800417TM

 Geezer(GZR) (Butler) 1997-09-01 Slims San Francisco

 Graham Bonnet 2/28/09 Jax Nightclub Springfield
 Grand slam_BBC11_17_84
 Gizmachi - 06.05.18 - Denver
 Gillan 1981-02-18 Oxford Polytechnic England (Edbangor Version)BBC Transcription Vinyl Rip
 Gillan 1982-05-08 BBC Friday Rock Show Sessions (FM)
 Gillan Newcastle 30Oct82

 GRAVE DIGGER November 02, 2007Halle 101 Speyer, Germany 2cd

 Goldie Lookin Chain Mar/14/09 Dundee Scotland
 Guns+Roses Appetite For Outtakes...G+R studio sessions 3cds
 Guns+Roses 1987-10-08-London-AUD-SM-Master-Remaster
 Guns +Roses Oct/5/87 "Rock City 1987" Nottingham, England,
 GUNS N' ROSES June 28 (Sunday), 1987 The Marquee Club, London, England Alan Niven SBD

 Halford 2001-11-02 Glasgow Scotland
 Halford 2003-02-14 Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan 2 disc
 Halford 2002-07-07 Full Force Festival, Leipzig, Germany
 Halford jun- 7- 02 Sweden Rock Fest Norje Sweden
 Halford 2000-09-10 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA, USA
 Halford 2000-09-09 Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ, USA
 Halford 2000-09-16 Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USA
 Halford 2000-11-06 Essen, Germany
 Halford-rockline 22.7.02 1cd
 Halford-Malmo, sweden 9.11.00 1cd
 Halford-stuttgart, longhorn 19.11.00 1cd
 Halford 2000 usa ???
 Halford Buenos aries, Argentina 13\1\01
 Halford Rio Brazil , "made in rio" 19\1\01
 Halford Petaluma,CA 6\3\03
 Halford Tokeyo 03
 Halford Ozzfest Mansfield Mass August 24, 2010
 Halford Montreal July 24, 2010

 HalestormJune 24th, 2006 Blitz Bash featuringThe Equinox Tourw/Evans Blue, Shinedown and Trapt
 Lifestyle Communities PavilionColumbus, OH
 HAIL! - 2009-05-01 Maifest, Vienna, Austria taper FotherMucker

 Heaven & Hell March 22, 2007 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
 Heaven & Hell March 24, 2007 John Labatt Centre, London Ontario 2 cd
 Heaven & Hell March 22, 2007 Toronto, Ontario, Canada version 2 2 cd
 Heaven & Hell 7/nov/07 Sheffield Arena ,Sheffield UK 2cd..nice
 Heaven & Hell -manchester men arena 2007 tommyten
 Heaven & Hell August 19th, 2008 First Midwest Bank Amphitheater Tinley Park, Il.
 Heaven & Hell August 19th, 2008 First Midwest Bank Amphitheater Tinley Park, Il. "THE KIPCO VERSION"
 Heaven + Hell May 10th, 2009 "Chevrolet Hall" Belo Horizonte, Brazil

 Hellyeah 8\9\08 San Francisco Tx Ozzfest

 Human League 10 June 1980 VPRO Radio, Amsterdam
 Human League 1980.05.18 Glasgow Tiffany's
 Iron Maiden 12.02.2008 Brisbane Entertainment Centre (Navigator)
 Iron Maiden 10.02.2008 Sydney Acer Arena (Navigator)
 Iron Maiden 09.02.2008 Sydney Acer Arena (Navigator)
 Iron Maiden 07.02.2008 Melbourne Rod Laver Arena (Navigator)
 Iron Maiden 06.02.2008 Melbourne Rod Laver Arena (Navigator)
 Iron Maiden 04.02.2008 Perth Burswood Dome (Navigator)

 Iron Maiden November 18, 2006 Globen, Stockholm, Sweden 2cd
 Iron Maiden London 28/08/93
 Iron Maiden -Barcelona 6-11- 03 2 disc
 Iron Maiden -Grasspop 05 gui`s version 2 disc
 Iron Maiden 20\8\05 San Bernardino CA sharon goes nuts
 Iron maiden Nec Birmingham 18/12/03 2 disc
 Iron maiden LA 04 2 disc
 Iron maiden LA 7\30\99
 Iron Maiden Buenos Aries 98 2 disc
 Iron Maiden Derby UK 90 2 disc
 Iron Maiden Earls Court London 12/12/03 2cd

 Inked In Blood - 06.06.30 - Lancaster
 It Dies Today - 05.06.04 - Gothic theatre Denver
 In Flames - 2008-06-08 Rock im Park, Nürnberg, Germany incomplete taper FotherMucker
 In Flames - 2008-06-14 Novarock Festival, Pannonia Fields II, Nickelsdorf, Austria taper FotherMucker

 The Jam 24-nov-79 Southampton

 Iced Earth 7th Of November 2007 Sheffield Arena, Sheffield UK

 John Foxx & Louis Gordon-Manchester University 5 Oct 07
 Jonathan Davis - 2008-06-13 Novarock Festival, Pannonia Fields II, Nickelsdorf, Austria taper FotherMucker

 Kings of Leon 2008-12-10 National indoor arena, Birmingham, UK
 Kings of Leon August 9, 2008 All Points West Music & Arts Festival (2nd day) Blue Comet stage     Liberty State Park Jersey City, New Jersey, USA


 KILLING JOKE-Glasgow-22.02.85
 KILLING JOKE - Lyceum - 05 October 1980
 Killing Joke - Ris-Orangis 20.04.06 2cd
 KILLING JOKE - Trafaglar Sq CND Rally 26 October 1980
 KILLING JOKE Sessions 1979-1980-1981
 Killing Joke 1982 08 07 Detroit (flac)
 Killing Joke 1984 01 01 London (flac)
 Killing Joke - Clutch Cargos, Pontiac, Michigan, USA 7.8.82
 Killing Joke 1980 06 25 Paris, bains douches (flac)
 Killing Joke Brighton Top Rank 24 Feb 1982 Master fla
 Killing Joke - Genova, Italy 1983
 Killing Joke - 1989-05-18 - Kilburn National London
 Killing Joke 1982-7-17 Keystone, Berkeley
 Killing Joke Aug.7,1982 Clutch Cargo's, Detroit best*
 Killing Joke 2008.09.29 - Belgique,Bruxelles - Ancienne Belgique (16 bit)

 Kings of leon 2008-12-10 National indoor arena, Birmingham, UK source: radio broadcast

 King Diamond 11/June /06 Tillburg Holland 2 cd Tredz
 King Diamond Karen Gothenburg24-4-06 2cd
 King Diamond - "Black Devil Voodoo" Live in Malmo, Sweden 19-3-01 *
 King Diamond - Live in Lille, France 27-3-'01 (TAO 1:07:20)
 King Diamond Long Beach,CA 15\8\86
 King Diamond Chicago,IL 20/8/88 2 disc
 King Diamond 11-19-1987 "Joker Up My Sleeve" Karen, Gothenburg, Sweden 1 CDR
 King Diamond 1990 02 13 Bonn Germany
 King Diamond 1990 02 02 Copenhagen Denmark 2
 King Diamond 1997 03 04 The Spider's Lullabye Halmstad Sweden
 King Diamond - 2000-08-07 - Warwick, RI - 2cd B+
 King Diamond Rochester 15\11\03 2 disc
 King Diamond05-06-2005 Roseland Ballroom, Portland, OR 1 CDR AUD 80 min A-
 KISS Saginaw 1984-12-11, MI - Civic Center 2cd
 KISS Fresco, 27.11.1979 Soundboard

 Krokus 1982-05 Rosyln, New York
 Krokus 1984-12-10 Detroit, MI
 Korn Absolutely Live In Concert 04-40
 KoRn 11-16-2002 Cow Palace San Francisco, Ca
 Korn 07.30.2000 GM Place Vancouver, BC
 KoRn San Francisco, CA The Warfield November 12, 2003
 Korn 24\6\02 MSG
 Kornlive,demos & blind live at "the palace". Los angeles, CA. 1995 / demos 1994. sbd
 KoRn 2004-02-16 Melbourne, Australia
 Korn August 29, 2006 Darien Lakes PAC Darien, NY
 KoRn - Live @ The Life Is Peachey Tour, California, (March 1997)
 KORN sep-1-07 SHORELINE AMPETHEATER Mountain view Ca
 KoRn November 12, 2003San Francisco, CAThe Warfield Back2Basics Tour
 KORN October 8, 2007 Bryce Jordan Center State College, PA Bitch We Have a Problem Tour 2cd
 Korn Saturday, August 18, 2007 Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Houston, TX
 Korn - Buenos Aires 2008 (FLAC)
 Korn Immortal In House Cassettes
 Korn 2008-04-05 Estádio Palestra Itália, São Paulo, Brasil (Dark Killer master)
 KoRn 6th June 2009Nürnberg, Germany Zeppelinfeld - Rock im Park, Suzuki Alternastage
 KoRn 2009-06-17 Paris, France Bataclan
 Korn 18 June 2009 Les Folies de Maubeuge La Luna - Maubeuge
 Korn Concert at Teatro Caupolicán, Santiago, Chile, April 17, 2010
 Korn   2011-March-11  Tucson_AZ

 Lamb of God April 16th 2009 Toronto Ricoh Coliseum ..Bobcat
 Lamb Of God May 6, 2009The FillmoreDetroit, Mi.
 Lamb of God Manchester Arena 2007 Tommyten
 Lee Aeron 1983-05-04 London, England 'London Outlaw'
 Lee Aeron 1984-04-06 Toronto, Canada
 Lacuna Coil 05-11-04 BALLROOM FANTISIES Sayreville, NJ Venue: The Starland Ballroom
 Linkin Park 30/5/07 Bercy Paris 2cd
 Led Zepplin Studio sessions 11cds on 1 dvd...nice
 Limp Bizkit 2001-06-03 Rock Am Ring, Nürburgring, Germany FM-Recording

 Madness - 2008-12-18 - Manchester Central
 Marc Almond - Electric Picnic Festival - Sept. 3rd 2010

 Machine Head - 05.06.04 - Gothic Theatre Denver 2 cd
 Machine Head - 2008-06-03 Eden Stadium, Prague, Czech Republic taper FotherMucker
 Marillion - Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada 13 Oct 1987
 Mnemic - 2008-06-03 Eden Stadium, Prague, Czech Republic taper FotherMucker

 Megadeth - Apollo, Manchester 17.2.09
 Megadeth 2009-02-14 - LG Arena, Birmingham UK [Simon_LDT] 16bit
 Megadeth Stuttgart 08.03.2009
 Megadeth 2008-02-19 - Kebab Abomination Glasgow Carling Academy, Scotland 2cd
 Megadeth 4-25-08 The Palladium Worcester, MA. Farve4 DAT Master
 Megadeth - Live at Luna Park 28-05-2008 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
 Megadeth Manchester Academy 2008 Tommyten
 Megadeth Glasgow scotland 3/2/05 2 disc
 Megadeth Dublin 1/2/05 2 disc
 Megadeth 1987-04-03 Tokyo, Japan
 Megadeth 1993-07-05 Milton Keyens, England 'Punishment Is Due'
 Megadeth - 1995-05-29 - Yokohama, Japan "Psychodale" (Laura-003/4)2 cd silver cds DAT
 Megadeth 2001-07-25 Nagoya, Japan
 Megadeth 2000-08-03 Japan
 Megadeth Phoenix Arizona 30\ 10 \ 04 2 disc
 Megadeth 11/17/04 "The State" 2 disc
 Megadeth 08-28-2005 House Of Blues, Atlantic City, NJ 2 CDR AUD 93 min B+
 Megadeth 9/02/05 London (2 cd) live at “Astoria” London , England
 Megadeth 9/04/05 Unleashed Revenge (2 cd) live in Osaka, Japan A
 Megadeth 12/08/05 Chicago (2 cd) live at “Tweeter Center” Tinley Park, Chicago, IL. 12/08/05
 Megadeth Toronto 88
 Megadeth 9-28-07 Lupo's Providence, RI Day of Reckoning In Providence Farve4 DAT Master
 Megadeth 1997-12-13Ferrocarril Oeste StadiumBuenos Aires Argentina sbd
 Megadeth December 1, 1994 (First Night)Estadio ObrasBuenos Aires, Argentina sbd ?

 Megadeth 10-25-97 NY american assualt
 Megadeth ARIZONA 6-13-97 Raising Arizona
 Megadeth - September 30, 2006 NJ 2cd
 Megadeth_2006_09_29 Boston - Bank of America Pavillion 2cd
 Megadeth - 2007-03-22 - Air Canada Centre,Toronto - (Backing Heaven & Hell) - BurnBoy
 Megadeth 2007-11-01 Shibuya-AX, Tokyo, Japan 2cd
 Megadeth -November 15, 2007 Live at the Luna Park Big Top in Sydney, Australia

 Metallica 8\9\08 San Francisco Tx Ozzfest
 MetallicA - 2008-07-25 Vasil Levski National Stadium, Sofia, Bulgaria
 Metallica - 2008-06-03 Eden Stadium, Prague, Czech Republic
 MetallicA - 2008-06-08 Rock im Park, Nürnberg, Germany
 Metallica - 2008-05-28 Slaski Stadium, Chorzow, Poland
 Metallica 1992-03-07 - Knoxville, TN, USA
 Metallica 04/04/86 Joe Louis Arena: Detroit, MI
 Metallica 1985-01-15 The Spectrum Montreal, Ontario, Canada
 Mercyfull Fate live at the Phoenix Seattle 27\9\99 2 disc
 Mercyfull Fate 1981-10-31 Copenhagen, Denmark
 Mecyfull Fate 81 Copenhagen Denmark
 Mercyfull fate Hilversum ,Netherlands 20\1\84 " Werewolves in Hilversum"
 Mercyfull Fate Chicago ,IL31\10\84
 Mercyfull Fate Chicago IL28\1\95 2disc
 Mercyfull Fate Philladelphia ,PA 18\2\95
 Mercyfull Fate Portland 24/10/84
 Mercyfull fate Copenhagen?? 23/6/83
 Morrissey Oct 1st 1992 Boulder, Colorado University Fieldhouse SBD
 Mother love bone Demo`s 84-89
 Mother Love Bone - Shine On
 Motörhead - 2008-06-14 Novarock Festival, Pannonia Fields II, Nickelsdorf, Austria
 Motorhead -10-11-2007 Live At The NEC, Birmingham
 Motorhead 6/Nov/07 Sheffield Arena Sheffield UK
 Motorhead 16/06/2005 Hammersmith Odeon "30th Anniversary Show" 2cd
 Motorhead 2008-08-19 First Midwest Bank Amphitheater Chicago IL
 Nazerath 1976 BBC
 Nazerath 1978 BBC
 Nazerath 1980-03-22 London, England
 Nazerath 1980 London, England
 Nazareth - 2008-04-14 Planet Music, Vienna, Austria taper FotherMucker
 Nevermore October 10, 1999 Danbury, CT - City Limits
 NightwishNov/6/07 Galaxy TheatreSanta Ana, CA2cd
 Nightwish Tristania 2005-02-24 - Arena, Trier, Germany 2cd
 NightWish 16\7\01 London,England 2 disc
 Nightwish Jones Beach 23-8-05 2 discs
 Nuclear Assault - 92.11.06 - Newark
 NWOBHM Demo Tape
 Nash The Slash
 Opeth_2006-06-25_Lucky-Rijssen, Holland 2cd
 Ozzy Osbourne Stockholm Sweden February 24 1992
 Ozzy Osbourne Bark At The Moon demo outtakes 2cd
 OZZY OSBOURNE August 10th, 2007 First America Band AmphitheaterTinley Park, Il. J8
 Ozzy Osbourne 2003-03-24 DTE Energy Music Theater,Clarkston,MI 2cd
 Ozzy Osbourne 6/29/1984 Kouseinenkin-Kaikan Tokyo, Japan " Drunken Show"sbd
 Ozzy Osbourne feat. Randy Rhoads:Met Center, Bloomington, MN, 15th January 1982
 Ozzy Osbourne 8\9\08 San Francisco Tx Ozzfest

 OMD 7 May 2007 Utrecht NL 2cd
 OMD 2011-03-26 Oakland

 Priest SMP 93 Of Historical SignificanceDate: March 11, 1978
 The Palladium, New York City, NY
 Priest Reading Festival - UK8/22/75
 Priest 16-Jul-77 Palladium NY aud
 Priest Corn Exchange, Cambridge, England 1/20/78
 Priest Osaka 78
 PRIEST 1978-02-06 Apollo Theatre, Manchester, England
 Priest - Paris 09.12.1979
 Priest 1979-11-23 Hamburg
 Priest 1978-04-19 Fresno Warnor's Theater, Fresno, CA. audPriest
 Priest 2/13/79 Festival Hall - Tokyo Japan
 Priest 2/14/79 Osaka Japan
 Priest Seattle,Washington 17\10\79
 Priest New Haven Collesium,CT 9/3/79
 Priest 5\23\79 Newcastle,England
 Priest 17/10/1979Take On The WorldColiseum ArenaSeattle, WAFM/SBDA- 1
 Priest 11/17/1979Seattle '79Unknown VenueSeattle, WAFM/SBDA 2
 Priest November 4, 1979 The Palladium NYC fm
 Priest-July 5 1980 Calderone Concert Hall, Hempstead, Long Island NY USA
 Priest 25/06/1980 Breaking Denver '80Rainbow Music HallDenver, CO SBDA 1
 Priest - Live 1980-06-17 Seattle, WA
 PriestSan Diego, CA Sports Arena 1980-06-15
 Priest 8/16/80 Monsters of Rock England + interview cdr
 Priest 2/27/81 Weisbaden, Germany cdr
 Priest 11/23/81 Southampton, Englandcdr
 Priest Paris, France - 16.02.1981
 Priest 8th of November 1981 Apollo Theatre Manchester, England
 Priest 22/07/1981Devil's SpinePalladiumNew York, NYFM/SBDA+ 2
 Priest - Houston, TX, USA - 14.06.1981
 Priest 22/07/1981Supergroups '81The Palladium New York, NYSBDA++ 2
 Priest 23/07/1981Live 1981 (Remastered)Palladium New York, NYSBDA+ 2
 Priest 21\06\81 Universal Ampitheatre Chicago,Illinois FM Broadcast A+
 Priest Palladium Theater : New York, NY : USA : 22nd & 23rd July 1981
 Priest 21/11/1981Sinners And Saints '81Hammersmith OdeonLondon, EnglandSBDA+ 1
 Priest 10/09/1982San Antonio Sinners '82Unknown VenueSan Antonio, TXFM/SBDA 1
 Priest 9/21/1982Chicago '82Chicago International AmphitheaterChicago, ILFM B+ 2
 Priest - New York, NY, USA 02-Oct-1982
 Priest 26/09/1982San Antonio '82 (Complete)Unknown VenueSan Antonio, TexasFM/SBDA 1
 Priest 12/12/1982Metal Gods '82Unknown VenueMemphis, TNSBDA+ 1
 Priest Verdun Montreal 26-10-1982
 Priest 12/20/83 Leicester, England 2 cd
 Priest 12/21/83 Birmingham England 2cd
 Priest 29/05/1983US Fest '83Us Festival - Glen Helen ParkDevore, CA FM/SBDA 1
 Priest 08/06/1983The Last Vengeance '83Convention CenterHouston, TXFM/SBDA- 1
 Priest 12/19/1983Rockpalast '83RockpalastGermanyFM/SBDA 1
 Priest 5/4/1984Long Beach DefendersLong Beach ArenaLong Beach, CASBDA 2
 Priest 2nd May 1984 - Tingley Coliseum : Albuquerque, New Mexico : USA :
 Priest 05/05/1984California Burning '84Long Beach ArenaLong Beach, CaliforniaFM/SBDA+ 2
 Priest 1984-01-31 Clermont-Ferrand EX 1st g aud 2cd
 Priest 1/21/1984  Stockholm, Sweden  Isstadion
 Priest 22/05/1986
 Priest 23/05/1986St. Louis '86Kiel AuditoriumSt. Louis, MOFM/SBDA 2
 Priest - Stockholm, Sweden 24-Oct-1986
 Priest - Los Angeles, CA, USA 11-May-1986
 Priest 1986-05-25 Mineneapolis, MI
 Priest 07/06/1988 Offenbach '88Stadthalle Offenbach, GermanySBDA 2
 Priest 8/3/1988Last TemptationNew Haven ColiseumNew Haven, CTSBDA 1
 Priest 10/12/1988San Diego '88Sports ArenaSan Diego, CASBDA
 Priest 6\22\88 Sheffield City Hall UK 2 cd A I was there \m/ 2
 Priest - London, England 13-Jun-1988
 Priest 5/8/88 Gotherburg, Sweden 2cdrs
 Priest 5/15/88 Brussels, Belgium 2cdrs
 Priest 5/26/88 Milan, Italy 2cdrs
 Priest 25-05-88 Milan "Palatrussardi" 2cd aud
 Priest 27/06/1990 London '90Astoria TheaterLondon, EnglandSBDA 1
 Priest 13/09/1990Painkillers In Los Angeles '90Foundations ForumLos Angeles, CAFM/SBDA 1
 Priest /Bruce Dickenson L A 90
 Priest 13/09/1990The Damage Is DoneFoundations ForumLos Angeles, CASBDA 1
 Priest 14/09/1990Los Angeles '90Foundations ForumLos Angeles, CASBDA 1
 Priest 14/10/1990The Painkiller Tour '90-'91 (Complete) (Disc 1)Foundations ForumLos Angeles, CAAUD A 1
 Priest 23/01/1991Rock In Rio '91Maracana StadiumRio De Janeiro, Brazil FM/SBDA 1
 Priest - East Rutherford, NJ, USA 09-Aug-1991
 Priest 2\27\1991 Grugahalle Essen Germany, 2 disc
 Priest 18/02/1991The Painkiller Tour '90-'91 (Complete) (Disc 2)StadthalleOffenbach, GermanyAUDA 1
 Priest 26/03/1991Sheffield '91City Hall Sheffield, England AUD A 2 I was there!!!! :)
 Priest 5/04/1991Painkiller In The East '91 (Remastered)Yoyogi Olympic PoolTokyo, JapanAUDA 2
 Priest “Rob’s Last Gig” : CNE Grandstand : Toronto : Canada : 19th August 1991
 Priest PNC arts centre NJ, 7\16\04
 Priest Oberhausen ,Germany,13/6/04 2 disc
 Priest Caddott,Wisconsin, 17/07/04
 Priest 10\18\05 MTS Centre Winnipeg Mb Canada 2cd AOR TOUR
 Priest Yokohama,Japan 8\5\05 2 disc
 Priest Nagoya,Japan 10\5\05 2 disc
 Priest verizon wireless ampitheatre Texas 25\6\05 2 disc
 Priest - Atlanta, GA, USA 21-Jun-2005
 Priest 13/05/2005 Hiroshima '05 Yubin Chokin HallHiroshima, Japan AU A+ 2
 Priest 30/03/2005 Retribution In Cardiff '05Cardiff International ArenaCardiff, WalesAUDA+ 2
 Priest 2005-06-19 Nissan Pavillion, Bristow, VA 2005-06-19 2cd
 Priest - 15-06-08 - Nickelsdorf - Nova Rock - Austria
 Priest 2008-08-19 First Midwest Bank Amphitheater Chicago IL
 Priest 2008-08-31 The Metal Masters Tour - Shoreline Amphitheater - Mountain View CA USA
 Priest August 6, 2008 Susquehanna Bank Center Camden, NJ USA
 Priest - Icehall - Helsinki, Finland June 03th, 2008
 PRIEST - Sweden Rock Festival 2008-06-05
 Priest - 2008-06-15 Novarock Festival, Pannonia Fields II, Nickelsdorf, Austria incomplete taper FotherMucker
 Judas Priest - Live At Graspop Metal Meeting (2 CD) - 27.06.2008 - SBD, A+
 Priest - Zwolle - 2008.06.22
 Priest Esch June 11, 2008
 Priest 2008-09-12 Acer Arena Sydney, Australia
 Priest - Glasgow SECC Feb 16th 2009
 Priest 2009-02-14 - LG Arena, Birmingham UK [Simon_LDT] 16bit
 Priest Stuttgart 08.03.2009
 Priest_Malmo 2009/03/04
 Priest July 07, 2009 Comcast Center Mansfield, MA. 2cd
 Priest June 29, 2009 Murat Theatre Indianapolis, Indiana 2cd
 Priest - 2009-07-09 - Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto - BurnBoy - 2 cd
 Priest - 2009-08-16 St. Pete Times Forum.Tampa, Florida 2cd vegetated
 Priest 7-7-09 Comcast Center Mansfield, MA Farve4 DAT Master 2 cd
 Priest - Merriweather Post 2009/08/22 2cd
 Priest- 2009-07-15 - DTE Energy Music Theater - Clarkston, MI 2cd
 Priest 2009-07-22 Municipal Auditorium Nashville TN USA 2cd
 Priest -2009-08-16 "There You Have It" MMS014 St. Pete Times ForumTampa, FL USA Markbot Master Series 014 2cd
 Priest 8/ 23/2009 Meadowbrook US Cellular Pavilion Gilford, NH 2cd JB

 Sabbath/Rob Halford
 Costa Mesa CA Rob steps in for ozzy 11/14/92 cdr
 Costa Mesa CA Ozzy and Rob!11/15/92cdr
 Prong - 06.02.26 - Chicago
 Possessed - XX.XX.XX - Demo
 Porcupine Tree 2009-09-26 Philadelphia, PAVenue: Electric Factory 2cd    Taped By: N. Andreas
 Porcupine Tree (w/ That One Guy)Tuesday, September 15th, 2009   2cd  Moore Theatre - Seattle, WA, USA
 Porcupine Tree2009-09-22 The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL 2cd
 Porcupine Tree September, 27th 2009  Boston, MA  House Of Blues 2cd
 Porcupine Tree 9\15/09 Seattle  2cd
 Police Showbox Seattle 1980-02-01
 Police July 22, 1983 Lilitz, PA, USA "Complete" Synchronicity Rehearsals
 Police2/2/81 Regetta De Tokyo 1cd soundboard Budokan Hall Tokyo Japan
 Police Oct ,1,1983 (Sting's birthday!)Barcelona Narcis Sala (Sant Andreu F.C.),Spain sbd
 Police Aug, 2, 1983  "Many Miles Away"  Montreal sbd
 Police 1982-04-06 The Summit, Houston Tx From 1st Gen Cassette  sbd
 Police  Aug 22, 1980"Bring On The Night" (soundboard)  Beziers (FRA), Arenes
 Police  15.08.1983, The Scope, Norfolk USA sbd

 Pearl Jam 7/11/95 FM   live at soldier field, chicago, iL,
 Pearl Jam new york 25/08/00 (2 cd) live at " jones beach". New York (sbd ) (10/10)
 Pearl Jam Oslo, Norway. 29/06/00eurobootleg (2 cd) live at "Spectrum". (sbd)
 ROGER WATERSMilano, Fila Forum Assago10 May 2002 2cd
 Pink Floyd Pandoras slowing down Nassau ColiseumUniondale, NY.June 16th, 1975
 Pink Floyd 1988-08-01.flac The Black Knight Featuring The Fishermen
 Pink Floyd - 1988.02.19 - Tennis Center, Melbourne, Australia (SB)
 Pink Floyd MSG 1987-10-05 2cd
 Pink Floyd Psychedelic Games for May 1966-1967
 Pink Floyd 1967-09-13 The Star Club Copenhagen, Denmark
 Pink Floyd 1967-11-13 Hippy Happy Fair Oude Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands
 Pink Floyd 1967-1969 BBC Radio Sessions
 Pink Floyd More Relics 1968 - 1969
 Pink Floyd Dawn of the Piper Rev A HRV-CDR-018: 1965 - 1967
 Pink Floyd May 6th, 1968 First European International Pop Festival, Piper Club, Rome, Italy. VPRO Rebroadcast.
 Pink Floyd May 23, 1968 Paradiso Amsterdam
 Pink Floyd 12-28-1968 Live at Flight To Lowlands Paradise II, Margriethal-Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, Netherlands
 Pink Floyd June 22, 1969 - Free Trade Hall, Manchester, Lancashire
 Pink Floyd June 26th 1969 - Albert Hall, London, England
 Pink Floyd July 20, 1969 - Moonhead Live Studio Improvisation
 Pink Floyd August 8th, 1969 Plumpton Racetrack, East Sussex, England 9th National Jazz, Pop, Ballads and Blues Festival
 Pink Floyd September 17th, 1969 Concertgebow, Amsterdam, Netherlands Man of Leisure Music
 Pink Floyd October 11, 1969 Essener International Pop and Blues Festival Grugahalle Essen, Germany
 Pink Floyd 15 March 1970 Niedersachsenhalle Hannover, Germany 2cd
 Pink Floyd KQED TV Studios, San Francisco, CA, USA, April 29 or 30th 1970 Sound Quality EX+Source FM
 Pink Floyd 29 April 1970 Fillmore West San Francisco 2cds
 Pink Floyd 1970-11-21 and 22 Altes Casino Montreux, Switzerland FM
 Pink Floyd November 22nd 1970 Altes Casino Montreux, Switzerland 2cds
 Pink Floyd Altes Casino(?)Montreux, Switzerland September 19(?), 1971 DAT 2 cd
 Pink Floyd 1971 October 16th - Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica source Audience - gen: 2nd (speedcorrected) 2cd
 Pink Floyd 1971.10.17 Convention Hall, Community Concourse, San Diego, CA 2cd
 Pink Floyd ECLIPSED BY THE MOON Guildhall, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK, January 21, 1972+Dome, Brighton, Sussex, UK, January 20, 1972 2cd
 Pink Floyd 23 January 1972 Guildhall, Southampton, Hampshire 2cd
 Pink Floyd Feb 20,1972 Rainbow Theatre, London 2cd
 Pink Floyd The Great Gig On The Moon Label: Teddy Bear Records TB 35
 Pink Floyd March 30, 1972 Run Rabbit Run - JS/HRV/PFA 3307 Free Trade Hall, Manchester, 2cd
 Pink Floyd April 28, 1072 The Auditorium Theater, Chicago, Illinois 2cd
 Pink Floyd 15 Nov 1972, Boeblingen

 Queensryche 1/6/05 St Paul Minnesota
 Queensryche 10\7\05 Phoenix Arizona
 Queensryche2005/06/14 ScrantonPennsylvania,USA
 Queensryche September 9, 2007 Tweeter Center Mansfield, MA J8
 Raconteurs2008-06-14.Koolhaus toronto
 Rainbow - 'Astrologist' - 9th Aug, 1980 Malmo, Sweden
 Rainbow 9\30\79 Civic Centre Baltimore MD
 Rainbow Aug/16/80 Castle Donington
 Rage Against The Machine27/08/2000 Leeds Festival SDB 1cd
 RATM2009_09_03 - RNC - Target Center - Minneapolis, MN (16 Bit Version)
 RATM 10/01/96 Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles, CA .Screem Louder
 Rage Against The Machine 06-10-1993 "America's Most Wanted" City Square, Milan, Italy 1 CDR
 Rage Against The Machine 2008-08-02 Lollapalooza AT&T StageGrant Park Chicago, IL
 Rage Against The Machine_ITA Modena 2008-06-14 audience (badscooter)
 Rage Against the Machine"The Battle of the DNC 2008"The Denver ColiseumDenver, Colorado 2008 Aug 27
 RATM2009_09_03 - RNC - Target Center - Minneapolis, MN (16 Bit Version)
 RATM - 1993-02-02 - The Killing Zone Bootleg - (KTS 290) [killinginthename rip]
 RATM TheBattle Of Coachella 2007SNDB
 Rancid06-12-1998 "Death Won't Wait" Hultsfred Festival, Sweden 1 CDR FM 47 min A-
 Rancid 03/5/91
 RANCID January 14, 2007 Blitz Yokohama, Japan
 RUSH Las Cruces, NM 2/26/83 "Excitement So Thick" 2 disc
 Rush Behold Our Fire March 7, 1988 2cd
 Rush - Cool Under Fire September-27-1984 Capital Center, Largo, Maryland, USA 2cd
 Rush 1984-06-25 - Experience To Extremes Remastered
 Rush Toronto,ontario 30\7\2003
 Rush 01-30-1992 "Mirrors" Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, CA 2 CDR
 Rush 5/21/83 - Countdown to London 2cdr
 Rush 2/14/80 - St. Louis ’80 Remaster 1cdr
 Rush -Sep 30, 1980 Something Old SomethingAllentown Fairgrounds, Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA  New 2 CDR
 Rush Anaheim 1981 Master 2cdr
 Rush 5/28/79 - Buenos Noches Mein Frankfurt 2cdr
 Rush 11/20/78 - A Desert Passage, Platinum Edition2cdr
 Rush 11/7/91 - Row the Boats 2dcr
 Rush 5/26/04 - 30 Years Strong 3cdr
 Rush 9/29/04 – Penultimate R30 at the Globe 3cdr
 Rush 6/14/92 - Vital Dreams2cdr
 Rush Canada '81 20th Anniversary Edition
 Rush04-17-1992 "Run Faster" Wembley Arena, London, England 1 CDR SBD 56 min A
 Rhapsody 2002-04-11 Antwerp, Belgium
 Rhapsody 2000-05-12 Paris, France
 Rhapsody 2001-07-08 Santiago, Chile
 Rhapsody 2000-05-11 Paris, France
 Rhapsody 2000-05-03 Madrid, Spain
 Rhapsody 2000-04-09 Hamburg, Germany
 Roger Waters 060712 Lucca FM
 R Hawley 2007-12-10-The Crocodile Cafe Seattle WA sbd
 Simple Minds London Lyceum 19 Dec 83
 Simple Minds 1984-05-27  Irvington, New Jersey, USA Soundboard
 Simple Minds Milan and Rome, Italy 1998 Title: "Ice To The Skies" TRex Records TRCD061Source: FM? SQ: EX
 Simple Minds 1983-03-17 - - Rolling Stone Milano
 Sabbath "Purple Sabbath" November 4, 1983 Worchester Centrum, Worchester, Mass
 Sabbath Burgettstown,Pennsylvania 12\06\99 2 disc
 Septic Death - 86.06.18 - San Francisco
 Foo fighters - 2007-11-14 - Nottingham
 Serj Tankian - 2007-11-14 - Nottingham
 Sex Pistols - Live @ London, Brixton Academy, 10.11.2007
 Saxon 16/06/2005 Hammersmith Odeon W/ Girlschool 1cd
 Saxon April 15 1991Daily´s Melody Stockholm Sweden 2cd
 Saxon December 2 1996 Gino Stockholm Sweden 2cd
 Saxon 24\2\84 Hammersmith Odeon London "Sailing to Hammersmith " 2 cd
 Sabbat bradford university black winters day festival
 Slipknot 2009-02-14 Rupp Arena Lexington KY USA
 Snoop Dogg 2009-06-14 What Stage at Bonnaroo Manchester, Tenn. 2cd
 Symphony X 09 Nov 2007 Newport Centre, Newport, Wales
 Soundgarden 1994-02-10 Osaka, Japan 'Garden of Souls'
 Soundgarden 1992-03-23 Frankfurt/Main, DE "Music Hall"
 Soundgarden 1994-03-23 Oslo, Norway 2 disc
 Soundgarden 1994-04-07 Deinze, Belgium 'Violently Happy'
 Soundgarden 1994-06-17 New York, NY 2 disc
 Soundgarden 1996-09-28 Hamburg Germany (REMASTER) 2 disc
 Soundgarden 1996-09-28 Hamburg, Germany 2 disc
 Soundgarden Self Pollution Radio 95 + MTV Live & Loud 96
 Soundgarden "Blow up the outside" London 9\19\96
 Soundgarden 03-05-1992 "Moonlight On Vermont" Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA
 Soundgarden 11-09-1996 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL 2cdr
 Soundgarden1995-08-27 Reading, England UK
 Soundgarden - Blockbuster Pavilion, Charlotte, NC - Aug. 25, 1992
 Soundgarden 1996-09-22 Madrid
 Soundgarden January 18, 1994 Selinas Coogee Bay Hotel Sydney, Australia
 Soundgarden 1990-03-13 The Ritz Theatre Indianapolis IN
 SOUNDGARDEN 1989-10-29  Providence, RIThe Living Room" or "Lupo´s Heartbreak  Hotel"(SBD)
 SOUNDGARDEN 1990-01-21 Boston, MA Paradise Ballroom (SBD)
 SOUNDGARDEN  April 16, 2010  The Showbox at the Market   Seattle, WA

 Soft Cell Aug/3/83 Hammersmith Palais London
 Soft Cell Oct/6/83 Locarno Glasgow Scotland 2cd
 Soulfly 06.05.18 -Ogden Theatre Denver Co
 Soulfly 5-30-98 Dynamo Soulmasters Dynamo Fest Eindhoven Holland 5-30-98
 Soulfly  2000/07/28  Water Street Music Hall   Rochester, NY, US
 Soulfly Bleed Paris Bleed Paris, France 5/29/98 Soundboard A
 SOAD Manchester 14\6\05 2disc
 Sonata Arctica 2005-feb-04 Tokyo Japan
 Sonispere Festival 2009 1 dvd full of Flacs, many bands
 Strapping Young Lad 10-22-1998 Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo, Japan 1 CDR AUD 43 min B+
 Stranglers--Masonic Temple, Toronto, May 1983 FM Broadcast
 Stray Cats  1983-03-28  Massey Hall  Toronto, ON, CA sbd
 Seasick Steve 13th Februay 2009 (Steve Wold) Paradiso (large hall)Amsterdam, Netherlands
 Sweet- Detroit 27-02-1976
 Sweet - Berlin Blitz 16th May 1976 SBD
 Sweet - 1976-05-14 Cologne - Sporthalle Cologne (sbd)
  John Sykes 1995-06-23 Los Angeles, CA
 John Sykes 1995-12-12 Tokyo, Japan 'The Last Show'
 John Sykes 2004-04-17 Tokyo, Japan
 Thin Lizzy 1981-11-25 Hammersmith, England
 Thin Lizzy May 21,1983 Live at Banpaku Hall,Osaka,JapanLabel:Nightlife
 Thin Lizzy 1983-01-26 Hitchen, England
 Thin Lizzy 1983-Mar-29 AUD Manchester Apollo Theatre - 2nd gen
 Thin Lizzy 1980-09-25 "Memory Pain"Sun Plaza Nakano Japan SBD
 Thin Lizzy Leeds 1976-11-06 Rockdog master recording incomplete
 Thin Lizzy Leeds 1976-11-06 Tonyt master recording complete
 Thin Lizzy Stockholm Isstadion 7th February 1981 1st Gen
 Thin Lizzy 1977-10-26 Masonic Temple JEMS Recording ..speed corrected
 Thin Lizzy_1982-03-02_Lyon
 Thin Lizzy_1982+83 venues/dates unknown
 Thin Lizzy 1983-05-03 Ipswich, UK
 Thin Lizzy 1983 Glasgow & Nurnberg 'Farewell Lightning' 2 disc
 Thin Lizzy Glasgow 14 Apr 79
 Thin Lizzy 1983-02-25 Brighton Centre, UK
 Thin Lizzy 2001-02-01 Highland, ID 'Earplugs Not Included'
 Thin Lizzy 2004-02-25 Detroit MI
 Thin Lizzy In The Studio Demos
 Thin Lizzy Live with Gary Moore
 Thin Lizzy feat. Gary Moore: Guild Hall, Preston, England, UK, 27th April 1979 2cd
 Thin Lizzy - 1983-05-20 Nagoya
 Thin Lizzy 05-14-1976 Live In Rock City Ford Auditorium Detroit SBD
 THIN LIZZY 1978-09-05 Boston, MA Paradise   sbd

 TESLA 09/11/1991 - "High Voltage" [Gardener Remaster] Manchester, UK FM

 The Hold Steady - 2008.11.11 Phoenix Concert Theatre - Toronto, ON
 The Hold SteadyJune 27, 2008 Rams Head Live! Baltimore, Maryland 2cd
 The Hold Steady - 930 Club Washington - 14 Aug 08
 The Hold Steady Glasgow UK 14 Feb 2007

 Tommyten Audio dvd variousMetallica/Machine Head etc DL

 TOOL - 2006-05-02 - Paramount Theater - Seattle; Two different sources
 TOOL - 2006-05-08 - McFarlin Auditorium - Dallas
 TOOL - 2006-05-20 - City Center - NYC
 TOOL - 2006-05-21 - Orpheum Theater - Boston
 TOOL - 2006-05-30 - Le Summum- Grenoble France
 TOOL - 2006-06-07 - Arena Treptow, Berlin, Germany
 TOOL - 2006-06-17 - NovaRock-Festival, Pannonia Fields II - Nickelsdorf (BGLD.) , Austria
 Therion 2006-mar-02 Pecsa Budapest Hungary
 Trivium- manchester arena 2007 black crusade Tommyten
 UDO Berlin,Germany 15\2\88
 UDO Tokeyo,Japan 5\6\04
 U.D.O. 9-11-2008 Moscow Russia
 U.D.O 2007-11-15 Trädgårn', Gothenburg Sweden 2cd
 U.D.O.  April 30, 2008 - Cobra, Solingen, Germany  2cd
 U.D.O. - 2008-04-30 Solingen, Germany
 U.D.O. 2010-04-16 Moscow Russia

 Ultravox 22 January 1983 Lyon, France FM 2cd
 Ultravox Brighton Centre 27 May 1984
 Ultravox Hammersmith Odeon 1984-06-06
 Ultravox Reading Festival, 27th August, 1977.Soundboard.
 Ultravox 20th January 1983 Maison des Sports Clermont-Ferrand
 Ultravox 2009-04-11 Glasgow Remaster
 Ultravox - 2009-04-21 Nottingham 16 bit 44.1khz
 Ultravox - 2010-04-06 Birmingham, Symphony Hall
 Ultravox Cologne, Germany Musical Dome 2010-04-19
 Ultravox Manchester 08 April 2010
 Ultravox Newcastle 19 may 1984
 Ultravox Sheffield 15th april 2009
 Midge Ure - Harlow Playhouse 19th March 2009
 Ultravox_copenhagen_10 04 27
 Ultrovox Live in Bristol 13_04_2010
 Ultravox Vox Club Nonantola (Modena), Italy 2010-04-14
 U2 2001-03-30 Atlanta SB 2cd
 Van Halen October 15th, 1977 Pasadena Convention Center "The Nightmare Before Halloween" SB >A+
 Van Halen 1976-05-09 Norwalk, CA 'The Golden West'
 Van Halen 1978-06-01 London, England
 Van Helsings 15\10\04 NY
 Venom Chicago, IL 4/5/85 1cdr
 Venom Santa Monica CA 3/28/86 1cdr soundboard
 Venom Bonn Germany 2/13/90 1cdr FM Broadcast
 Zappa Plays Zappa,Queensryche,Dream Theatre merriweather Post Pavillion Columbia aug/1/09
 ZZ Top Dane County Colliseum February 5th 1986 Madison Wisconsin USA
 ZZ Top 2-19-87 Osaka aud
 ZZ Top_Rocking The Castle (Donington monsters of rock) 80 2cd great
 ZZTop2-14-86 Ames Iowa
 ZZtop 4/29/10 WPB Florida Sunfest 2cd ...ex+ aud

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